Restaurants as a second home…

So here is my disclaimer before you take this journey with me, know, as much as I love food, the restaurants truly represent a piece of personality of the area I am in, mainly Mexico, YET, there is the occasional restaurant in here that is from outside of Mexico, they will be color-coded blue so you know, not in Mexico, but worth checking out.  So when you are hmminn and aaahing over that apple pie, remember to ask yourself, what does this place say about Mexico/New York/Chicago, etc!

A quick note about a blog and eating alone, – I actually enjoy eating alone as it helps calm me and just relax!  See this blog, great idea!

Best Breakfasts in Mexico?

Five Best Street Foods?  (We’re not saying GOOD FOR YOU, but Gooooooood!)

NEVER, EVER think you can’t do vegetarian in Mexico!

The Best DIM SUM in Mexico City?

Hottest restraurants in Mexico right now!

Also, some amazing coffee shops to see in Mexico, ASIDE FROM STARBUCKS!

And now with the restaurants:

IMG_5953#1 Mapo Kal Bi – Liverpool 197 Col Juarez, Mexico City, 06600 Mexico

This was my first restaurant in Mexico City, introduced to amazingly spicy, but a wide variety of Korean. This is definitely a place that will not grab you due to its luxurious look, but the amazingly patient and courteous staff and variety of selections satisfied my endless curiosity of being in a new country.  I never saw long silver vacuum cooking tubes that came down to the middle of the table, I have to tell you, the spiciness of this Korean food lit me up inside and out.  Yet, I did not get sick as this was delicious, I was just extremely nervous about being in a new country!  I have pleasant memories of this restaurant as this being the landmark starter for me arriving in Mexico City.


#2 Yug

Being the second restaurant since arriving, yet the first vegetarian restaurant, and wow, oh WOW.  The healthy drinks, the food out of a lava pot, let me tell you, I could eat here the rest of the year and be full, healthy, and satisfied.  DELICIOUS.  VEGETARIAN in Mexico?  Absolutely, great staff?  Oh my yes, the waiters remembered me later that day just walking by, AWESOME experience.  🙂   Thank you Isabel!   Trip Advisor review




Downstairs and outside the bazaar itself were tons of side restaurants with singers of jazz, local tunes, and overall, you can fit a small crowd of 30-40 here. I loved that we had the balcony seat, and this first injection from traditional American food to traditional Mexican food was well timed and placed. It literally feels like you are in the middle of everything here, and always the center of social conversation!


#4   Taj Mahal   Francisco Marquex 134 – Col. Condesa

 Spicy. Warm. A diamond in the rough. If you like Bangladesh and India dishes, Taj Mahal is where it is at! Ask the owner as well for a glimpse at the blankets and blouses he sells, that alone is worth the trip let alone the awesome and authentic food! Not huge, but large enough where your group can feel right at home! Check below for the link:


#5  PAD THAI!   Sonora no. 49, near Durango Tel. 5256-4518 Open daily 1-10 or 11PM The thai food is delicious, authentic, the staff and atmosphere is not large at all, but comfortable to make you want to stay until closing. This is a must stop on your list of fine places to dine for many reasons. For a review in English on his and other fine places, check:

Revisit in August 2012 with new hires!

We came back for the 2012-2013 year !

I still love the soups here, and overall, this is always accommodating.



Add DELIRIO to your list of places to frequent. Hitting there Sunday August 21, you must do this! BRUNCH ON SUNDAYS, although 180 pesos is worth it! FRESH everything ad it goes until 2:00, so worth it. Delicious, awesome atmosphere, and a great start to out Sunday Brunch out around Mexico! Thanks Elaine! See below:

This video goes into the history and mission Delirio a bit more!


#7 COFFEE HOUSE TIME – a personal touch.   October 21, 2011

Coffee roastery/tasting guy in Doctores? He picks his own organic coffee in the mountains of Oaxaca and brings it back to el DF. He’s really amazing–has won second place in international barrista competition–and really lays out a cool presentation when you go!

It’s 60 pesos for all the coffee you want to drink.

Michelle from ASF, has told me it is not Starbucks. It is much more rustic and this barista is serious about his coffee. He’s also letting us bring wine, food and snacks along so he is a serious bon vivant as well.

How much?– Again, 60 pesos and all the coffee you can drink.
What else – you can buy his coffee (170-180 pesos per kilo). Bring snacks and wine if you like.


#8 PAN COMIDO    Calle Tonalá 99, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México, D.F

Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 10am to 9pm; Sun-Mon 10am to 5pm        Telephone: 4398 4366

THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! A rainy September 2nd Friday could not possibly dampen the possibilities this restaurant has to offer. I am not vegetarian and almost became one after eating here. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE VEGETARIAN to realize this is DELICIOUS food. The cool thing is the menu contains main choices of many famous vegetarians, from Lennon, Madonna, on down to a number of other famous individuals. All vegetables and ingredients such as basil and lentils completely massage your appetite and get this – if you purchase the tea, they make the tea from the plants they have in-house, and for 5 pesos more you can take the plant home with you.

Additionally, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and try the basil ice cream, OHMYGOSH! This is not a main menu item so you will have to ask for it as it was an experiment, definitely the best experiment since Frankenstein, and do not pass a sample of the FIG! (DELICIOUS!) ice cream too, you will be surprised at how this will whet your appetite.

The papaya drinks are good, but wait until you try the beverages with cucumber, oh believe me, you will be looking twice at any meat products when you leave this gold mine of a restaurant/cafe. This was worth any walk in the sleet, rain, or hail! :)



Suderman No. 336, Col. Chapultepec Morales   E/ Presidente Masaryk y Horacio México, Distrito Federal 11560       01 55 5531 5211

This restaurant ROCKED as far as buffet, selection, meat, atmosphere (80′s music was a riot) but we felt so relaxed and at home here – VERY comfortable…UNTIL the waiter insisted on a certain amount of a tip. Now seriously, this was a buffet, and he did replenish drinks, bring the meat, bring the dessert, um, HELLO! That stunk the awesome mood out of a good night and really was ridiculous, sad the waiter ruined the whole experience! There is another La Vid Argentina on Insurgentes Sur, I have a pic…here it is:

Insurgentes Sur #953
Ciudad de Mexico Distrito Federal, Mexico

I would definitely try the Insurgentes location :) I take it personally when people ask me for a certain amount of a tip, and I feel this is because it is Polanco, it was a BUFFET!   To me, it could be freaking ROME, and I am going to give a tip based on service, NOT on requests – even when I give an adequate tip.

The price for the buffet was around 160 pesos cheaper if you buy a drink with your meal….the actual food is quite hard to beat and I bet in the future, (fingers crossed) the waiters will be respectful of the tip and customers at this location (Polanco).


Calle Albino García #362, at the corner of Avenida Santa Anita in the Colonia Viaducto Piedad, not far from the Viaducto metro station.

David Lida’s Review


And Check out review #5 on the next one:

Overall, this restaurant, has heaping sized plates, enough for easily 5-6 people in ordering 4 dishes!               

Overall, between 150-200 pesos for a full dinner that will have you definitely full. The vegetables, rice, calamari, beef, were all delicious, the staff were courteous, the helping were so large and no on left hungry! Although it is rumored to be on the “shady” side of town, we left around 9:00 PM as a group and was close to 7 blocks from the metro. Excellent choice in Chinese food here!


#11         AGAPE MUI – Greek all the way!
Alfonso Reyes 96,
between Cuatla and Cuernavaca, Col.

This quiet, and easy to miss if you are not looking for it Greek restaurant was excellent and classy. Pouring rains, soaking wet, and I still thoroughly enjoyed the food, so rain, sleet, or hail, you can count on a great experiences. The calimari is to DIE for as an appetizer, and the grape leaves were tastier than I can ever remember them! Turu Turu is delicious with a representation of everything else as well.


The atmosphere is conducive and relaxing for groups to relax,


While it was cold and rainy, Agapi Mu is classy and convenient from the postcard in the check you’ll receive to the display of famous Greek film stars, Agapi Mu will keep you warm on almost any evening!


#12       BROKA    TAPAS! Yummmmmm:)

Zacatecas 126-B, between Orizaba and Jalapa, Colonia Roma
Tel. 4437 4285
Open Monday through Friday 2-12PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Average price, 12 pesos per Tapas, for a group of six around 1125 pesos that include drinks, roughly 12 varieties of Tapas.

On a Friday night, we did realize we had arrive before 6:00 PM to order form the menu, after that, all Tapas and drinks….if you want a wide variety of Tapas, go here. BROKA is renowned for the Tapas, as well as a great place to gather friends and enjoy the hide away look of a restaurant. from the outside, you will wonder if you are in the right place, after you try the Tapas, you will know you are! :)



First in Spanish, then in In English below!:

Plaza Popocatepetl 41A
6678::5525 Tel.: 5208 9359

Si buscas un optimista, relajante, DELICIOUS y restaurante de frienly de servicio servicios tantovegetarianos y aquellos que no son vegetarianos, este es tu lugar! Camareras, los camareros yexcelente servicio tienen razón en su mesa! Tuve el mejor sándwich: Campesino, PACKED conchampiñones, tomates, todos frescos! DELICIOSO!

El pan servido con su comida es excelente y las bebidas son tanta una variedad de sana a plainold agua mineral, pero iot es todo fresco y acogedor! Además, el sandwich proviene de lavariedad más fresca! 12 alternativas y la elección de dos con su sandwich! Además, losasientos de la acera es perfecto para aquellos que tienen perros y aquellos que sólo quierendisfrutar del parque cercano. La elección de los postres son anchas y mi elección de un browniefue como en casa hizo, yo podía olerlo sentado atrás en mi asiento, una vez más delicioso!Esto se funde en su mordedura de boca después de morder!

La atmósfera, el servicio y la comida es absolutamente genial aquí, sentí que estaba en unoasis y no quiere dejar, tanto que estoy escribiendo esta revisión sobre el wifi libre como sesienta allí! Este es definitivamente uno de los tesoros ocultos de Condessa que deseaencontrar. No olvide que origenes Organicos tiene una amplia gama de opciones de elementospuede comprar y llevar a casa contigo demasiado!
Para obtener instrucciones:
Es justo fuera de Amsterdam en Plaza Popocatepetl. Al norte del Parque de petroquímica.

Escriba lo siguiente en Google maps – Plaza Popocatépetl, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, México,Distrito Federal

Desea visitar a menudo aquí!



Plaza Popocatepetl 41A

Tel. 5208 6678::5525 9359
For Menu click link!

If you are looking for an upbeat, relaxing, DELICIOUS, and service friendly restaurant that services both vegetarians and those who are not vegetarians, this is YOUR place! Excellent service, the waiters and waitresses are right at your table! I had the best sandwich – Campesino, PACKED with mushrooms, tomatoes, all fresh! DELICIOUS!

The bread served with your meal is excellent, and the drinks are so much a variety, from healthy to plain old mineral water, but iot is all fresh and inviting! Additionally, the sandwich comes from the freshest variety! 12 choices and your choice of any two with your sandwich! Also, the sidewalk seating is perfect for those who have dogs and those who just want to enjoy the nearby park. The choice of desserts are wide, and my choice of a brownie was like home made, I could smell it sitting back in my seat, again delicious! This melts in your mouth bite after bite!

The atmosphere, service, and food is absolutely GREAT here, I felt I was in an oasis and did not want to leave, so much I am writing this review on the free wifi as you sit there! This is definitely one of Condessa’s hidden treasures you will want to find. Do not forget Origenes Organicos has a wide array of choices of items you can buy and take home with you too!
For Directions:
It is right off of Amsterdam in Plaza Popocatepetl. North of Parque Mexico….

Enter this into Google maps- Plaza Popocatépetl, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, México, Distrito Federal

You will want to visit here often!


“El mejor sabor de Coyoacan”
Allende 161 Col.Del Carmen (esq Berlin),
Mexico, DF 04100
01 55 5554 5916ón-de-los-leones/4be7305fbcef2d7f0afb05e5

I am not sure this is THE best flavor in Coyoacan, but I have to say, the quaint, between alleys yet in front of the throughway feel is there. If you have just been to the Frido Kahlo Museum, this is the same feel without the art. You can slowly watch the pedestrian traffic by from a corner,

and still enjoy the afternoon. I like that we ordered individual selections on paper to submit to the staff. Overall, the location is perfect, the food is really appetizing and good. I hate to be a party pooper, but nothing zinged me like WOW! Holy cow! But nothing was bad either. This is a great spot to unwind, discuss, and take in the full effect of the implications of the day, and be depart satisfied with what Coyoacan has to offer, body and soul.


(Not counting again as I ate here before!)

DELIRIOS for Dinner!

Overall, Delirios seems to be the St. Elmso’s of Mexico. if you are unclear what I mean, try viewing the movie that premiered Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwold, and wso many more at an early age. This was THE place to hang out in Georgetown, D.C., and sill is the place to hang out, invite friends, enjoy the atmosphere, and the food.

Delirios’s was never meant to be a large meal serving style restaurant, and purchasing the salmon was DELICIOUS, enjoying simply American coffee and lime aqua was perfect, and taking in two rhubarb tarts did not hurt either, all was perfect. While we had eaten there on a Sunday and ate deliciously at the Sunday buffet, the hectic Friday could be felt but we allowed it to wash over us as the waitress (she was beautiful, in personality and performance) as well as the care taken to the food, the choices, and overall atmosphere. I did not think I would be able to fill up on what Delirio’s had in small portions, but by the end of the meal, PRESTO! Perfecto-content! Day or night, Delirio’s has that small style feel most restaurants try to achieve to bring their customers back, and Delirio’s does not have to try at all, they can keep people coming back anytime that desire! “Once you make pact, you will want to go back!”


Tamaulipas 30, esq. Juan Escutia, Col. Condesa, Mexico City 06140, Mexico

Monday night. Just remember. JAZZ, atmosphere, and for a minute you will think you have been transported back to New Orleans.  Go here Monday nights at 8:00. With a bottle of wine, appetizers that rock your soul, you have a combination of both atmosphere, food, and a mix of ethnicity that is a mix of Mexican, Louisiana, and Tennessee somewhere in there with the mix. The upstair is for when the wine starts to hit and you want to dance, and participate in the “meatmarket” of clubbing, but downstairs, in one word “Cool”. YOu will love this corner package of a surprise, and this is the place to be on a Monday night!        



A great way to unwind and end a week, over discussion, dark lights inside, bright lights yet a wonderful view of the landscape as it moves by you. The staff is unbelievably friendly, the atmosphere is GREAT – and overall, I would classify this as a definite place to put in the category of St.Elmo’s Fire to with Delirio’s, I liked it. The sushi was genuine, with not alot of cream cheese filler, the prices were good and the freshness of all delivered, with a LARGE variety, excellent. This is right down the other side of Delirio’s on Alvaro Obregon, and I think a good fit, as they both complement each other well in their service and food.



Okay, so I was completely wrong about this place…which was totally great on my part….

I thought take out, fast food, mediocre….I LOVED how I felt exactly full when I walked away from the table, how the owners came over and shook my hand, how they talked to me, how I wanted to like the TRAY when I was done, it was that good, and healthy. Oh, want to see the pic ! I will post next, but THANK GOODNESS this is only 5 minutes from my house. I am stopping here for my pasta fix after runs in the AM and between the salad, the bread, the pasta, the rice dessert, someone knows how to measure out exactly portions that make you feel satisfied, relaxed, and completely healthy in a fast paced timeframe. Even if you ask question to the establishment via facebook, they respond right back, personable, friendly, and quality service and food, for under 70 pesos. AMEN, thank goodness for being near Chilpancingo…a pretty near perfect Friday and Pastaibasta had alot to do with that. :) Get my punchcard ready, because here come the frequent shopper pesos…:)


#18 El Dragon   

Going somewhere when you are not hungry, or not feeling good, always a double take, right? Yet, El Dragon was amazing for a variety of reasons.

I watched everyone order the duck and it was just cool to see the waiters master the cutting and in five minutes, one whole ready! I am not sure I ant the duck as a meal though…but it was awesome to see! I felt awful, but I ordered the Won Ton soup and white rice, and it was DELICIOUS. The environment was awesome, authentic Chinese and as the evening wore on I felt I was in China Town! Videos playing on real Chinese martial arts, the fire going in the back, the whole restaurant is a plus, and think if I was able to eat a whole huge meal! This is truly Chinese and was the best. The waiters were gracious, the checks could be pout half and half, all was good. I heard they have a great buffet on Sundays, but also heard the sharing of breath and questionable cleanliness, so I would have to check that one out. Excellent place to disappear into and take in your favorite Chinese foods!



I am drawn to bookstores, but even though this is a small section of English, overall, the music, the Barnes and Noble like gifts, the wood feel, the upstairs balcony, overall, Niiiiice place to unwind and relax. Sunday was a great time and not too crowded. Having been there on a Monday night and tasting VERY reasonable wine, that was a great social opportunity, relaxing, laid back. Eating there was GREAT too. I displayed the appetizer, main meal, and dessert below, and all was AWESOME.

The waiter was very friendly and helpful, with my broken English, lol, and I was able to finish a book there easily and look around, and just take in the cool overview!

I am adding this definitely on my places to unwind and be surrounded by my favorite books….:)



  CHOPPERIA and also here

Tamaulipas # 80 (Michoacán), Mexico City, Distrito Federal

Mainly known it seems for the beer, I found this to be a nice social hotspot. THe waiter was awesome, and right on the edge of being the Christmas holiday, it was nice to be at outside tables, enjoying the traffic of people and vehicles without being IN IT. The food was very good, fast, beer was good, the feel of a neighborhood cantina. On a Friday or weekend night, it is very crowded and one of many places to be with friends. Does it stand out from other restaurants? I would say the quality and service is definitely up there, it is reasonable, and the red colors do it well in stimulating your appetite if you just want a place to hang out with friends, and enjoy the end of a week. This restaurant is not huge, not does it need to be, it fits perfect on a corner with the feel that you are in good hands with friends on a Friday night!



Nuevo Leon 104
Teléfono: 5211-0782

This was a morning spot I tried over Christmas break, and was quite taken by surprise. I completely forgot I was eating a bagel, and was amazed at how much could be packed into a soft, warm, and delicious bagel! Literally, I was full after one order, and the atmosphere of being small, cut away deli along Condesa is perfect. I like the small yet open, friendly feel of this restaurant. I would not want to do without this restaurant as it provides a healthy slant on eating, yet does not represent large meals needed to do so. Perfect location in a shady spot overlooking the middle walkway and parks leading into Condesa. Definitely a good morning, lunch, or evening meeting area, to fill you up with a different type of meal, and healthy!


#22 VIPS

I have heard the info on VIPS before I went, that is was like Denny’s, it is a diner, it is too expensive, etc.
I went to the location closest to the Chilpanscingo metro station (south of the station on Insurgentes) over Break. They had a promotion, the first time yo go in, 20% of, second time, 30%, third time, 40%, and fourth time 50%, then they will give you a new card, all the way up to December 31st, then they will give you a new card. On top of that, they had at the time, a promotion for every 13.00 you spent and used your Vale card, it was like spending 10.00, so a double deal. The price was well worth it.

I loved the food. It is a cafeteria, Eat N Park, Denny’s kind of feel, yet, the service is right at your table, they recognize foreigners a mile away and are very accommodating for English! I love that they have free Wi-Fi, and do not rush you out of the store. I had burgers, OJ, Enchiladas, key lime pie, it all was good. I heard the breakfasts are especially delicious, but if I would walk into Eat N Park, or VIPS, it would be hard to tell the difference, not a bad thing at all. It was nice to walk out of my apartment, down 2 blocks, and have a place be as comfortable and easy going as VIPS nearby. I am still amazed at how many I see just on Insurgentes. From Chilpancingo area to the World Trade Center, I must have counted four at least. Here is a film! on VIPS too!



Av. Tamaulipas 95 (between Vicente Suarez & Campeche) Condesa
Open Monday – Thursday: 12:00 -10:30 pm
Friday, Saturday 12:00 -11:30 pm
Sun:12-9 pm
Tel. 5553-4582

I ventured out after a night of tutoring, later in the evening, around 6:30 PM and did come across Asian Bay. LOVED IT. I never had Dim Sum

before, which is truly like Spanish tapas, and they were DELICIOUS. I was asked to be seated outside or inside, and I was a little unprepared for a formal dinner with a sweatshirt and jeans, but easily could have eaten inside. The whole building is gorgeous, the intricate design of the house, which is the restaurant is amazing.

Sitting outside was e=just as nice with the candlelit tables, and the owner himself served the menu and took my order. He made sure I knew I had only ordered an appetizer with the Dum Sum and I went on to order a main dish.

Both were delicious as the pictures will show. I was completely full after the two dishes, and 100% satisfied. Pricey? I have to say depends on what you order, my bill came to 275 pesos, and that is more than I usually spend, however, the atmosphere, food, and service were top notch and I do not have any regrets at all. Around 7:30 PM a jazz band came in and set up just as it was the most ordinary thing to so, and they were GREAT. The music, the food, the service, awesome Friday night and this would be a place I would not mind going to, and going to! At the end of my dinner, I even saw the owner’s wife come around and check on how everyone’e meals were, everything was very personal and again. DELICIOUS! :) One of the best Chinese restaurants I would have to say, and you can be VERY formal, or obviously very casual, as I was, and still enjoy al l that Asian Bay has to offer.


#24  ALIANZA 1/21/2012 (Menu to be uploaded soon!)
53 65 4410
Huichapan 25 Hipodromo Condesa

I thoroughly enjoyed the LAST Friday night dinner at Alianza, located at Huichapan 25, Hipodromo Condesa. I am noticing some of the smaller, more intimate places have the best things about them. It’s funny, you are on top of this restaurant on the street and could easily miss it, just a small entrance to the side. Total number it can hold would be around maybe 10-12 people? The small cafe logistics are there, and the feel is the same too. Staff is helpful, Spanish or English, a very comfortable feel, the owner loves tennis, and the coffee is a good thing! Expresso was mediocre, the burger went on forever, and the prices were awesome with some of the packages they have put together, can’t be beat for the price. This is a great place for a Friday evening wind down, or just starting to wind up for the evening, but a great and relaxing hide away as well as comfortable eatery.


#25  Las Tres Virgenes THREE VIRGENES

After the butterflies, what else was there? Ohhhh…much more…Las Tres Virgenes was a laid out buffet by a family, and it was AWESOME. Alot of food, a killer swingset (literally) and awesome view! I loved the hospitality shown here, and the meal was a sit back, let it sink in, and enjoy the people around you. Beers were available, traditional drinks, as well as every type of tortilla, taco filling, and more, it was very home-created and family-generated, and perfecto for the day. If you are going to stop somewhere after catching the Butterfly tour, this is the great end of the trip location! Ask about the swingset on the cliff!

“Go to the Swing!”


#26   Tres Galeones

Jalapa 117 (Álvaro Obregon), México, DF

AMAZING PRICE FOR SEAFOOD!  Clean, open, and great service.  Could it be true?  My gosh YES.  Many of the servings you can choose from fall under the size of tapas, then there is Marlin wrap and other mouth watering dishes that yes, make this totally worth it.  I do like La Ostra, but the taste of this matched with the amazing service?  One AWESOME seafood restaurant, and within blocks of my house, how convenient…(evil laugh).  This is worth the amazing price and freshness, you will not be disappointed, unless you do not like seafood.  Sounds odd as well, but the lemonade-style tea, a bit of both, has you wanting more and more and more…



52 64 29 90 (DELIVERY!)       Av. Monterry esquina Bajio, Roma sur


Deli Ziatto, excellent! I wanted some Italian food, and funny, on the way to the grocery store I saw this full menu on the street, and took a chance, DELICIOUS! My stomach ached after coming back from the restaurant, full to the brim! I ordered the Lasagna… …and the staff of three was so courteous. They do not offer signs of wireless, but when I started typing on this computer, this very blog, they actually offered me to get on the internet, very very, accommodating. They pointed out that I could order wine, but I settled for water, yet the lasagna hot the spot and I am still stuffed, like I ate a 5 course meal, DELICIOUS. Overall, the brick and relaxing café look is perfect and makes the corner a better spot. Queen and very popular hits played the whole time, and overall, it is very comforting that such a great stuffed and laid back Italian restaurant is right around the corner.



