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“The true library and librarian is not just contained to a specified room, it is the reality of being involved everywhere with everyone, at any given time.  Once contained in a book room, now the librarian in the 21st Century opens resources to individuals, along with opportunities.  There can be no greater gift than to passing this view of life onto individuals who will keep passing this torch to another.”  – Harry Brake  and his  personal philosophy.
The ASF School Mission: The American School Foundation, A.C. is an academically rigorous, international, university preparatory school, which offers students from diverse backgrounds the best of American independent education. In all aspects of school life students are encouraged to love learning, live purposefully and to become responsible, contributing citizens of the world.   
Vision:  In support of ASF’s mission, and in partnership with ASF families and community, the American School Foundation Upper School Library will empower individuals to become technologically literate, independent, lifelong learners and problem solvers in a 21st Century environment, nurture a love of reading, and promote the responsible, ethical use of information technology alongside research in a global society.
Philosophy:  Educating and preparing Global Citizens amid a changing and information-rich 21st Century world.  As a Media Specialist, Librarian and former educator, it is vital to reach students as if in the classroom teaching everyday in a  comfortable environment.  There should be no lines between that of an educator and that of the Media Specialist/Librarian.  Serving as a mentor to school districts and students, both college and high school levels will fully utilize the skills and techniques of the 21st Century Learner.
American School Foundation A.C.  Bondojito 215,  Col. Las Americas       Mexico City   Mexico  01120     

Contact Information

Personal Email:             Professional Email:
Twitter: Michigan01                                                 Skype: harry.brake
Facebook: Harry Robert Brake                               Blog:

Florida State University ALA Certified Master’s Informaton Science : Expected graduation date, Fall 2023

LIS5271 Research /Informaton Studies     Fall 2018

LIS5703 Information Organization Spring 2019

LIS5408 Management of Information and Organizations Fall 2019

LIS5411 Introduction to Information Policy  Spring 2020

LIS5577 Graphic Novels  Fall 2020

LIS5426 Grant Writing, Evaluation, and Administration Spring 2021

LIS5442 Information Leadership   Fall 2021

LIS5566 Diverse Resources for Childen and YA  Spring 2022
LIS5486 Managing Makerspaces Fall 2022       Maskerspacing- Found HERE!


Mansfield School Library and Information Technologies Courses

Instr. Collaboration                           Summer 2006                           Informational Searching        Fall 2006
Access and Legal Issues                     Fall 2006                                  Core Resources                       Spring 2007
Children’s/YA Lit                                Spring 2012                              Introductory Seminar             Spring 2012
Informational Literacy & Academic Standards     Fall 2012              Strategic Library Mgt.            Fall 2012
Library Advocacy                                Spring 2013                             Collection Mgt. in the Elect. Age    Spring 2013
Library Practicum                              Fall 2013                                   Intro. to Elect. Cataloging     Fall 2013

Justifications and Self Assessments

Extended Hours Log                                                  Shortened Hours Log

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 1.20.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 1.20.19 PM

Rational and Purpose                      disposition_initial_assessment ,   Final Disposition Assessment          Recommendations
2017-2018 Vitae                                                                        Harry Brake competency-checklist                                     
Leadership Plan           
Reflections on a Media Specialist Disposition                 ALA/AASL Standards                                              Mentoring Log Activities                
Blogging in the Library Realm                           Technology Assessment and Tech Assessment 2                  AASL Site 
                                                     K-12 Online Conference Video- Leading Learning & Building Learning 

 Standards and Artifacts

Standard 1 Artifacts                 Standard 2 Artifacts             Standard 3_1              Standard2                                     
Standard 3_2                             Standards 3_3 and 3_4                  Standards 4_1 to 4_3           
Standard 4_4                         Standard 5 artifacts                            Standard 5_4


IMG_0204I. 8th Grade Middle School Author Study UnitScott Westerfeld     Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 10.55.25 AM

Rationale and Collaboration impacts         Reflection

Strategies     Video


II. 4th Grade Literacy Lesson 

AASL Lesson plan      Reflection       Collaboration      Feedback      Video

III.  Research & Defend Glog  and Keyword search


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