Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy

June 10, 2023

We will plan to meet at 10:00 AM SATURDAY (May 10th)- and location to be disclosed soon, but it has a connection to WOOD 🙂

Not too late to get the book, we will be looking at Chapters 1 and 2, and here is the folder from the past and future to add comments to from your reading!

From April 29th  Divining Preface and Introduction

In meeting at International House of Pancakes celebrating all things trees, syrup, and our 1st Community Book Read of 2023 – we dived into the Preface and Introduction.

Please check out all comments started here – and stay tuned where we will be meeting – in person if you want to join, on April 13th (the connection to trees continues!)


May 27, 2023

Cleanup it was! The NRWC Cleanup crew headed to another side of the Foskey property and dragged, dragged, and dragged debris left from campsites in that area. Tents, suitcases, clothes, burning barrels, just to begin a varied list of debris was reclaimed by a dumpster (Thank you Invista!) Having a chance to utilize the new equipment, we made a good initiation of cleaning up removing, and restoring the natural look to another boundary size of the Foskey Farm/Chapel Branch tract. Great job everyone!


May 19, 2023

The NRWC is always on call with amazing volunteers to keep paths open for you!

Thanks Gary and Holly Focht for last week and May 19th’s tree clearing for our community to use the trails at the Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch!


May 10, 2023

Leg up armed with Education, Opportunity, and Advocacy. So, what happened on Legislative Day with the Delaware Center for Inland Bays, The Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy, Upward Bound students and legislators? In lieu of the recent EPA reductions, it is important now more than ever, land that cannot be reclaimed that controls the balances of the environment are preserved.

Let’s revisit Earth Day – because thinking ahead and making connections is the name of the game – How can you take Earth day, (April 2nd 2023), tie into a lesson on citing and paraphrasing, and yet retain the element of conservation- that’s what Upward Bound students did – given a choice of several environmental-based books, students were asked to present a paraphrase, as well as a citation and reproduce a Works Cited (versus a Bibliography) and create a poster board exhibiting the differences in what is a citation (quoted text), a paraphrase, using APA or MLA style, and listing in a Works Cited – all the while maintaining a theme of environmentalism.

Was it correct the first time? No. Several times we needed to go back to the assignment and correct what was APA or MLA format, edit parentheses, periods, formatting and yet, students were still learning after the assignment. Through a simple guide that students could also use later-

and tying connections from Earth Day, to referencing environmental topics, to representing and emphasizing why advocating for open spaces is important at Legislative Hall, it was a goal to show how seemingly unrelated exercises/activities can be tied together for a meaningful purpose.

Students that were made up homeschooled students and Upward Bound that lived and breathed the 2022, six Week Work Study helped emphasize,

“Our landscapes are changing rapidly and we need to continue protecting lands that not only provide opportunities for recreation, but that also mitigate the effects of climate change and help to provide clean water and wildlife habitat” says Michelle Schmidt, director of conservation and watershed planning at the Delaware Center for Inland Bays.

With the experience last year through Upward Bound and The Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy the results of so much discovery led to Legislative Hall. A few days ahead of this visit, preparing to research what committees, what bills had been passed by legislators provided the student ambassadors with knowledge ahead of time before merely showing up, to have a foundation to advocate for the values that had been expressed back on Earth day. Everyone played an important, diverse role.

Click on the above to see the full image!

From reproducing the impacts of a 6-week program last year to Earth Day this year, to Legislative Hall, perspective over time relied on several youth projects to bring it all together.

(Left to right) Jennifer Peasnall- Volunteer for Sussex Preservation Coalition,

Bryanna Lisiewski- Watershed Coordinator for the DE Center for Inland Bays

Anna Quisel –  representative of the League of Women Voters in Delaware

Kaebrie R. (Student)

Senator David L. Wilson

Paige R. (Student)

Marlene Mervine – Executive Director of the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy

Emily Knearl – Director of Government Relations and External Affairs


May 6, 2023

On May 10th, students that participated in the 6 week Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy/Upward Bound outdoor work study will be traveling to Legislative Hall for Environmental Day to emphasize this point:

We need you to share what conservation means to you and why open space protection is important. Storytelling is extremely powerful, this is what gets their attention.

The following legislators will be visited:

Senator Huxtable

Senator Mantzavinos

Representative Phillips

Representative Gray

Nikko Brady- Director of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs

Lt.. Governor Bethany Hall-Long

Senator Poore

Senator Wilson

Any emails you would be willing to send ahead of these students, if the lands in Delaware are important to you, will help support their representation on May 10th!


April 29th – May 5th, 2023 Divining Preface and Introduction

In meeting at International House of Pancakes celebrating all things trees, syrup, and our 1st Community Book Read of 2023 – we dived into the Preface and Introduction.

Please check out all comments started here – and stay tuned where we will be meeting – in person if you want to join, on April 13th (the connection to trees continues!)


April 29th, 2023

We might have dodged the rain storm yesterday and you THOUGHT we missed Arbor Day- nope!

We will be hanging out at Ihop in Seaford at 10:00 if anyone wants to participate in an in-person chat on our first 2023 Community Talk – please IM me if interested in attending and do not worry -we will be providing a virtual forum for your reflections as well 🙂

*There is a connection, we chose a book due to recycled paper being used, and get it – SAP/Syrup in a restaurant and connected to TREES? 🙂


April 23, 2023

The NRWC was waiting for it’s FIRST Community Read to come in the mail Saturday, and the rainstorm lulled us to sleep – sorry! Divining A Memoir in Trees

is our top and first Community Read for 2023- and appropriate that Arbor Day is coming up on April 28th, 2023 – we will post our first discussion on the first essay on this day to start us off – which will start virtual but have an in person option to discuss this on April 29th – stay tuned for details. Through Amazon the purchase and delivery takes about one day, maybe two, but we know from the amazing review and introduction, this might be one of our best conversational community reads to date- and we think our voters hit the jackpot on these 16 essays devoted to life, trees, and memory.

Hope to have you a part of our community read and as always, check here for details as we approach Arbor Day- Check out the Tree City Report from 2021 for Delaware HERE!


April 22, 2023

Due to the incoming thunderstorm coming to Sussex County, we will postpone today’s 4:00 PM hike – but we have a ton of other ways you can celebrate Earth Day, as listed below and ore coming this evening – stay tuned and stay safe!

Want to win one of three books for FREE? This will be our SECOND community read of 2023 – so this is not the top choice – and our first community read, which will be revealed later today!

All you need to do to be eligible is send a photo that represents Earth Day in Delaware, the three best as judged by NRWC members will receive their own free copies of Troubled Water by Seth M. Siegel and credited with their photo on our media sites!

Submit to :

Our Instagram: @nanticokeconservancy

Our Twitter @RiverWatershed

or email:

Good luck on Earth day and Do Delaware proud!


April 21, 2023

We can’t promise you it will not rain for Saturday’s 4:00 PM hike at Chapel Branch, BUT – we CAN still present some exciting opportunities to celebrate Earth Day ahead of Saturday.

Check out Amanda Gorman’s poem titled – Earthrise.

We will announce the winner of our March Madness Community Read Saturday and if the weather holds – we will hike at 4:00 PM and if not, no worries, tons of Earth Day reflections and opportunities coming. Stay tuned here for details!


April 13, 2023

Thanks to the crew that never quits, yesterday major work at the Millstone tract in Bridgeville!


April 10, 2023

Round 2 yesterday of the dedicated stairs at Three Ponds for honoring William Beiser – At the Vince Morris Trail @ Chapel Branch!


April 9, 2023

Results of our narrow-down to two texts, did NOT exactly result in 2 texts, lol, so this is our Final tier to decide what will be our starting Community Read for the NRWC 2023 Community Read, start voting and may the odds be ever in your favor!


April 7, 2023

7:27 PM

Thank you everyone for making the 2nd Annual NRWC Pre-Easter auction a success! We will be serving as Easter bunnies the next few days and appreciate the support that keeps the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy busy, as caretakers of environmental areas in our county and state!

Thank you!


2:57 PM – Five Hours and it is getting REAL 🙂

Did you know –

Living in 302 – has TWO items in our NRWC auction

to help you prepare for 302 day, which is held usually the first Saturday in March every year (Heck Delawareans celebrate this every day) – but they have a GREAT collection of Delaware specific items, two within our auction!

and we have many more amazing items tucked away in our auction that would make a GREAT east basket (speaking of, some of the Longaberger baskets we have would be AMAZING heirlooms to pass down as an Easter basket in families).

You have until 5:00 PM just over 3 hours to make someone’s Easter memorable with the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy auction, and yes, you have 5 minutes beyond 5:00 PM for hotly contested items that can be ben on back and forth 🙂

Thank you to all our amazing sponsors of this event!


Today is the day! 5:00PM It all ends and SO many items to choose from to add to someone’s Easter basket!

Check out the NRWC auction here:

Don’t be left out in grabbing some amazing gifts!


April 1, 2023

Happening now!


Down to FOUR! Our Final Four of book choices in now own to 4 finalists! Vote by April 7th to decide which two books will go head to head for our NRWC community read!


March 31, 2023

At 10:00 AM today, I will post a preview of items for our auction to the public – that preview link is here and will be provided on the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy blog site:

Link: for the auction preview until 4:00 PM.

(You may have to use your arrows to scroll up and down pon the page)- when the auction goes live, there will be obvious numbers at the top of each page to advance to the next item, and a slide bar on the side to see items up and down on the page – sometimes also you have to resize your screen to see all the items 🙂 

There is a way to change the view of the screen to fit phones too, you just have to look at the icon for a phone, it usually appears in the top right of the screen.

I wanted to explain a few things:

1) There is a RESERVE Price set for each item – meaning – there is a price I set that is the lowest price I will accept – and if that price is not met, the item will not be sold or be able to be bid on until that price is met.