SATURDAY – February 04, 2012 – See Pancho Villa’s bullet at this classic restaurant in El Centro! I am PSYCHED!

rated #14. La Nueva Opera Bar – Elegant city cantina

La Nueva Opera Bar, located in Alameda Central, is the most opulent of the city’s cantinas. Slide into a dark wood booth below gilded baroque ceilings, angular mirrors, and exquisite small oil paintings. Despite a sophisticated menu of Mexican and Spanish favourites like paella and enchiladas, it’s unpretentious and affordable.

I DID go, but Saturday, not Friday! Crowded, but, easy to get into with being me, myself and I! I sat at the bar, and the first thing I noticed was how ornate the molding, ceiling, everything. Crowded, yet the host was awesome and methodical, and the waiters, bartenders, awesome. I struggled with Spanish, he spoke in English to me :) , and I ordered Spaghetti – yeah I know, I could have ordered ANYTHING, even authentic Mexican, but the spaghetti came with bread, onions, hot pepper, and it tasted unlike any spaghetti I had before, VERY Italian and the dressing delicious. I also ordered crepes with this type of light caramel sauce, VERY good. There was a mariachi band playing, it was so crowded I did not wander through to catch the bullet hole of Pancho Villa, but will later!:) Service, atmosphere is great. It is always humming, so you feel the excitement and hum of being in Centro in this restaurant. Classical design, more Baroque than anything, but excellent. Very children friendly too. I ordered one Pacifico beer, and cokes, and the meal was very filling. Price not bad at all, around 230 pesos for three drinks, main meal, pastres. I was able to catch a soccer game and bull fight while I was there! I think this would be even better with a table of friends, but you need to call ahead for reservations – VERY busy! :)


#29  Flor De Lis   Friday February 24th

Huichapan No. 21 A
Col. Hipodromo
Tel:52 86 08 11, 52 11 30 40
Fax:52 11 08 50

The reputation of this was built up before I arrived, yet – upon coming here, I was disappointed – honestly, the atmosphere is quaint and relaxing, yet, the meal was good, but not “Ohmygosh, you have to go here to taste the tamales!” – they were good, yes, but I actually preferred the homemade tamales prepared by one of our students for the ASF art fair.  Price was fair, average, and it will fill you, but not thrill you out of ordinary.


Don Pepe

#30  DON PEPE!  If you are looking for one of the BEST tortas , juices, and yes, French fries, this is the place for you!  Delivering to the school, ohmygosh, the decisions are amazing but the quality is unmatched.  25 pesos for a torta this size is a steal, and the owner is unbelievably out of his ways for meal, making the meals even more worth it, AND, FRENCH FRIES! They have MASSIVE ONES!  Do not forget to order something when you see him come up with the basket as ASF!  🙂


#31 St. Patrick’s Pub

Campeche 410 int.D     Entre Amatlán y Atlixco, esquina con Av. Michoacan      Col. Hipódromo De La Condesa                          Tel. 5211-3330 / 52113030

Overall, this was appropriate a few days after St. Patty’s Day 🙂  – Snacks and food was good, and a decent choice of beers. It was a slow day when we were there, yet, the staff is very helpful and cordial.  This is a not a place that would serve as a fancy night out, but the bar itself is close, not too crowded, and a good place to grab a beer and a snack.


#32  La Bella Lula


REFORMA   Río Lerma 86, Col. Cuauhtémoc


5 of 5 starsReviewed July 13, 2011

If you want to try real and delicious Mexican food, go to La Bella Lula. Typical food from one of the most reach in food and traditions states in Mexico, the state of Oaxaca. Excellent relation price-quality, good service. Theres another restaurant located almost behind the American Embassy in Paseo de la Reforma, this one is in the zone that…

La Bella Lula has a special place in my heart – it is where I rediscovered Mole! (Not the animal! – repronounce it!)  I tried mole in Oaxaca, the best place to taste this chocolate and chili meal, and no way did it like me.  However, months after this, and saying, “I am going to do this!” ta da!  DELICIOUS!  This restaurant does replicate the food you will receive in Oaxaca, and having a parent restaurant across the street in the form of a house, the choices you have are plenty.  I have to approve of the food as the very things that made me very sick made me feel awesome after this meal.  Open and very large in the eating area, there is plenty of room to take in the earth colored appearance and family feel of this fine establishment!

The variety, spirit of Oaxaca, and overall quality of the food is a winner unmaking this restaurant one where you realize food outside your immediate area.


#33  BI & SHIZO       C/San Francisco 325 (3 blocks east of the Av. Insurgentes & the World Trade Center)   Colonia Del Valle    Tel. 5523-3282

BI & SHIZO LOUNGE   (Scroll down to the second restaurant, you have to love the NO-CREAM CHEESE USED logo, yeah!)

Open Tuesday-Thursday 10 a.m. – 11 p.m., Friday, Saturday until 10, Sunday until 9.

What is hysterical is the fact that I walked past this TWICE because I mistook this for a museum, and well, come to find out, the mini gallery inside and bookstore,      aside from the authentic and FRESH sushi,   wide open and reflective spaces, and way beyond the normal courtesy given to the average customer anywhere else, make this the perfect utopia,

just saying.  If you like any of the previous qualities, you will love this easy to pass by hideaway.  The open space available for presentations, guest visits, conferences, the possibilities could blow your mind.  Being given a tour through his establishment, director general Mario Kirshner has a vision, and this vision is evident in the Bi & Shizo Lounge.  You will not want a chance to try this out, do it.  Do it now…:) and bring some time to relax and read and soak in what Mr Kirshner has created for you!



LA OSTRA      Nuevo León 109   EntreMichoacán y Vicente Suárez                  Col. Condesa  Tel. 5286-3319

Another review!

Two words – VALLE CARD!  Not only splitting our check, but also taking the Valle card!  WOOO HOOO!  There is a large variety – From octopus, (yes!) to your regular mexican style meal – take a wander towards tieback and see an amazing back area cleared for a dance area in the evening, countertop displaying fish, and just an overall relaxing blue – mood restaurant!   A good variety seen on the menu  – I loved this food, loved the service, was a little irrupted with the repeating techno – and the staff is more than willing to change the music at your request – A win/win in this restaurant!


#35  Chiquitito  

Chiquitito – aka Jeremy Clouser extraordinaire- Success!                232 Alfonso Reyes, Colonia Hipodromo Condesa,                                                         Mexico City, 06100 

Perhaps one of the best contributions Jeremy Clouser did was to leave ASF (that was a downer) to bringing Chiquitito to to Condesa.  Amen.  Counters close enough to the seating that the employees feel they are within a hand’s reach, yet, long enough to feel as if you are in your own personal beverage-drinking space.  An awesome selection of choices – Chiquitito menu – personable service, small, but perfect sized for being in a place to want to feel cozy – this is it.  The iced and frappe Chai tea  – well, okay, definitely took the cake (so to speak)  – EXCELLENT.  The random magazines you can sift through, as well as just being enough away from the entrance,

is the perfect balance of everything, and you get this feel from the whole organization of the cafe, and despite being somewhat biased from knowing the owner takes a meticulous view of all he does, this cafe will bring a smile to your face when you come into contact with Jeremy himself.

I have cheered for my XC team, cheered others when it came to a win for my favorite team, and as I walked away, I found myself cheering for Mr Clouser in a job well done, in an atmosphere that just makes you feel better when you leave.


#36  EL CALIFA (This is one of the funniest and interactive restaurant sites I have ever seen!)

Eje 3 Sur (Av. Baja California)  Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal
01 55 5276 2498

What is the menu offer?  Everything from Cebollas, Aguacate, Napales, Napales/Queso, Rajas, as well as Chicarron de Qeueso.  The food is great, a very busy atmosphere, but never neglected.  The avocados here rock, and the setup of the restaurant reminds you of a very busy New York style afternoon of choices.  I noticed all the waiters would pay attention to ll the customers not just their customers which was refreshing to see! Would I go back?  Definitely.  The busy and humming atmosphere in this area let you know many many individuals are enjoying their meals!


#37  Italianni’s   Avenida Insurgentes Sur 729     525555364336

It is hard to be selective with pizza when it is one of your favorite foods!  This pizza place is great though, right up there with Grotto’s with pineapple!  The location I went to on Insurgentes was delicious, as I am sure it is in there locations…:)  The service was great, the pictures of Mexico and soccer on the walls was nice, and for being right on Insurgentes it is a great place to stop and just eat and enjoy! Delicious pizza!


#38Buena Tierra   Atlixco   Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México,             Distrito Federal     01 55 5553 2281

Although I was just coming off being sick, just plain bad meal stomach sick, and unsure of what to get, this awesome healthy and fun restaurant was the best. (Thanks DEB!)   Todo Verde salad was excellent, and the pictures to the side speak for themselves.     The service was exceptional, and the location on the corner was GREAT – beautiful view and crowd!  The drinks, food, and everything, for a healthy restaurant – yet affordable and very accommodating, this is your place.  Loved the decor as well, the upside down pots (lights!)  of terra cotta were cool as it connected the name, and yeah, definitely liked the waitstaff shirts too!  Eating her on a previous sick stomach cured my hunger as my as satisfying my palette!  Definitely a win win!


#39  – Kelly’s Hamburguesas

Insurgentes Sur #337 esq. Sonora,   Col. Hipódromo Condesa. México DF.

I HAD to have a burger, finally, my stomach, appetite – seemed normal, and I had seen this place when I first arrived.  HAD to try it out – and yes, well worth it.  The prices are GREAT compared to what you get at McDonald’s and Burger King, and the burger is no slimy /greasy /drippy.  The pickings bar – a choice of pickles, ketchup, mustard, salsa mix, onions, and more is definitely good too.  This reminds me of the Hot Dog Shop in Butler, only better.  I went in on Cinqo De Mayo, which is funny, I had just read the celebration in Mexico is compared to celebrating St. Patty’s Day – not sure on that one – but the green and yellow go perfect with the overall restaurant – LOVE IT – good burgers, good prices,   good fries, large drinks.  I am going back Sunday, lol.  🙂



LOVE ice cream?  Little haste be said about this, because the ice cream is VERY good.  This does not taste like U.S. ice cream, and I am grateful.  Love these along the way ALOT!


#41  FREEDOM (Steeler Fan heaven!)    Av. Insurgentes Sur 1082 col. Del Valle, Mexico (CLOSED)

All I have to say is perfect sports bar food, screens, and great place to watch the Stillers! YEAH!  Awesome place for the sports bar atmosphere,  – food is priced just like a sports bar would be expected.  A little high, but overall, the atmosphere is awesome and a great place to celebrate the Steelers in the middle of the football season!  Worth the the trek here in a heartbeat!  🙂


#42  HACKL Panders Artisans      Calle Atlixco 100, Cuauhtémoc, Condesa, 06140 Ciudad de México, D.F.           Phone:01 55 5211 4767

No. 100/ Esquina Michoacan a media cuadra del mercado condesa

It’s hard to explain, but walking by, you notice the crispness, freshness, and literally, just a different look to a pasterleria tat is contained at this corner bakery.  The organization of the bread, as well as pastries, cookies (THAT is worth a look!) as well as the simplicity of this merchant is a great addition to Condesa. Having the apple dumping, and the chocolate brownie did not disappoint.  This is a small dining area, three tables at most inside, but it adds to the private and quaint atmosphere of ducking in somewhere to enjoy the richness of items you will see in the case as well as on the shelves.

     5211-4767         Facebook     twitter@chhackl

The packaging creates a sense of a formal gift being given when you walk back out of the doors with any purchases you make.  If the term formal pasterleria, comes to mind, then I think that fits this cottage-looking place of business to a “t”.


#43  Tres78 

Colima 378  entre Salamanca y Cozumel     Mexico City, Mexico 06760

Okay, funny story, well not so funny, walking around forgetting to write down the address, as del as bringing a map with me – can’t find the restaurant known as Tres 78 ANYWHERE.  Saying about 100 times, “I am surfeit was right around here, I remember this street name…” and finally, just saying, “The first good place  we see, let’s just grab it!” casually looking around – Ta DA!  Presto!  RIGHT behind us!  lol…um, just another strange occurrence in the magazine searches  🙂

It was just, not sure how to explain it, but we walked in to what seemed to be a largely empty restaurant, no one else in sight, and yet, there was this calming.  A very plain but calming atmosphere, I was not sure this as the same restaurant that was a must visit according to the reviews.  Yet, the waiters were excellent and informative, the meal was quick to come and as far as portions, do not let them deceive you.  I literally “waddled” out of the restaurant after the soup and chicken portions.  We discovered there was Karoake, and the austere look of the restaurant was actually very hospitable and rewarding.  I found myself able to calm down after a busy week, enjoy time with friends, and lazily let this appetizing food settle in, overall, very relaxing as well as a chance to take in the calming effect Mexico can have on you…:)


#44  Green Grass       

 Green Grass. Nuevo Leon 192 | Colonia Condesa, D.F

Okay first, I was feeling very guilty after eating six hotdogs the day before… I know I know, just do not say anything, I felt the “..but, but…you RUN and believe in healthy, so hence my guilty sense took me to this restaurant I pass everyday after coming home from the bus from school – and well, of all days, it was time to set things right with the overall meal agenda…so much that I went back back to back days.  Awesome and interesting place, filled with green, the idea of a restaurant titled Green Grass is hysterical, I felt okay, I am grazing…but…the friendly staff behind the counter lets you choose the size of the salad, a medium sale for around 85 pesos with a drink – and choices of extras, it reminded me first of Subway as the lone progresses with your choices.

Then – I saw what seemed to be a trademark of this business, silver bowls contained the freshest salad I had seen for awhile, silver bowls enticing and teasing you for a salad that truly made you forget anything meat-made.  The process of choosing and creating your salad took roughly 5-8 minutes, checked out, and had the choice of the upstairs or main level.  Going here two days in a row was based on the complete fullness you feel after this meal, and the sense of such a large saving packed with your favorite vegetables, dressings, etc.  You can add or choose as much as you like,  but in the end, he freshness and polite staff was rewarding and made an after school meal one of the most attractive aspects of this place of business.

This definitely was a relaxing and positive alternative to what sometimes can be a same meat, same meal type of dinner.  Definitely recommended for a change of pac, scenery and satisfaction in a meal.  No meat needed to make this stop make you feel good  🙂  



#45  Pasteleria Alcazar 

Quintana Roo 74  Mexico City

I love Roma.  I have to say.  I like the activity in Condesa, but Roma gives me this hideaway, private, welcome home feel when I walk down the sidewalk, not like I feel in Condesa at all.  When this coffeehouse opened up across the street from my apartment, I did not rush in, tempted, but, nah, just like the many others, right?  Maybe, but one day, hard to explain, it was a feeling, as if, yes!  Today!  Loved the displays of items from the bakery, to sandwiches, to cool mugs, just a nice cottage-style feel.  With a deli style sandwich that was heated up from the counter, it did not, DID NOT resemble the fast deli counter style sandwich, it was very good!  Walking out from my front door and walking over to this coffee shop you have that sense of Roma in a Hansel and Gretchen-style coffee shop, without the violence, 🙂

Not super spacious, but you see feel more room when you walk inside, and the wood flavoring decor to tho establishment does so it justice.

I felt lucky to have this convenient coffee shop

across the way, and a perfect place to grab a sidewalk table and check internet, read as your leisure, or just take in the quiet solitude of a weekend in Roma


#46  El Parnita   Yucatan 84 Col. Roma Norte  5264755

It is a little crazy how some  of  the best places are in your own backyard!  Such was the case with Partina.  As I was was walking towards this address, I voiced a was heading towards my own house, just around the block (well, sort of!)  Coming a across Partina at first, I felt I was in someone’s backyard.  That was the feel you received when you saw the customers, heard the conversations among friends, some standing outside just because this was a friendly feeling establishment!  I soon realized how friendly the staff was, once I spotted a table among the crowd, I moved towards it, and the hostess and what seemed to be her daughter, yet all the waitresses seemed to fit the role, came over and without a beat, offered to speak English or Spanish, whichever I preferred.  The hostess and waitress both worked effortlessly to make me feel at home, as well as understand fully the background of the specials and the choices on the menu.  The waitress was very cute as she imitated a crab, with the claws, to get the point across of the special (in my not so stellar Spanish!).  The last time I even thought of a meal with crab was in Delaware, and in my mind, I would not get something fresh from the sea in Mexico, but alas, this experience proved me wrong.

Everything from the mushroom soup, to the crab dish was amazing and the fun and light atmosphere just added to this feeling.  The restaurant is deeper back than it as first looks, but the beach look to it made me feel so relaxed, and add to that an extremely accommodating staff, this quickly became one of my favorite all time restaurants on the list – it just had that feel, like the first time you walk into the “right house” the “right” college campus, and meet the “right” one, same feeling here.  I want to come back and take in the good vibes you feel from this establishment!!     

Do not be afraid to ask about the meals in English or Spanish, the staff her effortlessly makes you feel welcome and a four star guest with just their smiles and hospitality.


#47 Finca Santa VeraCruz    Tuxpan No. 74     Esquina con Bajio        55643306

This was a great step-off-to-the-side-and-stop=cafe right along the street.  The restaurant/cafe seats around 16 and has a nice open feel to it with a great by the front bar – looking outside view and seating area.  I ordered the Lime smoothies as well as a standard sandwich with a side of fresh greens.   While the sandwich was medium sized, the melted cheese added to make a perfect home-style feel mid-day lunch.  I liked the simple, yet immediate service.  Even though the Smoothies looked as if they would not be enough, to fill, I had to say I that my half was taken back home as after the sandwich

and side, I could not finish in one sitting.  Excellent choice for a quick, healthy,  an appetizing stop.  You get this sense of the rhythm of Roma in siting in this out of the way, yet convenient stop.  Friendly staff, no frills but basics that are well done, and a satisfying, diet meal alongside the occasional neighbor, sound relaxing?  It is, make sure you give this subtle stop a try :).


#48 Cafe Condesa  Chilpancingo 7       Phone: 41715596

   After a walking tour with Peter Winckers, and having met new friends, this was the perfect stop for a good meal, on a sunny day, with no particular place to be or go.  The friendly smiles of the owner Armando, the easygoing attitudes and helpful waiters, and truly, no extravagant customs needed make this Condesa Cafe a great place to hang your hat and stop to enjoy friends.  The owner who has several apartments also available to rent all over the area, is very hospitable, congenial, as well as accommodating.  The end to a perfect day was had here at the end of the Condesa Tour, but as we found out, some of the best times are spent at establishments right around your corner.  This happens to be one of those places that is made up of the success by the individuals that work here.  I honestly can’t choose a specific detail that stuck out except for the individuals that sat around me from the tour however, the dessert, hamburgers and salads, along with the coffee and teas all made this worth the trip and the to rest and reflection a great day near so many parks and neighborhoods.


#49 Cafe Ocho     (Now one beside Plaza Cabrera too!)

Following the night of our last Open Mic Night, and the release of our Repentino. Magazine, we arrived at Cafe Ocho, and I noticed something very different.  Laughter, cards, and boardgames, LOTS of boardgames!  🙂  One whole wall had everything from Trouble, to Scrabble, to Jenga to Uno. I well, I do not know how to describe it!  I might have had the absolute best time with just seeing the openness of this restaurant, as well as the groups of individuals who came to enjoy a great meal as well as participate in some games I never knew existed!

I always liked restaurants that have a different twist on entertainment, and Cafe Ocho, well, this is a great place to come with friends to hole up for the night and just enjoy each others’ company.  🙂  The atmosphere was great, loud as people all over were engaged in what seemed as the board game olympics, yet the fascination with so many games as a basis for this cafe truly snared me into marking this as one of the most creative and fun pleas to have a meal, a drink, a moment (many of them) with friends.  🙂



#50 Condesa 439

Mysteriously, pictures have disappeared but when you see them, oh yes…let me tell you about a place in Condesa that can serve a hamburger, I mean, a hamburger.  cheese in the middle, several types, this place has the market cornered on burgers – literally on the corner but you HAVE to try this as a burger tasting delicacy..:)  2 Then there is the cobbler dessert – don’t even get me started.  🙂  Few places can defy a description, but the two times I have eaten here (and they provide a small glass of Tequila with your meal, I have to admit, I did not go that far, I did not trust hat it would do to me  🙂  – this is a must try in Condesa, you will not regret it!  🙂   I Will go back and get pictures, this will give me a chance to have a reason to go back….:)

#51  Wings  DSC05033

Okay, in my life a long time ago, as a student at Edinboro, we began to make pilgrimages to Quaker Steak and Lube.  True, those wings, well, I mean I can’t even go into too much depth, they are the classic wing you always wished for – but I mean, being my first set of wings in ages, I truly owe Dean Goldsworthy several gold stars for bringing me to the familiarity of how good these wings tasted, my GOSH – wings, and anything else that comes after this – is I am sure good, but the napkin wiping’, lip smacking’, sauce disappearin’ draw of wings, this place has it in Condesa and it was awesome to whet an appetite that was different than the run of the mill meal…:)  🙂  Who’s up for some wings?!  🙂


#52 IMG_0538 La Fondue – Coyoacan

This was amazingly so good, thanks to the Winkers’ via Azteca Travel, wow.  We watched the football game, I downed two crepes that covered the plate, (they did cover the plate) and the fondue everyone ordered, delicious.  This is a very day to get to restaurant right adjacent to the central square of Coyoacan.  Convenient, the inside is very inviting and perfect for a group, the crepes were AMAZING – as far as the portions, the variety of items they serve here:

IMG_0539 IMG_0540
The location, service, and quality all make this a winner, and the price was nada compared to the amount of food we get.  Do not be fooled by the name as this restaurant offers much more than just fondue, thought this is indeed a specialty to try.

