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Great question when you are maybe leaving an organization and have stored a ton of files:

The question:   

I’m using a Google account which is linked up to an educational organization. Using that account, I have backed up alot of my school files. I know that when I graduate, that account will probably be closed, however, I have shared folders on my google drive so it can be accessed by other Google accounts.

When my educational account gets closed, will I still be able to access these shared folders through my collaborator accounts?


The answer:

I would recommend using Google Takeout to transfer your files. Google Takeout is the backup service provided to you through your Google Apps Account. You have to opt-in to Public Services in order to have access to this feature. Make sure you are logged into your school’s Google Apps account and then navigate to This will bring you to the advanced settings within your Google Apps Account that hosts the Google Takeout application. Google Takeout downloads a copy of all your data to a zip file. This can take a little while depending on how much data you have in your Google Apps. You can read more about Google Takeout here. Also see this link: Download your data.


How do I make my own Hummingbird feed and take care of the change to avoid the buildup of mold?

The best site I found for this above info is here – and it works!


Make toys for my dogs out of everyday products?


What about for my cats?