Some people like or do not like this, I do this out of respect for the people/company giving us the items.  If you have an idea of what the lowest price we should expect from items would be – let me know.  I kind of guess on this a bit but do not give anything away for nothing – if that makes sense. Any insight you can give me on what the lowest price we should expect for items you see or have given, will be helpful.

2) Popcorn bidding – I set this to on, meaning, if there are items that are being bid on more than others, have a high number of bids, those items will have a chance to go 5 minutes after the auction ends on the 7th, to go back and forth – just as a way for the more popular items to have a chance to have an opportunity for those interested in that item.

We have more items coming in, but at least you get a quick peek of what we have!

Talk to you soon!


March 30, 2023

2 Days and 2 Hours until auction launch!

Another sneek peek into NRWC’s Pre-Easter virtual auction – starting April 1st. A 5 hour open preview will be offered HERE tomorrow to see items and get an idea of what you might be interested in – link will be provided at our website: tomorrow starting at 10 AM!

From Hockessin Booshelf, to Livingin302, th Eastern Shore Garden Center, to Hungry Howie’s, to SODEL to MUCH MUCH more being offered, you will not want to miss this 2nd annual auction!


March 25, 2023

The Final Four of our Next Community Read is approaching – Choose your favorite FOUR reading choices in our March Madness Community Read Selection Process, now whittled down from from 9 choices – and looking to see which 4 will remain to decide our upcoming Community Read – thanks for your particiption – both possilbities of WHERE to read and WHAT to read are up for voting this second round until March 31st:


~Thank you community members for helping the NRWC shoot past their DO MORE24 goal in 2023 of $500.00 and receiving over $2,727.17 in 24 hours– which could not have been achieved without the interest and support of community members like yourself. The NRWC runs on the support of all of YOU!


Thank you to the amazing work from Community Cleanup Day March 18th, to the Bill Beister stairs erected (Thank you Ray Fisher, John McNeil, John Martin, Gary & Holly Focht!) March 19-21st, to trees being removed from the Vince Morris Nature Trails (Thank you Brenda Johnson, John McNeil, Gary & Holly) at Chapel Branch March 20th, to the….


…Upcoming PreEaster Auction starting April 1st to the 7th that include amazing items from


traditional Delaware History items,

giveaways from the National Aquarium in Baltimore,

a customized gift basket from Hungry Howie’s,

Trap Pond cabin stays,

Shorebirds tickets,

and this is only a FEW of the auction items up for grabs-

you will NOT want to miss this! The auction link will be available April 1st right here, and also on our blog, on Twitter and Instagram and those paying attention will be quite happy to see what is up for grabs – Our 2nd annual auction will make anyone’s Easter a GREAT time for celebration and family!


March 21, 2023

We applaud the awesome Chapel Branch Community Day support (stay tuned for a post on more details on this!)


the addition of our Bill Beiser Stairs at Three Ponds Trail a few days later!

Thank you Ray Fisher, John McNeil, John Martin, Gary & Holly Focht!


March 20, 2023

Round 1 of NRWC’s March Madness Commnity Read!:


March 18th, 2022

NRWC’s March Madness Finals for books to consider for upcoming Community Read:

-Love Nature Magic -Maria Rodale

Recycling in the Garden – Angela Youngman

-Pressed Plants – Linda P.J. Lipsen

-Canopy of Titans – Paul Koberstein

-Divining- A Memoir In trees- Maureen Dunphy

-Slime A Natural History – Susanne Wedlich

-The Language of Trees – Katie Holten

-Nature’s Fortune – Mark Tercek

– Troubled Water – Seth Siegel

-Eeels – Our enduring Fascination with the Most Mysterious Creature in the World

Next week we will ask NRWC and the public to vote on the top 8 they like, the following week, the top 4, the following week, the top choice- starting Monday, get ready for votes and results at the end of the week!- A link will be provided here Sunday night (March 19th) to vote!


March 17th, 2022

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Tomorrow is the day!

March 18th is the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy’s Community Day Cleanup (9:00 AM – Noon) BUT, you will also be able to :

Have a helping at children’s and adult environmental books (and heck yes, FREE!)

Get a sneak peek at items that will be featured in our Pre Easter Auction starting April 1st

Find out insights into upcoming programs from other Environmental groups

Meet opportunities to be involved in the community on a further basis!

Questions on what to bring or anything else? Just let me know! We will be located at the Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch, across from Invista!

Details: Let’s talk weather – We should be in the clear:

First, Thanks to Rob Line, we will be leading groups of people to help clear vines and invasives, this is first order , so if everyone has extra gloves, loppers, tree and shrub cutters, branch trimmers, we could definitely benefit from them!

Second – I will have extra books on hand to distribute to children on environmental issues, so spread the word, we have easily enough for 1 for every child – and some extra books on hand for adults of Last Child in the Woods.

Thiird – I will make sure we have water available to you for tomorrow- bring a thermos to refill – 🙂

Fourth – This will be 9AM to noon 🙂

Fifth – Clothing – Bring repellent, Long sleeved shirts, pants, loves, thick socks, not running shoes – try to bring boots or appropriate foot-wear, try to avoid footwear with mesh- believe it or not, ticks are present early – I will also bring some repellent.

Sixth – Any questions email me!

WE WILL HAVE A port o potty and hand disinfectant available too! Thank you!


March 12, 2023

What an amazing way to end a long voyage through so many adventures with the Community Book Read of The Wilderness Idiot. Chapter 24 is truly all about the wonder that exists below the surface and the beauty of discovery! Stay tuned for options for our next community read and hope you will want to be involved!



March 11, 2023


March 04, 2023

Our next to last chapter of the The Wilderness Idiot- and more than you ever thought about with the backpack! From creators, to design, to what is the best – check out “Leader of the Pack!”

Feel free to add comments 🙂

Chapter 23

Also, did you know the author has a podcast series? Here it is!


March 03, 2023

#RiverWatershed #Summitmill
15 minutes left to the end of #DoMore24DE for NRWC!

We are so thankful for how you have chosen us to meet our goal and then some, thanks to YOU we are at $2,492.00 with a goal of $500.00 this year – so what does that say? It says we will be bringing ALOT more activities to your doorstep to keep you in step with a beautiful, environmental community we have. Thank you!


March 02, 2023!

Pick an hour, ANY hour, and from $5.00 to whatever you think you can do, the NRWC appreciates your vote of confidence, and you have until 6:00 PM March 3rd- here is the link to play a part:

Check out our video:

What a DAY! The start of #DoMore24DE today!

And some visits!

#RiverWatershed #DoMore24DE Let’s make it happen but thanks to Senator Pettyjohn and State Representative Danny Short stopping by the Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch today and for the boost to improve the lands we manage for YOU! Our community!


February 28, 2023

Our latest Winter 2023 NRWC newsletter! Thanks Liz LaSorte!


February 27, 2023

We are in the home stretch! Our community read chapters are coming to a close (stay tuned for the last few this week) –

DO More 24 Tweet contests start today,

#DoMore24DE Tweet Prize. Starting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, February 27, the #MILLSUMMIT will contribute $1 per retweet to the participating nonprofits using #DoMore24DE to promote themselves on Twitter. The @millsummit Twitter account will post the Do More 24 Delaware livestream promo video at or near 9 AM on February 27. Every retweet of this post that includes a comment that tags and/or mentions one of the participating nonprofits and both the #DoMore24DE and #MILLSUMMIT hashtag will count. Only retweets between 9 a.m. on Monday, 2/27 and 9 a.m. on Thursday, 3/2 will count.

In addition, the #MILLSUMMIT will also contribute $1 for any retweets of participating nonprofit posts that use the #DoMore24DE hashtag. The original tweet must have been sent after 8:59 a.m. on 2/27 and must contain the hashtag #DoMore24DE. Only retweets between 9 a.m. on Monday, 2/27 and 9 a.m. on Thursday, March 2 will count.

Only the first 500 retweets will count for this prize. Contributions will be made to the nonprofits’ fundraising pages after #DoMore24DE begins.

and we have #DoMore23DE starting March 2nd to March 3rd at 6 PM! ALSO, March 18th gives the community a chance to see what we do with investments in our community, so please come out from 9:00 – noon to support efforts to add to the Vince Morris Nature Trails!

Our latest NRWC newsletter is out and being distributed, so let us know if you do not receive one – we are excited of all the packed accomplishments in the last year, thanks to your support. Stay tuned!


February 16, 2023

As we near the completion of the community book read with Chapters 20 and 21- (don’t worry, still a few more chapters!) – It is surprisingly pleasing to see how much content is contained in these two chapters. From experiencing camping newbies and influencing them to the love of the outdoors, who become addicted, to information of the presence of Cougars in North America as well as their behaviors and relationship with the outdoors, camping, and hiking, little can be said that wasn’t relayed in these chapters. It was informative, fascinating, and intriguing to wallow over these topics and d some investigating on the points – enjoy!


February 01, 2023

The Wilderness Idiot Chapter 19 focuses on that iconic animal, the Grizzly. But this chapter is one of the deepest dives into seeing how so much is interconnected- bears, ecosystems, minerals, the landscape, human and animal populations, and SO MUCH MORE. This chapter is easily worth a month of discussion and investigation, to see how tied together so much is. Explanation here does not do this chapter justice and the best advice- dive in and follow the resources and experts of where they have taken you in this chapter.


January 16, 2023

Denali in Alaska is the focus of Chapter 18 – and this gives readers a cold, calculating look at the realities, as well as the beauty amid the rawness of the true outdoors No sugarcoating this chapter, and to be honest, the reality of how difficult mentally it is to persevere at times, with such challenges is brought front and center. The interesting aspect is this chapter with images is also able to be seen online, so check out the above link for some chilling, harsh, and realistic experiences of Denali.


January 8, 2023

Chapter 17 of the Wilderness Idiot brings us to the end of the world in the Americas, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego – join us in this exploration of one of the most isolated yet beautiful parts of the world and the discoveries we make as a result .