#53  La Bella Italia   Orizaba 110      Roma     Teléfono:    5264 7960       Horarios:   

Lun-dom 10:30-9:30pm

For some reason this place reminds me of Friendly’s.  The atmosphere, aside from the large picturesque window when you walk by, can’t help but make you stop.  The ice cream seems to be delved out continuously, and the staff is more than cordial.  Having my dog Kinah with me, they let me seat her at the edge of the store, as I walked in and paid for my order, and they keeping an eye on her for me as well. Friendly, conscientious of you as a customer, and the ice cream is very good – I had the Chocolate milkshake, and while it is not the thickest milkshake I have ever had, I did notice as I walked out, I finished in a flat 5 minutes and was pretty full afterwards.  🙂  Great location with being right around the corner from some major dinner restaurants!
#54 Cabrera 7  Plaza Luis Cabrera No 7 (Guanajuato), Ciudad De México, México D.F     5264-4465

Review and detailed site 

2013-04-13 07.36.36

I love restaurants with stories, this one has one.  Having chosen this restaurant many months ago, I never imagined one of the restaurants on the list would be, well, closed.  It was when I arrived and one of my colleagues and I missed each other, and one other colleague did come, and obviously we rerouted ourselves to a new place on the spot.  I wondered as I gazed through the closed gate, that this would be an amazing place with the open front.  Months later, I walked through Plaza Cabrera and stopped, it was open and teeming with people.  TEEMING.  I immediately added this to my list of places, and arrived April 12, 2013.
SUPER WHOA.  If you have never been in a place where you just felt happier and happier just being there, then go here.  I felt exactly that.  The hostesses welcomed me as if I was family, the waiters, all of them within reach would go out of their way to make you feel at home and a KING.  The dishes, as you can see below, were DELICIOUS.
2013-04-13 07.57.36
2013-04-13 08.13.02
2013-04-13 08.28.05
Let’s next talk about the environment.  From the lights, to the amazing walls and pathways this way and that, I felt I was in a mansion, the beauty in and out just wants you to sink in the middle of this restaurant and disappear in its midst.  2013-04-13 07.52.17
2013-04-13 07.53.08
I could look at the Oaxacan and Taxco lamps the amazing murals, the plantas placed in the exact soothing location, the chairs that represented an art of Mexico, so much to take in.
2013-04-13 09.20.07
It’s true, I am addicted to food, but yet, in all the places you visit, you look for the place that you feel you just were meant to be, meant to go to, meant to soak in, this is the closest I have come so far.  I think this just topped my #1 of all places so far.  🙂
Thanks to the suggestion and preparation of our Upper School principal – Ms. Amy Gallie, we received these delicious sandwiches!  OHmygosh they were DELICIOUS! I chose the Luzerna, but they have Clasica, Quebec, Suiza, Pamplona, Tokio, Cannes, Cubana, on and on….agh!  DELICIOUS!  We had them delivered to the school, nd I would have taken a picture but I ate it too fast!  🙂  Here is the box?  🙂   (Sign of good food!) – Moct ordered Tokio and it was superb too!  🙂  
Great place I never knew existed, but hit the spot exactly!  🙂
#56 Puro Burro  Av. Insurgentes Sur 366-C
Having heard of this for awhile from colleague Ann Blevins, as well as seeing it closed, I often meant to go here, but never had made the effort.  This was the final spot where we came to wish Ann Blevins off from the D.F. in Mexico.  It was bittersweet to have to do so,  but – let me tell you about this place –
.  I mean, cover the plate, north watering, delicious.  This is one of the best and most authentic spots for Burritos as well as some awesome salads, and you get your choice of  wide range of ingredients.    Take a look at their menu for a sneak peak!
The owner is well beyond courteous, his English helps in making so many choices, and the staff is way accommodating.  They went beyond the call of duty to make everyone feel right at home.  The
complimentary dessert they offered to us in honor of  Ann leaving was amazingly generous, and the staff will go out of their way to suggest items from the menu that will satisfy.  In such a place, why would you want to go anywhere else?  What a great way to be sent off from Mexico returning home?  I may not have made 100 restaurants in one full year (the year is not done yet I will be back in late JULY!) – but I definitely found a treasure trove of hospitality and good food here!
#57  Wok This Way Cordoba y Alavaro Obregon
(I love the possible play you can have with WOK, this is one of many!)
Being 4 buildings away from this restaurant, I honestly didn’t know what I was missing!  With Julienne hungry for Asian food, and as a guest at my place, we were in search of good Asian food, and yes, we found it.  With outside seating, as well as accommodating roughly 8 people inside, the comfy interior and simple arrangement works perfectly with the deliciousness, yet filling nature of the noodles, vegetables, of whatever you would like to choose.
There is a nice display of natural grass along the front, which seems to go with the nature of this restaurant, everything does taste all natural, watching the staff prepare and cook your selection, and the taste fills that empty spot perfectly.  Every day I walk past the staff is always friendly and welcoming.
Definitely a great place to get your fill!  🙂


#58 COMIDA COREANA    Florencia # 43 (2nd floor), Zona Rosa, México City

This was a great opportunity to eat Korean – and we were rewarded with great company, thanks to this being a MeetUp Event. We sat traditional style at first, but with 26 people attending, we found the tables to be much more comfortable through the whole night. The overwhelming number of side dishes

you receive at first is traditional, and being able to cook your own food in front of you is amazing. With all 26 of us, it was 100 pesos each, or 200 if you ordered a drink. This was an amazing price as we had tons of food put in front of us! Good company, great spaces, and I did not know this was here! A great find for a Korean menu.


#59 Centenario Cantina

Michoacán 142 Esquina con Vicente Suarez Col. Condesa Tel. 5553-4454

Since 1948, the oldest Cantina, this was a great atmosphere.  We were serenaded, (see Garrett)

and I tasted my first Michelada (they mix chili, tomatoes, a whole variety of items into this beverage, but it was like a better tasting V8 to me?! 🙂  I was glad to spend the first time here with new teachers, and overall, this is a place to see without a doubt!

#60 It’s Cookie Time!  (Now closed)  

Michoacán 151, México D.F, 06140

I am a dessert person, I admit it.  I am the one who orders dessert first and does not feel guilty at all about it.  🙂    This is THE BEST place to have your cookie and eat ice cream too!  (laughing)  Trust me, this is worth the walk, drive, metro, metrobus, and taxi to get to and try out.  I actually had the Malteada AND ice cream sandwich  (peanut butter cookies with mint chocolate chip!)  in one visit, and even when full you want more, lol.  🙂  Try it, you will NOT be disappointed at all.


#61  Omiya  (Closed)

Colima 168 Roma Norte         Mexico D.F.  (52) 55 5533 2222

Always around the corner, always seeing people dining on the uppermost patios that surround this mansion, I always walk by wondering, what the heck is this all about? Finally, I found out!  Ordering Noodle ConCerdo, (95 pesos) that was : Salsa de cacahuate, rabo de ceboola, cilantro, with Thai vegetables, the noodles and content was solid, delicious, and filling. Ordering a dessert, titled Dumplings Omiya, (65 pesos and DELICIOUS!)  the berry chocolate, and creme sauce that accompanied this restaurant were out of this WORLD! – it came in a steamed basket, with  berries on the side, and wow, this was a perfect ending to an awesome place to dine. Fancy, yet ornate with the larger than life origami inside the main dining room, when you wander from room to room, you find an all you can eat sushi deal for 240 (includes tip)  pesos I believe?, the bar is lined up in front of you with the choices you may have.  Additionally, there is a one price for all you can drink too.  This is worth it for the place to entertain, impress, and relax all rolled into one.  The setting of the balconies of stone, rooms of Japanese culture, and a layout of a true mansion, you will always feel as if you are eating in style.   A little pricey, yet the visit is worth it if you relish good food, a good view, and a great environment.  For dessert, main meal, and simply Mineral water (3 of them!) – my share was roughly 280.00 pesos, but again, this is not McDonald’s and the atmosphere is very high class – you will leave impressed DEFINITELY.


#62Le Pain Quotiden – Condesa  –  December 15th

Amsterdam #309 Colonia Hipodromo Condesa

Delegacion Cuauhtemoc  52 55 55747916

I have often walked past of a late evening…2012-12-15 23.19.33but never stopped in, until December 15th – wow – LOVED it for breakfast. Orange Juice was delicious, Belgian Waffle was awesome with fresh fruit, and the cheese postre was excellent – overall, a GREAT place to relax.  The hard wood flooring, walls, and all was a perfect place to settle in of a Saturday morning,

2012-12-15 23.56.43and the crowd was wonderful inside and outside.  This goes to show that if you look twice, it is worth going in !  Known for their breakfast, but I have seen people in the evening there, so that is also worth a try…

2012-12-15 23.45.092012-12-15 23.44.42


#63  –Kousmine Delight       September 22, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 10.50.00 PM

Parras 15 Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City 061405255 1054 2628

On recommendation from Mr. Lemmon, I realized when I arrived I passed this restaurant everytime I took the after school bus at 4:30, and didn’t realize it!  That says alot as this is the narrow, horizontal street that connects Parque Mexico and Parque Espana, a busy part of town, yet, when you sit down in the front of this restaurant, that all slips away.

DSC05798On this particular day, I was meeting a poet extraordinaire, Osseily Hanna, about buying a bed, he lived two doors down, and would later join this restaurant with his girlfriend.  The meals the waiter presented from memory were amazingly different, and yet, when you read the description of this restaurant from the link above, I see why.  Kusmine Delight main dish 2Healthy and unique are the meals you will find here, which makes this stop a must and a rewarding one at that.  You would think this is too small to have that much impact, wrong.  2012-09-22 13.58.13Just as this was easily overlooked on location by myself, I realized this restaurant is not to be underestimated AT ALL.  The meal was delicious, the dessertKousmine Delightdessert was artistic an VERY accommodating.


#64 –

2013-01-16 19.34.48TrasPatio –   Córdoba (Esq. con Colima), México, Distrito Federal 06700

Quite new but quaint, almost like disappearing into a Secret Garden.  You see a grey steel door, and some stone, but as soon as you pass into the doorway, the surroundings change, and you find yourself into an area of trees, leaves, simple and rustic, yet amid all this earthy surrounding-style restaurant, I enjoyed a burger and salad that seemed as it had just been created beside me from the earth.  I loved the simple, candlelight aura, as well as the DELICIOUS meal.  No extras needed as the disappearance of Roma Norte separated by a simple stone wall seems so much more thanks to the well placed tables, simple chairs and overall, escape into a new world one wall away from a bustling neighborhood.  This small establishment is so worth a try – and very very delicious.  105 pesos for a delicious burger, with a side salad, and a glass of mineral water with lime, the experience of the surroundings and relaxing nature of how quickly you can slip into a new environment…much more valuable.


#65 2013-01-19 07.39.36Fournier Rousseau 108 Cordoba Roma Norte

I tried unsuccessful to go to the counter in Delirios to grab a postre, and could not.  I had in the back of my mind the fear of leaving Kinah at the table outside and after 5-6 minutes, I gave up and just walked back home with Kinah.  I made it to the corner of Alvaro Obregon and 2 establishments in on the corner of Obregon and Cordoba, and a bright and Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 6.20.35 PMbeach-colored store front caught my attention.  Then I could taste this rich chocolate – I was transfixed in front of this bakery, I mean TRANSFIXED.  I went in and quickly bought a piece of this amazing Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 6.20.56 PMReb Pastel Chocolate cake (pictured above) and I finished three bites and floated somewhere between amazing and ecstasy.  THIS IS A BAKERY YOU CANNOT PASS UP, literally.  You are able to watch the bakers making several of their specialities while waiting for your order, and while standing room only, with three tables outside, you do not want to leave this establishment.  The welcoming nature of the colors, the amazing smells that draw you in like a magnet, and the amazing view of the cakes and specialities made here, this is a GREAT find so close to home.  The owner is from New Zealand, the coffee is awesome and the smells while free will not allow you to refrain from the amazing 6 inch high cake you can dive into!


#66  Cafe Cielito Querido Cafe – Michoacan – Condesa

When a student and I met here, I had no idea where she told me to meet her. Then I realized as I came to the cafe, I had walked by tons of times, yet never gone in.  BIG mistake.  This place is awesome – you can go in the back and get lost in the iconic coffee signs – yet to sit back and relax is quite easy to do.  The internet access is easy, the sandwiches are filling and delicious, and the dessert the same. Having the chai tea, cold or hot, I could have stayed here all day.  The service is excellent and I just have one wish – I wish the seats along the wall were larger.  It’s funny, when you look at the width of the seats from the wall, super skinny 🙂  The interior is like a haven, and there is an outside area along the front walk.  I preferred to take in the aura of a superb coffee and watering hole place, and if you are trekking here from Roma like me, or just across a few blocks, this is a GREAT place to slide in, work on tasks you have to plow through, and you’ll realize passes before you know it when you are this comfortable!   Locations overall.  The location on Reforma (Calz. Ignacio Zaragoza #200) is great too nesteled right where much of the traffic from Roma to Reforma occurs, but nestled away – great place.


#67  Belmonda   IMG_5680Tabasco 109 Roma Norte  –   Phone:01 55 6273 2079                       Official site

I once compared Delirios to St. Elmo’s Fire, sorry.  EVEN MORE so, Belmonda.  IMG_5678I fell in love here for breakfast thanks to Michelle Westholm.  I have passed this constantly with Kinah on long walks at night, never participating in treating myself to this restaurant. BIG MISTAKE.  LOVE this place, LOVE.  the atmosphere, wait staff, and of course the amazing egg and cheese bisquit, IMG_5676Michelle’s breakfast burrito,   IMG_5677the awesome berry drink,  IMG_5679this was AWESOME to say the least.  Again, I am finding the restaurants I visit all have something excellent about them, yet the vibe and feel you receive is slightly different in every restaurant, yet this one, merely one block away from my home, is the PERFECT location for anytime of the day.  Definitely my new favorite hideaway close to home.  LOVE.


#68 Pizza Brosa    (NOW CLOSED)


 Zacatecas 108 Esquina con Orizaba    Col. Roma Norte   5264 2404

I recalled getting a pizza here for pickup (and they deliver) for Jason Schell’s Pittsburgh Steeler bash, yet, it was mediocre pizza then.  On June 9th, 2013 I tried again.  Much better.  I noticed there was more help in the form of waiters and by the time I had 2 Cokes, 2 Rebanada Hula Hula, 1 Rebanada Ricota, and 2 Rebanada Deborah (lots of onions), I found myself full.  The total of 213.00 was worth it for the service, but I realized I could have received a whole pizza for 145-155 if I would have realized I was that hungry.  What I liked was the fact that that the crust was not saucy, but think and the crust was not hard but slightly crunchy.  I had remembered the crust a little thinner when we had it in 2012, but overall, this was delicious this time around.  The novelty of having the pizzas named after women at Pizzabrosa as well as the scantily-clad and risque women represented as the icon is a trademark of this pizza place, but despite the illustrations, the pizza remained just plain good.


IMG_6039#69  Casa Vieja    (NOW CLOSED)

Colima 158 Roma Norte Del Cuauhtemoc, 06700 Mexico City, Mexico

While mainly known as a Mezcaleria, I did see many people ordering food here on a late Friday night.  Inside, the spaciousness is larger than you think from the outside.  Awesome wait staff, cool bar tables that glow, and you always hear music until the wee hours of a weekend morning.  I think this is worth the visit to see how this newest spot, and found Facebook, matches with a good group of friends wanting some fun.  This is a good spot as one of those places on your list.



#70  Madre Tierra     Guadalajara 53 int.   Esquina con Durango   Col. Roma Norte

Tel. 6303 4724

I stopped here after school one day dying of starvation.  I ordered a sandwich named after New York style (most of the sandwiches here are named after states or locations that take on the ingredients from the country or different location).  This is by no means a high scale restaurant or is it supposed to be, but the service was fast, the food reasonably priced, and choice are a wide variety.  This is a good bet for a lunch and not having to pay a fortune, with the taste being very good!


#71 June 26, 2013      Chicago

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 6.20.46 AMAmericana Sub – 4o0 S Clark Street   Chicago IL 60605   312 922 1275

Having arrived in the states again for the ALA Conference, I am thinking – I am lucky to have this late night sub, the first in AGES and well okay…

The staff of two – AWESOME.  They were inquiring, hospitable, friendly, seriously AWESOME.  It made me feel at home.  Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 6.24.13 AM The sub?  Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 6.23.18 AMPACKED – stuffed, loaded with goodness.  I LOVED that they had Rasberry Tea as a drink – and between the price, the size, and and amazing friendliness of the staff there, you NEED TO GO HERE.  The person waiting on me did not want to be in the picture, but let me tell you, his smile, friendliness, and overall conversation, well worth the trip to this corner station!  I would come back and leave here from this corner knowing, I had begun to see the best of Chicago – Bravo Americana Sub!


#72 June 27, 2013        McDonald’s – Chicago 29 N Wacker  (Did I mention I love anything that has the title WACKER? (hysterical) – Chicago, IL 60606

Yes, yes I did, but wait!  Listen!  I have never, ever had the staff truly enthusiastic and well, just overall awesome when you come in.  Thanks to Dulce and Anayeli – GREAT welcoming employees and just awesome, McDonald’s became the best stop this afternoon thanks to them, amazing what little things done by awesome people can do.


#73 – June 27, 2013   Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 7.42.41 AM

 Brasserie by LM  800 South Michican Avenue  Chicago, IL      312 431 1788  6:00 AM – 10:30 PM

If you can stumble into a place that relaxes and eases your migraine headache, you can enjoy the smells and sounds of French cuisine first thing in the morning, and take the French music with you, you have found  gold mine.  Welcome to Brasserie, I love the (crepes) Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 7.42.32 AM loved the atmosphere, loved the welcoming nature of the staff, AWESOME.  This place rocks.  I can’t even tell you how the Nutella inside the crepes reminded me of home in Mexico, yet also took me away to forgetting about my headache.  The fresh OJ,and the plentiful water all is second believe it or

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 7.42.53 AM

not, to the view  Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 7.42.12 AMthis awesome place offers for breakfast. MUST MUST MUST go here and you will enjoy – lather in, and bask in the sun and the friendliness.  Taste buds and stomach – easily happy.


#74  June 27, 2013   Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 7.52.05 AMDick’s Last Resort (This link is different than the next one!)     315 N Dearborn St  Chicago, IL 60611     (312) 836-7870

While I heard there was a restaurant that prided in bad manners, I thought it a joke.  Here it was!  LOL…I loved the HUGE portion of the Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 7.58.51 AMFish and Chips and the Pie in the Sky (Apple pie with Ice Cream – all that and MORE)Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 7.57.41 AM – the funny thing is the comments like “Leave me the hell alone I served your food, shit!” and the hats made out of paper randomly put on customers heads that say “My Mom is a porn star” and “Flashes to Wal Mart greeters” is HYSTERICAL.  You need to be in a group to get that attention, by myself, my waiter was on good behavior not? – you get the full effect.  I loved the view of the River, as well as the food and not overpriced at all.  Even a live singer and band/stage, funny thing is the manager?  Darn he looked like Dick.


#75 IMG_6572Spanglish  555 S State Street   Chicago, IL  60605   (312) 663 – 1668

I was so excited to see Tortas and other mouth watering pieces offered around the corner!  The pineapple Pina by Jarritos, the awesome Guacamole on the side, with the salsa, was AWESOME and I have to say, I would never have tried it had I not been in Mexico!  I was happy to not eat at a Taco Bell, or other token Mexican restaurant, as the employees here, as well as the cool interior of definitions of things like forks and basic utensils, offset the definitions that are found of the specific foods in the menu.  A great find so close to the hotel.


#76 – IMG_6427Oven Grinder 2121 North Clark Street Chicago, IL  60614   773-248-2570

GET HERE EARLY, like 3:00- 4:00 if possible!  I arrived, 7:00 PM – Okay, I did get here a little before 5:00 PM and I waited and came in at 6:45 PM, with a long wait visibleIMG_6426,  but I know this was worth the wait based on the recommendation Sharon gave me.  I mentioned Geno’s was the place to eat and she took me by surprise and said, “Harry!  Ohmygosh, you need to try OvenGrinder!”  I laughed at the sound but then decided that okay, I am game!  Finally, on a Saturday where none of my conference workshops worked out, I tried OvenGrinders – and as I am sitting here, I ordered the Pot Pie pizza, as well as the Mediterranean Brad and Chef’s salad.  I was told to mix the Poppyseed and Garlic dressings, and the waiter, Brandon, WAAAY cool waiter, friendly and just very welcoming.  Although that my feet, even with the new insoles I bought (lol) are exhausted and worn, with the awesome the smell when I walked in, I immediately knew THIS was worth the wait.  When I sat down in the IMG_6429wooded interior, I almost felt like I was within a small pub in Baltimore, it had the same feel.  Then a super cool waiter came and I began to tell him where I was from, and we struck up how I knew to get the type of dressing mixed, the bread and the pot pie pizza lol.  IMG_6433The Mediterranean bread came, ohmy GOSH!  The smell filled the whole table, covered the whole plate, well look!  The ripping off and adding seasoning only exemplified this meal, oh my gosh.  But when the salad came,  IMG_6434this towering inferno, with the garlic and the Poppyseed, IMG_6435it was  a party in my mouth, MAJOR.  Brandon, my waiter, was EXCELLENT.  I honestly could not consider him my ‘waiter’, he was an instant friend and amazing with his recommendations and info about the area as well as the tradition behind all of this.  But no, the IMG_6437main feature, the main meal IMG_6436came and the Pizza Pot pie, well look first and then with the mixing of the smells of Pot Pie, the Mediterranean Bread, and the Poppyseed and Garlic dressing, I know I had died and gone to heaven, seriously…

 The atmosphere, the AMAZING Italian-style portions, the AMAZING experience, hands down, I have to say this might be, no, it was my BEST dining experience in the states and in Mexico I can ever remember, ever.  My stomach was bulging, and the portions I took with me, back, were enough for two more meals, and for $30.00 – this as a MAJOR steal, MAJOR.  Add to it the amazing friendliness and awesome service of Brandon, and this is a priceless experience.

My Chicago experience was already a success after this experience, and so will yours after coming here.  The parting advice of places to visit involved Rick Bayless – famous – Mexican food, Frontera Fresca at Ohare.  I am looking forward to see what these experiences will have, but I know they will not hold a light against the Oven grinder.  Sharon – you are a genius!


#77 – Chicago Hilton Restaurant 720 South bar and Grill, Chicago Hilton, 720 Michigan Street Chicago IL


#78 – 

IMG_6518Gino’s East Pizza – 521 S Dearborn St   Chicago   (312) 939-1818

Deep dish pizza, oh yes.  Imagine a thicker than cheesecake complex, and being filled on 2 slices of pizza- stuffed with taste that evaporates in your mouth, and you see a Gino’s creation!  I loved the recommendation from Ms Gallie to go here, the food was every bit worth it.  The smells, the service from the waiter Andrew, even the host was very genuinely welcome.  This perhaps was most filling pizza IMG_6522I had.  I liked the intricacy of the Over Grinder Process, but these are two different pieces of food art, and you will love either of the experiences, and love the relaxing and comfortable feeling Gino’s has to “dish” out!



#79  Berghoff’s        17 West Adams, Chicago, IL 60603            (312) 427-3170


I received a postcard from ALA for a free Root Beer and I vaguely remember passing the restaurant a few times.  Whoa.  I forgot how much I miss root beer in Mexico (EXCPT in Barracuda’s Diner!  YES!)  YOU trying Root Beer, if a fan, not for a long time then having maybe the best Root Beer around!  I used to like Barq’s Root Beer for its sharp bite and strength but whoa Major major whoa.  The Root Beer here makes Barq’s look like water  🙂   Seriously DELICIOUS.  Add to that an atmosphere of classy, combined with intricate, and a Ruben that was DELICIOUS, this is such a great visit for dinner or lunch a stone-throw’s away from Michigan Avenue.  I ate with not a large budget in mind, and the food was DELICIOUS, I mean, savory, I meant satisfying, I mean very content.  The Ruben was not massively crazy huge, yet when you left the table, you felt satisfied and content.  Service was great, and the air of professionalism was just right, not overly friendly but perfect for the classiness of this establishment.  What a great place to meet friends, take in a true feeling of Chicago, and yeah. “Sir?  Can I have a case of root beer, to go?”  Worth the trip and then some.


