911 Project

September 24, 2022 9/11 Delawareans honored at NRWC’s Vince Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch

(All plaques will be reaffixed on World River Day, September 25, 2022).

Eighth Remembrance to Rich Stewart, 35, Stockbroker, Cantor Fitzgerald, 101st floor of the North Tower.

Coordinates- 38.633731,-75.637773


Seventh Remembrance to Davis G. Sezna Jr., 22, Financial Management Trainee, Sandler O’Neil, 104th floor of the south tower

Coordinates- 38.6325041, -75.6379760


Sixth Remembrance to Matthew Michael Flacco, 21,U.S. Navy aerographer’s mate, second class, the Pentagon in Washington

Coordinates- 38.6357702, -75.6339259


Fifth Remembrance to John Joseph Murray 32 – Partner of Cantor Fitzgerald – 104th Floor of the North Tower.

Coordinates – 38.6329844, -75.6380635


September 18, 2022

Fourth 9/11 Memorial Plaque (sorry for the lapse!)

Jon R Grabowski 35 – Vice President of Technology & Information – Marsh & McLennan – 97th floor of the North Tower.

Coordinates – 38.6361122, -75.6350977


September 14, 2022

Below are the second and third Memorial Plaques for Delawareans honored, that were lost in 9/11.

Valerie Siler Ellis 46 – Partner and Senior Equity Trader – Cantor Fitzgerald – 104th Floor of the North Tower

Coordinates- 38.6357702, -75.6339259


Michael San Phillips, 55 -Vice President Sandler O’Neill- 104th Floor of the South Tower

Michael San Phillips

Coordinates – 38.6361429, -75.6349026


September 11, 2022

If you look below, you will see a project we started in 2013 that we never knew where it would take us – and we had reached a point of not sure where to go next.  Here, 9 years later with the help of the Upward Bound intern program, Volunteer Delaware, and Crown Trophy, we have been able to extend what we wanted to do 9 years ago and create 11 houses found at Chapel Branch Nature Trail dedicated to Delawareans that played a role in the 911 Memorial Tribute today.  Each day for the next 11 days, we will provide information of each of these 11 individuals and provide coordinates of where these memorial bird houses bearing the name of each individual are.  We Will Never Forget.

Kevin J Smith – New York City Firefighter – 11th Floor of the North Tower  (This tag is being replaced currently and will reappear in the next month on this designated birdhouse (12/22).

38.6358352, -75.6345740  Coordinates  (Tags will be reattached at the end of the 911 Memorial Week)


March 18, 2013

Checklist for Success!

As we leave today, Monday, March 18th for New York, this has become our checklist of items to do while at New York to get this website started (We met with the ASF Technology Team of Tracey Bryan, Patty Zamora, and Tracy Miller to get this started with even more fresher ideas!)

Contact info for the 911 group representing the 911 Tribute Center, representing firefighters that were involved (from all parts of the country), as well as trying to connect with Mr Arad again thanking him for the initial meeting. Additionally, we wanted to try and create a forum to locate other individuals involved in 911, especially from Mexico. We realize this will be a challenge, but feel once onto a few leads, it will be worth it to tie in the individual experiences from Mexico.

Regarding photos, we wanted to grab photos representing after 911 after this tragedy. Additionally, we wanted to get step by step photos of the Tribute Center to represent on the web, as well as of the Memorial to get this in detail for viewers. Capturing photos of the surrounding building will be a goal as well to also explain the relationships of the buildings around the 911 area.

We suggested each member of the 911 student committee go to a museum over break, and bring back an educational packet representing that museum. In turn, we can see what aspects are in that packet, and do our best to imitate it and get ideas on how to put certain aspects into an educational packet.

Finally, we also want to find other sources of info on 911 in the area, other than the Tribute Center. Patricio mentioned her heard of an office nearby that has alot if info about the 911 event and if we could find, and add this to our collection, this would also be enriching.

By turning to a website to help promote the 911 event as an educational experience, we hope to remember the lessons learned from this event. The group also expressed an interest in trying to get something small published that goes with this website, providing education to future generations on 911. So we begin…:)Kudos to Sophia Sanchez who submitted an awesome idea of graphics for the potential website for the 911 Tribute site the students will create. This site will continually prepare an educational approach to 911, as well as help create projects that will stem from the 911 educational possibilities. The ultimate goal will be piecing together experiences on an educational level to get across what 911 meant to individuals, as well as educationally, what implications this experience has.

February 11, 2013

We met to create a contest for the Cover and meeting Thursday during brunch to develop a list of needs for the packet, (based on the contents) as well as reviewing the needs for the cover contest!

Meeting items:

February 15 and 21 

February 11 2013 meeting for 911

Here is the items we want to put into the packet!

911 packet contents

January 30 Meeting Notes

January 21, 2013 – January 18th meeting –  Awesome job Nadine and Edi!  I attached a copy of the notes HERE, January 2013 meeting first week and we need to plan the next meeting to move forward!

Newest additions – some chosen NPR files that staff of this committee have picked….:)

It’s Who I Am – http://thisibelieve.org/essay/101903/

9-11 Muslims – http://thisibelieve.org/essay/79140/

I Believe in America – http://thisibelieve.org/essay/65924/

And we have begun to move towards creating a teacher packet for visitors of the Tribute Center that will combine many many resources for learning about 9/11 for future generations – this would be a great contribution!  🙂

Hola!  Folks!  🙂

Sorry for missing you today!  I had to travel to get my FM3 renewed, however, this is the place we will report, plan, and organize!

What we need first – what would be an idea of presenting a package in March 2013 to the New York Tribute Center?  What would be an ideal way to present a package of photography, interviews etc to the Tribute center that all would notice?  This is a start we need to brainstorm and come up with an idea, and we will be planning to meet with a class online to discuss this further.

What day after school would work to meet?

Resources we will need to become familiar with:

NPR – This I Believe – I will need you to choose one of these that stand out to you and add it to our shared google Doc Folder,  in the This I Believe Folder,

look inside, and jot down one paragraph, why you chose this one, why it stood out, why it is attention-grabbing.

Glogster – I will need you to create ONE Glogster based on ONE interview that is significant to you that pertains to our 911 projects.

Tumbler-We will try to gather some of the most attention-grabbing photos here in a special folder titled, 911 project.

Voicethread – I need you to experiment with this possibility for a editing/representation tool of our current interviews and newly acquired ones.

Creative Commons – Very important to be familiar with and what impact this has on our project.

Garage Band – Editing and recording tool – our personal workshop to much editing we might need to do.

Googles Hang Outs – Perfect way – to arrange a meeting with Guadalahara and other schools helping us.

Diigo – Excellent tool to help us gather some informative resources in making a teacher’s resource guide on the interviews and stories we have gathered.

Shelfari – Important to hold collections and titles that assist us in our 911 project.

Issuu – Let’s see what magazines draw the most attention and why, and incorporate some of these approaches to our final project for the 911 Tribute Center.


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  1. Nadin El-Yabroudi says:

    This seems like a great medium to meet and talk! I am not really sure what a drop box is though… Can we work with google docs instead?

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