Also looking at the following community reads for 2023 – Divining – A Memoir in Trees by Maureen Dunphy and Slime- A Natural History by Susanne Wedlich


January 7, 2023

DoMore24 in Delaware is approaching!

Pollinating Success at Chapel Branch…

As we gear up for DoMore24, March 3, 2023 and our exciting Spring 2023 environmental auction right before Easter, we will continue to bring community opportunities for you to support your local ecosystems, help educate and train young volunteers, and give back to our own individual ecosystems that surround us.

Thank you to all that have made our leaps and bounds in preserving environments possible!


January 4, 2023

Happy New Year!

Whether you noticed or not, we accidentally tagged chapter as about bears, and that my friends, was incorrect. Thanks for pointing that out fellow community reader ! – 15 was all about Hawaii -and it is easy to see that Hawaii is a whole complete ecosystem of its own. After this intense look at Hawaii, the realization of how Hawaii was made and its unique origin, history, as well as cultural significance of Hawaii intertwined with its environmental wonders.

We’d love you to check out where we have been and where we will be going with our NRWC community book – and hope you can add to our discoveries – The Wilderness Idiot.

We also have been looking down the road for candidates for our next community read, after out analysis of The Wilderness Idiot. One we have been looking at is Nature’s Fortune- check it out here:

More to consider, stay tuned!


December 27, 2022

As we close out 2022, we are working on unfinished business! Check out the memorial tags we are updating, affixing, videoing and documenting to finish our 911 Memorial dedications started this summer – more to come as we close out this project. Also, stay tuned for chapter 16 of the below environmental read, and feel free to contribute as you discover worlds beyond our own backyard – and stay tuned for many more new opportunities to be involved!

Happy Holidays from the NRWC! –


December 22, 2022

It has been awhile, and being sick provides this advantage, getting caught up with overdue to do’s at home and rediscovering yourself, and your interests, without outside interruptions, something more and more difficult the past few years 🙂 Despite my copy of The Wilderness Idiot being one of the items taken at the metro station in L.A. during the week of November 10th, I JUST received my new copy – and revisiting Chapter 14th and the links to the fabulous locations of Canada, I realized how amazing this book is. If you haven’t obtained this book, do yourself a favor, purchase this book, contribute to our online discussions of the chapters, and enjoy the experiences and places you get to add to a To Visit list!

Despite being a completely online discussion, which I have to say, has been amazing as I feel I have met MANY new people through the points made from the beginning of this book study, I love studying and hearing other’s reflections of this book, be it one or two writing in the chapter google links, or receiving posts, but this is a fabulous experience and book to discover.

Moving on from Chapter 14, to Chapter 15, we travel from British Columbia to the topic of bears.

Tennessee and Bear –

The aura around bears is hard to miss. Similar to sharks. I also see this as a line between what people see as crossing between what is truly wild, and what is tried to be encroached upon by development. We are lucky to have wildlife such as bears,

Robert Irwin and bears-

Stay tuned for an extensive look at Chapter 16, Tierra del Fuego and South America!


November 29, 2022

National Giving Day! The NRWC relies on you! Below are soem clips of past projects and some updates added later this evening – so stay tuned!

Who we are:

And More on who we are! :

Podcasts with Rob Line and a student from Upward Bound/NRWC Summer 2022 Workstudy:

Episode 1 –

Episode 2 ––2022—Part-2-of-a-Four-Part-Podcast-series-with-NRWCUpward-Bound-and-Delawares-Rob-Line-e1nma73

Episode 3-–Big-trucks–Women-and-Jeeps—Native-plantings–and-Invasives-e1p9qmq/a-a8mlugj

Episode 4- Solar, Gen Z, Electric Cars, Fossil Fueling…–Gen-Z–Electric-Cars–Fossil-Fueling-e1rh0q4

The last episode being added tonight – stay tuned!

November 10, 2022

Hola everyone! To those familiar and those no so much with the NRWC (Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy) –


Instagram- nanticokeconservancy

Twitter- @RiverWatershed


Facebook –

We always are looking for individuals to walk our trails – (The most famous is the VInce Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch) on Woodland Road across from the Invista golf course – and we have more – check out our website page for info!

Q and A and info form:

Thanks to State Representative Danny Short, State Senator Brian Pettyjohn, Senator Bryant Richardson to help several projects in process to improve these resources for our community (Paving, renovated office and meeting building, long overdue equipment to support the grounds and trails, and more coming to benefit our community!)

We are in the middle of a book talk (some updates coming next week on our current read) – planning youth discovery workshops, planning trail walks, and more. Stop out and see our newly paved parking lot, and ask questions, as we make improvements and add extras in the new few months. We would love to have you play a part as a volunteer, book club reader, walker, runner, and more as we add more and more aspects for our community!


October 22, 2022

Aside from the major facelift being done at our parking lot, we would love to see you today at the Vince Morris Nature Trail @ Chapel Branch-

we will have tons of great environmental give aways to children, adults, as well as a outside classroomon trimming back invasives to the trail itself with local experts. See how we have brought birds in numbers back to Chapel, how we have dedicated birdhouses to individuals that are forever remembered from 9/11, jump in to help make the trail accommodating to our community, and learn how you can be a part of future events, Giving Tuesday coming up in December, book clubs, and so much more – We hope we see you anywhere from 8-noon – and thanks for your support!

Ryan Craft – former XC runner – “Seaford, ever since DuPont has left, has been a Community that has been on a slow decline. There’s very little left of what once used to make up the booming city. Which Is why it’s important to help conserve what once was and still is. Having the funding to be able to maintain, add, expand, and clean up is crucial to protecting the the things of the past. This course and nature trail mean so much to so many. Without it, the high school Cross Country team is lost. The older and younger community is lost on where locally they can go for a scenic stroll or run. In all, funding chapel branch doesn’t just save it. It saves one of the many identities this City has.”

Jordan Sigai – As part a part of the team for my entire career, Chapel Branch was my secret escape. Before the season started, we would take days cleaning the trail and painting the roots for safety measures for other competitors. Chapel Branch is the quietest and most relaxing taill around Seaford. Chapel Branch needs some love because trees have fallen down in the way of the trail making travel through the course difficult. I try to still get out a walk the trail because there is just a sense of peace and comfort throughout the woods. I will forever cherish my memories with my team at Chapel Branch forever.” Jacqueline Morris – “It’s important not just to the immediate community it’s also important to the surrounding communities. If chapel branch is not looked after and supported it will be taken or lost like so many other beautiful lands. Chapel Branch was an escape for Vince and myself we loved to go there early in the morning when it was quiet and still and the air smelled so fresh. We loved to watch our dogs run and have a dog time. It’s a great place to go to clear your head and to connect with nature.. I wish every town could have their own chapel branch. Since I move that is one place miss. When we lived on Seaford I think we visited chapel branch at least once a day. Chapel branch was a very important and special place for Vince and myself. We treated it like our own backyard.”

Cristina Garmendia “Our son Jaime is not on Facebook but since he started running with the HS team, Chapel Branch became very special to us. Exciting place for races to be…..but a wonderful area for just walking quietly in. Our youngest, Cristina, had many milestones here and made lifelong friends doing so. I hope this area continues to thrive. Coach Morris always made the trails a priority and always made sure the trails were clear of trees and debris.”

Deanna Sigai – “Chapel Branch is a heartwarming trail among Seaford, DE. Many people use this trail for exercise, photos, and relaxing. This trail is also used by the Seaford High School Cross Country team. Being a part of that team through most my high school years, this trail became a major part of my life. This trail help grew friendships I never thought I would have. Among the friends, we would come to together to clean the trail and remark the course. However, with recent storms, more trees have fallen and with a small team it has become an issue to get them out of the way. Many of the bridges used for the course are not in the best shape and would require some work as well. Chapel Branch is loved through the town of Seaford and will forever be cherished by many runners.”

Breanna Johnson– “Chapel Branch was more then just a park or cross country field to me because it helped defined who I became. I developed strength and confidence that has shaped the person I am. Chapel Branch is important to our community because Seaford is a small town, Chapel Branch allows the community to have a little piece of woods and secluded area to get away for thinking, exercise, self discovery. It allows people to come together to support the school cross country team and to honor former coaches that shaped who the team has become. Chapel Branch is important because it embraces a family element to allow for togetherness no matter race, religion or gender, we were a family. I believe this is an important element to the community.”

Robb Anthony, Former XC runner and Seaford alumni – Chapel Branch/NRWC “When asked why Chapel Branch is important to our community, I often ask myself “how is this a question?” Chapel Branch is is more then just nature trail. For me Chapel Branch is sacred ground. Having spent uncountable days at Chapel Branch, whether for a cross country or track practice, or meet, to hang out with friends or to just get away and think. Chapel Branch was and always be my favorite place in Seaford. So why is it important? Chapel Branch is important because everyone needs a happy place, and there a tons more athletes that need to grow up having this place to call home.”


October 15, 2022

Thought we dropped off the face off the earth? NO! We were just reenergizing! Let’s get back to environmental concerns!

We would love to have you as a part of our upcoming Community Cleanup Day – October 22ms 8:00 – Noon at Chapel Branch! (Check out the terstimonies at this link of this amazing place:


Join us in our three of a four part series as student Brianna jumps right into the inquiries of environmentalism surrounding our setting for Upward Bound’s Workstudy at the Vince Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch.

Parts One And Two can be found below:

Episode 1 –

Episode 2 ––2022—Part-2-of-a-Four-Part-Podcast-series-with-NRWCUpward-Bound-and-Delawares-Rob-Line-e1nma73

Episode 3-–Big-trucks–Women-and-Jeeps—Native-plantings–and-Invasives-e1p9qmq/a-a8mlugj


ALSO- check out your chance to provide feedback on actions that will impact the environment of Federalsburg, Maryland and Marshyhope Creek.