#80  Stover’s Farm Market  7837 M-139  BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICHIGAN 49103   PH: 269-471-1401 

It is awesome to see an organic farmer’s market in the middle of Chicago.  The labelled rhubarb jam I could not pass up and even though I tried to bring onto the plane to Mexico, and even though I did get back out of line of security to eat the whole jar, lol, it was worth it absolutely.  It would have been better to share the jam more slowly back in Mexico however, it had been so long since I had rhubarb, wow.  I would love to go here, and in receiving an email from Brandon, who happened to be my waiter at Overn Grinder he states, “I actually grew up there. It’s funny that growing up, local sustainable markets like that weren’t that much in vogue, but I tell ya what, SLOW Food and Alice Waters have really help transform the way we look at food, huh?”   This was some of the most refreshing and tasting rhubarb in jam I have tasted, and there was tons and tons of varieties offered.  I winning afternoon thanks to this.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 7.50.23 AMScreen Shot 2013-07-18 at 8.39.45 AM~

(Now closed)

*81 VALKAH  Cafe and Galeria   153-A Alvaro Obregon  Roma Norte Cuauhtemoc Mexico City, Mexico    06700    TEL.  55334845

What  liked best about this open front-side cafe is the length and the interior.  It seemed there was more to this than just a deep seated cafe and sure enough, there is.  The dessert, salad, coffee all good.  When you venture to the back, you see the workings of a museum with lots of art promoted.  If you stay tuned to the Facebook link on the name of this cafe, you will see events and features of artists, and you may even happen on a lecture by one if you are here at the right time.  Carrying the following as well,  BEBIDAS FRIAS Y CALIENTES PREPARADAS A  BASE DE CAFÉ ORGÁNICO “VALKAH”, BEBIDAS FRÍAS PREPARADAS A BASE DE FRUTAS NATURALES, JUGOS ORGÁNICOS, SANDWICHES, CHAPATAS, and BAGELS, this is much organic as well as artistic here to enjoy an afternoon.


#82 El Pescadito Taquerias   Estamos en Atlixto 38 Esquina Juan Escutia Colonia Condesa


Tracy Miller, Deb Lawrence, and I went here of a weekday afternoon and wow.  LOVED – L O V E D it!  The size of the taco contents, depending on which one, is always more than enough.  For 83 pesos, one beer, two huge tacos, is amazing.  The bright and light colored interior, the amazing courteous demeanor of the server, and the overall cool and relaxing atmosphere make this a perfect corner visit.  I had the Quesotote and Taco Chango and they both make your mouth water as you see it prepared in front of you.  This is truly a must visit and you will not be disappointed as you present your order ticket back in line, if you want seconds, and do not have to go to the back of the line, but right to the front.  Excellent experience with some amazing salmon, marlin, and other choice variety of tacos!


#83 Franca -Alvaro Obregon #59 Local C Esquina Merida Colonia Roma

Telefono: 55338754    E-Mail:


Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, blues, jazz and awesome music at 9:00 PM, this place looks deceiving in size from outside.  When you go inside, the welcome staff, awesome variety of drinks of menus on the upper wall, red back wall, classic lights, frames, and cool bookshelves will let you ease into a great afternoon and evening.  I had the Fettuccine and it was amazing – filling, and overall wonderful.  Add to that the chance to catch three nights of live music, a great owner, a great staff, you have a GREAT dining experience in Roma Norte.  The inside reminds me of what used to be the tea house a little, but the inside is not apparent from what you see from just walking by, so make a note to stop and relax at this establishment.  The corner restaurant, Pizza Franca is owned by the same establishment, and also worth checking out.  That is next on my list!  The Tres Queso pizza, ohmygosh – DELICIOUS as well as the Margarita Pizza.


#84 California Restaurants – Etiopia Metro exit/Plaza

I was on my way to meet Peter Winckers for the Firefly spectating event and at the metro station spied Deb Lawrence in this restaurant. I decided to go in and get the buffet for 19 pesos.  The potatoes were AWESOME and you can grab beer as part of the buffet!  The hamburger, not so good, a little flimsy, flat, squashed but there were three different tables of choices, allowing a great selection.  The strawberry/cream pie – wow, that was a taker for sure.  Comparable to VIPS, but I liked the buffet option here.  I am not going to tell you this is the best buffet ever, but I did walk out full, and I have never seen a buffet where you can get beers, kind of …cool!   🙂


#85 – PECES JALAPA 237-2  COL. ROMA      TELEFONO: 5264  4889


Thanks to Teresa Anderson and Deb Lawrence, we met here and what a great place!  Side to side restaurants owned by the same owner, but different seafood-emphasized menu choices, this quaint restaurant combo will make the trip down southern Roma worth it!   I ordered Tacos which were delicious, and the inviting owners, staff, and add to that a Friday night music night you can catch some very talented singing, this is a great place you will want to frequent.  What do they have?  From 8 different tacos from 25- 30 pesos, they are filling and the plate covering dishes will leave you content for sure. There is a history of involvement with Mexico and the owner, and is worth asking about their relationship to their store, to Mexico, and to the customers they continue to please.  Do not hesitate to check and frequent this very inviting establishment!


#86 Madrilena  Pilares (Aniceto Ortega) Benito Juarez, DF  03100

2013-08-25 03.39.05

Getting Kinah (my great Afghan dog) fixed, carrying Kinah with friends down the street, then making our way to City Market – STARVING – this restaurant smells oozed out to us and we partook (very formal verbage but we DEVOURED the food!) – and the owners, as well as the service, and the food, this is the AWESOMEST place to stop on your way to City Market on Pilares, and and it MAKE your trip all the better, from the service, the delicious food that you can find at most places, but the speed and quality of the food make it stand out from other places!  The Jamaica, the tacos, the meat, YES! Ask for Juan Jose Cortes Hernandez, and you will not be disappointed!


#87  Butcher & Sons   Orizaba #87 on the corner with Colima

#88 Trattoria Giacovanni Sonora #180 – Parque Mexico

#89 – Burger BAR!  ROMA NORTE!   100 Alvaro Obregon    55640924 or 55640932

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 9.06.27 AM

#90  Santa Clara – Centro – Calzada Ignacio, Zaragoza #200 Mexico City

#91  Yogurt land!

#92 Alekzanders  130 Alvaro Obregon

#93 Abarrotes –  Colima 114, Roma, Cuauhtémoc.   Teléfono: 5264 1468.   Horario: lunes a sábado de 9:00 a 22:00 horas.

#94  Gaokekas  (Now closed) Cordoba 132, esquinas Guanajuato   Tele. : 556274 8804     Servicio a domicilio

Love the small chairs, you don’t even notice them until you are sitting there! However, the tacos ARE delicious! Excellent and fast service, and the staff is very friendly. Add Wifi, it is GREAT!  This is the kind of place you walk by on an afternoon, looks like it might be worth a try, and you’re glad you stopped!


#95    La Casa de Tono   Londres 144 Zona Rosa, Cuauhtémoc

Known for there Pozole, this speak true and well of this restaurant.  The portions are huge (pictures will be coming) and we order a ton extra and could not eat it all due to the size of the pozole.  This place is bustling and mimics the neighborhood of Zona Rosa.  Two stories, this place is amazingly fast as delivery of food, accuracy of the order and friendliness.  The tables are awesome – (you’ll see) and the location seems to follow the hum of Mexican tourism, but frequented by locals.  The food is worth the price of this restaurant, and if you go away hungry – it’s because you didn’t eat anything, not because there is not enough good choices.  Thanks Taylor, Yale PhD studying at ASF, you picked a winner!  See map below for detailed directions, right in the middle of Zona Rosa.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 4.36.40 PM~

#96 Romita – Corner of Merida and Alvaro Obregon

Whoa.  Imagine sitting at the top of Mount Washington looking over Pittsburgh, and you can realize how amazingly fancy this place is.  Dress to the “T”, because this is an amazing atmosphere, with a skylight view that will stun you.  The interior is the fanciest you evan imagine, and worth a special occasion, this is where you want it to be.  Warning, prices resemble the atmosphere and are above average, but, as they say, you get what you pay for and you will obtain the highest service for the price here.  You will be easily drawn in by the service, atmosphere, and on an evening, the view and opportunity to take in Roma Norte is at its fullest here.


#97 Papa Guapa  Alvaro Obregon #291  Col. Roma      5533 -5985

Watching “The Birds” by Hitchcock above the table in Papa Guapa.

I went into Papa Guapa yesterday. because I heard so much about it from my Dean at Upper School.  LOVED the old school, old style everything resembling the old-style kitchen, old style soda fountain bar, Hitchcock movie, everything.  Yet, not was early, kind of empty, and the waitress was not having a good experience.  I walked in, and they just let me kind of go, they were really just “whatever” that I was there, and the waitress through several comments just lightly made, rolls of the eye, etc could care less that I was there. (I get that a lot).  But this was the first time it occurred in a restaurant, and I felt uncomfortable.  I made as little of a hassle as possible, ordering quickly, as I truly felt as if I was a bother.  I order an amazing mushroom potato, IMG_0036 (The papa Barlot) a thick fresa milkshake, and a Coke.  It seems as if the waitress was slowly becoming cordial, but that was just losing the eye rolls and glances away.  When I was ready, I left, (which I normally would not) a 30 peso tip making it like a 20% tip above the total – and on a hunch, it did open her day up, she squeezed her eyes at me like as in a wink LOL, and was super happy, and it seemed to snap her into a much better mood!  Food – delicious, the dressings, amazing, the milkshakes, above average, not the best, but certainly filling!  Go with a group, it will make the experience fun and amazing!


#98  IMG_0039Freims Sensacion Del Cafe    Orizaba 113, Col. Roma Norte (btw Chihuahua & Álvaro Obregón.), Cuauhtemoc,DF 06700    5264 835911/28/2013 Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 7.12.56 AM

The idea of food between waffles, yes.  IMG_0040This restaurant has perfected it and let me tell you, out of the wide range of restaurants we explore, this is so worth the stop. Delicious, fresh  and attentive to the customer, the deliciousness of the food, the friendliness of the wait staff, and the comfortable location just down from the amazingly newly revamped Plaza Luis Cabrera a PERFECT afternoon.  Every time I walk past this restaurant, I know the size is no indication of the sense of satisfaction you will receive.



#99   The Groove  Citilapltepetl 9 Colonia Hipodroa

Condesa 06170 Mexico City     Map     5211 7526

Hearing much about this location on the southern tip of Amsterdam, you walk by and look in and wonder, how deep the inferior extends.  When you go in, you will realize from the classic Jazz and Blues playing, the mix match of furnishings, and the memorabilia everywhere, The Groove is the perfect name for this location.  Seeing the advertisements for the high platform shoes does push you into the past yet, not tackishly.

IMG_0636The many rooms, a second floor, various types of seating available, very good pizza, and variety of menu choices creates a great get a way for friends and a sociable occasion.  Service is very attentive, the music is very memorable and overall, this is a stoop you do want to make despite thinking from the outset this might by kitsch.  Not at all and enjoy that Ray Charles playin’!


#100 IMG_0445Tlacaelel restaurant in Teotihuacan

One of the best restaurants outside the circle of the pyramids, the Azteca soup, oh YEAH (I mean really good).  Take a look at the plate you get from the buffet!  IMG_0455Jamaica, excellent.  The dancing, mariachi, and overall quality of the food, a GREAT place to finish a great day of touring in.  Definitely worth the stop around the corner of the park, and very reasonable, VERY.


#101  La balance  Roma Norte



#102 El Kiosko de Coyoacan



#103 Deck    Av. Sonora 141 esq. Amsterdam Col. Condesa        6390-2042

I have often walked by this newly opened restaurant, wondering, do they serve comida?  Well, after finding the usual places closed on a Monday before New Year’s I found quite a treasure at The Deck restaurant. The food, well amazing.  Deck2The manager, (and maybe owner?) Avi Avraham, actually brought out a new type of bread they just made and asked us to taste test it it was DELICIOUS.  Celebrating a  new venture on my part, welcoming a new Fulbright student to Mexico, and celebrating a friend’s son and her new Feng Shui apartment, we had an amazing dinner. The pictures do not do the restaurant justice, as the waitress, cooks, and Avi himself all created an amazing experience for us, and not asking for the food to be fast, it was and we were out in less than an hour and a half, even though we wanted to stay longer.  The decor, the quality of the staff, and the food itself were a surprise as we knew nothing about this place, and left knowing we’d be getting to know it much better.  This was a fabulous stumble upon as our friend said within the first few minutes of being here!

#104 Pinche Gringo and here!  Cumbres de Maltrata No. 360, Benito Juárez, Narvarte, 03020 Ciudad de México, D.F.            01 55 6389 1129

I can dream of the days and flavors I experienced in Delaware with BBQ pulled pork and BBQ chicken – then there is the unique and welcoming demeanor as well.  Overall, this is a place you will literally crawl way from from being so full.  Add the service, the ability to see the World Cup and other events, and overall, just turning the corner and seeing this open, unexpected eatery – it is awesome, delicious, and you will become addicted.  I think this is the best BBQ in Mexico, and with good reason.  Time Out agree as well.

#105 Tandoor


#106     Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 9.59.03 AM   Don Keso


#107    Lucilles       Orizaba 99   Entre Colima y Tabasco, esquina con Tabasco     Col. Roma Norte    Tel. 5207-8441

The hamburger is amazing, the bread is HUGE and filling and with the papas, is a great place to watch events on the television, including the U.S. and Ghana game in 2014 leading to the World Cup! Great all around!  Pizza is also pretty great, and the staff is right there when you need them and always hospitable.  I love the close location to my particular apartment and love the neighborhood this is nestled in.


#108 Spice Everywhere    (NOW CLOSED)  NEWEST! – Open Saturday and Sunday 10:00-16:00. Tonalá 261A, Col. Roma Sur, 06700 Mexico DF. – 

What a difference a few years or so more make.  About three years ago, I did visit Spice Everywhere, when it was located at Colima in Roma Norte/Condesa.  While the quality of the food never deviated from absolute deliciousness (“The Passort ” – you HAVE to try – WOW.  ) Yet, we waited forever for our meal and the service was so-so.  (You have seen this in previous reviews as well).  FAST FORWARD to August 2015 –

An amazing location on Yucatan 147, and yes, this castle like establishment matches the way the staff treats you like a Queen or King.  To verify this service, I frequented there for a special event outside of normal hours that featured special Mexican dishes for new individuals to Mexico through Azteca Travels on a Friday night, came back for early Brunch on Saturday, and returned for the hosting of their Summer Sausage Festival with partner Simply Sausages that same Saturday night.   Nothing was simple on either of the three visits in two day period, it was absolutely excellent.

Servers Ninette and others were so efficient (an so fast I did not catch their names) were amazing, Also, Max, sat down as if he knew me forever and just made me feel as if I was in my living room.  They have ample space for live music, and greet all and everyone to let them know, they are there for each and every customer.

Even when events such as the Azteca Welcome to Mexico event and Simply Sausages is not Spice Everywhere’s specialty, they take the risk and initiative to bring other community interests into theirs to contribute and give back, but add onto that that within three years Spice Everywhere’s owner Julia keeps taking her customers input and making things better and better for her community and customers? – You could ask for nothing more.  This is an establishment worthy of your attention on Saturday and Sundays, and your appetite will certainly agree.  Bravo and Kudos to Spice Everywhere for making a successful move, return, and difference!  While itis hard to compare anything on the menu to The Passport choice, The Dagwood also gos a VERY VERY long way to satisfy and will remain in your memory as well.


#109 Cancino Plaza Villa Madrid 13  (Medellin y Durango)

Bordering Plaza Cibellis, this is a perfect place for a great pizza, a group of friends, and awesome scenery.  Day or night, the outdoor, picnic feel is evident, and the choice of pizzas, is amazing, as well as delicious. You would think with the seating a little distance from the actual restaurant, this would be an issue. NOT in the LEAST.  Service was amazing, always there and available, and the atmosphere of being outside, feeling and watching Mexico traffic pass you bu while also taking in the Plaza is rewarding.  This is a very relaxing spot, with an ease of feeling among friends, and a menu to saturate your appetite and then some  Excellent choice Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Horner!

#110 La Pescaderia  Oaxaca 137 Roma Norte

As stated on Four Square, “The service was great, the complimentary sample of soup, the empanadas, and the view, worth every minute of time here. A gem in the city!”   This recommendation from Tracy Miller was well worth it.  I loved that the greeter/host walked us up to the third floor/balcony area. Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 6.57.02 PM That is amazing in itself.  There are three floors of this restaurant, all stunning, all beautiful, and the view on the balcony on the third takes your breath away and just seduces you into relaxation.  Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 6.58.19 PMOverall, the food was great fast and managers would stop by to make sure all was taken care of and we were satisfied.  I thought at 8:00 PM, on a Monday evening, I could have done with the music a little lower, but overall, all was perfect and brilliant in this view of the city to a great meal among friends. There are also 2 x 1 specials throughout the week worth checking out!


#111  Milo’s  Amsterdam 308 Colonia Condesa  5564-8712  Honestly, I cannot think of a place that breaths the word fresh, freedom, and fruit!  The juice here, be it grapefruit or niranja, is full bodied  and tastes healthy going down.  The causal corner, that displays a sense of relaxation on a weekend morning, is able to slow you down amid a breakfast that makes you ready to tackle the day.  The friendliness to your pets, as well as providing a bowl of water for your pet while eating (ask if they get busy, it is super great!) – the freshness of the breakfast, (I recommend your omelette with mushrooms) – and the whole scene of a great location, close to all that is going on without feeling it going on, as well as the taste of an early breakfast among friends, that is the sense you get, helps create a good start to any day or anything that lies ahead.  This one bright spot among many in Mexico City.


#112  Olive Garden Av Paseo de La Reforma 250, Zona Rosa, Cuauhtémoc, 06600   The recollection I have of Olive Garden in the states is that of a gathering surrounded by family.  This is the first time I ate at an Olive Garden in Mexico and it did not disappoint.  The salad and pasta reminded me of the dinners I had with my Aunt/Uncle and cousins.  On top of that, the location of the restaurant, and an expansive amount of room all helps to make this a great evening dinner amid the proximity of the Angel and all things Reforma has to offer at night (changing street light color and a sense of beauty that Mexico brings to the world).  This is exactly what you would expect at any Olive Garden and you will not go home on an empty stomach if you truly dive in and grab the choice that speaks to you.  Wonderful staff and a great place to gather a large group to celebrate  anything.  I did notice with small party you seem a little isolated due to the sheer size of this restaurant, but the peace you feels outstanding if you are looking for a quiet evening.


#113  Panda Express –  Plaza Puente de Alvarado, Buenavista, Cuauhtémoc, 06350    Coming back to to Costco over and over, Panda Express is one of the Best, if not the best, place to pitstop for dinner. Between the choice of 1 or 2 sides that usually come with a free beverage, or just making a variety of choices – you can smell the noodles and stir fry as you approach the restaurant.  Although you are in a bust area and district that bustles with commerce, you can sit down in the local patio here and truly enjoy a healthy meal that at a minimum, allows you to skip a meal or two due to the sheer volume of food you receive.  On top of that, the staff always is laughing and joking, and they are always cooking, it is always busy.  There is a reason.  Krispy Kremes, Subway, a good looking salad place, a few other places including Burger King and McDonalds, or Panda Express?  Trust me, go for the Panda.


#114  Escarpela   Av. Nuevo Leon 62 Colonia Condesa  06140  555 211- 4444   Wow, a friend Osseily had asked me to sit down one day – and I was in a hurry, and finally, one day after school Deb Lawrence got us to go there, and I did not realize the Argentinan influence.  The steak DID fall apart on my plate, the BREAD was amazing and we had several servings.  The restaurant itself is not huge at all, and is off the main street, but the images and decor is perfect for Mexico, and a GREAT place to catch up with friends and just – chill.  The meals are perfectly tender, moist and right off the grill, and I have to say, liked much more than many of the few Argentinian restaurants I have frequented.  Next time, I know better than to keep moving, but I will stop and have a meal and continue to enjoy the scene that usually involves me rushing to one place or another  Time to reflect on doing that and taking in the moth watering meals offered here.


#115 Pizza Sbarro  Reforma 222 Food Court

Although a chain in the states and I have been there before, the first and second time I went here was when I watched a film at Reforma 222.  However, this was a much better choice than the offerings at the movie counter, and the combo of huge slices, what look like to be Stromboli’s as well as salads, makes Sbarro still a favorite of mine due to the large portions.  You walk away filled and not greaseheart-buned, and much better than fast food that involves burgers.  🙂  Not a unique pick in a city of pizza, but one of my pre and post film choices.


#116 Crepes & Waffles Durango #205 L-02 2 02A Col. Roma

Creating a restaurant that benefits single women that are heads of the families, I mean, the concept alone is genuine. But oh no, when you step into this amazing restaurant, and see for example, the taste of the HUGE Zen Smoothie, the refreshing Waffles Frutos Bosque, or just have a craving for amazing crepes, well, you have chosen the right place.  The staff are all women, and very efficient in service and friendly beyond belief.  This Bogota, Colombia founded idea is superb, and whether you are having waffles for dinner, lunch, or the traditional breakfast, that is just a tiny tiny portion of what you will find inside.  Not considering the amazing view at night, this location and restaurant was a superb ending to a full day, and you walk away wanting to try everything on the menu.  EVERYTHING.  Kudos to the women that bring such success to a great idea, and major Kudos to the students who thought up this idea.  Huge success with a heart.


#117 Whisky River – Charlotte, North Carolina

QueseadillaI have to say, my first initial dinner was, THE BEST thanks to the suggestion of a eccentric taxi driver, and an amazing waitress, Meredith.  The email I sent to the company helps explain this, and trust me, this is worth the visit to Charlotte on any layover!  The wings, burger, and Quesedaillas were AMAZING, and the welcome, it was heart warming.


“Hola! Whisky River! I just came in from Mexico City to Charlotte on a connection flight, and as was suggested, I headed to Whisky River for my first meal coming into the states and let me tell you…

it was amazing. Meredith, my waitress, despite having to report shortages on beverages and dessert that normally would be available, delivered a home run when it came to welcoming me, as well as providing amazing service. I have to see, my initial stop in the United States was an amazing one thanks to your waitress, Meredith. Thank you so much and let Meredith know she made my reentry to the United States amazing.”


#118 Einstein Bagels – Airport: Charlotte Douglas   Charlotte Douglas International Airport Charlotte, NC 28208

I keep thinking about Panera Bread’s bagels and despite thinking they are still #1 (their different cream cheese spreads are amazing!) this was fast fresh, and hit the spot for breakfast while waiting for my flight.  The service was quick and efficient, plenty of juice for take out and the warming and taste of the blueberry bagels and breakfast cakes, perfect.  This is a close second but I wonder, why are there not strawberry bagels anywhere?


IMG_3462#119 – Potbelly Sandwich Shop 19th & L Street – Washington D.C.

While I love that IBC Rootbeer is served in this restaurant and the chili is very filling and good, I don’t see anything to out of ordinary with this particular chain. The inside reminds me of the hardwood, St. Elmo’s Fire (The Tomb’s in Georgetown)  kind of look in Georgetown, and the sandwiches remind me about Bob’s Sub in Slippery Rock, (not quite but a little), but I’d never be one to say, I HAVE to EAT there. IMG_3463I ate the standard TKY combo (side of soup with thinner meat and bread) and a bottle of IBC Rootbeer and some Sour Cream and Onion chips, making it about 13.00 USD, and overall not bad at all – but not eye opening either where it was a must stop for me. I like the cabinet looks behind the counter and the openness, but not sure, why is William McKinley on the wall? 🙂


IMG_3500#120  Uno’s   50 Mass. Ave, N.E.    Union Station-Box 6    Washington, DC   20002  202-842-0438      Fax: 202-842-3946

I loved the atmosphere here of people coming and going, heading everywhere – and the glamour of this station.  The decision of IMG_3499tomato soup and grilled cheese, although Uno’s specializes in deep dish pizza, was PERFECT.  Delicious.  The IMG_3498berry smoothies, even better and fresh cold, and worth every drop.  The service was excellent.  I love that they have gluten free menus as well.  In addition, if you become a member of the insider’s club, you receive 20% off meals when your birthday comes around, I definitely used mine.  This made for a satisfying two beery drink and great meal for under 18.00, and worth every cent.  One of my favorite restaurants in the U.S. next to Chili’s.


