Who is Harry Brake and why a blog?!

Hola! I need to move into the blog arena and bite the bullet! Those who know me, I like different things, so I guess I am ADD regarding life, new adventures, and experiences but – it keeps things moving!


2015 Resume

2016 Vitae

My Mexican address is the following:

Harry Brake
Cordoba #93  Roma Norte
Cuauhtemoc  Distrita Federal Mexico City   Mexico 06700

Phone:  (In Mexico!)  5548345606

I am now employed at ASF, wow! A mix of intercultural and bilingual individuals, from faculty to student, will allow me to soak in the international experience in its fullest capacity! So many adventures to come! 🙂

About Me:

I love the fact I have 15 other siblings! I love the fact I am related to the Steeler ownership, “GO STILLERS!” LOL.. I love Pittsburgh period. I love animals, running XC, the outdoors and outdoor education, reading, films, literature in general. 🙂


3 Responses to Who is Harry Brake and why a blog?!

  1. Lynne says:

    Hi Harry; Sorry looks like I’ll miss you today. However; nuestro casa es tu casa. Be safe & smile.

  2. Tabata says:

    Hi, Harry! I’m the little girl with the puffy dog that you met at the Park. I think it’s you 😝
    Hope to see you soon. 😁

    • Harry Brake says:

      HOLA! Sorry for so long! It is muddy there so if I go in I have to spend hours getting the mud out of the dogs fur! I have been waiting for the mud to dry! How have you been?!!!

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