September 24, 2022

Yep. It is Sunday. As a result at 1:00 PM, we will be providing a free Nature Trail Walk at 1:00 PM at Chapel Branch Nature Trail.

We will have free books for children, information about the NRWC and signups for our October 22nd Community Cleanup. lots of exciting things happening!

Questions/Comments? Feel free to ask them at :

And be ready to see our Nine 9/11 dedicated birdhouses, learn more about NRWC’s Giving Tuesday in December, our current community book read (some cool chapter notes coming up tomorrow on social media!) and much much more. Reserve your walking spot at the above link and stay in touch with your environment community!

Speaking of which, we are observing our fifth memorial to fallen Delawareans from 9/11:

Remembering John Joseph Murray


September 18, 2022

The fourth Memorial Plaque for Jon R Graboswski, found Here.


September 14, 2022

Here are the 2nd and third Memorial Plaques for Delawarean individuals that we remember from 911 at this link:

Remembering Valerie Silver Ellis and Michael San Phillip

Don’t Forget, ONE MORE DAY to get your art contest entry into the mail see below!


Art Contest Deadlines Approaching

“I love the Nanticoke because”…

Art contest!

September 15th Deadline and November 01 deadline coming and another contest date upcoming, do not miss your chance to be a part!


September 12, 2022

Here are my comments from Chapter 11, Hai Country, (

from our NRWC community read, The Wilderness Idiot. I need some assistance with so many locations defined in this section so hope you will join our read (we have many more chapters and areas to discover) and please grab a copy and jump into our weekly discussion!

Book Talk / discussion forum link:

“First of all the views he describes in the beginning of this chapter – amazing.  It is eerie knowing he is solo in such a vast area, and yet being able to take in all this beauty seems fitting he is solo to really respect and admire it.  The harshness of the wild and nature also play a major role in every story given here, and that respect will be given whether asked for or expected when it comes to the wild.  (Think of the short story, To Build a Fire again!)

It is also amazing to see how related the chapters, religion, nature, and society are all intertwined in the chapter, keep that in mind as you read.

We always see Japan the way media wants us to see, and it is important to see Japan for all it’s aspects, and this chapter does indeed help behind the scenes with that.

I loved the comment on page 100 “Just act Japanese.”  There are so many misconceptions about other countries, as well as misconceptions of how we as Americans should ACT in other countries, and this statement is powerful to me.

I find it fascinating when history and non fiction intertwine as well, (Remember Michener’s novels?) but I am learning to respect the harshness of the environment, as well as the beauty described, and realizing that there is harshness as well as beauty, from the vivid descriptions of the author, helps bring this into perspective.

Alot of terms to explore in this chapter that I have not finished yet, and hope others can help with this as well :)”


September 11, 2022

Five exciting news developments coming your way!

  1. Enjoy the 2nd segment of four episodes with Mr. Rob Line and Upward Bound’s Brianna ––2022—Part-2-of-a-Four-Part-Podcast-series-with-NRWCUpward-Bound-and-Delawares-Rob-Line-e1nma73

Upward Bound Student Brianna revisits her interviews on climate, the environment, and ecosystems in Delaware with Mr. Rob Line. if you missed the first segment, you can find that here:

Episode 1 –


2) Did you know the NRWC dedicated 11 birdhouses for Delawareans lost in 911? Stay tuned this evening for more details on this great project the Upward Bound students, Mr. Ron Russell, and Crown Trophy helped make happen.

3) The newest update from our community Book Read, The Wilderness Idiot, will go live tonight, why are you not reading with us? There is still time!

4) Two chances to be a part of a youth art contest and celebrate World River Day September 25th. More details HERE this evening!

5) Check out our numbers – Chapel Branch Nature Trail traffic is growing:

Check out or traffic thus far! Your support all year long keeps us moving forward with new developments, thank you!


September 4, 2022

From challenges of what it takes to be a wildlife explorer and backpacker, to tell or not to tell the best spots of environmental discoveries, to the irony of great environmental finds in dangerous, known crime areas, to the challenges of how to be empowered to nature, to exploring the Hai Country in Japan, the community read of The Wilderness Idiot takes you from Delaware to across the world. We invite you to jump in our next weekend discussion on Chapter 10, of the Hai country Chapter of Ted Alvarez’s The Wilderness Idiot.

August 28, 2022

Listen to the first of four episodes conducted by Upward Bound’s Brianna, as she sat down with former Environmental Stewardship Program Manager of Delaware, Robert Line.

Additionally, from discussing what it takes to truly be a wilderness survivor, to discussions about whether to keep magical environmental areas secret to protect them, discovering countless areas of interest in between, and tying in Glen Mellin and Lenny Mellin-Truitt’s book Ritual Landscapes, we have been discovering chapter after chapter of contemplations about humankind, the environment, and our place in between. Join us as each week we meet virtually (and don’t worry, we will meet individually too!) and leave thoughts and reflections about our NRWC book read next Week, we look at the Baltimore area! and our comments:

Our Comments so far (please join us!)


August 21, 2022

We’ve fought through British Columbia mosquitos in Chapter 4, contemplated the comparisons of the grandeur of Mt. Rainier in Chapter 5, and moved into the feat of challenging parents to rekindle their love of nature in Utah’s National Parks in Chapter 6.

We move into the facts of what it takes to survive, explore the wilderness, and examining the wilderness lifestyle in Chapter 7 this week. We’d love to have you join and enter comments on our community read of The Wilderness Idiot –

Stay tuned for reflections of Chapter 7- and enjoy discovering some checkmarks to add to your to do lists in the environment!


Take a look at Week 5’s reflection from the Upward Bound’s Work Study (Week 4 the students were taking their PSAT/SAT tests!)

August 14, 2022

Upward Bound’s Work Study overview of their experiences at The Vince Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch!

We will be devoting a section specific to the bird houses and the September 11th dedication plaques upcoming – with the upcoming month of September, so stay tuned!

August 2, 2022

So you might be wondering, sure, this is what you did week 1

with the Upward Bound Students work study with the NRWC, what about week 2?

What about week 3?

Much much more to come!


July 28, 2022-

Get ready for the gallery walk showcasing alot of NRWC buzz!

Stop by to listen and hear – here is a sample podcast we did as part one of our projects!–Sydney-Williams-from-the-Nanticoke-Watershed-Alliance-e1lr64f

and check out our post below!


July 27, 2022

Today we reveal the video created from the first week, of a 6 week Upward Bound work study program students created, and celebrate a Excel spreadsheet a student created to house and begin to house and inventory our educational items!


Our Google Discussion document started by Ganesvio, Upward Bound student, as part of the work study 6 week project: (please add your thoughts to these as you read!)

July 24, 2022 First day/week of The Wilderness Idiot

Please feel to join in as we meet in person and virtually next week, feel free to join us!


July 23, 2022 6:30 AM

“Are we still meeting at the trail at 7? Me and ________ are coming?” -This text message, following one of the hottest and most productive days at The Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch came and went as I was in a deep, deep, sleep following the previous sweat shop day of productivity with the 5th week of our Upward Bound Work Study and students with The Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy rolling forward. The call I received 15 minutes later woke me to the realization that students were waiting at the nature trail this morning.

I was disoriented, not hearing from students the night before, and thinking Saturday, a no go to gain more hours on Saturday, so imagine my surprise realizing some were waiting for me the next morning! A little dread filled my push to fall out of bed and quickly get ready and throw the necessary items needed to survive an early morning, VERY hot morning, in a 10 minute rush to get to the meeting spot. I also thought, “Most people would be annoyed, I think, at not hearing from someone the night before, but I would be annoyed not knowing and I am not at all!” Not annoyed or bothered at all, I followed that thought with, “In what world do you have students, up early, on a weekend, calling you to say where are you, we are ready to work despite a scorching hot morning, let’s do it!” – I was quite proud of the initiative these students had already showed on a heat advisory day, this early in the morning.

I was counting on an in-and-out-day of what we needed to do, grabbed the dogs, with a little foreboding of how they would handle the heat, grabbed a few coolers and icepacks, water, etc. from the adventure of the day before. took out items of the car I set aside I had not taken out yet from the day before, packed last minute survival items quickly, dogs in, and hit the trail.

The heat was already blasting in on pulling in, objectives of the day shared quickly with students, dogs already panting, and we dived into the nature trail. For 1.5 miles, we videotaped every single course direction for what would be a 3.1 mile XC (Cross Country) trail, so athletes would know BEFORE hitting the course, the direction to follow- took notes of all intersections/turns that needed directional color matching poles, AND wrote the directions out by hand.

Within the first five minutes of walking the trail, everyone was soaked to the skin. Being asked, “Is that steam rising from your shirt?” was quite funny, as everyone realized the wonders of the heat we were seeing, even being in the canopy of the nature trail. In three hours, the XC trail had been videotaped, narrated, and written down. Dogs were on the ground after having stopped several times along the way due to heat, having lapped up water, trying to find hiding shady spots under the benches, and looked as if their time was done for the outside. Recovering at the end by inhaling freezer pops and bottles of water, objectives were made to accomplish tasks for work study this weekend, and everyone realized how hard and difficult, yet rewarding, what had been accomplished in three hours in the AM on Saturday. Another amazing accomplishment tacked on to yesterday’s achievements.

The realization of images seen that morning, from more works of art found in spiderwebs, mushrooms, and light rays in various parts of the woods – to the chorus of birds surrounding us in the canopy, the awe of such a treasure in a community’s own back yard still remained.


July 22, 2022 – Lofty and HUGE objectives for the 5th week of the Upward Bound Work study initiative for the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy :

Learn how to create mixed media books that combined painted, watercolors, nature, themes, and more so we can in turn pass on these skills to others to do as an educational activity.

Take 11 individuals that we as a state, lost from the 911 tragedy in New York, again that were from Delaware, and memorialize them at various birdhouses surrounding the Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch with individual plaques.