#121 – Fonda Japonesa  Cholula No 33 Mexico City


#122 – Cocina Erre  – Observatorio (Now closed!)

Just opening across from the ABC Hospital and where the shuttle drops everyone off, this is a hideaway and a table or two actually fit inside and wow.  I had the Portobello ensalada topped with fresh tomatoes and wow, EXCELLENT!  I LOVED the taste and cordial greeting, and love this is in Observatorio – I have yet to taste the pizza but heard good things, and the salad, pretty rage for 54 pesos.  The staff were super nice and the food super fast in a location I never expected something to open, which makes this walk from school so worth it and even better!


#123  Cervecería de Barrio  Orizaba 99
Off of Plaza Cibellis   Durango 192  Col. Roma Norte
Tel. 5533-7674

I love the feel of this location right on Plaza Cibellis.  Delicious Marlin tacos, Delicious empanadas, and the view on the second floor is just perfect – always usually busy but when we went on a Friday, it was fun, kind of loud, yes, but gain, sitting not he second floor was perfect and the plaza is a great place to meet for a location like this restaurant.  Staff was fast, courteous, and the food was great amid the smell you take in before you order…:)  Success!


#124  El Jefe        110 Astro Shopping Center  Newark, DE  19711
I loved being in Newark visiting students and having the choice of Quesedillas, Guacamole, and more – this was amazing.  The inside was everything I’d expect a Mexican restaurant to be and represent, the food was authentic and delicious, and the service was perfect.  For at least five of us, the price was crazy reasonable – the music authentically Mexican, and a great place to chat, relax, and eat eat eat!  Love everything about this and I usually try to stay away from Mexican restaurants in the states, but you will not want to stay away from this one!


#125 – Tres Condesa and Facebook site! Sonora 172, Col.Hipódromo
6390-1178 / 6390-1179


#126  Mercado Roma and on Facebook

The collection and diverse variety of ice creams, cheeses, sandwiches, dips, sauces, seasonings, coffee, postres, and MORE, SO MUCH MORE – INCLUDING the top tier patio – also referred to as The Beer Garden – all of this building is worth the visit and stay. Up top, you purchases tickets for 75 pesos and then present the ticket at the bar for the food you like, speciality drinks you pay for at the bar. I love the green walls, the balconies, and seating for eating as well as the spaces designed for shopping, it takes you out of the neighborhood you’re in while you are here. You almost feel as if you are on a cooking show 🙂

What I did not like was the craziness on a World Cup weekend, which I do not think would exist during the week. I got the feeling this weekend World Cup day that it was Yuppy land and full of people with money, spoiled, and kind of obnoxious.

Yet KNOW, this is truly not a real representation of Mexico, as a whole. In partial form, yes, but not as a whole. This is not Mercdo medallion, but a high scale version of elite providers of various delicacies, for your perusal and consumption. Believe me, this is a GREAT place though, easy on the eyes, stomach, and some places easy on the wallet and paying 75 pesos for a plate of fish and chips, yeah, a little much. But when you see the atmosphere, you will see you are also getting a little more than than typical Mercado found in Mexico City as well. I loved the weekend more due to this spa-resort-like feel in the middle of Roma Norte. You need to check this out for sure!


#127Pozocano – Observatorio


#128 – Le Pizzaiolo –  Juan de la Barrera 97 Col. Condesa   Phone- 5212.2207   Lunes a Domingo 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Look.  I LOVE pizza, no matter where, no matter when, even when we ell like a gazillion at fundraisers and I say I am done, um, yeah, that lasts for one day.  This honestly was good pizza but I would not say THE BEST – with so many other places out there, yet, the menu – 16 different types of pizza, tons of salads, lasagna, and about 6 more pages of selections of awesome choices.  The deal I bought, for 85 pesos, was a drink, salad and pizza, and it was well worth the price.  The owner goes out of his way to make you feel welcome, feel invited, and that you get a quality meal.  I was starving and this satisfied every craving I had easily.  A very pleasurable experience and great place to rest, eat, and enjoy.


#129  – La Boheme and Facebook  Calle Queretaro No 219  Colonia Roma  Tel (55) 63633248

THE BEST BAKERY IN THE DF!  Honestly, when you see that announcement on Facebook, I was like, what?  Let me check this out, and I did.  It JUST opened, so the shelf case was not completely full, yet, the baguettes, the chocolate cake (4-5 layers with bavarian-like creme) and the torte covered with raspberries and creme (I usually take pictures but walking home I could not help but eat everything, I mean EVERYTHING.  So, that makes it pretty good right?  The inside is clean sharp and home-stylich looking, and the service is great, they staff meets you right at the counter which is as you walk in.  There is plenty of display things and I am sure as the new week last week turns into a new couple months, visiting this bakery beside the Mercado Roma will make it a difficult decision to decide which is better…the best in the D.F?  COOKING CLASSES! It is true, baking and cooking available here! It seems too soon to say but the postres I tasted were every bit as good as what you can get at the Swiss Bakery or the various vendors around town, so, this one will be hard to argue with so many pluses in just opening!  As of July 01, 2015, the advent of a sit down area beside the bakery and before Mercado Roma has happened, think it is popular yet?  It is GREAT!!!!!!


#130El Ocho Plaza Luis Cabrera (NEW additional LOCATION as of July 2014)

Having been at El Ocho in Condesa, the games, the game table, and tons more, I liked this variation.  Pets were treated like the guests, full grass carpet, water, even specialized meal of their own, games are still evident and the appearance seems to be more open, but maybe due to facing Plaza Cabrera. The staff was more than accommodating and making sure all was great.  I had the main meal (lasagna) and dessert.  I loved the lasagna except for the outside, it was a little tough, but the dessert and chai teas, PERFECT!  The atmosphere is easy to relax, be it taking in one of the games available, or just enjoying the scenery, this is a little toned down from the game arena atmosphere of Condesa, and just Condesa overall.  This was a pleasure and will be easy to return to, with or without dogs!  I knew when the dogs were lying down on their grass carpet they approved as well  🙂


#131Fishers – Durango 197 – Condesa

First, I had never been to the original but heard nothing but good things.  As we arrived at this new Durango location, I saw many many people waiting for a seat inside and figured if we just take a sidewalk table, no waiting.  Turned out that was the best option as it was less crowed, less noisy, and great scenery – and no wait!  A small cup is placed beside your plate, make sue you turn that right side up, waiters will come by and fill that up with a special seafood-style soup and whoa, it is free and DELICIOUS.  The milkshakes are good but not code to Barracuda, and the meal itself, delicious.  The fish here is SUPERB with fresh tasting and overall, the taco delicious, the enchilada, was okay, not the best but there service is fast, the price is very very good for the quality of the service and food, and a great location.  This is a great afternoon or evening, with a gorgeous restaurant!


#132  Mama’s  Pizza   Nicolás San Juan 1757, Del Valle, Benito Juárez, 03100 Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal     01 55 5534 4011

There’s so much to say about this restaurant – by far the BEST pizza in Mexico City, the thickets and deepest, and the largest and best potato I have ever had.  Almost 4-5 inches deep crust, the place is nostalgia city with the 80’s videos and classic posters of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and newer but classic images of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and just whoa.  The staff – fast, courteous and helpful, the food, I had enough to take home and have for two more dinners in two consequent days, the prices, amazing for the servings you receive – the place was packed as I left and I realized, I had been missing out on truly the best pizza in Mexico, and all you have to do is go to Mama’s.  Priceless.


#133  Tamayo Museum RestaurantChapultepec Park  – 5286 -6519 or 29/extension 144

Accepting pets in the outside patio of the restaurant, the perfect view of the park around the Tamayo, as well as the peaceful and realizing atmosphere of this restaurant?  This was a PERFECT ending to a great day in the Tamayo.  The wait staff was accommodating, fast, efficient, the food Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 8.34.42 PM(I had an omelette and Chai tea – superb) – and the price, not what you would expect to pay at a museum restaurant at all.  I can’t say enough about how beautiful this was during the day, and if possible, to have an event here during the evening, would be even more spectacular.  The Tamayo visit was worth it for sure, and yet, one has to question whether you’d feel just the same from visiting the restaurant alone – you feel that way when you experience this of an afternoon.


#134  El Zapote Restaurant   Guanajuato 138  Roma Norte, Mexico City   745-6032

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 5.18.13 AMWalking around on Friday night you will expect large crowds wherever you go, and finding a quality restaurant around 9:30 PM is not difficult, it is just finding the RIGHT one.  After some potential establishments, I remembered a restaurant that looks similar to something you would see in the film from looking on from the corner.  Sure enough, despite the recent rain, Zapote looked inviting and not visibly packed at all. As I made my way in, I noticed the relaxing and subtle atmosphere of a relaxing environment, images of Frida and the country’s colors in preparation for the Mexican Independence Day, yet nothing over the top and the staff and indoor look representing a very fine and sophisticated feel.

Immediately being offered a Mexican wine, as well my order being taken as soon as I indicated, everything was nothing but the top quality in service and accommodations.  The menu offers a range of salads, calzone/pasta/pizzas, and some specialty dinner items, and you can expect to pay a little higher than average cost for meals, however…when theScreen Shot 2014-09-13 at 5.17.59 AM Portobello mushroom pizza as well as the Tiramisu arrived, your realize the rich taste of both, combined with a very fancy environment make this worth the trip.  You truly feel as if you have stepped into a resort or spa/like atmosphere, with nothing but fancy being on the menu.  Yet, the deliciousness and sweet taste of the pizza, the slightly spicy breadsticks that are brought, as well as a very rich yet satisfying Tiramisu Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 5.17.49 AMwith delicious coffee make you feel as you have escaped from the loud out boisterous Friday and into a time zone of your own making.  I was able to comfortably eat, read, ad slow time down on my own time thanks to the ease of service and level of comfortability offered here.  I, in no way, minded paying the 420.00 pesos (including tip) for a very very delicious and accommodating experience, and this certainly made a Friday night relaxing and satisfying on all fronts!


#135   Ojo de Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 1.30.05 PMAgua Condesa                                     Citlaltépetl 23 c, Col.Hipódromo de la Condesa             6395-8000

Always seeing this restaurant and never knowing how rich in variety this was I find out in  grand style on September 13th.  Starving but desiring something healthy and not heavy-laded with meat, I found the exact combination. The fresa ensalada was, while covering a whole plate, absolutely fresh and delicious, as well as literally sagging off the plate and ready in less than five minutes after ordered.  Add to that perhaps one of the freshest, thickest, and most refreshing fresa jugo I have EVER ordered, and I found myself noticing all else that yo can find, such as fresh fruit, organic ingredients for sopas and breads and s much more.  Yes, this was a packed place, yet, everyone there seemed to know the secret as well.  For 200 pesos, I found myself having one of the healthiest lunches, surrounded by some of the friendliest staff, outside one of my favorite fountains and plazas to take it all in.


#136 – Victoria – Passing this establishment every day, on the bus home – I often wondered, heard, and saw the variety of good s that seemed to be majorly Quiches in their showcase window, yet there was much more.  Victoria is also known as a panaderia, and

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.14.21 AM

has postres worth checking out and taking as an amazing gift for someone.  I love the amount of bright light that is brought in and the park right alongside this establishment, while in the middle of a busy street, the location is perfect and the elements melt away once you walk inside.

You notice the large showcase of a variety of Quiches, as well at a second glance at the…yes, lasagna, I was hooked.  I immediately ordered the Lasagna Casera, and my mouth


watered at the idea of mashed potatoes.  As my order was made, I did notice the warmth and almost a bed & breakfast style to the inside, again, that seemed to erase the movement of traffic just on the outside.  There was a flurry of patrons picking up items that had been ordered n bulk, so serving as a catering service for the wide variety as well was an indicator of the depth of influence of this restaurant.  The owners/employees are very good-natured, posing for a picture a few days back when I stopped to take a photo, and the service is fast.  The lasagna was delicious, and while I did enjoy having mashed potatoes, I felt they could be more substantial and less watery – the look is deciding but I cannot say they were awful, not at all.  I just prefer them a little more weighty, yet, the sauce and consistency of the lasagna, and into pieces was perfect.  I walked out more than full and with a very positive experience of an establishment that managed to slow down the pace of everything around me for a satisfying meal.


#137 – Cardinal   IMG_8197

All coffee spots are the same. WRONG.  As we wander in and out of locations, I find that I need to not summarizer generalize this fact.  If I have learned anything, it is that all restaurants and coffee shops are NOT the same but have their own distinct personality, ultimately resembling some aspect of Mexico.

Seeing a new business named Cardinal down the block from my apartment, I wondered and wanted to check it out.  Pouring rain, I thought, what the heck.  I did stop in, totally wet, yet the welcoming atmosphere pushed away the cold and dampness and reminded me of Ernest Hemingway’s “A Clean Well-Lighted Place.”  This let me settle in, not overlay large but enough to house say 20 people comfortably, I found that this was a simple, sandwich and coffee shot.  The antiquities found within, as well s the bar window to tIMG_8195he outside, and amazing and friendly staff that simply was waiting to take my order – it all fit.  Coming in from the rain, I thought I could have eaten a whole plate, when in reality, the portion and beverage, although I wanted a different choice, the English tea served was just right.    The Roast beef sandwich was perfect, not overly huge, but again, fit the appetite and feel of just having enough to settle in and enjoy the protection from the elements.  Individuals in the corner that were from about country (I wanted to say they spoke Dutch), and the establishment providing service to them of a taxi, as well as everyone around me working on Wifi, it was close enough for a change of scenery, also serving as a respite from the rain, and add the hospitality of anything that can be done to help will be done, and you truly have a place worth hanging your hat and drying off.  Seeing that more and more specials are offered here, and a pizza that seems quite appetizing, there is much more Cardinal has to than what first appears – definitely worth your time!!


#138- Cafe La Gloria

IMG_8414Ever see an establishment, but never really “SEE” and establishment? Such was the case the Cafe La Gloria, I always witnessed the establishment busy, the corner hugging groups relaxing in the outside and inside tables,

IMG_8413yet never spent  second thought.  Just grabbing the  Condesa bus and not wanting to fix anything at home, and thanks to the recommendation of a college, La Gloria’s it was

The easy and relaxed atmosphere in the middle of everything was comforting.  A limited range of choices, the food is good nevertheless.  I order a simple baguette, and my friend ordered pasta, and both came within 10 minutes.    IMG_8416IMG_8417

Overall, both meals were appetizing, not too overpriced and not something you would DIE for but this whole environment was inviting and comfortable.   Additionally, the dessert changes form time to time but ours would not disappoint, filled with creme, it was not too navy in the lest to end an appetizing meal.  IMG_8418

#139- Limantour – Alvaro Obregon 106 Entre Orizaba y Cordoba

Roma Norte  5264 4122   Hours: dom-mié 18-1 h, jue-sáb 18-2:30 h.


#140 – La Ruota   Av. México 121  04100 México, D.F.      Condesa



#141 –  Porco Rosso – Zacatecas 102  Roma Norte (Corner of Plaza Cabrera)

DEEP Fried Oreos – Mouth Watering Kansas City BBQ, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisquet, and that is just the BEGINNING.  ASF Alumni Pedro Ochoa and Robert Craig of 1998!  Within walking distance of Condesa, Roma Norte, and Roma Sur – Heaven has just come early 🙂 WOW.  Don’t get me wrong, Pinche Gringo, amazing reasons to be there and it is great with classic ingenuity.  Definitely.  However, when I can’t get there, and the creativity shown here with the cargo modules as serving stations, FAST service, this is my favorite physical location, within 4 blocks of my house, open-aired, mouth watering, packed and still able to get anything in less than 5 minute service, I am IN LOVE open space for your dog, and did I mention, just a perfect location?  I had been eyeing this corner when I noticed umbrellas and lights going in about 2 months ago, and waited.  And waited.  Colleague Terri Bakken told me she saw it open and I was alarming, “WHEN?!”  Walking the dogs, I glanced over and realized on Saturday, that whoa!  IT IS OPEN!   I rushed the dogs back, came back with the camera, and strolled in.  Love the picnic benches with a small garden built in the middle, love the openness, the fast service, the mouthwatering Brisket (they were out of pulled pork already!), and just a GREAT feeling being right on the corner of a cool plaza such as Plaza Cabrera. LOVE.  For 127 pesos, a pretty large Brisket sandwich Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 6.06.42 PMand a beer, and a full stomach – with style.  A Good Saturday, and returning there Sunday was good too.  🙂



#142  Kaiju Food Truck  


#143  Mr. Buns  Amsterdam 218 Esquina Iztaccihuatl    5564 8506


#144The Cottage Cafe – 33034 Coastal Highway  Bethany Beach, DE  19930                         302 539-8710

IMG_1111As one of first dinners I had in visiting DE for the holiday season of 2014, this is a GREAT meal.  WOW.  I was unable to eat any dessert, which is pretty much never heard of, and the meals we ordered, Maryland Crab Soup, IMG_1102Char-Grilled Jerk Children, as well as the Crabby Burger IMG_1103 all were way enough to satisfy, quickly delivered, and delicious.  When you have gone without a good, thick, crab soup, then you have a great one, it is amazing  🙂  Even though I did not get the IMG_1104apple pie and vanilla, it was of course delicious-looking.  The whole establishment resembles a sophisticated seaside restaurant, and the inside is as cozy as you can imagine.  The off-season is amazingly peaceful, and with a full house this evening, I can only imagine what it is like full tilt tourist season.  The light colors and war welcoming windows of The Cottage Grill will not disappoint, and the meals will easily satisfy you – a true welcome to Delaware and Maryland!


#9  La Vid Argentina    Repeat visit to the chain, but different restaurant, so #145.

TRUST ME.  This is the better place!  🙂  While right on the corner of Nuevo Leon, this service was so much more respectful than the “YOU DID NOT PAY ENOUG TIP in Polanco’s location.  Same deal here, there was a spread like a buffet you can choose from – it was late so the buffet choices were almost over, but, the wine, the Argentinian food choices – the service – TOP NOTCH.   A little pricey, but truly in this case, you get what you pay for, and this was as we walked out, worth every peso.  The atmosphere is open and spreads out all over, and I think next time the top floor would be a GREAT – GREAT choice. Really nice location as so much is around you and you feel the vibe of energy of all those around you – this wiped clean the state for this restaurant by dining here, and this should be your priority place for Argentina food!


#146Nueve Nueve Bistro  – Álvaro Obregón 99, Col.Roma Norte. 5525-9795.

Corn Bread Caramel Postre. HOLY MOTHER OF GOODNESS, and I MEAN it.  I have been to Casa Lamm for an amazing String Quartet concert, but never actually been INSIDE to enjoy the amazing view of dining I always caught walking by.  WOW.  As we made our way through the sliding glass doors, past the first level of the dining area looking out over the grounds of Casa Lamm, we entered another room, governed by automatic censored glass doors.  The smoking room/bar and the funny thing, people were smoking in this coffeehouse/den/libraery-like room and you could not smell one whiff of smoke let alone see any at all.  The automatic censored doors slid open and closed when you get near them and lets you be isolated from the outside area yet, the glass walls and fire going makes you feel right at home.  While it is dark, it is realizing, beautiful, classy, and sophisticated yet still sets you at ease.  The cheesecake let alone the Corn Bread with Caramel, alongside coffee, you could easily fall asleep easily and spend all night in such a place.  The amazing prestige of Casa Lamm does not escape you as you look around and see your surroundings, and this CERTAINLY is a place to feel at ease, impress, and just enjoy the view of so much beauty around you.  While I was not dressed up and a lot of people around me were, it is not a requirement and the wait staff treat you as if you were in a tuxedo, whether you are or not.


#147 La Casita Calle Matamoros 64    Centro   95870 San Juan, Veracruz                                +52 29 494 31310

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.54.01 AMA perfect place to find, experience, and taste everything Catemaco has to offer within Veracruz. Obviously the speciality is fish and you an taste the freshness of the area in a variety of dishes especially fish, as well as traditional plates with a combination of seafood or just meat. Greeted my authentic artisans representing music of the area – located within the heart of the city, and adjacent to a lot of the downtown establishments, this is THE pick for finding out what Catemaco has to offer – which is ALOT!  Add service that treats you top class and yes, this is perfect!


#148   No Name, no number, but after 119 Orizaba, so let’s say 121 Orizba, and AWESOME….


#149   Chick & Ruth’s Delly – 165 Main St     Annapolis, MD 21401

There are places that you can just sink into the chair, let the smells, the history, the comfortableness just sink into your very skin. If you are lucky, they will sink into your palette as well. I can’t say Just what you’d expect, because the owner’s son makes sure you experience something beyond that. As soon as you walk in, you smell seafood, and let me tell you, the eggs Benedict? – with crab – HOME. I can only imagine what it will be like next time to try toe pies 🙂 RHUBARB! GOOD thing I did not see it first 🙂 The true warmth and settling in of this location – a reason why it is a must stop 🙂


#150  Rudy’s Family Diner  17064 S Dupont Highway   Harrington, DE 19952

I lived in Seaford, DE for over 6 years and the location I remembered here did not exist. When I met someone here for a business meeting, wow. I was like, when did this become built here? lol. The plat of Scrapple, waffles with blueberries and strawberries, and orange juice was GREAT – Delicious, and FAST. The waitress was amazing as she had been here since the beginning of the new building, and my blog will premiere the story Sunday night, March 01, 2015.   Everything was perfect – everything was great, mores than anyone welcoming me back, the food here was truly enticing and delicious. Despite the cold weather, this breakfast was worth any mileage, and I came from Mexico, not disappointed ONE BIT!


#151  Cafe Ventura      Zona Rosa –   génova 39 locales c, d     col. juárez      c.p. 06600
IMG_8252Between streets: estrasburgo y hamburgo         Phone:  5514 8283



#152 Delisa   Esquina Cordoba and Tabasco  Roma Norte

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.30.10 AMA fan of this establishment as the owners are my neighbors in my building, I watched the months they took to prepare this establishment.  Much care and thought went into the preparation, the pillars, the paint, the decor, the fancy seats being redone at the Cortinas tienda in our building, the owners wanted a picture-perfect experience.   I know because I walk my dogs at 2:00 in the morning, they are up ALL NIGHT preparing every day – and the same applies to the service.

Fancy china, silverware, and service awaits you and know, the owners care and spend hours on the prep for you, be it sandwiches, be it the tea, coffee, or amazing desserts, every customer is given their attention and a GREAT addition to Roma Norte after months of prep to make it accommodating for all!


#153  Tennessee Tamaulipas 80, Condesa, 06140, México, D.F., 06140      5552118397      Mon – Wed:  1:00 pm – 12:00 am,   Thu – Sat   1:00 pm – 2:30 am       Sun  1:00 pm – 12:00 am

It definitely stands out in Condesa, the huge black sign, and why not?  It draws you in!  While this was ages ago I went with colleague Dr. Lawrence, of course the burger had to be tried.  I have so many expectations when it comes to southern cooking and to be honest, there are a variety of tastes associated.  The meal itself was delicious with an option of sweet potato fries and so much that brings the south to you right here in Condesa.  I felt it was little pricey to be say, an exact imitation of Tennessee genuine cooking but I feel I need a mother try to remind me since I did not do this review immediately.  Not the best burger in town, but truly delicious.  I felt the atmosphere was a little crowded, it was odd, the music I expected was top 80’s and 90’s and bout pure straight country – which I just had the anticipation of.   I didn’t feel I had the replica of Tennessee by dining here, and yet, the meal definitely satisfied. I plan to head here again in the next week to give another try and update the review just to make sure my memory is not tricking me over my appetite  🙂  Worth the stop?  Definitely.


# Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.50.27 AM154 – Second



# 155 –   La Espiga  Insurgentes Sur 455  Col. Hipodromo Condesa 

What used to be a small bakery that you saw chains of everywhere, whoa.  I used to live on Quintana Roo back in 2011, and you would not recognize the size of this now!  A Full service eatery with sitting room, still the bakery exists, but thsi is a shell of a more modern place to enjoy the smells of the baked good while grabbing a buffet or individual plated meal.  The view is great as you see the rush of Insurgentes, Roma, and Condesa converging on each other, and covering two sides of the block, you can get a variety of tortillas (freshly made) your choice of postres, pan, and much much more for a lunch or dinner, while watching the soccer game of choice.  Expansion has been well to La Espiga in this neighborhood, and the service is fast!


#156 – Prego  Alejandra Dumas No. 10  Col.Polanco   5281-2637/5281-0203


#157 – Poetic Hamburgers HDP



IMG_5507#158  Lalo – Zacatecas 173, 06700 Mexico City, Mexico

Tue – Sun:  7:00 am – 5:30 pm       525555643388

It’s funny, when you say a restaurant called to you, you mostly exaggerate.  Not so in this case.  One night I remember seeing the opening of this cafe and wanted to go back.  I rode the Ecobici for a lost an hour, then later walked the dogs and never remembered where this was at.  Maybe total time spent,  after walking past it previously from school and seeing it after opening, an hour and a half, and no find.  That drove me.  Then one day, stumbled on it, noted it, Friday’s restaurant – Lalo! – before I would forget.  I will NEVER, EVER, forget the deliciousness of the Crestina de SIMG_5505almon ahumado en casa – it MELTS in your MOUTH  – then adding the dessert which, my favorite, a a rhubarb tart with whipped creme and sherbet/rasberry ice cream – I had to take tiny bites to allow my sense of reality to set in and make sure this was for absolute real – IMG_5506

it TOTALLY was.  This is the cool atmosphere aspect, one huge long table, and you feel as if you are having a country breakfast with everyone that decides to come in – and it works and is AWESOME.  Granted, when I was there I was sat beside strangers but everyone just nods, and you are among friends instantly.  Add the baskets of silverware on the table for you – add the long and open space that the table extends – add the awesome viewing of the chef, Eduardo Garcia, also who owns Maximo, there are masterpieces presented on and off the plate.

The atmosphere is just relaxing, the food draws you in and keeps you there, the service is wanting to serve your every need and you can relax and see the life of Mexico go by, on a rainy or sunny day, while knowing you are dining on some of the best dishes ever!


#159 – Los Sifones and Division del Norte 2804    Col. Parque San Andres 04040                  Tel : 55493890

Upon coming back from a concert at UNAM, this was one of the best places to stop absolutely. The dishes I ordered all had cheese and the cheese was thick, well cooked, and absolutely delcious.  You get the feel of a small corner tienda street but inside, and the view is wide open of the traffic back and forth but the really funny thing we noticed- inside are screens that show, slow motion scenes from the couuntryside, rolling hills, cattle but funny – you seem like you have seen that scene before but not quite.  The service is great, the cost is minimal, and the taste is exquisite be in enchiladas, tacos, or any variation of Mexican dish, the is a festive, yet relaxing site to take care of your appetite and then some!


#160 Fonda San Angel Plaza San Jacinto 

I have always passed this restaurant viewing the outside patio with envy, and often after the New Hire Orientation, many have gone there to take in the day and relax.  I like the outside corner placement, as you can view the Plaza in San Angel perfectly, watch the bustle of tourists, vendors, and musicians flow by and often stop to try and lure you in on one of many inquiries.   However, the staff is more than willing to accommodate your needs.

On this particular day, one of the thickest slices of chocolate cake came, sweetening and spoiling the sweetest, sweet tooth !  Next came a salad, an order of bread, and fruit of the freshest nature, hitting the spot perfectly. Between the coffee and orders of mineral ague at our table, the afternoon managed to slow down amid conversation with this location certainly allowing this enjoyment of a Saturday afternoon.  Overall, the cost of 525.00 pesos for 3 was more than reasonable based on the location, service, and quality of the comida.  It is easy to say this would be one of the attractions to San Angel on your visit here.


#161 Cafe Colibri      Pennsylvania # 127, local A, Col. Nápoles

While waiting for my truck to be repaired next door, I walked a few blocks in Napoles and found a corner cafe.  At first the entrance is almost transparent, but as you enter you see how it opens towrds the back, I like the feel of the Cafe opening up as you enter.  There is much more seating than you fiest see and it is quite relaxing once you make your way towards the back.  This day the staff did wor with me as I stumbled through come of the selections, but they do have a good variety of sanwiches, salads and coffees/teas.  The panini is always a favorite and was very good here, along with a Chai tea as I usually try anywhere I go. The staff made sure that I was taken care of, and checked on me throughout the delivery and eating of my meal!  You get the small town feel in this cafe and that is not bad at all.


#162 – Annie VeggieScreen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.49.06 AM – 55 6585 1151

This is the best tienda to go to on Saturday and Sundays.  Located right beside the metro Centro Medico starting at about 11:00 AM, you are in store for what you did not know vegetarian was!  Be it Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.56.28 AMchoripan, hamburgers, tostados, Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 10.24.13 AMor salads, this is the BEST vegetarian I have ever tasted yet.  You do not know it is vegetarian, Analia Garcia and mother are an amazing duoScreen Shot 2015-07-12 at 10.25.03 AM, and you enjoy the pet friendly, not leaving a bowling ball feeling in your stmoach feeling.  You truly can have the best of the food you like, and know you are leaving with a healthy experience, as well as being treated top notch.  A MUST STOP AT AND TRY experience.


Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.03.14 AM  Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.04.27 AM 


#163 – Mog Mog  Cordoba 104 | Col. Roma Norte, Mexico City 06700, Mexico     Tel: 52 55 5511 7389

Sister to Mog on Alvaro Obregon (Is it the same owner?  You would think so) this location is even better than the original.  The view over Alvaro Obregon is amazing, night or day.  Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.47.21 AMThe food is the same Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.47.28 AMJapanese-style quality you’s expect, as well as having Chinese dishes.  This location compared to Mog on Alvaro Obregon is indeed fancier, as you get to view the various dining options a upper tier and look Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.47.39 AM  into the kitchen as you make your way upstairs.  The food, service, and view as well as location is great and you will have a great afternoon and a great experience here!  Not overly expensive at all, and a great place to relax and watch the hurried traffic back and forth while you sit bck and enjoy the scenes of Roma!


#164 – Thursday’s Steak and Crab House  4851 Riverside Drive   Galesville, MD  20765

This is exceptional!  The view, the service, and this was in late March, and overall, the experience, GREAT.  The seafood was delicious, the staff makes you feel as if you are in your own home, and the pier wants you to come back in warmer water.  a GREAT place to be and a great place to frequent, often.


#165Bertico Cafe –  Avenida Francisco. I. Madero  Col Centro.   Tel:  55 5510 9387 

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.43.47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.45.00 PM     I was on my way to meet Azteca Travels for a walk in Centro, and my stomach and body was just not having it. My legs had no strength and I was just recovering from a bout of the flu, so I decided that to make the walk all day wasn’t happening.  However, I was hungry and needed something in my stomach.  I happened across a bustling cafe and it just seemed right. The smell of the coffee, even though I am not a coffee drinker, reeled me in.  I sat at the bar beside someone sketching passersby outside, with postres right on display in front of me INCHES, lol.  Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.44.29 PM

Although bustling, the turnover of customers was amazing and yet all customers had their chance to get what they wanted- just amazingly packed on an early Saturday morning!  Almost every type of coffee and postre     Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.44.40 PM

you can imagine, (as you can see) and honestly, just a great place to hang out. Carrying a variety of Italian-based coffees, and claiming to be an Italian influenced cafe, the menu had a very wide selection of choices, but I am not sure I sensed an Italian influence.

This is a great stop, hectic and busy, but if I lived closer, I could see myself stopping in, the noise level was high as at times you just sense a assembly line of individuals coming in and out, but the cost was not unreasonable at all, the eggs I ordered hit the spot, and the staff was attentive to me despite the numbers in the restaurant.


#166 – Salon Tenampa -Plaza Garibaldi #12, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, 06010 Ciudad de México, D.F.       Tel: 55 26 61 76

Okay so if you are a tourist you fall into all the same stereotypes of Mexico – loud, obnoxious, too hard to hear, alot going on at the same time, etc..  Heck, I still get pieces of that, but after four years, and the last visit with 25+ friends after touring the various terraces in Mexico City, you see something else.  After visiting the most famous Maraichi maestro, José Alfredo Jiménez, his gravesite ( Cementerio de Dolores Hidalgo, Dolores Hidalgo) in Guanajuato– amazing), you see the history of mariachi if you look at the murals here, you take in the procession of harps, trumpets, and more of all the maraichi’s going back and forth, people here, there, everywhere, back and forth, music combining, meshing, competing, it is chaos, and it is PERFECT.

The key is to sit back and just soak it all in and you will take in many various cultural aspects of having fun, social scenarios, music, great food, the whole experience is an art that defines Mexico and there is nothing like it.  I purchased IMG_6778four Mole Enchiladas and 2 cokes (the Mezcal, Tequila, and drinks here, surrounded outside this establishment by The Tequila Museum, that is a whole other adventure!) for 150 pesos and definitely worth every peso when it comes down to the experience.

It is loud, chaotic, and just MEXICO – amazing and even better with a long table of friends to enjoy with, despite the crisscrossing of orders, yelling, and confusion, there is a secret map of taking ordered and delivering food that works like a charm.  Gear yourself for a great night.


#167  Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 3.09.00 PM Central de Barbacoa   103  Pachuca  Condesa   Mexico City

Central de Barbacoa!   What looks like a small street fronted stand for Barbacoa is a much bigger surprise.  When you look closely, to the left is entry to an open courtyard-like restaurant, full of surprises.  In getting the Guacamole, Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 3.09.18 PM the barbacoa, as well as a salad Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 3.09.41 PM, it seems the area opens up to you as a customer.  Add to this the service who waits on you hand and foot, and you feel the warmth not only from the light allowed into the dining area that reveals a quite comfortable experience, but also the willingness of the staff that caters to a great dining experience!  Seemingly new, the selection of Quesedillas  Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 3.09.28 PM, tacos, and salads to name a few things draws you in once you discover the area behind

the street view.  Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 3.09.08 PM.  Well worth the visit!


#168 –  Asia Peru – Benjamin Franklin  239   Condesa  06140      52 55 6363 6891

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 3.39.11 AM   While it seems like any other ordinary front, the details of Asia Peru – SUPERB.  From the very beginning, from a recommendation of a colleague, the root vegetable chips with homemade sauce, absolutely inviting and I could not stop eating – she was right.  From some of the freshest dishes of shrimp, fish, and seafood to mouth watering choices of thick soups I chose a chicken, mushroom, thickened sauce platter with a side of rice.  Then as a suggestion from the host a dessert of four different chocolates, (each one the size of say two fingers and out of four pieces, I could only get through THREE, the fourth impossible – I was STUFFED!)

I can’t remember the time I thought I would not be able to make it home due to being so incredibly full, but this was one, add to this the deliciousness of the experience, the rapid service of the staff, and the contributions from waiters, hosts, and all that walked by about choices? – I loved this place.  A-1 experience.




#170  Macelleria Orizaba 127, 06700 Cuauhtémoc, Distrito Federal Mexico City

One of the BEST steaks I have EVER eaten – combine with feeing the heart of Roma, the staff is amazing and professional, and a setting that just oozes RELAX, take a load off – this is a GREAT PLACE.  Similar to a red carpet that leads you to Plaza Cabrera (for more great eats) – this is a GREAT location and one my favorute Roma spots.  A little above average in price, but definitely in this case, you get what you pay for and what you get is worth the price here – including a satisfied appetite and dining experience!


#171  El Cafecito Calle Del Morro S/N    70934 Brisas de Zicatela, Oaxaca  

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 6.44.17 AM

If you want a great way to start off the warm, welcoming morning, this is the place – hands down.  From the enormous selection of breakfast, Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 6.51.35 AM to the welcoming, wakening neighbors, to hearing the waves come in – this is where you want to be in the morning, and so does your wallet.  Great service, great food, great price, great view, easily a done deal.


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.09.43 AM#172   

One LoveChilpancingo S/N      70934  Brisas de Zicatela, Oaxaca

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.04.12 AM

For a hostel, this is a close as you can get to paradise.  The walk at night – not advisable.  During the day – yes, do the walk and find yourself wandering between small streets, on the beach and arriving at a destination well sought for.  For a hostel this is a GREAT one.  Dinner, (the fish is as fresh as you could want it) breakfast (a work of art) and probably lunch (didn’t get to that one) but trust me, dinner and Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.04.00 AM breakfast? – WELL WELL WELL past being delicious.  The tropical enterior, doesn’t do the outside justice and I easily foumd myself mesmerized by the recording of the local surfing competition on the television as you get a great meal.  You will easily fall in love with One Love at Puerto Escondido.


#172  Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.13.37 AMCasa Dan Hotel and RestaurantJacarandas 14  Col. Santa María Zicatela  70934  Brisas de Zicatela, Oaxaca

Searching on a hill, at first, I wondered, is there such a place?  Snuggled between streets, quietly on a corner, but cresting the view of Puerto Escondido, you will find Casa Dan.  A history is contained as the owner invovles a former tie to owning El Cafecito on the strip but now Dan’s is its own place – and a great one at that when you take in the view, the breakfast, the solace of being removed from the beach strip but not far removed at the same time.  Worth the trek?  Yes.  Not easy to find at first, but when you dig into the fresh breakfast you’ll see why it was worth the hike.  Having forgotten my voice recorder at this establishment, I want back three hours later and sure enough, they had the recorder waiting for me, another bonus of how the service, location, and meal make a satisfying addition to your vacation.


#173 Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.35.58 AMJuquilita Restaurant   Del Morro S/N, Marinero Puerto Escondido
70934 Brisas de Zicatela, Oaxaca  

Ceviche.  Never had it, surpisingly, and yet the appeal of something FRESH – that was there.  Add that you have a restaurant that looks like just another beach strip restaurant, but the back is what is the best part.  Under a canopy, at night, couches, living room furniture set facing and on, the beach, and you have a great opportunity to fully take in what Puerto Escondido has to offer.  We did order a version of Chilaquiles Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.36.34 AM with a sauce that was thickened to taste, and of course Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.36.45 AMthe ceviche.  I loved this dish, all was fresh, and the service was of course very good.  I have had ceviche since, and can weight that while this was the not the best I ever had, the environment of thos restaurant is rewarding when visiting here at night, and one of many you shoudl take in.  While I feel this is not the absolute best there is to offer with the beach, this is up there just the same.


#174  Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.52.50 AMSativa –  Calle Del Morro S/N    71980     Zicatela, Oaxaca

A colleague found his way into Puerto Escondido at the same time we did, and he arrived at Sativa.  How he found his way there, I have NO idea.  However, this is why I say that, I approached the front of the store below, and saw the sign for Sativa on the right, yet how to get up there?  The entrance is well hidden, even though on the side, and yet when you finally find the stairs, it seems to make sense, just not at first.

Classy, great high up location that makes you feel as if you are on top of the world.  They had a special on a variety of tacos, and this is more uppr class decor and was welcomed for a good evening with friends.  You can look down on the beach, and while this was the evening, I bet this is a great place to take in the surfing competitions and the going-ons during the day.  Very enjoyable and should be a stop on your visit to Puerto Escondido.


#175 La Chicatana Del Morro S/N  70934 Brisas de Zicatela, Oaxaca   Mexico  

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.11.07 AMThis was the best part of staying in Puerto Escondido.  The owner, also of the Black Horse establishment in Mexico City, has a great beachfront place here.  Juices, great.  Food, great.  Accomodating, Absolutely.  Comfortable?  Redefines the word hostel.  You can choose hotel rooms or hostel rooms and during Thanksgiving, this was a STEAL of a deal.  Two bathrooms for the hostel area, both men and women, and yet, no one was here, I counted 6 people in the whole hostel floor, bathrooms and showers were GREAT, electric outlets built into the bunk beds, the porch and balcony for the hostel area amazing in the summer and evening, some microwaves available as well, locked storage available, a GREAT pool, and even though the hotel rooms were in the back, the whole area – this was the best part of staying here absolutely.  On top of that, you have the front restaurant/bar that accomodates you perfectly, this helped make this visit a return visit absolute, and we could still watch the football games on too!  (Thanskgiving and the Lions of course!


~ Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.58.06 AMSamuray Sushi    #176 calle del morro s/n col. marinero playa zicatela  70934 Brisas de Zicatela, Oaxaca Mexico

In the search for other places for ceviche, this was one step up and beyond for cevoche, and the setting was picture perfect.  From the front, misleading, but the back (beachfront) this establishment had desks, tables, canopies overhead, and the beach – it was a perfect lunch meeting place with friends and ceviche that was served perfect.  I ordered two.  Plus the tray of sushi, and yes, this was THE place to be in the afternoon – no regrets whatsoever.  

Fresh, fast (super fast) worth the cost and not expensive in the least based on the freshness.  If you like fish, you have a long list to choose from and expect it to be as fresh as you can imagine, great enough as well to take the heat off you and enjoy the sounds, smells, and tastes of the beach right at your fingertips.


#177 Casa Babylon Calle del Morro  70934 Brisas de Zicatela, Oaxaca   Mexico

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.53.14 AMWhile we did not eat here, we did stop late one evening to just get a place to unwind, hang with friends, and take in another beach evening.  Music is LOUD LOUD LOUD, but the interio pretty awesome.  You truly feel as if you stepped into a bungalow, and the walls are lined with books to be read, games to be played, and plenty of tables to hold a gang of your friends for a great evening.  This is the El Ocho of Mexico, the Quaker Steak and Lube of the states, the place where you want to get everyone together and have a great get together.  Get a group of friends together, stop here, and take in the pleasure of the beach, the vacation and your gathering for sure.


#178   Banana’s   Av. del Morro S/N    70934 Brisas de Zicatela, Oaxaca

This was the first stop when we arrived at Puerto Escondido, after a very harassing wait for a flight out, almosy 8-9 hours later, of course hungry this was our first stop.  The service and staff were amazing – attending to our needs immediately.  The food was very satisfying but to say it was extraoridinary, nothing seems to stand out.  Quesedillas and pizzas were ordered, and were filling for sure, but nothing jumped out at you when you compare it menus of other establishments.

I had no idea this was a hoseleria as well, so that must have been part of the expanse leading to the back of the restuarant front.  Yet, it was nice that this was one of the lone locations that was serving food and obviously open, when we arrived late.

I loved the corner entrance and the whole area is open, welcoming views to the beach, and Puerto Escondido in general.  To be sure, I will go back again and be more observant of the menu and the selection, but having an incredibly exhausting day, I am not sure I am giving this establishment my best foot forward, so I will revisit for sure to validate my experience.


#179  Luna Rossa   Rinconada S/N       71983Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca





Loncheria Peltre Roma Norte   –  85 Alvaro Obregon  December 14, 2015

It’s funny, when a new restaurant opens in your neighborhood, an awakening of sorts occurs.  For the whole time I have been at my current apartment in Roma Norte (four years) – this particular corner on esquina Cordoba and Alvaro Obregon, it has always seemed blocked, closed, and under construction.  The last few weeks, actual progressing activity of what seemed to be a restaurant was in place and I think many were in shock to see something happening.  Today, the loncheria, open, begged me to try it on the first day of opening.  Clear windows, open spaces welcoming staff, and a fresh and positive vibe, with the jazz playing overhead, welcomed me, four buildings from my own apartment.  A mixture of sandwiches and soups, a variety of teas and coffees, I almost dived into a salad but the only salad I had a taste for at the moment was one with lots of fruit, but I did not see a salad of that sort on the menu.  I chose the taco soup, with a large orange juice (fruit in there somewhere!)

I did like the decor, as the open windows looking out of what used to be a permanently closed corner from the outside in now peered onto the busy happenings  on this corner, with a fascade of looking out, the jazz eased me into relaxation mode.  I took the bright decor in, and found a liking to the blue-speckled steel design I often saw on old-style kettles, and plates, and liked the feel of being able to ease into a booth with a clear view onto the corner of my neighborhood.

Having the staff deliver the bowl of content then pouring soupIMG_0117 over the contents was appetizing to the sight and the taste – the soup lasted maybe 5 minutes.  The juice extremely fresh tasting, I took in the shelves of novelty items such as procelain figures and items you’d spot in a novelty store.  While certainly not a top notch, state of the art fancy restaurant, this location set you as ease and provided shelter from the noisy traffic in the middle of the day, while the food hit the spot amid the period you eased into a relaxed state.  Such a business on a street corner that was just a corner for all these years?  A great addtion to my block and to Alvaro Obregon as we begin to see at least 4- 6 new food establishments in the last few weeks.

IMG_0262    #181 – District Taco 1309 F St NW  Washington, DC 20004     1-202-347-735

I had to.  Visiting from Mexico, and I just HAD TO.

Rewarded.   The signs as I walked in made me laugh and I could actually read it all in Spanish, lol, and appreciate the bench the directions, the craziness behind the counter, the fooood.
Loved the guacamole, chips, and the busy – ness?  it was quite familiar.
I loved the way you order your protein choice, loved saying Pollo, and loved the card they hand you in Spanish (mine was la estufa –  IMG_0263 and yes, you show the card in Spanish when your order is ready)

– the place rocks – the portions HUGE IMG_0265

– I did not eat the rest of the DAY after the burrito Mojado I had, and the service is FAST.  PACKED with people, the food huge, lingering to TRY and finish the oved-baked and fresh tortilla, chips, and loving the soda fountain drinks that were not the standard, but specialized and delicious, – while not Mexico – this was well worth the visit – sat outside on an unseasonably warm day and everything was great here.  🙂  The service – the food – the creativity – what I loved about Mexico was in this compact, friendly location!


 #182 Souper Girl 314 Carroll St NW   Washington, DC 20012  

IMG_0313.JPGStepping off of the metro from Mexico, into Takoma, for the first time for the Christmas season, you smell it.  The smell of Onion, garlic, and soup – to the side of the Takoma metro station you see the now expanded Souper Girl and the smell alone will draw you in.

After longing for this for I am not sure how many visits, this vegan/vegetarian hotspot for soup will hug you on the right day.  Having the Split Pea Green soup was rewarding in itself.  

IMG_0316Being able to test the soups of the day (tasting station to your left as you venture in) – and seeing the three soups they have of the day – priceless.  You delve into a world of taste, choice, and an atmosphere that brings you in from the cold, even on a warm day.  not desiring dessert (what?  Are you ill?)  this healthy choice is rewarding in several ways including the service.  Do not hesitate the smell, and follow your nose, you won’t go wrong!


#183 – Galanga Thai Kitchen Guanajuato 202  Col. Roma Norte
06700 México, D.F.   (January 29 2016).

When walking past – I thought – wow, small place, probably just a Thai stand.  Looks in this case can be deceiving, for this “stand” turned out to be a super filling Thai restaurant! Excuisite spring rolls, a great Pad Thai dish of shrimp,

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 4.31.43 AM

the perfect spices, serving Singha beer, some of THE BEST teas (Verde and Jasmine that warmed me up after an amazingly cold day, the dessert of fried plantain and ice cream (and I shy away from fried ALOT) – but the ice cream (you knew it) tasted like the custard-style you make with salt – it all came together for surprised you as what doesn’t look filling, but absolutely is.
Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 4.31.30 AM
The atmosphere really surprises you.  What looks like a small stand-like establishment elongates into a narrow space, what looks like a simple table and chair, actully complemented the great meal and turned into a great dining experience.  Slightly pricey, but not anything to complain about, including the service, this was a great addition and find to Roma, one of many as of late.


#184  Fonda Mayora  Campeche 322    06100 México, D.F.

