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Community Book Discussion

SOME of you may have wondered – or heard – that the NRWC is leading a Community Book Talk! You’re RIGHT! 🙂 Here is a look into the third week notes we send out that tie into what we have done so far on The Last Child in the Woods ! project started from the Math and Science Upward Bound students this past summer:

September 18, 2021

Last Week we met at Pizza King, thanks to Marlene Mervine, Glen Mellin, Lennie Truitt, and student Ritza, as we covered items for Chapters 16-20. Please continue to check out the wealth of contributions found on our discussion of Last Child in the Woods.

We were lucky enough to have Glenn bring in an example of Chinquapin

To see excerpts of Glen and Lennie’s Ritual Landscapes, the Preface, Chapters 1-3 are presented here:


September 4, 2021

Glen provided some exciting insights into Week 3 and Lennie too!
Okay so first take a look at the image attached  – this was a GREAT look into a pretty aggressive way nature reacts to seed dispersal – and this is called:

 Proboscidea parvilflora variety hokokamiana – aka Devil’s Claw.

How cool is that?!  My takeaway from this is illustrating what can;t be learned in a textbook and how this lookalike from the Alien series, (Sigourney Weaver) is in the environment in reality (and how ALIEN is the environment to so many youth today?)

Could be a cool bell ringer to challenge students to find something in the environment that resembles something they have seen on tv or on a movie, connecting them to the tech and environmental relationship.

Also – we discussed the definition of artifact, through Glenn’s eyes as a registered anthropologist –  and how the sky, and the air –  is now an artifact as it has changed due to the nature of how humans have changed the air, the sky due to pollution, releasing carbon etc and it is not what it used to be – it is a new recreation of these elements – I am curious to see what you think of that!  

Also Glen shed some light on chapters 20 and 21 (yep he cruised and finished this text) BUT I am going to get to that when we arrive there if okay, but it is pretty worthy conversation 🙂  )

Did you see the amazingly cool poster Lennie provided?

Whew, alot to ponder the first day of the third week – so if you plan on joining Zoom or in person at Every Fiber at 1:00 – please let me know it says on the website closes as 1:00 – but I think it is 2:00 – so – I plan on being there at 1:00 PM JUST in case there is a flaw, zoom will start at 1:00 but if a problem, will start at 1:15- but please RSVP if you will be in person or on Zoom, and if not – it is OKAY – it is just so I can plan the day as well 🙂   but please consider adding to the Google doc then? – your thoughts, connections, etc?  That link is HERE

and I hope you will use the template to encourage senators/representatives/ members of the Sussex County Council to help support the NRWC in creating and establishing an office, as well as a established parking lot, gazebo learning area, etc at Chapel Branch to start.  If we can affirm how often this is used and how many people – and the need, and get into a regular budget – the lands we acquire can meet with the education on those lands we can provide to our community!  Your voice will carry a ton of weight.  The template you can edit is HERE (The links in the letter are built into the letter on Google already!)

Any questions let me know.  Next week – Chapter 16-20!  

The one thing I am realizing from this book talk is how to use books to work interactively, taking ideas and making them be active, out of the book reality aspects of how we improve our community. That truly takes a village of individuals to bring these elements together, and then create a movement towards aspects more positive.

Also, a SUPER SUPER surprise about something you might not have known about Chapel Branch – coming soon!


Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy March 20th Community Clean up DAY!

8:00-noon – at Chapel Branch Trail

Plenty of Sign ups for various tasks available where you can submit your requests:

ANY questions, do not hesitate, your interest and support makes the NRWC move forward – Thank you!

Newest map created of the River Hike –


PREVIOUS Community Clean Up Day

Thank you to everyone who helped with The Chapel Branch Nature Trail Community Clean Up Day with the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy. Over 20 projects in one day – and as you know stewardship of this and so many other properties is more than one day- if you want to be in the loop of other activities – please email us at – and bulletin!

Check out our videos from the day –

and some pictures later today too. Special, thanks to Beth Kopicki for our video/photo coverage, and so our sponsors- Nanticoke Hospital, Volunteer Delaware, Hungry Howie’s and Rita’s Ice – It was great to meet and greet new individuals from other states, as well as neighbors nearby unaware of the Chapel Branch Nature Trail.

Girl Scout Troop 1321 and Seaford FFA to name just a few – it was a great day thanks to all of you helping maintain some of the best resources in our own back yard!

Congrats on the two coloring contest winners!

The NRWC congratulates Ms Kyrie Matos and Ms Lilyan Farris on being the NRWC Community Day Coloring Contest winners! Kudos! They receive a generous package from the Baltimore Aquarium, Hungry Howies, and feedback from our judges. They both ironically chose our “Narnia Tree” – the great Beech tree at Chapel Branch to choose as their coloring entries. We applaud their motivation and talent, and love putting 2021 on their awards – items being sent to them via mail this week! Congratulations and HUGE kudos to our sponsors, judges and artists as listed on the certificate!

Thanks to Hungry Howie’s in Seaford! –

Thanks to the Baltimore Aquarium –
Chapel Branch Bridge

For downloads – you can download and print your pages here

(Congrats to our student artist Salma!)

Chapel Branch Beech “Narnia” Tree
NRWC logo
Chapel Branch Nature Trail /Area Sign