One of 11 memorials dedicated to Delawarean 911 victims.

Learn about how we can confront violence in different way that most people don’t conceptualize, then work with actions in Wilmington and here in Seaford, with Pace e Bene, and establish this idea to our own community through the Non Violent Cities Project.

Find environmental ways to establish an activity book that parents and students can work with on their trail that educates them on countless ties to their community.

YES – from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM, in the hottest conditions imagined, Dillon, Sultan, Brianna, Ganesvio, and Ervin made EVERY SINGLE aspect of the above happen. In one day. Who were the partners in crime that paved the way for them to be successful?

Beth Kopicki – Introducing methods of nonviolence many never realize and how to apply to our community.

Brenda Johnson – Chairs for all attendees

Crown Trophy -Supplying Memorial Plaques

Ken Covey – Transporting our BBQ grill for a great lunch

Liz LaPorte – Chairs from Bridgeville for all attendees

Nicole Truitt – Environmental Mixed Media workshop YOU can enroll in this at Del Tech!

Ron Russell – Introduction to birding and plaque placing on birding locations.

The Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy for servicing this workstudy experience.

The University of Delaware for facilitating 911 individual for our memorial dedications.

All of the above provided a means for the tasks that should have taken a week, to happen on one single day. Definitely check out the impact of what someone trained in Information Science can do, to connect people, groups, tasks, and information together to achieve amazing results here:

AMAZING amount of progress in week 5 of Upward Bound experiences at Tbe Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch., Details coming soon!


July 9th, 2022

Kudos to Upward Bound students Kendra and Sultan, who reached over 100 youth involving them in the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy and Nanticoke Watershed Alliance Drawing contest – working in collaboration with Pace e Bene – you can learn more about this organization here: Students worked hard to involve youth today, in and out the rain, to inform them of how that can play a role in their immediate community and environment.

Shout out to State Representative Danny Short’s announcements as well:

The General Assembly appropriated $90 million in the fiscal year that began July 1 to provide aid to non-profit groups benefiting the community. Posted below is a list of local (39th Representative District) projects and services receiving distributions through the Community Reinvestment Fund. State Rep. Danny Short worked collaboratively with other area legislators to field funding requests and make recommendations:

Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy
Acquisition of maintenance equipment for use on NRWC’s 500 acres of permanently protected southern Delaware lands $42,900

Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy
Paving of the Chapel Branch Nature Area parking site $43,000

Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy
Construction of Office Space for the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy $124,100

and this is not even the most of it. Much more to come – we love being an active part of educating, involving, and preserving our immediate “back yard” community.

July 8th, 2022

Grab a entry for the 2022 NRWC Drawing/Coloring Contest at the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance table at RiverFest this weekend!

Entries available at the table – so do not miss this opportunity to be a part of 2022’s 2nd annual Drawing.Coloring contest, based on the theme, “I Love the Nanticoke River because…”


July 7th 2022 Updates

Five youth groups have contacted me in the last few days interested in being apart of youth initiatives we have started with the Del Tech Upward Bound at the Georgetown location. Already, we have had two sessions on the last two Fridays where 9 youth have created some amazing discoveries, done MUCH behind the scenes prep work for some exciting projects you will see in the next 2 weeks and have even bigger plans for the next month, so stay tuned and check here often:

We would love to have your support for us to be a participant in the 2022 Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta, Saturday, August 6th, 11- 2:00 PM – please  email me if we can get you to help build, set, and sail a NRWC boat with out youth willing participants as “sailors!”  

Also, we will be starting a book discussion FINALLY, see below:

We will be planning to do a book discussion group on the book The Wilderness Idiot, we will send a poll out in a few days to see what days work best for you for that.and would love to have you on board.

It is cheaper to obtain on Amazon and you can use Amazon Smiles to donate to the NRWC!

The Wilderness Idiot

Amazon Price: 13.99

Barnes and Noble price 18.95 (BUT with a B & N discount even less!)

Weekly door prizes will be available each week for participating members!

This will start virtually, for the first session on July 24th – so this gives you time to use Amazon Smiles to grab your copy, (while supporting the NRWC)

 and we will send a link out to all who want to participate a few days before and yes, we will have a few in person opportunities set up as well to discuss.

Any questions about the above, or anything else while you are at our trails feel free to use our link/survey link:

and a HUGE shout out to the following legislators who helped us bring some exciting news to you about the NRWC coming soon 🙂 

Senator Brian PettyJohn

Senator Bryant Richardson

Delaware House Representative Danny Short

Again, more exciting involvement with our community than we can list, so don’t be shy and reach out if you want to play a part of what is all right in our “own back yard!”


July 01, 2022

Nine projects tackled by local Delaware students for the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy? YES! More details and WHAT they are doing to be coming soon!

June 29th, 2022

As a former National Aquarium Volunteer, and friends with a then and now volunteer, colleague, and friend and still a current aquarium volunteer, we witnessed a turtle Release on June 29th at Assateague Island. As a board member of the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy, volunteer for MERR, and an educator, this means alot more than just a cool experience! Enjoy!


June 28, 2022

Amazing ties to the Caldecott Medal, our waters, and more. Check this link out:

June 25, 2022

What? Students on the Vince Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch and finding Treasure? Why yes! Stay tuned in a few days and more will be seen and elaborated on! Coming soon!

May 25, 2022

John McNeil, Holly Focht, Gary Focht, John Martin, Brenda Johnson, David Fees (not pictured) and Marlene Mervine (not pictured) took on the whole Vince Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch, and installed new signs at every Trail and intersection, the whole, WHOLE Trail in one afternoon!


May 20, 2022

June is AMAZING for Book Clubs!

We will be planning to do a book discussion group on the book The Wilderness Idiot, we will send a poll out in a few days to see what days work best for you for that.and would love to have you on board.

It is cheaper to obtain on Amazon and you can use Amazon Smiles to donate to the NRWC!

The Wilderness Idiot

Amazon Price: 13.99

Barnes and Noble price 18.95 (BUT with a B & N discount even less!)

Weekly door prizes will be available each week for participating members!


April 18, 2022

Thank you everyone for their support and help with the NRWC 2022 Pre-Easter auction! With over $1000.00 earned, you helped represent the land preservation efforts, educational initiatives, and youth activities we put forth every day and we APPRECIATE you!

We hope to see you April 27th for a night out to thank you at DogFish Head, and plan on having some chances to win prizes as a thanks to you as well!

ALSO, a bird update thanks to Ron Russell:

I just completed a check of all nesting boxes.  We ended last year with 16 total boxes.  I have added six more.  Two were added to the Foskey field, two to the trail near Marlene and two at the garage.  The two at the garage are hanging wren boxes to entice house wrens that dominated the nesting in that area last year.  The summary follows (total nesting with projected number of eggs):

  • Bluebirds – three nests (12-15 eggs)
  • Chickadees – three nests (12-15 eggs)
  • Titmice – one nest (3-5 eggs)
  • Carolina wrens – one nest (3-5 eggs)


April 13, 2022

Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy’s Pre-Easter auction benefit, as advertised in the Seaford Star, is in its third day- with Friday evening as THE last day!

A GREAT way to benefit local land preservation non-profit, some amazing Easter gifts available. Local handmade wood items from a variety of wood:

Hand-made wooden serving tray –

and cutting board:

and Hungry Howie’s baskets to last BEYOND Easter:

amazing gifts like this HANDMADE Botanical Garden Notebook:

(and check out the video for this here):

LADYBUGS: Original

Indian art :

and MUCH more that has not been bid on, but would make an amazing gift for Easter, while supporting your local land preservation non-profit. 🙂

Still plenty of time to create an exciting gift basket of potential British tea experiences:

Hockessin Independent Book Store’s packaged books:

and your chance to customize your own (or a friend’s) house wreath –

and so so soooo much more!

Thank you for spreading the word and helping to support your local land preservation non-profit:

and again, the auction link:


April 8, 2022

Check out item #40 on our auction list! Hungry Howie’s is always a welcome and generous supporter of our community, and this is no exception! Wait until you see our second set of auction items being uploaded this weekend – so much more to come!

And our overall auction found here: (only 15 items show, so above is a sneak peek until the auction opens on Monday!

All starting April 10th! See one of our next coming featured items as well here:

Any questions, let me know! Thanks!


March 30, 2022

Here it is! We want to laugh, meet and greet, and share stories with you at DogFish Head! Please come so we can enjoy each other’s “Nature” al company on April 27th!

April 27th NRWC would love to see you!

March 26, 2022

Usually community meet and clean days are pretty straightforward, sometimes a tug and pull to push forward and get all done, however today, full of discovery, blessings, and fortune.

The Classic Upward Bound program out of Del Tech enabled students to discover


Coach Vince Morris

at Chapel Branch and wow, they really had amazing contributions.

From cleaning areas of litter that found their ways into the water, to learning the difference between Loblolly and other pines, discovering iNaturalist, to discovering duck Eggs, and getting some ideas for a great and creative project tied to the nature trail, the mere presence of so many students that had creativity, ideas, every community member, student, teacher, parent, NRWC members, blended in to one great possibility.

Let’s thank:

Marlene Mervine, Gary and Holly Focht, Dr. Korbeogo, Brenda Johnson, Twanya Dunn, Jeff Laird, John and Sharon McNeil, Benjamin, Brandy Yates, Ron Russell, Nicole Truitt, Jennifer Bartsch, Matt Cohee, Doc Semper, Seaford NHS and FFA, Nephtalie, Marlisha, Lynne Betts, Bobbie, Steve Cooper, Colton Philips, Steve Cooper, Vontrell, Austin, William, Ayana (SHE DROVE FROM LEWES TO HELP US TODAY!), Maria, Genny, Nataleigh, Robyn, Blane, Cody, Laura Makray, Tom Murphy, Jennifer Parks, Robbie, Sherlyn, Caleb, Velinda, Myria, Ketsia, Yaritza, Juan, Jair, Stefania, Jaylynn, Berniece, and we are sure there were a few others but LOOK AT THAT LIST!