“What kind of place are you trying to go to?!” my friend asked after one week of calling and finding Fonda Mayor packed and not having openings, to calling the following week and finding reservations were only available from 1:00 3:00PM = two hours?  Yet – there was a reason this invisible thread kept attracting me, it truly was worth it.

The kind of place Fonda Mayor is a corner pocket of deliciousness, convenience, and supreme variety and service.  The menu is not extravagant by any means – the lighting inside is unsually bright – even in the evening, but when you first sit down on the corner of Campeche, you wonder, what was here before?  This seems so inconspicuous.  You notice the layered stone wall inside, the outdoor tables, the activity from the kitchen on the right side of the establishment, but throughout this whole experience, the service, this is what constantly puts you at ease until…

…the selection. Again, not a huge selection it appears to be but, thanks to a younger taster with us this evening, and a great critic aside from myself, we have three differing opportunities to test a variety of what Fonda Mayor had to offer.  

The Guacamole Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.25.49 AM

was chosen by the youngest diner this evening with us, and surprises of surprises.  The staff came with a cart, mixed in her choice of onions, tomatoes, pepper, and the avocado and prepared the Guacamole in a rather large volcanic molcajete, and the whole time, your mouth is watering.  Needless to say, with tortillas piping hot brought, after this is made, this is fresher tasting than it looks.  Check one for amazingness right off the bat.

Next, we ordered soup and a salad was ordered for our other member in the party.
Flor de calabza in the saladScreen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.26.10 AM

lit up the appearance and overall, fresh fresh fresh.  The soup marinated with a chicken wing was spicy, warming, and delicously made, finding myself scooping every last drop out.  

Ordering the meal was difficult even with limited choices, but the selection became the mole of the house.  When it arrived, it did cover the plate and had medium sized turkey /sausage on the plate, not alot of quantity.  Or so it seemed.  Upon finishing the rich, filling, and amazingly thick dish, looks were deceiving.  STUFFED.  I thought for a few minutes I was transported back to Oaxaca, as did our second guest who orderd the same.

Finally, (yes there was more) Dessert.  Between the pan that imitated the moistness of Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.25.58 AMcake in Mexico, to the fruit / yogurt resembling dessert, to the chocolate torta that was literally like a chocolate cake rated by our younger guest – every single dessert was RIGHT ON and AMAZING.  Add to that an ordered Cappuchino that looked like a MILKSHAKE, and we looked at each other following the meal and said, “Who would have known this would have been so great?”  Truly it was.  

Add into all this the service who was great in the form of suggestions, humor, and showing off the best the restaurant had to offer, the wine ordered that was tasetful in delivery and container, and EVERYTHING?  This was a homerun and worth waiting for by far.  Able to relax, enjoy an amazing meal, and for three people with all the above mentioned for just about 1100.00 pesos (add three beverages that included soda mineral water as well) this was THE best deal for the variety, classiness, and taste, as well as service.


#185   Panaderia Rosetta  179 A Colima   Roma Norte


Ever want a place where you can slide in among the crowd and fell you are a part of something great?  Welcome to this Panaderia.  EVERY morning I go by this establishment is PACKED – bustiling with people ordering, laughing, and conversation.  You can try and find a lucky spot at the bar and see the designs of the cream into coffee, and lattes, as well as being asked if all is okay by all the staff, all the while smelling the fresh muffins, breads, and more being prepared.  Small and narrow, but huge on service, and possibly theIMG_0448 best postres I have had so far, catching up on the local conversations and new neighbors as well as familiar places, this is a place you’ll want to start your day EVERY monring.  It is as good as it sounded and smelled when I walked by, and countless lists if items that will keep you coming back, as if the people and friendly atmosphere itself wouldn’t!


#186   Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 12.01.04 PMBoulangerie 41    Popocatepetl 41    06140 México, D.F.    Mexico  

Wow. Everytime I walked by, always busy. I had to try. French to the “T”! The service, as I have seen in the past, though many stated not good, the service was on the money so to speak. Our waitress was nervous but accomodating, willing to help any way she could, suggestive, apologetic when substitutions had to be made, and all was okay, So if service had been bad in the past, amends have been definitely made. The meals itself, AMAZING. Roast Beef Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.23.34 AMwas delicious, the milkshake, I could not even THINK of getting past one, the Oreo literaly was amazing as part of this and perhaps of the Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.24.04 AM thickest Oreo shakes I ever had. (This is saying alot trust me). The dessert – it literally had my reeling with being stuffed added with the deliciousness of it- rasberries inside, chocolate covering it – rasberries on top – literally I was reeling. Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.23.47 AM I loved the water with Rosemary and this was always provided when more was needed, the little touches that you might not notice or that you might take for grated all equal up to a great stop for a meal.

There was a slight mistake on the bill we caught and the waitress promptly checked on it and all was fine. No extra boxes were available for a take out order, and the owner allowed my friend to take the dessert on the plates they used in the restaurant and just to bring it back when she could, super cool. The upstairs of the restaruant you can ser the chef and cooks, and staff preparing meals, and love the bar on the outside you can sit and eat as well, all space well designed and efficient. Love this addition to the Condesa corner, and while the staff is bettering their service, they seem a little new, but that does not take away ANYTHING from the quality from the food. Prices match the quality for sure,but seem a little high for wine if ordered. Not a full 5 stars as you need to allow for the service staff getting familiar with the routines but I can bet when I go back, and yes I will, 5 will be an easy thing. Try this out, you will love this corner establishment!


#187   Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 12.10.42 PM





#188  Bo Pastisseria  Avenue Orizaba 115   Col. Roma Norte  06700

What a great event to get acquainted with a new restaurant!  Preparing a dessert (in this case a Valentine’s tart among others!  Hospitality, delicious pastries, insights into amazing ingredients, postres become personal.  Snuggled in Casa Chimera, this is one of the hidden treasures that this new mercado has to offer!  Such an event has the cutting edge of creativity, combining the chance to purchase the cool plastic-like bibs and place mats from one indvidual seeking out the delicious wine offered from another individual, and meeting the creativre genius of Bo Pastisseria to see how special Valentine’s Day tarts are made – this was a great great event out on by Yelp to bring all together!


#189 Tierra Garat Jalapa No. 99-A Roma Norte   (55) 5207- 6298

Details are important and when a new,  lean, wood and inviting coffee and tea stop opens in Roma Norte, it is not difficult to see it.  Obviously, walking dogs, you see much in the neighborhood that is new and inviting and Tierra Garat is no exception.  From the intricate design of the walls, the large pitcher-like containers lining behind the service desk, the inviting smiles of the employees, and the brown shades that make up the serving ware, the tables, chairs, all the decor – it is refreshing to see the trademark of this cafe is one of clean, fresh earth colors to draw you in.  

The sandwiches – fresh and delicious, the postres- inviting, the Chai tea fria- thick and 100% Chai – and – they spelled my name right the first time – not an easy feat when it comes to cafes!  The breads are a bonus as well, and this new cafe treats you as if you are in your own home.  A great addition to Roma Norte, allowing seating around corners, inside and outside.  All details, even to the poreceline, upside-down, bowl-like shapes of the lighting, all earth tones – provide an inviting experience and a great place to lose yourself in a book or a good conversation with a friend.


#190   Yuban Colima 268 Col. Roma   06700    55 6387 0358

Never knew Yuban was there despite being up and down, back and forth on Colima.  Yuban hugs Insurgetnes, yet, you manage to hear little to none of the noise that Insurgentes contains – nothing.  One wonders how that occurs, but then you become preoccuiped with the available items.  Definitely based on Oaxaca items, everything, from the Mole Verde, Mole negra, the appetizers, the choice of drinks, to the chocolate desserts and alternative desserts, to the dishware, to the decor, it is easy to think of Oaxaca.

The waiter was amazing, open, friendly suggestive, constantly at our needs, as well as other service staff that were not assigned to our table.  We sat in the outdoor seating area, and if you look inside, the bar and stools actually become inviting and more spacious than you would imagine walking by and taking a quick glance.  Specializing in mezcals from their menu, as well as many deep and specific dishes – all Oaxacan, this is one of those restraurants that you would not guess from the outset how much it would satisty you as a customer.

The price – this was the most I ever spent on a meal, I have to be honest.  Yet, this was one place I did not leave feeling overstuffed, despite the deceiving size of the dinner portion (it fills you completely) the dessert (shared between two) , and combined with the order of warm tortillas and ending with coffee – everything hits the spot perfectly – so a little pricier than you will see for most dinners, but you end up leaving completely satisfied, so worth the cost.


#191IMG_5265 Roma Beach – Orizaba 203 Local 1 Col. Roma Norte, Mexico City.   6843.8713

A cool Utube of these two neighboring restaurants is here!

I received a new directory of restaurants in the newspaper today, 300 listed from all colonias in fact.  For some reason, as I was turning the pages, Roma Beach popped out at me.  I had never heard of it and yet, it was super close to my house in Roma Norte.  Curiosity sparked my interest.

I honestly had never seen this establishment and was lucky enough to be allowed to speak to the chef when I arrived.  In meeting someone who was HORRIBLE at speaking Spanish – Chef Fernando Medina was majorly patient and willing to give me time while I stumbled through translators.  However a little about Chef Fernando Medina.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 8.13.06 PM

Q – What did you want to open this restaurant?
A – I wanted to renew the experience of specilaity seafood in Mexico City.  

Q – How do you want to differentiate your style of seaford from all other seafood in Mexico City?
A – Mexico is very rich in seafood but what I want to do is convey the taste of Mexico but also combine this with my special style of cooking.

Q – Can you tell me a little about your experience as a chef?
A – I have 14 years of culinary experience among different companies where I worked , and that has enabled me to lead a kitchen successfully.

Q – What would you say is the best dish to order in both of these two restaurants?
A – The best dish at Roma Beach is the Stone Soup which is a pre hispanic dish and it is the one you are eating now, but in reality they are all very good!  From Puerto Penasco the Cabreria Magra has a typical sonoreste flavor- delicious!

When I first walked in, wow.  I swear I had just stepped onto Rehoboth, Bethany, or Ocean City.  The colors were absolutely amazing, the colors, the signs that you would see along any boardwalk in Delaware, LOVED.

I first ordered the Caldo de Piedra – Camaron soup, and whoa.  I mean WHOA (check out the picture).  The soup tasted likeit just came out of the ocean, spicy, rich of camaron but – unlike anything I had before, loved loved loved the taste.  Next I had two tacos, pescado poblano, and the tortilla itself – was perfectly warm, and everything about the two tacos, despite having a huge bowl of the delicious stone soup – I wanted more despite the full stomach I had.

I spied the banana pound cake, and I thought, why not?  Very worth it, VERY – the banana in between the soft chocoate pound cake was – it hit the spot perfectly.  The chocolate that was spread around the cake on the dish – amazing – the staff in the restuarnt was amazing – fast, quick and so informative and open to all questions.  The area itself is huge, it stretches on for a long ways – is spacious, light in color, and the lights, the colors, the signs, everything – beach and the ocean, LOVE.  You disappear from the street from Orizaba into this cool restaurant and wow – I loved every minute of the feeling the openness, the staff you were so accomodating, and you just feel that you can spend your own amount of time and relax here, and the food – I like the difference from the mainstream that the seafood is perepared here, not the SAME taste, the SAME style, very individual and that seems to be what Chef Fernando Medina wanted and what his customers will appreciate.  You need gto see the different dishes and the way they are prepared from his Facebook site, they almost are too good looking to eat!  I love that this restaurant is one of the new additions to Roma, a very welcome one at that!

(Pictures coming soon  🙂 )

By the way, having VH1 on this whole time – amazing – the music was hysterically nostalgic bit it was a great great atmosphere all around for many reasons!


#192  Filicori – Saltillo 42, Hipódromo, 06100

Paninis – Pechuga de Pavo – holy mother of good – really this was delicious, the cheese just melted so, the portions HUGE.  This corner is a GREAT GREAT place to relax and catch up and just enjoy the day, and in the meantime, the food, heck yes. From the pizza, to the dessert, yes, the

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 6.16.35 PM

dessert amazing.  A total of roughly 13 people that ended up here starting at 11:00 until around 6:00 PM, and just under 4000.00 pesos for an all day event, ordering almost all on the menu – this was a GREAT place thanks to great service, easy receipt and billing info, as well as just a relaxing atmosphere – loved this place and a great magnet for friends.


#193 Shakeaway-    Fernando Montes de Oca 24, Condesa, 06140 Ciudad de México, D.F.

 Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.06.34 PMOkay so when I THOUGHT I found the best place for milkshakes, and then surprised, YES. The owner – is yes, AMAZING and super cool.  Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.06.51 PM   This IS amazing, thousands of choices and thousands of tastes.  Do NOT let the size of this place fool – for when you see the size of the choices, HUNDREDS Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.07.12 PMof choices for ingredients to be added to your ice cream – milkshakes, ANYTHING – this defies description but so far, not hard to say this is the best milkshakes I ever tasted, EVER.    You will see – and if not, you will know you missed the best milkshake, aka lesson on ice cream, ever.  EVER, and the service goes as far as that compliment as well- not as far as the taste – but again close.  I have to say what MIGHT, okay yes, IS, a tie for first is that amazing ice cream place outside of Chincoteague Island, The Island Creamery – that – well welcome to heaven as well  🙂 


#194  La Embajada Jarocha – Zacatecas 138    Esquina con Jalapa   Col. Roma Norte             Tel. 5584 2570

Saturday nights – you are not coming into what makes Mexico absolutely amazing – unless you hear and witness the music that you can take in here. Now that is just the amazing music but –
when you move onto the Ceviche in a milkshake glass, the tostadas, and ASK FOR THE chocolate cake (you will not see it on the menu – you will stop and ask –

IS THIS REAL – is this a dream? Pinch yourself, because –

the service – very few times will I compare service to dessert because – dessert RULES – (I would say trumps but can’t bring myself to say that word) – but the service here? – we had at least 15+ individuals at one table, at any given time, and the service staff was ALWAYS one step ahead of us – and more than that – accommodating beyond reason – every single time they came to the table.

The seafood – the freshness of all the food – outstanding as with every single element of this for an Saturday evening you will not forget anytime soon.


Pirate Burgers.jpg#195  Pirates Burgers  (Right before Chilpancingo Metro on Insurgentes) Transito Local 19   11860 Ciudad de México, D.F.

Okay, now this is the exact type of place you’d see on the boardwalk in Ocean City.  Large Pirate in front, it speaks beachfront burger joint.  (Plus Pirates, like Pittsburgh Pirates, had to do it).  This is fairly new, woman in front on a microphone, all bets are off on what this will taste like, but hey sometimes – you gotta try.  for 79 pesos, I received a sizeable burger, fries, and a can of Coke.  The fries were nothing special, fries.  It was busy as HECK – but service is fast, when your burger is up, you go to the counter and pick out the toppings, like mushrooms, pickles, mayo, ketchup, onions a few more you can add which is cool.

The service was great because amid the lad on the microphone, she would come over and clear my table as well when done.  I liked (aside from the large Pirate) the map of all the restaurants that Pirates Burgers can be found in Mexico City, in the form of a treasure map.

The taste is – I can’t explain it, but there is a different taste to the burgers.  Not bad, just different, and I can’t put my finger on what it is like, but again not bad, just different.
A little later, there was a little bit of a lump in my stomach, felt like, so no indigestion  or anything, but a little bit of a not so digested after feeling.

I am not sure I’d recommend it to a large group the middle of the day, this is a little crazy busy for that.  However, for one, even though busy you are served quickly, the portions aren’t really skimped on, and for 79 pesos, it is a pretty darn good deal  🙂  Again, I swore I was on the boardwalk or along one of the beach front restaurants, that was exactly what it seemed to mimic  🙂  not a bad thing, just that feeling from the crowds and the appearance.



#196Cafe Boicot – Jalapa 99A  06700 Ciudad de México, D.F.
Mexico    52 55 6845 6037

If you are looking for your well lit Bodega as Hemmingway has penned it, or looking for your St. Elmo’s to just have that place to relax, get your inspiration, and just LOVE a place. look no further.  if our own Repentino. magazine has its own cafe, this would beScreen Shot 2016-07-03 at 11.41.36 PM the place.  
Turn the corner in the back, and you have a small studio that offers are exhibiting and lessons, so this combined with a GREAT staff that suggests the best choices on the menu, and delivers, and an atmosphere you’d die for, this is the best discovery in the last few months for sure.  The chai tea, which is my favorite, is the BEST I have had yet, I had three. 

The suggested Empandas were as good as the waitress made it out to be.  The chocolate/lemon pie, I could barely finish but the chocolate-crispy layer outside – not expected to be THAT good.  

The prints on the wall remind of some of the most amazing prints I have seen by IB students at ASF, the photographs, the posters, the cool way tubing that looks like electrical outlets above the service counter, the way recycled mattress springs are implements into the decor on the ceiling and among the lights, even the cool keychain like imitated beads, the piano around the corner, the file cabinet built into the wall, you just have to be here.  I have found my place that is not a chain, but is personal, is inspirational, is ART with all the things you’d want in a place that feels like home – this is the goldmine in my own neighborhood.  LOVE.  You will too.


IMG_6489.jpg#196 – Taquearte – Álvaro Obregón No. 40,    entre Mérida y Frontera, Col. Roma Norte.
5264 – 2882 / 5262 – 1053

As this brand new establishment opened in place of Mog, I was skeptical.  Mog was longstanding, then came Mog Mog, then came the closing of Mog, then came the changing of the other place from Mog Mog, to (don’t worry, the new name will be coming just to confuse you more).

Having seen this open the other night, I was more than curious.  As I approached and entered, I felt as I was stepping onto my own personal Lamborghini, and was being served before I even hit the seat.  The service, quickness of my order (let me say orderS – amazing.

I sat down expecting to order tacos, and what jumped out at me was the QUESO FUNDIDO CON CHAMPIÑONES, IMG_6492.jpg and wow.  Between the warm tacos, the amazing Oaxaca cheese, and tasty mushrooms, absolute, just absolute.

Then eying the POLLO AL PASTOR Alambre, IMG_6493.jpg within ( I kid you not) 7 minutes, steaming, supply of tortillas warm, sitting in front of me and I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself into, the portion, (was I back in the United States?)

Accompanied by AGUAS DE SABOR Jamaica and Limonada, (believe me, you could have anything you wanted to drink here) – this was a most surprising experiences, and most positive, I didn’t expect.  Add to this the care my waiter, Jair Thomas provided? He was meticulous in the care he gave to me, to the food and the food I had to take home? – (Yes tons to take home) – he made sure the package came with tacos on the road.  He was great, patient, and informative on all counts, and helped with the choices, the selections, providing information about the meals, and even the wifi.

As I left ready to fall asleep from the quality and amount of food, again, I was greeted good night by all the staff who went out of their way from the very beginning.  Add to this the quality of the meals I did have, and this was an amazing experience.


IMG_6651.jpg#197 – Jardin Chapultepec 398 Av. Chapultepec 06700 México, D.F. – 01 55 7097 1302

When I read the Yelp reviews, and I saw Hipster Heaven, or haven, I laughed and yeah that part is true.   I had walked past this establishment wondering what it was thinking at first that it was a private family site.  I like the fact that when I figured where it was there was no obscene large sign outside, it is just there.  You begin to see the oasis of green and then as you walk in the long entry way, and approach the counter, you are overtaken by an outdoor plethora of trees, vines, plants, red umbrellas, great open sky, the smell of a variety of food right off the grill.

Service is crazy fast and you are somewhat appalled at the size of the portions.  Literally, I ordered the roast beef, and you see the dishes that go past you and you are like, that is for ONE?  Honestly, the roast beef I had, the portions hanging outside the bun was enough for two sandwiches, I kid you not.  A large variety of drinks, ANYTHING you could want here.  

The line of condiments, the cool digital number you can see to tell you your order is up, and no need for craziness here, all is laid back, the servers, waiters all amazing, and in view of the water wall on Chapultepec, for the price I paid at the top of Roma Cordoba I actually left here full and beyond full, so double the portions and double the quality of what you pay at Roma Mercado.  

I can imagine how GREAT a place this would be at night with music, a stage and more, AMAZING place to take a pack of friends and enjoy the night to its fullest.  This would be the place.  Love this is so close to Chapultepec and yet, you can hardly hear anything.  Spectacular view, spectacular all around leaving you wanting for nothing.  Not often easy to say.  The food portions again HUGE and worth the price, the selections of beer, and BBQ items amazing, and a great choice for brunch.  Four types of pizza,  Five types of meat sandwiches, Grilled cheese and BLT that would taste as good as any sandwich with meat, fries, almost perfectly – well maybe perfectly crunchy and taste just right.  From samplers to portions that are MUCH bigger than you imagine, check this place out, one of the best things to experience in Mexico City for sure.


IMG_6666 (1).jpg

Burrito, Burrito, BURRITO!

#198 – Hamburguesas HM   Burgers Manzanillo 30    06700 México, D.F.

01 55 5536 5274

I remember the first time I walked by – starving, and the flyer was there and yeah.  Just did it.  I never had been, I need to feed the hunger.  The service was like, what?  I just ordered 4 minutes ago?- and yep fries, burger, milkshake – That fast.  Evaluation, the milkshake was not the best but it tasted really good – and there was alot.  The burger, it did the job, was not awful at all, just not like – OHMYGOSH!  THAT BURGER!

Fast forward about three months.  I decided for some reason, (usually I do not try to eat at the same place twice to try and get a different restaurant as much as possible) and I see a burrito and I am just like, yes, burrito, must have.  This was a GREAT choice.  The burrito was PACKED – delicious and just put the burger into a shadow.  A deep shadow.   Get the burrito, it was to die for.  Of course, I ordered another shake, strawberry, and true, it filled a huge shake glass AND still had half of a stainless steel shake cup – so TONS more than usual – but – I noticed alot of crushed ice, so you have tradeoffs, tons more volume of milkshake but also, more ice than you would have, I think, than other shakes.  

When it comes down to it, Burrito, yes. This is better than the average quick fill me up place, and the service is pretty awesome – so in the bigger picture, this is a rewarding stop for sure for a variety of reasons  🙂  The burgers are not awful, it is just I feel they are a little above average  – and that isn’t a bad place to be.


IMG_6735.jpg#199-  The American Legion Post 2 – Calle Celaya 25, Hipódromo Condesa, 06100 Ciudad de México, D.F.  Phone: 01 55 5564 3386

This is not what you would expect at ALL – which is makes this a great place for Trivia Night, (last Wednesday of the month), Poetry Night (Every Third Wednesday of the month) as well as dancing and nightlife ( Saturday nights).  

Refurbished, new owners, an awesome English bookstore upstairs, and just a cool place to watch a game as well, catch up with friends, and just meet and relax!

Have you tried a American Legion Burger?  NO?  Um, WHAT are you WAITING for?  Prices amazing, service even better, and the food is something again, you would not expect.  A great center for great activity, great food, and just a place to center yourself amid great friends.


#200 – Bisquets Obregón- Av. Álvaro Obregón 252   06700 México, D.F.

I know I know, these are easy access in many parts of Roma and Condesa, but yup, never been at one.  Until early morning, on the weekend, and I couldn’t take seeing the freshly baked good in the window anymore.  I stopped in, saw a rack of fresh croissants out of the oven, and thought, HAD TO HAVE ONE.  Best decision ever.  From the soft dough, the raised sugar on the outside, and the chocolate inside, all warm and when I tasted it, it melted into my taste buds, absolute DELICIOUS.  I am eager to go back and try out the main meals served her, but wow, this is one of the most perfect positives the baked goods int he morning made that worth the stop and truly made my morning.   No picture of the croissant as it lasted less than 1 minute being that fresh and warm.


