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Lizabeth C. Judy

Testimonial in Memoriam for Lizabeth “Beth” Judy

By: Karen Sheets

I cannot have any higher honor in my life than to pay homage to my friend and colleague Beth Judy. Teachers know that teaching is a calling. Beth was certainly called and fortunately for the Woodbridge School District it took her to the 4th grade at Woodbridge Elementary School. It came to her later because she was a mother of four sons first. The behaviors she modeled for her sons were also behaviors she modeled for her students and yes, for colleagues also. It was her nature. She expected academic success and prepared her students so they could achieve success. Beth, however, knew there was much more than academic success. What did she want her students to really learn was the value of hard work, the value of self-discipline, and the importance of setting high expectations for one’s self. As I spoke at her retirement and even at her funeral service.

Not only was she a master teacher but she was a master gardener. Actually, they were one in the same. She tended to her students like she tended to her garden. She made sure the soil was right, the watering was right, and that they received just the right sunshine (love).

Now, a dogwood has been planted at WECEC in her honor.

There could not be a more fitting tribute to Beth than to see the growth of this tree. May it serve as a FOREVER reminder of the example that Beth Judy was to staff, students, administration, and the Woodbridge community. It is now a living memorial for future Raiders of the importance nurturing not only academic growth but also one’s own growth in becoming a person of worth.

Lizabeth C Judy Memorial Tree – Cherokee Princess Dogwood (Cornus florida)- known as the following: lowering Dogwood, Virginia Dogwood, Florida Dogwood, White Cornel, Arrowwood, American Boxwood, False Box, St. Peter’s Crown, Corona De San Pedro – Coordinates – N38.80443,W75.58626


Dr. Laura Leach

Dr. Laura Leach was the Principal at Phillis Wheatley Elementary School in the Woodbridge School District. Prior to this position, Dr. Leach was a special education teacher in the Capital School District, a special education coordinator, and an Assistant Principal at PWES in the Woodbridge School District.

Dr. Leach Memorial Tree- Hamamelis virginiana known as the following: Witch-hazel, American Witch-hazel, Common Witch-hazel, Winterbloom, Snapping Hazelnut, Striped Alder, Spotted Alder, Tobacco-wood, Water-witch – GPS Coordinates 38.75131, – 75.60234 (See below) M=Memorial Trees

Dr. Leach believed that regardless of your socio-economic class or where you came from, education was the key to success and anyone could achieve a better life through education. Dr. Leach would often share her own experiences and how her education and being an educator allowed her to change her own life. Of her many accomplishments, Dr. Leach was most proud to be a mom and wife. Laura was witty, sharp, and had a sense of humor like no other. She loved being an educator and fiercely helped others. In her honor, we will continue to serve others and just when things get too serious, we will crack a joke in her honor.

We miss her tremendously!


Bella Marie Moore (Bella Brave)

Bella “The Brave” entered this world with grace and beauty on September 10, 2012. She had a normal life full of smile and caring for everything and everyone.

She loved all her animals,

Penny her cat, dog, ducks, rabbits and her turkey. She enjoyed riding on the boat and riding ponys. She was an outdoors girl that loved playing with her sister Payge and her cousins. She would swing on her swingset as high as she could go, and enjoyed swimming with her mommy, sister Payge and cousin Spenzer. She so loved the winter time and would ask for snow all the time. She loved making Snow Angels and being pull on the sled by her daddy. She loved laying on the ground and look up at the stars, as a special thing she did with her mom mom asking questions as “Is Heaven up there with the stars?”

Bella had a true love for hunting of any kind. She would go in the woods hunting with her daddy and godfather, Rob. She would even climb a deer stand to sit with her cousin, Macy. She would duck hunt with her daddy and friend Steve. Bella loved going to church at CrossRoads Community Church. She though the world of Pastor Rick and his wife Gail. Bella’s favorite song was Warrior. She said that song was made for her. She had such a faith in God and the ability to share it with so many people that were lost to God.

Through her strong faith in the Lord, she helped so many people realize that God is real. Bella’s life changed on July 6, 2018 when a MRI reveal a brain tumor, Bella had brain cancer. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor and then onto months of chemotherapy. She battled through it all with such grace and bravery, hence Bella Brave!! October 24, 2018 she went into remission and became homebound; she returned with the largest smile on her face.

She spent time with her mommy cooking with her Easy Bake Oven and her mommy painting her sisters’ and her own nails. (Bella loved her nails painted all different colors). September 2019 Bella entered school as a 1st grader and was so proud of herself, loving her teachers and all her classmates. She went to Disney World with her parents and her sister Payge. It was Bella’s birthday so she had a total princess makeover and she picked out her own princess dress “Belle”, in which her daddy bought to bring back home with her. After her trip, Bella had her next routine MRI which showed her cancer was back with a vengeance and there was no treatment. Bella said “What?! My cancer is back, no, no I’m not doing any more chemo. I just want to be me, I just want to be Bella.” That same night she said it’s okay, I can do this with God. She never stopped smiling and continued going to school.

Bella had a dream to have a princess ball because she loved the movie Beauty and the Beast. The Bella Ball was created and held on November 9, 2019 at/by Woodbridge Elementary School. She wore her Princess Belle dress from Disney World. Bella and her family was driven by horse and carraige through Greenwood to the school. When her family and Bella entered the Bella Ball, her daddy and her danced to the first song.

It was a magical moment.

It was such a beautiful night to see all the girls and boys come out as princesses and princes for a night of magic. With the love and support from the community, Bella was able to go to the Eagles Game with her parents, cousin Spenzer and her friend Steve, where she was honored by all the cheerleaders and given an offical Eagles cheerleader outfit. She was also able to go on a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge with her parents, sister Payge and cousin Spenzer. She enjoying all the swimming and relaxing in hot springs

Bella enjoyed the holidays like any normal girl with her sister Payge.

Bella Marie Moore Memorial Tree- Cherokee Princess Dogwood (Cornus florida)- known as the following: lowering Dogwood, Virginia Dogwood, Florida Dogwood, White Cornel, Arrowwood, American Boxwood, False Box, St. Peter’s Crown, Corona De San Pedro – GPS Coordinates N38.80451, W75.58619 (M= Memorial trees)

In March 2020 she was so upset when all schools had been closed due to the virus. She was a smart child and enjoyed learning everything she could. She continued to be a happy, smiling girl; you would never know anything was wrong. But, by the end of April, Bella began to struggle and needed help. She kept her beautiful smile and gave her sister, Payge, big hugs and sometimes she would ask Payge, or as Bella would call her Pay Pay, “Are you okay?” Her cat, Penny, stayed by her side.

On May 13, 2020 she earned her wings and flew away with the same grace and beauty that she entered this world with. She was laid to rest in her princess Belle dress.


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