From the amazing staff of the Classic Upward Bound that constantly were fixing things from lost travelers to lost bus direction, to going BACK and grabbing students stuck at the college, they were AMAZING.

From the amazing bus drivers who were patient through it all – the amazingness of Pizza King- Seaford who accommodated the students afterwards, to Clean Delaware supplying the bathroom, to INVISTA for supplying the dumpsters, to the AMAZING NRWC volunteers who took students under their wing, to the GREAT Seaford High clubs and organizations that put in SO MUCH exciting info to the area and help, and the GREAT GREAT GREAT community members who made this day – a day that outshined the rain – isn’t it ABSOLUTELY amazing to see what happens when community improves their community? Youth and experienced community members together – more powerful than any obstacle possible, today proved it!

Stay tuned for more great things from these amazing community members!


March 25, 2022

We’re set for a 9:00 AM – noon – Community event tomorrow at The Vince Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch on Woodland Road- Students, volunteers, NRWC Staff will all be on hand to do some amazing things – we will have books to donate to younger children, and books for adults from out No Child Left Behind book study. We will be discovering trails, removing evasives, cleaning trash out from the trails, checking birdhouses for cleaning, classifying species of plants and much more! We’d love to meet and greet you tomorrow!

Questions, just drop me an email – here is a link to some of the tasks we will be working on with students from the Classic Upward Bound program as well as volunteers from all over:

We will have spray to prevent ticks, and disinfectant, as well as water bottles.


March 20, 2022

Our Pre Easter NRWC Auction is developing!

To view our upcoming Pre Easter Auction:

This will be able to be previewed leading up until the start date, April 10th, ending April 15th.

 If you know any other artisans or businesses that would like to be a part, just let me know!


March 19, 2022

The Vince Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch in Seaford Community Cleanup Day March 26th!

March 26th’s Community Cleanup at The Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch will be welcoming The Classic Upward Bound students; we would love to meet more community members!


March 17, 2022

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy is massively planning for some FUN! Our online auction is becoming an amazing collection of great Eastern Shore businesses – previews to come! Here is the FYI – The auction is April 10th AM (8:00 AM) and lasts until the 15th at 8:00 PM. I WILL be able to show the auction and items online to everyone, a week before it starts so all can see items, the cost, when it starts, etc so they can get an idea of what they would like to bid on 🙂

The auction will appear in the first week of April via a link I will send out, on Facebook, on Twitter, On Instagram, on the Next Door computer application, and a link on our Blog site, and we will put on our page – – for the auction and link on the site so people have a way to get to the auction from there too.

ALSO – We are planning a great opportunity to fellowship, inform, laugh, promote and plot for what you’d like to see NRWC in the future- with DogFish Head: Wednesday, April 27 4:00 pm 320 Rehoboth Ave. Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Eats and drinks from 4-8 p.m. … and 10% of the proceeds will go to the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy to support all of the awesome work that they do! But remember, this is a chance to also thank YOU and share some happy moments with you, we would love to see all of you there as well and get to know you as you have become familiar with us.

Thank you again for being a stockholder in protecting what has become all together, our amazingly beautiful back yard!


March 6, 2022

Our 1:00 PM walk today was amazing – What a Summer day! It was great to see at east 15 cars in the parking lot, seeing Denise Oliver with her little pomeranian! We walked the Three Ponds Trail, many people and gave alot of books out today! We talked with someone who remember DuPont putting in the swimming and pool playsets on the property, picnic areas. and more. It was a nice day just to take a long walk and meeting alof of new faces and talking to so many that had historical notes to swear on Chapel

March 04, 2022

WE ARE ECSTATIC! Because of some AMAZING sponsors and believers of what the NRWC is capable of doing – we MET and EXCEEDED OUR GOAL! Look at this!

Now it is time to roll up our sleeves and show and share the power, beauty, and energy that the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy has in your communities – hold onto your hats, we are going to pack a year full of events until next year’s Do More 24 – and thanks to every single one of you – we will make a bigger impact in preserving our community than ever before.

BIG things are on the horizon!

THANK YOU for being a stockholder in the beauty all around us, and in our own back yard!


March 02, 2022

Do More 24 is HERE for the NRWC!

6PM March 3rd – March 4th 6 PM!

As we come across this massive Delaware event – Do More 24 in Delaware, one person continues to stick out in my mind.

The amazing Coach Vince Morris. This year, I hope I can count on so many of you to provide some posts of what you remembered about Vince. What he meant to this community. He inspired me, and taught me everything I would go on to know about Chapel Branch Nature Trail. I want the Do More 24 event to raise support for the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy to honor what Vince knew a long ago about this area. Please share your stories, a few denominations, if you feel so inclined, during the Do More 24 period starting at midnight March 3rd for 24 hours into March 4th – and honor a man that passed down what it meant to never give up, support your community, and honor the beauty that has been given to us and we find at Chapel Branch.

This year, the Do More 24 campaign is all about how Vince create a legacy of preservation to leave behind for all of us.

We start at 8:00 PM on Do More 24’s livestream! You can watch the Livestream on United Way of Delaware’s

and Spur Impact’s Facebook

and we will be jumping back on at 8:05 livestream for questions as well at the following link:

Our NRWC Do More 24 donation site:

and we hope to see you from 8:00 – 8:10 PM tomorrow night!

February 05, 2022

Yes, we are still headed to the Vince Norris Trail at Chapel Branch Saturday for an 8:45 hike through the trails with Wriggley, Amaya, and Dane – dress warm and prepare for some damp conditions! We will have some free books on hand as well!


February 03, 2022

Thanks for revisiting The Vince Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch after January 31st’s big snow Jef Laird. This images taken on the Ridgeloop and upper side of the RiverWalk Trails. There still are some trees down by the bottom side of the RiverWalk Trail, as volunteers work on that. Thanks so much Jeff!


January 30, 2022

Please mark your calendars for Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy night at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth celebrating Earth Day (2022’s theme is Invest In Our Planet), we would love to see you! April 27, 2022, more details to come, lots of information and fun info regarding NRWC!

320 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE


Emerging from our latest snowstorm…

…We have a new gate at Newton Woods thanks to the FFA at Woodbridge High!

With snow on the ground, in a few days we will have some amazing pictures to see and take at our Vince Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch! In the next few days we will be checking trails for clearance after this past storm, and this upcoming Saturday – February 5th, we will plan on a nature trail walk at 8:45 AM we will meet in the parking lot!

A trivia /contest question has been sent out to those on the newsletter list, so stay tuned for the results and good luck!


January 27, 2022

From Lynne Betts:

About 3:30 this afternoon, in addition to woodpeckers (Downey & Pileated), a Bald Eagle, and Canadian Geese, I encountered 3 River Otters!  One was just as curious about me as I was it.


January 20, 2022

IF you would be interested in the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy’s (NRWC) newsletter – which we will be having monthly drawings based on environmental trivia for those on the mailing list – email me at  to be placed on the periodic info – this upcoming trivia will be about beech trees !

The blog the NRWC is here:
and page is here:


January 18, 2022

Thanks for Day 4 revisit of tree clearing at the Vince Morris Nature Trail at Chapel Branch- Glenn, Brenda, Gary and Holly Focht! and cleaning up Newton Woods today as well! How much does a tree cutter cut trees? (Say 5 times fast) – around 40 trees in 4 days ? Priceless work, time, and effort that benefits the community – thank you so so so so so so much!

Trail clearing day 4: Tuesday, January 18th at 10am. Volunteers to gather at parking lot. Will be clearing the rest of the Beech Tree, Beaver Pond, the Point and River Walk trails.


January 15th Nature Walk –


COLD. Yes, it is VERY cold, a cool 20 degrees Fahrenheit today sooo- we will be represented at The Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch at this morning, imitating a warmer version of Friluftsliv but we want your visit to NRWC property to be comfortable and enjoyable. DO NOT worry if today is too cold to leisurely take in the trail, we understand it is probably too cold today but we will have another next week again!

In the meantime, leading up to Martin Luther King Jr’s Day of Service January 17, 2022, we’d like to pull some of the listed activities that you can contribute to your community, with, inside and outside!

  1. The advocacy to legislators about natural lands is the heart of the NRWC – and this particular land in Maryland is a GREAT way to take part in saving a piece of land for restoration and prevent development on. Go ahead and do it and let environmental lands hear your voice!
  2. Media Literacy is huge, and piggy backing on #1, we desperately need a push with increasing uses of social media, for future generations to receive the correct instruction on how to discern messaging on all sorts of media. Go ahead whole your are advocating today and support the Senate Bill 195 (SB 195) and let your legislators know you do feel the education and awareness of media literacy, by certified school librarians, is a vital part of education – that is what brings you to us and we hope brings future generations to us! (Beware of the tree octopus !)
  3. What do you know personally about Poison Ivy, Sassafras, Black Oak, and Mountain Laurel? We’d like to hear your “Did you know’s” as we are moving forward with a Chapel Branch field guide for students! Send any and all cool trivia and facts you know to us and we will credit you and put your knowledge to use informing younger generations! (All info can be sent ot

Stay tuned for 12 more ways from now until Monday evening on how you can play a part in community service from your home and by getting out for the MLK Day of Service!


January 13, 2022 Nature Walk

We will plan to have a nature walk on January 15th, 2022 at 8:45 AM at the Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch- any changes on this check HERE by 8:00 AM on January 15th! Free books for children and adults, trail maps to the public, as well as investigating highlights of the trail!

January 13, 2022

Day 2 of Trail /tree clearing! Thank you Cindi, Matt, Gary, Holly, Brenda, and Glenn for again – clearing the way for our community and the NRWC at the Vince Morris trail at Chapel Branch!