#201  Ina’s Antojitos Venezolanos en México. San Luis Potosí 181   06700 Ciudad de México, D.F.

IMG_6740.jpgHOLY Empanada – and corn empanadas, that cover the plate.  The Pina juice – the smells at an early 10:30 hour, you have arrived in the right place.IMG_6739.jpg

An inviting, delicious, and satisfying way to start the day, VERY accommodating, and another great find in Roma Norte – easy to be missed when walking, but you’ll be grateful not to when you walk in!


IMG_6770#202  Dulcea Cake Boutique   Fernando de Oca #43 Local B  Col. Condesa   5534439571  Lune-Viernes – 9:00 – 8:00 PM        Sab-Domingo- 9:00 – 5:00     

This is 100% about catching you unaware.  The teaser is the Pan Dulce, which usually. I have is kind of hard, not very but on the harder side, and when I tasted this Pan Dulce, crumbs fell all over, it was that soft.  Delicious.
So I moved to the Carrot Cake, but no, not any ordinary cake, look at the picture and you will see that.  The cranberries, the icing in between, the soft texture of the cake itself, heaven on earth.  I haven’t dipped into the Passion Fruit cheesecake YET, but I am dying thinking about it right now.

IMG_6773Then there is the FIVE texture chocolate cake, the peanut butter cheesecake, the Mocha cheesecake, lime cheesecake and yes, there is MORE.  This is the perfect corner, it is quaint, quiet, and so far the most delicious and best kept secret.

I pretty much thought nothing comes close to the Swiss Bakery, no.  This does, and I am as surprised to say that as many will be to hear that, but try it, you will see.  it will have you dreaming for more, easily.  Jorge Gil will tap every single sweet tooth you have and more if you give him a chance, and this is as good as it gets.  Perfect experience.


#203 – La Reina Del Sur – Corner of Chihuahua and Orizaba  Roma Norte  Mexico City

La Reina Del Sur – Corner of Chihuahua  and Orizaba!  Roma Norte

Ever notice some of the best places are those that you just, stumble in ?  You look back and wonder, how could that have turned out better?

The brand new corner in Roma Norte BEFORE Casa Quimera that just opened is a discreet, cool mercado that has tiendas for BBQ, Ceviche, and here, empanadas and pizza to start.  

IMG_6760.jpgYet, there is more.  Christian and Mariana are Tango, Salsa, and dance instructors, that happen to instruct beside Tonala Cinema.  Yes, they are Tango Discovery Mexico, check them out at Facebook.  

Funny thing is, I bought the Hawaiana pizza, and although it was thin crust, DELICIOUS. IMG_6761.jpg I am hedging and can’t be nailed down to say the BEST pizza, but it fills you up and is GOOOOOOD.  Simple menu, simple location and yet, PACKED with personality – both the owners and the food.  You need to come by this corner of food tiendas, it is the newest and coolest  corner that has just popped up and makes Roma, just that, Roma, unlike any other colonia.  I will let you know how my first dance experience goes too  🙂


IMG_6776 (1).jpg#204El Hornero –   Calle Córdoba 148   Roma Norte   (55) 5584 5413

Relax, take in the neighborhood, take in friends, conversation, relax. Yes, that is happening here. I love the friendly atmosphere,IMG_6778.jpg rich tasting food, the good prices, conscientious owner, staff, huge portions, IMG_6777.jpgwhat in the WORLD in Mexico could you want more of? Come to El Hornero to find out.




#206 – Los Amantes – Sinaloa 213 06700

Personable, informative, and slowed down so you can truly know what goes into Los Amantes brewing process – the tastes, the influences, the qualities.

IMG_6762.jpgThis is a GREAT place – GREAT – and an easy place to discover their new products, and baked goods?  and sandwiches?….and….they took the time to go over every aspect of brewing, the ingredients, malts, etc and did so with meticulous care.  The same can be said of their attention to every single customer.  Hence, this is a welcome place for a variety of tastes, what are you waiting for?  Thanks Yelp for again personalizing a great exper


#207  Dosis Cafe   Av. Álvaro Obregón 24    Col. Roma Norte   06700 México, D.F.     Mexico

Again, one of those places that is RIGHT by my house, and haven’t been to since I have been here five years. Totally my loss. This is a warming, welcoming environment – and easily recognizable – great prices and the service…

It is very true a genuine smile and temperament go a long way – a LONG way – and it made this experience even better – PLUS – the cool tip jar asks you to put your coinage in one or the other depending on the answer to your question – love the little things that make the difference. This are alot of little things that make a great difference, a wonderful cafe, a wonderful staff, and just very cool whether you are sitting inside or outside.


#208 – Jing Cheng  Sur 65 3246, Viaducto Piedad, 08200 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico   +52 55 5519 1754

Dim Sum, I thought I found the best at Asian Bay. THIS IS THE GOSPEL, the BEST DIM SUM, HANDS DOWN, this is at Jing Teng, early Sunday morning, and although you think you might be headed to a endless maze of streets, no. This I would never find on my own without directions, and when we (thanks to Dr. Lawrence) – the place was bustling on a Sunday morning.

Piles of Dim Sum steam baskets and you simply pick out what you want, the staff records all. This is authentic Chinese, authentic Chinese restaurant, authentic Chinese staff, and it is the BEST Sunday I have ever spent, hands down. Best all around for Dim Sum, service, the quantity, the quality, the service, I could go back 100 times and would not be enough.


#209 – Don Batiz Av Francisco I. Madero 23, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, D.F.   Phone:01 55 5512 0105     Hours:   Open today · 12PM–1AM

New – I never knew this existed! Newly arriving teachers, a tour guide, his wife, and WHAT A DAY! This is THE place to watch sports, and when you see the portions? Take a look at the images, but even the heartiest eater could not eat what extends OVER THE PLATE – exceeding what the meal costs, this is a DEAL! From pozole, to enchiladas, to pretty much ANYTHING, the food was amazing, the roof that rolls back or can serve as a covering, the massive volume of ways to watch sports, this is a huge place in more ways than one.

What was not so cool was on the way in getting the check, our bill was assumed with 50% tip without asking, so be careful, that is a suggestion and is not really the law – so it is easy to think your bill came to that, when it reality – check to see how much the tip is being added into thee bill. Food by far is great, we were waited immediately, and leaving we just wanted to keep the great feeling without being tricked or forced to be given an obscene level of tip.


#210 – La Hacienda de los Morales  Av Juan Vázquez de Mella 525, Miguel Hidalgo, Del Bosque, 11510 Ciudad de México, D.F     5283 3054/3055

From the street, it looks closed, vacant. Then you pass the archway, into the courtyard, and honest, you have just entered the Disney palace.

Chilies Nogada, more varieties than you could expect.

IMG_7199.jpgWarning, tip is 15%, 55 pesos service fee, but be careful in asking how much bottled water costs in addition to that.  Yes, the menu is pricey, the postres will be more than you will pay anywhere, but remember, this is an experience that is IMG_7193.jpgdefinitely for special occasions, not your normal hey tonight lets go to…. at least for the average Mexico traveller and worker.

With the above stated, that does not take away from the breath taking experience you will see in the building, the grounds the experience, just know this going into this dining experience.

The particular night we attended, we were surrounded by individuals from around the globe – it trumped all – so take it all in  🙂


#211 – Eno –  Calle de Chihuahua 139, Roma Norte, 06700 Ciudad de México, D.F.


Having passed this several times and shocked it was so close to my house, I was determined, Sunday – today, I know it will be busy but I can do it.

I biked past in the AM around 10:00 – packed, so I biked to Home Depot.  On the way back, still packed and a line.  I dropped off items at the house, came back, still a line. However, I saw people chalking in their times and names on an outdoor reservation board, so I thought, heck, I am in this for the long haul! I wrote my name on the board. (I love the board!) IMG_7223  Less than 10 second later, I was called in while everyone else around me, in parties of 3, 4, 5 look like they had a long wait.  The JOYS of doing this alone, BONUS!

I was seated at the bar, and right in front of the kitchen.  Very interesting, in being able to see the whole operation of all orders being made, and I was entranced – while again, within 10 seconds literally, a waitress was at my side and watchful of every thing I might need in record time.  Hands down, this place was PACKED and yet she was able to simulate that I was the only one in the restaurant.

I counted four on the floor, 1 overseeing the floor, three in the kitchen, one host timing the preparation of the orders from the kitchen and organizing the orders, and this was just one of two kitchens at the time.  I ordered the pechugo de pavo sandwich and literally IMG_7218within 10 minutes TOPS, right in front of my and with amazing chips in a HUGE basket.

Although it was hot in front of the oven and grills, the service was amazing, the portions HUGE, and the place busting at the seams.  Thew wood interior goes great with the plain concrete finish, and the concrete looks cleaner than cement should look, just an overall clean look to the whole place.    I love the fact that dogs are allowed in and there was no problems, it seemed as if all the dogs were quire content among the bustling occurring.  Next door, tons of coffee, a bakery and more seating and a very comfortable spot.

This is a definite upgrade to Roma Norte and a great place to spend that weekend morning, as good as I anticipated wanting to try this out, and yes, you should order the waffles with strawberries- this one is a winner as is the service and food and atmosphere.


#212 – La Quimera  Plaza de la República y Ezequiel Montes, 06030 México, D.F.

After helping a friend move, moved into a restaurant that was literally within throwing distance of the Plaza de la Republica/Monument to the Revolution. What looked like a wall, was really a way to slid into a narrow hallway and into a back opened area of high tables, stools and an open side not a front as you’d expect.

This was literally one of the most relaxing, comfortable, and intimate restaurants for friends, it just felt that way from the very beginning. I was told La Quimera is know for its baguettes, and true to its name, they were amazing, maybe it was the toasted bread, or the just right ingredients, but it is true, you could stay there all night if you were surrounded by the right friends. It has this vibe of just that you are in the right place to be.

The location truly is superb, but it is easy to just get lost in conversation as this is that type of atmosphere. The staff is right on your needs, there is not an excess to make up for a slightly small space, and you realize once there, it is the perfect space. The music can be a little loud but I think that tends to be due to the space that is available, but again, it seems perfect and not too crowded or too anything on the negative, it was a relaxing after work day and perfect for friends, and no one seems in a rush and neither will you once you arrive.


#213 Contramar – Calle de Durango 200     Col. Roma     06700 México, D.F.

Yes. The tostadas atun ARE the best in the house as my amazing waiter, Jose Luis, recommended. I ended up getting two of these as suggested. as well as two pescado pastor with tortillas, and let me tell you, yes, it seems pretty simply to have toastadas. Until you taste these, not even close to being like any tostadas I’ve had.

Inside, you feel as if you are in a movie watching the waiters move, prepare, serve, and receive orders. I table is rolled in, four waiters are at the table in break-neck speed setting the table. I entered here at 3:00 PM and it was packed, a line, and everything was in hyperdrive as far as waiters, chefs, everything. Jose Luis, by far the most entertaining, filled with personalty, and expert at knowing what each person would like was perhaps the best waiter on the floor hands down. You know a good – no- an exceptional – waiter when individuals are seated after you and several recognize your waiter over a period of several different people being seated.

The bartenders – just as fast and thorough. They would, amid an order coming in every 3 minutes, be preparing drinks, coffees, and cleaning glasses whole changing the towels periodically that all the glasses sat on, and all with an ease amid a speed that makes you dizzy.

I can’t even go into the desserts, I could not take pictures because you wouldn’t believe it. The strawberry pie – I mean, it is like three pieces of dessert, and the same of the chocolate brownie cake. Not that any of this has been not worth it, it is amazing how fast everything is going on around you and you have to stop yourself and just look around to appreciate it all.

Great location, the crowd is definitely upper class as far as clientele and dress, you feel as if you are in the middle of a ballroom of an embassy – and you feel that way but again, the service makes you feel as if you are their only customer, and if possible ask for Jose Luis, he seems to be the epitome of how you feel after a delightful experience.


#214Soul la Roma   Tabasco 101    06700 Ciudad de México, D.F.

img_7805Comfort food with Attitude –

Heck YEAH! I have waited forever to get into this location, every- single – day, packed with people from Polanco, Loma, and further, (and tons of my students and I CAN NOT GET IN THERE!) so finally, walking the dogs, yesterday – YES, no one, and promptly took them home, returned back and surprised by alot of aspects!

ONE – NO wonder there is always a long wait outside! I was trying to count how many tables, and it seems liked there were about 12-14 total and some were put together, add another 5 or 6 outside, but wow,I was surprised – I mean – what? So for me on a slow Tuesday afternoon, not a bad thing, but Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sundays? – PACKED all the time, so that explain a bit.

TWO – LOVED the inside parts from motorcycles, it reminded me of our CLASSIC haunt in Pennsylvania and Ohio, Quaker Steak & Lube with the famous buckets of wings, cars, motorcycles hanging from the ceiling – it was a HUGE flashback.

THREE – Yes it is dark inside but – it works, it felt comfortable despite bright huge windows, (and there are two cool openings looking out onto Tabasco) and it was no big deal, dark but seemed to fit perfectly.

FOUR – Music, I mean, it was great! Foreigner, Bad Company, yes some 80’s but it was just – it was just RIGHT.

img_7803I ordered the Texan Burger, (delicious, deep BBQ sauce) fries came with and were good (not as crunchy as I wanted) – the Strawberry milkshake, (not huge, but good, but not THICK and AMAZING as I have had) and the crumble manzana with vanilla ice cream – loved the ice cream, and the crumble was worth the order, I felt it could have been a bit warmer, but loved the steel iron skillet it was served in, it was definitely delicious.  img_7804

Total bill was 295 pesos, but definitely worth it, the waitress, Kelva – amazing. Sweet, prompt, GREAT waitress, and just tapped off the night to be great. I loved the rough, dark appearance of motorcycles with the rough interior, but the service and the experience anything but!
Enjoy this additional corner of dining excellence in Roma!


#215 El Rayo Pibil  Tehuantepec 144  06760 Ciudad de México, D.F.

The food is excellent, the cochinita is so favorable, the service is friendly and if you are a soccer fan there is a big screen inside and outside .  The tacos served were rich in meat, (bad if you are vegetarian) and EASILY filling after three tacos.  I had the feeling it was heavy on my stomach, but if you want a fix for great tacos, this is your place.


#216China Girl  Prado Norte No. 370  Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico D.F  5520-3108/5202-9441

When the food truck for a company is great, that is a great sign.  The food truck that came to ASF, China Girl, offered a full plate of everything available for 50 pesos.  It was fresh, steamed to perfection, and easily filled you up.  The setup they create for the food truck is expansive, they are fast, and you feel as if you are in the restaurant itself.  This is a case where you need to let the food talk for itself, and once you try this, you will know.


#217Frutos Prohibidos Amsterdam 244  Loc. B  Condesa, Mexico D.F.  55 5264 5808

Although I have been in Mexico City for five years, never frequented this establishment until today.  I love the openness of the restaurant, the windows, the fresh wood seating, chairs, it is inviting.  The wrap I ordered,original (pechuga de pavo) were way better than I expected, all the ingredients were delicious, it was warmed, and hit the spot.  

The juice I ordered was Man Rey, fresa, mango, very sweet but very fresh tasting.

Overall a great stop that added to the day – liked this alot!


#218 Bowie Cocina de Humo – Córdoba 113   06700 México, D.F.

photo-on-10-1-16-at-5-34-pmMany, many times as an outsider, a spectator, I walked past Bowie Cocina and wondered what made it stand apart from say, any other restaurant, cocina, establishment?  

There are many little details that do stand out and that are worth noticing.  First, the service, despite the complete hurried, upstart, and typical environment you’d expect of the ritziest restaurant found in Lomas, Polanco, and San Angel, the service is superb and attentive to every movement within its doors.

The variety of different textures is unique, example – the pumpkin pie, in the form of yes, cheese sticks, was – I was wondering if I ordered the wrong thing.  Tempted to order the marshmallows that are cooked in front of you in a fast mode of Smores-over-a-fire, I am so satisfied with a pumpkin pie you can only imagine, but the taste as sweet with the cinnamon, you realize the texture is 100% different than any other location you could get pumpkin pie.

The Pechuga de Pavo torta style and Guacamole definitely hit the spot, and you get to love the location as the traffic moves past you and you are able to take in a exquisite experience, fancy, yet relaxing, amid a hurried rhythm that is able to escape your table.  Price matches the quality you feel and receive, and seems to fall into place of where it should be as a medium to high end restaurant for a great afternoon or dinner.


#219 Los Curricanes –  Los Curricanes Calle México 411 Col. Guadalupe – Tampico

A mirage.  I could smell the saltwater, I could taste the oysters, I could see the ocean and hear the surf – wait  – yes, this restaurant was THAT good.

The shrimp were monster sized – DELICIOUS.

The ceviche was unlike any Ceviche I ever had, and for amazing reasons – perfect tasting.

The indoor atmosphere – it looked like Mango’s from Bethany Beach.  This was an oasis for MANY reasons in Tampico and made me like Tampico instantly.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the quality and taste this restaurant had to offer and NO mirage at all, I couldn’t even snap a picture, everything was that good, it was G O N E.

I am on the fence on this one, it brand new but I CAN tell you this…
the Jasmin tea is excellent.  The Pollo Empanada with a slight taste of sweet on the outside – excellent.  The salad is fresh and there is a few to pick from, the one I picked was worth it!   The service, despite being on the verge of closing, was accommodating and excellent.   Cool interior, open, nice place to relax, enjoy the afternoon, and take in some great tea – alot of the menu looks to be a mix of Mediterranean and Oriental mix, but interesting choices – and of course, with Paprika!

#227 –  Cafe O San Angel – Avenida Altavista 147,    San Ángel Inn, c.p.01060
(55) 5550-3554
Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.46.00 AM
I love the sense you get when you first walk into the entrance. it seems as if you are approaching a beach restaurant with tents and coverings ocean front, yet inside.  Open aired, bright, and relaxing, you want to come to this type of cafe over and over. As I used this location for tutoring, I love the options of glass rooms, similar to private study areas in a library, but much more accommodating, private, and definitely relaxing. This establishment easily infuses comfortableness, openness, fanciness, and relaxation on any afternoon you choose. While not main meals are part of the menu, the apple pie and ice cream I saw ordered is enough to convince you of what this cafe CAN offer!
#228 – Bizarro Cafe –  Yucatán 1    Col. Roma/Condesa  03020 México, D.F.    Phone: 52 55 5264 3411   Mon-Wed 9-23: 30 pm,  Thu-Sat 9 am-1:30 p.m.,  Sun 15-22: 30 p.m.

I always thought of the fun houses, the amusement attractions, the haunted houses I visited as a youth when I walked past this establishment because of the “rough look”of the furniture, the decor, tables etc.. Yet, I was always fascinated. This restaurant was always packed. On a random Saturday, stopping by, this was a rare opportunity where no one was actually present as is usually packed.

In simply ordering a order of fries, I have to say they were delicious, and fries are a usual sign to good things to come.  Nothing on the menu was outrageously priced, and overall, the service was pretty awesome. I love the details of the welded chairs, hard, rough hewn tables and dark interior that mimics the genre of a biker bar, a restaurant and establishment you’d imagine that would scream biker bar, and I would return anytime again for a full meal. The name itself has to have been several rides I recall walking past those evenings at the Butler Fair or Rodeo, but it seems there are no amateur levels of service here, as all was pretty comfortable, even when the rain started and the blinds were pulled down to stop the rain coming in, everyone that came in to get a refresher, be it food or beverage was quite comfortable. Great location and great view as well, along with a very comfortable price for items on the menu.


#229  Hamburguesas a la parrilla – Colima 41,   Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México  11:30AM–3AM

One of the largest reasons I love _ LOVE my apartment, my neighbors, my neighborhood is establishments as this one, tonight, among 30 people who decided the late night stop again – here, perhaps the 2nd if not THE best burger in DF – at this location, and then just settling in with the local neighbors to catch up – the taste of this hamburger has always – ALWAYS been AMAZING and the location in your own neighborhood makes this the reason why…

…no one who has never been here, or lived in Roma Norte, in Mexico, would understand how great this place is – and you get all of that from experiencing Hamburgesa a la Parilla – you just have to experience it, to realize how lucky you are to be in Mexico, to be in Roma Norte, and to have eaten here.


IMG_7797˜#230   Ice Cream Nation – 



1112170910 (1)#231 . – Nutella .  189 N Michigan Ave .  Chicago, IL 60601 .  at Lake St   The Loop

You have to imagine, I moved back to the states and have been here for maybe 3 months, head to Chicago for the International Writing Center Conference and voila! A Nutella cafe! We immediately went in, took tons of pics – I grabbed the hot chocolate one day and the crepes with strawberries and Nutella the next day. The Hot Chocolate just tasted like well, Hot Chocolate – but – I could really taste the Nutella with the crepes, majorly! loved the vibe and fell of the place, greta location, and ALWAYS busy.


1111171415a#232 – Noodles & Company – 180 N Michigan Ave .   Chicago, IL 60601 . at Lake St    The Loop


I always look for a noodle place and glad we chose this one. Warm inside, the service was fast (except for one of our colleagues who received the wrong order and this was a bummer, she had about a 10 minute wait) – the food was filling warm, and great. It is kind of cramped and small, but we were lucky enough to find a seat and glad it was great once inside. Employees were super friendly and I would be frequenting this alot. Wish we had this type of establishment in Delaware and less of the fast food – loved the dishes!


7 Responses to Restaurants as a second home…

  1. Brandon Smeltzer says:

    Hey Harry!

    It’s Brandon, ur waaaay cool waiter, and friend, from Oven Grinder:)

    So, did ya manage to get your mitts on any of Rick Bayless’ genius creations? How was your experience at the Stovers Farm? I actually grew up there. It’s funny that growing up, local sustainable markets like that weren’t that much in vogue, but I tell ya what, SLOW Food and Alice Waters have really help transform the way we look at food, huh?

    Me and my fiancé will prob be booking tickets for Cancun reaalllly soon here and I was wondering if you could begin collecting info from all of your “puenteurs” and throw as many suggestions out way as you can gather. If ya hear of any cheap diving excursions, send them our way. We’ll be there prob from Dec 21 to Jan 2 or 3rd.

    Hope everything’s swell in the DF!


    • Harry Brake says:

      I’m on it! I will make sure you get back to you soon! Promise!

    • Harry Brake says:

      Hey! Here has been one continuos recommendation from everyone: Check it out!
      as far s a place to stay. More to come!

    • Harry Brake says:

      BRANDON! SEND ME your email again to when you can but I forgot, I have friends that have the BEST connections to hotels, trips, and anywhere you would be interested in seeing as well and they are cutting edge on the best prices, I have used them so many times to set up trips with us every weekend , – they are the BEST! _ this is the email they sent me today –
      Additionally we talked about:
      A friend of yours who is interested in a flight + hotel to Cancun + tours around Cancun -> If you send us his e-mail we can help him with some good options.
      Kind regards,
      Peter Winckers
      Director Azteca Travel Tours Art

      I am telling you, they cut the price off the travel agencies that only care about money, and they personally get involved with creating the best trip, and not focusing on making a profit primarily – they truly are the real deal. Their contact info is as follows:
      Azteca Travel Tours Art Lidia Esparza and Peter Winckers at wwww. and

      Mention that you know me, I can promise you, they will take excellent care of you!

    • Harry Brake says:

      Here are some more suggestions from friends!

      The best place to stay in Cancun is Playa del Carmen! or on the beach in Tulum!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Harry! Heard there are a TON of new places sprouting up around Roma (e.g., Alvaro Obregon, Orizaba, Colima). What would you say are the “best of the new?” If you had a short list, it would be really handy for when I visit this summer! =P (P.S. reserve at least one night for our favorite pizza joint! Shhhh.)

  3. SergiooY says:

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