January 10, 2022

Trail Clearing

Thanks to the volunteers at Chapel Branch today clearing the paths from trees that would be threatening the trail.

Members will be back at Chapel Branch on Thursday at 10 PM to clear the Three Ponds Trail.

Thanks to the hard and cold work everyone did today!


January 9, 2022!

Crews will be clearing trails Monday January 10th at 11:30AM – so please be patient – we will be hoping to plan a Saturday walk on Saturday, January 15th at Chapel Branch – Keep looking to our blog post to confirm later this week based on the weather over the next week –

Nanticoke Conservancy Storm Damage Warning Southern Delaware’s January 3, 2022 snowy introduction to winter has left us, not only with fantastic scenes of beauty, but with some very dangerous conditions for walking the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy’s wonderful woodland trails! Wet and heavy snows clinging to downed trees and tall branches has caused many trees and high branches to come down and these conditions can be deadly until thorough melting is complete. The NRWC advises the public to avoid using any of our 7 miles of trails at the Chapel Branch Nature Area in Seaford, the Newton Woods Trail near Bridgeville and the Millstone Trail between Bridgeville and Georgetown for at least one week or until this (and the latest forecast snow for Friday, Jan 7th) has completely melted. Please be safe and we will welcome you again after next week!! Marlene Mervine, Exec. Director NRWC

January 6, 2022

NRWC Friends, During Gary, Holly and my clean-up of several tons of storm damage on our Millstone Trail today, Holly noticed this amazing 4″ Loblolly trunk section. None of us had ever seen anything like this. Yup, our tracts can produce some very unusual and beautiful wonders!! Marlene Mervine

Loblolly art!


Due to the following conditions we will plan on our next Saturday Walk on January 15, 2022- Keep in touch with this site as we navigate clearing the trails at Chapel Branch!

Nanticoke Conservancy Storm Damage Warning

    Southern Delaware’s January 3, 2022 snowy introduction to winter has left us, not only with fantastic scenes of beauty, but with some very dangerous conditions for walking the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy’s wonderful woodland trails!  Wet and heavy snows clinging to downed trees and tall branches has caused many trees and high branches to come down and these conditions can be deadly until thorough melting is complete.  The NRWC advises the public to avoid using any of our 7 miles of trails at the Chapel Branch Nature Area in Seaford, the Newton Woods Trail near Bridgeville and the Millstone Trail between Bridgeville and Georgetown for at least one week or until this (and the latest forecast snow for Friday, Jan 7th) has completely melted.     Please be safe and we will welcome you again after next week!!   Marlene Mervine, Exec. Director NRWC 


Documents worth Documenting in your Memory 🙂

Phase I

We will begin to collect and gather documents worth investigating and taking in as part of the Eastern Shore /Chesapeake Bay Environmental History!

Our first, to the right, is the 2010 report and the introduction, as seen on page 7 is below the image. Enjoy! This is Phase I, and below you will see Phase II.

Delaware has participated in the Chesapeake Bay Program since signing a multi-jurisdictional
Memorandum of Understanding in 2000, committing to achieving water quality goals to protect and improve the bay and tributary waters. Since past Chesapeake Bay Program restoration goals have yet to be met, on May 12, 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13508, placing increased focus and heightened emphasis on Bay restoration.

In addition, draft legislation has reauthorized the Chesapeake Bay Program, calling for increased measures from federal, state, and local governments. Before both of these initiatives began, however, EPA had already begun developing a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment for the entire six-state and DC Chesapeake Bay watershed because water quality impairments had been documented for decades. This TMDL will require significant reductions in point and nonpoint pollutant loadings from all jurisdictions within the Chesapeake Bay watershed so that water quality standards can be achieved. As part of the EPA TMDL, each jurisdiction is required to develop a Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) that details how load allocations will be achieved and maintained now and in the future. Additionally, jurisdictions will have to exhibit accountability by achieving 2-year milestone goals.

Phase II plan, dated, March 30, 2012.

Delaware has participated in the Chesapeake Bay Program since signing a multi-jurisdictional Memorandum of Understanding in 2000, committing to achieving water quality goals to protect and improve the Bay and tributary waters. Since past Chesapeake Bay Program restoration goals have yet to be met, on
May 12, 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13508, placing increased focus and heightened emphasis on Bay restoration. In addition, draft legislation to reauthorize the Chesapeake Bay Program,
calls for increased measures from federal, state, and local governments. Before both of these initiatives began, however, EPA had already begun developing a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment for the entire six-state and DC Chesapeake Bay watershed because water quality impairments had been documented for decades. This TMDL will require significant reductions in point and nonpoint pollutant loadings from all jurisdictions within the Chesapeake Bay watershed so that water quality standards can be achieved. As part of the EPA TMDL, each jurisdiction is required to develop a Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) that details how load allocations will be achieved and maintained now and in the future. Additionally, jurisdictions will have to exhibit accountability by achieving 2-year
milestone goals.

New Report: Agricultural Lands Key to a Healthy Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay Watershed is a large ecosystem that encompasses approximately 64,000 square miles in six states: Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and the District of Columbia.

Although Pennsylvania doesn’t border the Chesapeake Bay, more than half of the state lies within the watershed. Pennsylvania contains two major rivers that are part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: the Susquehanna, with 21,000 square miles, and the Potomac, with 1,600 square miles. Together, they total 40 percent of the entire Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The Susquehanna River basin is the largest tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. From its start near Cooperstown, New York, the river flows over 400 miles and empties into the northern portion of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

Impacts of Conservation Adoption on Cultivated Acres of Cropland in the Chesapeake Bay Region, 2003-06 to 2011

On December 5, 2013, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced the release of the CEAP-Cropland report on the effects of recently installed conservation practices on cropland in the Chesapeake Bay region. This new report, using data collected in 2003-06 and 2011, demonstrates that during the time between the two surveys, agricultural producers have significantly increased their use of an array of conservation measures to improve and protect water and soil quality in the Chesapeake Bay region. These conservation practices are generating substantial natural resource benefits for producers and the communities of the Chesapeake Bay region.

Impact Statement found here:




Nanticoke Conservancy Storm Damage Warning

    Southern Delaware’s January 3, 2022 snowy introduction to winter has left us, not only with fantastic scenes of beauty, but with some very dangerous conditions for walking the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy’s wonderful woodland trails!  Wet and heavy snows clinging to downed trees and tall branches has caused many trees and high branches to come down and these conditions can be deadly until thorough melting is complete.  The NRWC advises the public to avoid using any of our 7 miles of trails at the Chapel Branch Nature Area in Seaford, the Newton Woods Trail near Bridgeville and the Millstone Trail between Bridgeville and Georgetown for at least one week or until this (and the latest forecast snow for Friday, Jan 7th) has completely melted.     Please be safe and we will welcome you again after next week!!   Marlene Mervine, Exec. Director NRWC 


Thank you for using AmazonSmiles to support the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy- NRWC!

We appreciate your support and hope you will use AmazonSmiles to support us in the future! Much appreciated!You can support NRWC each time by using this link when you shop Amazon!

Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy 

Location: Seaford, DE

Mission: The Organization Is A Citizen-Based Land And Water Conservation Advocate Dedicated To Preservation Of Open Space, Plants, And Animals, Unique, Scenic, Natural, Historical, And Recreational Sites And Objects. These Efforts Are Concentrated On The Watershed Of The Nanticoke River And Its Tributaries In Delaware And Maryland.

Programs: Purchase Or Accept Gifts Of Land And/Or Easements On Land To Protect The Natural Resources On The Land And To Limit Development.

Advise Landowners Regarding Tax Benefits Of Preserving Open Space. Monitor Land Easements.

Educate People Regarding Natural Resources, Including Aesthetic Appreciation And Wise Use Of These Resources.

How does AmazonSmile work?

When first visiting AmazonSmile, customers are prompted to select a charitable organization from over one million eligible organizations. In order to browse or shop at AmazonSmile, customers must first select a charitable organization. For eligible purchases at AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the customer’s selected charitable organization.

What is the AmazonSmile Foundation?

The AmazonSmile Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private foundation created by Amazon to administer the AmazonSmile program. All donation amounts generated by the AmazonSmile program are remitted to the AmazonSmile Foundation. In turn, the AmazonSmile Foundation donates those amounts to the charitable organizations selected by our customers. Amazon pays all expenses of the AmazonSmile Foundation; they are not deducted from the donation amounts generated by purchases on AmazonSmile.


Holiday Walk January 01, 2022

11:30 AM Yes of course it started increasing rain as the 9:00AM hour approached! However, we will rain date the walk for January 8th, all same details apply!

From today’s experience, we were lucky to meet some new visitors to the nature trail, as well as learn a few things:

Identifying Loblolly Pines are easy once you realize there are three needs coming out from one central point (fascicle)– the bark to me always was an indicator but I was informed other pines also have similar bark patterns. The pine information was GREAT but also, learned that loblolly self prune as you can see from branches that drop in looking up an existing loblolly.

Also, we were able to clean up the roadside from the entrance of Chapel Branch to the railroad tracks leading to the Invista entrance, AS WELL AS take care of loose debris at the entrance of the nature trail, AND retrieve a post that had been pulled out and laying on the side of the trail. So all was not lost. We look forward to a better day – hopefully dryer, as I am sure, and you can see, the hounds were not impressed with trail walking today 🙂 Hope to see you next Saturday!

7:00 AM January 01, 2022

Happy New Year! As of 6:50- 7:15 AM- after a morning test walk with the hounds, our holiday Walk is still on at 9:00 AM, at Chapel Branch! For precaution, bring an umbrella and foot attire / dress attire prepared for a little dampness, but the weather is amazingly warm! We have sanitizer, and we have books ready for children and adults- we hope to share the beauty of the Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch with you this morning! Dogs are welcome, we just ask them to be on leash 🙂 Plenty of books available to youth and adult visitors today!

Stay tuned to future events with WBOC!

Google Map

Books available to visitors during today’s Nature Walk!



Whether you knew it or not, certified school librarians and students are vital to educating future generations about our immediate environment! Thanks to a handful of students at Woodbridge High School, Independent Study students to be exact, from the Woodbridge High Library Media Center, students have been organizing the educational vaults of The Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy and now will begin to organize and advertise ways our community can educate environmental aspects of our immediate area in Delaware! (Envirocate, get it?! )

Today we focus one one of the coolest, portable educational tools. The fundana, part bandana, totally educational, these portable lessons can be taken to several ecosystems, and take a look at our example today, titled BeachQuest:


2021 NRWC Annual Giving

At this wonderful season of the year we all take time to pause and reflect on the many blessings we enjoy!  Among the blessings that all of us in southwestern Sussex County and beyond can celebrate is the protection of well over 500 acres of conservation lands, saved forever for YOU through the work of the Nanticoke Conservancy!  And we anticipate the addition of another 170+ acres by March 2022.

            These lands are protected into the future for us and our families—local forests, agricultural lands, wetlands, pollinator meadows, stream and river parcels, valuable wildlife and rare plant habitats and over five miles of beautiful trails for the health and enjoyment of everyone.

            All of this could not have been possible without your support!  As we work with our communities and schools to further environmental and health education, volunteer to keep these forever landscapes available to everyone and to protect conservation habitats  for clean water and healthy air, we need everyone’s help!

Won’t you DONATE to the Nanticoke Conservancy this 2021 holiday season??

            We are your local non-profit, tax exempt land trust folks who are working very hard for YOU, and we have many plans for the future to benefit all in the Nanticoke watershed.  To help us, you may send donations to:

            The Nanticoke Conservancy

            P.O. Box 418

            Seaford,  DE  19973

            Or you may DONATE  through our website:


Marlene H. Mervine, Executive Director

Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy


January 1, 2022 Holiday Walk – (Due to Rain Anticipated, plan on Rain Date of January 8th)

Chapel Branch Nature Trail, 470-514 Woodland Rd, Seaford, DE 19973

January 01, at the Vince Morris Trail at Chapel at Chapel Branch, we will have a holiday walk to allow individuals to check out trails, those marked and not marked, as well as exploring the in’s and outs of The Vince Morris Trail at Chapel Branch!

While supplies last – we will have extra copies of Last Child in the Woodsas well as books on hand for elementary students that they can choose from – tied to the environment!   We want to get literacy into the hands of youth as much as possible while connecting the values of the environment!  I will arrive at 9:00 AM with my canines, and you are welcome to bring yours, we just ask all dogs to be on leash.

We would love for you to spread the word and let individuals revisit the additions to Chapel Branch, as well as see it for the first time.  If weather is raining or not fitting for exploring, I will send an email out before by 8:00 AM January 01 to let you know of a change and a potential rain date, but due to weather reports currently January 8th is looking pretty good at this point!


Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Awards 2021 Hits Jackpot with NRWC

The Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy is brought to the spotlight thanks to the efforts or NRWC volunteers Ron Russell, Gary Focht and Harry Brake. In an effort to bring the efforts the NRWC gives back to the community, being recognized through the state of the Delaware is not only about being an individual honor – but bringing to light the purpose and investment of the NRWC to the community we find ourselves in. While the three NRWC volunteers are deeply humbled about this honor, the chance to bring the needs and successes of the NRWC to light is the real winner!


Newton Woods? What is Happening There?

Thanks to the Woodbridge FFA and NRWC volunteers, NRWC’s Newton Woods tract is becoming a great place to explore and appreciate the different ecosystems you will see! Newly renovated drive in, as well as clearing paths are all a part of how Newton Woods is becoming a nature trail you will want to become familiar with!


Legislating NRWC Value

Thanks to Marlene Mervine and Gary Focht for meeting with Alexandra Gilliland, legislative Assistant to U.S. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester on December 17th. Support, goals, and needs of the NRWC were discussed and strategies to move forward with the future of the NRWC all were put on the table and strategized. Much hard work and planning goes into protecting the future of our environmental community. Thank you Ms Gilliland, Marlene Mervine and Gary Focht for investing in the time towards these efforts!


Community Book Discussion

SOME of you may have wondered – or heard – that the NRWC is leading a Community Book Talk! You’re RIGHT! 🙂 Here is a look into the third week notes we send out that tie into what we have done so far on The Last Child in the Woods ! project started from the Math and Science Upward Bound students this past summer:

September 18, 2021

Last Week we met at Pizza King, thanks to Marlene Mervine, Glen Mellin, Lennie Truitt, and student Ritza, as we covered items for Chapters 16-20. Please continue to check out the wealth of contributions found on our discussion of Last Child in the Woods.

We were lucky enough to have Glenn bring in an example of Chinquapin

To see excerpts of Glen and Lennie’s Ritual Landscapes, the Preface, Chapters 1-3 are presented here:


September 4, 2021

Glen provided some exciting insights into Week 3 and Lennie too!
Okay so first take a look at the image attached  – this was a GREAT look into a pretty aggressive way nature reacts to seed dispersal – and this is called:

 Proboscidea parvilflora variety hokokamiana – aka Devil’s Claw.

How cool is that?!  My takeaway from this is illustrating what can;t be learned in a textbook and how this lookalike from the Alien series, (Sigourney Weaver) is in the environment in reality (and how ALIEN is the environment to so many youth today?)

Could be a cool bell ringer to challenge students to find something in the environment that resembles something they have seen on tv or on a movie, connecting them to the tech and environmental relationship.

Also – we discussed the definition of artifact, through Glenn’s eyes as a registered anthropologist –  and how the sky, and the air –  is now an artifact as it has changed due to the nature of how humans have changed the air, the sky due to pollution, releasing carbon etc and it is not what it used to be – it is a new recreation of these elements – I am curious to see what you think of that!  

Also Glen shed some light on chapters 20 and 21 (yep he cruised and finished this text) BUT I am going to get to that when we arrive there if okay, but it is pretty worthy conversation 🙂  )

Did you see the amazingly cool poster Lennie provided?

Whew, alot to ponder the first day of the third week – so if you plan on joining Zoom or in person at Every Fiber at 1:00 – please let me know it says on the website closes as 1:00 – but I think it is 2:00 – so – I plan on being there at 1:00 PM JUST in case there is a flaw, zoom will start at 1:00 but if a problem, will start at 1:15- but please RSVP if you will be in person or on Zoom, and if not – it is OKAY – it is just so I can plan the day as well 🙂   but please consider adding to the Google doc then? – your thoughts, connections, etc?  That link is HERE

and I hope you will use the template to encourage senators/representatives/ members of the Sussex County Council to help support the NRWC in creating and establishing an office, as well as a established parking lot, gazebo learning area, etc at Chapel Branch to start.  If we can affirm how often this is used and how many people – and the need, and get into a regular budget – the lands we acquire can meet with the education on those lands we can provide to our community!  Your voice will carry a ton of weight.  The template you can edit is HERE (The links in the letter are built into the letter on Google already!)

Any questions let me know.  Next week – Chapter 16-20!  

The one thing I am realizing from this book talk is how to use books to work interactively, taking ideas and making them be active, out of the book reality aspects of how we improve our community. That truly takes a village of individuals to bring these elements together, and then create a movement towards aspects more positive.

Also, a SUPER SUPER surprise about something you might not have known about Chapel Branch – coming soon!


Summer of 2021 Integrating Math & Science Upward Bound with the Environment

We do ALOT for just relying on volunteers as you can tell- Here you can see students at work at the Millstone Tract:

Links to show what was learned from the students over summer:


Conducting a community wide book read on Last Child in the Woods and conducting discussions:( I shared that link with you but here is a link as well:

It is VITAL we keep adding opportunities to what our future generations can realize they have a gift for!


Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy March 20th 2021 Community Clean up DAY!

8:00-noon – at Chapel Branch Trail

Plenty of Sign ups for various tasks available where you can submit your requests:

ANY questions, do not hesitate, your interest and support makes the NRWC move forward – Thank you!

Newest map created of the River Hike –


PREVIOUS Community Clean Up Day

Thank you to everyone who helped with The Chapel Branch Nature Trail Community Clean Up Day with the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy. Over 20 projects in one day – and as you know stewardship of this and so many other properties is more than one day- if you want to be in the loop of other activities – please email us at – and bulletin!

Check out our videos from the day –

and some pictures later today too. Special, thanks to Beth Kopicki for our video/photo coverage, and so our sponsors- Nanticoke Hospital, Volunteer Delaware, Hungry Howie’s and Rita’s Ice – It was great to meet and greet new individuals from other states, as well as neighbors nearby unaware of the Chapel Branch Nature Trail.

Girl Scout Troop 1321 and Seaford FFA to name just a few – it was a great day thanks to all of you helping maintain some of the best resources in our own back yard!

Congrats on the two coloring contest winners!

The NRWC congratulates Ms Kyrie Matos and Ms Lilyan Farris on being the NRWC Community Day Coloring Contest winners! Kudos! They receive a generous package from the Baltimore Aquarium, Hungry Howies, and feedback from our judges. They both ironically chose our “Narnia Tree” – the great Beech tree at Chapel Branch to choose as their coloring entries. We applaud their motivation and talent, and love putting 2021 on their awards – items being sent to them via mail this week! Congratulations and HUGE kudos to our sponsors, judges and artists as listed on the certificate!

Thanks to Hungry Howie’s in Seaford! –
Thanks to the Baltimore Aquarium –
Chapel Branch Bridge

For downloads – you can download and print your pages here

(Congrats to our student artist Salma!)

Chapel Branch Beech “Narnia” Tree
NRWC logo
Chapel Branch Nature Trail /Area Sign


Fall 2020 Newsletter – Nanticoke Notes

Check out our full newsletter from Fall 2020



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