Tuning into the Music of your Life…

In catching segments of this album, I think this might be a great al um of meaning and insight – interested to check it out.

Aisha Burns Argonauta 


Did you realize that Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline are the parents of this young female artist?  Check it out HERE


Up and becoming artists headed to Austin!

Check them out here!


A GREAT Place to check on concerts in Mexico!

Endless Rotation, from NPR, is a great addition to check out tunes that are very popular, and I love music you can find highlighted on NPR.

Random Likes

Alabama 3 – Cool sound, love the abstract video – just genuinely like!    Woke up This Morning


NPR Highlights on music




Starbuck Cards

1st card – When I go into Starbuck’s, it is a gut reaction, I have to take one of the desk cards from ITunes that is a complimentary song card.  Yes most of the codes are expired.  I didn’t realize you needed to be IN the Starbuks to download the song, that is kind of cool – I want to try and see if the expired date cards work, lol.  While the cards are not collectors,  I felt it was about time to make this act real and highlight some of the cards I have grabbed along the way and also create a forum for music you need to definitely check out.

Crocodiles, with the Song Endless Flowers.    This was the last iTunes card I grabbed and yes, I figured it would be way out there.  LOVE.  A mix between the 80’s Romantic’s and punk rock, the sound of Endless Flowers has that “summer-y” tint of sound to it, enough to want you to listen to more with the windows down and air blowing in.  A description below of the band does it justice –

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.01.50 AM

Worth the time on this initial review of a stack of iTunes cards I will explore with you? Definitely.  Creepy video?   Heck YES!, but the music flows well.  Still creepy video, yes. Let’s hope the rest of the choices pan out as refreshing as this one did!


2nd Card  Sofi Mayen’s “Dependa Tanto De Ti” (I depend On You)

At the age of 17 years and supported by the Institute of Culture Zacatecano recorded his first demo for submission in Mexico City. For nearly four years working on his first solo album, which was recorded in the studio sweet sound of San Angel, in the DF, under the production of Lalo Murguia Arriaga and Mauritius, as well as in the study of Guillermo Mendez June located in Tepoztlan, Morelos. The album, which was launched in 2012 and bears the name of Sofi Mayen, contains eleven simple of its authorship. The first theme that emerges from this material is hate you.

I have to say when first hearing the beginning I did not know way to expect from this song, but, in hearing the clearness, strength, and flexibility of Sofi Mayen’s voice, I realized how upbeat this tune and her voice makes you feel.  This reminds me that to truly here her voice it s talent and not needing elaborate background music to accompany, this was a good pick from Starbucks!  Here is another cool video and song by Ms. Mayen! Below are the lyrics in English for “Dependa Tanto De Ti”:

Be the heart that I have and I started to this song
But your love is my anesthesia.
Not heart but from the day in which I saw you
I do not do any more that to think about you
I feel that I meet in voice …
I depend so much on you …
I depend so much on you …
You come and scarcely I see you smiling
I see butterflies flying about me
turning and floating
And I depend so much on you …
I depend so much on you …
And better someone does not exist nobody overcomes love to you
I am unconscious flood of another situation
nobody imports any more
for me only that with me these and with me you will remain …
And I see butterflies flying about me
turning and floating I am along with(near to) you
I see butterflies flying about me
turning and floating
And I depend so much on you …
I depend so much on you …
And I see butterflies flying about me
turning and floating I am along with(near to) you
I see butterflies flying about me
turning and floating
And I depend so much on you …
I depend so much on you …


3rd card – She & Him – Baby It’s Cold Outside

In classic acoustic/indie/simple style, I appreciate the genuine and simpleness of this this song, and She & Him is easily a tune I could hear come on in a coffee shop away in a corner, but would probably be not something I would purchase on my own.  Based on the original song by Frank Loesser, and redone by many after it the rights were sold to MGM Studios.  She & Him do manage to make this a unique version, some like, some do not, but I think it is a good take on providing an alternative version and nice to hear, not grating or annoying in the least. Releasing their first album in 2008, this duet is from the west coast area, and have had three albums including recently one in 2013.  “I Could’ve Been Your Girl” was the most recent released by this group, a mix of  tune from the ’50’s sounds with modern twist – interesting video, lol.  This is not my favorite group of all time, but definitely one with their own personality that makes them interesting.

4th Card The Kooks – Junk of the Heart (Happy)

Alot of people commented this would be the song of their summer, and in listening to The Kooks, a British-based band, and releasing an album due this year (which the song is the title of their album!), I catch a slight Romantics/Ramones/David Bowie/The Cure, and a few more things wrapped in there, but overall, it flows and is light, and true, it does “make you happy.”  Rhythm and words go well together, and I can imagine on a summer day this rolling out, and my fingers and head nodding to The Kooks.

Intermission between the 4th and 5th card –

A group that doesn’t seem to fit into any group is Sylvan Esso – the sounds are just original and well, hard to define but also for me, hard to stop listening to!  Check it out here!


5th Card – Sharon Van Etten – Taking Chances

It has been awhile yet, the car remain for me to explore!  I first played this and my initial and thought, well, I wasn’t sure I liked Sharon’s range of highs and lows with notes, and yet the calmness, and smoothness she brings to the scene is a mix between well, it is actually hard to compare here to an artist.  She is her own in her own right, and from reviews – she is going to be a big hit as the time progresses.  Calm, cool, collective is a style and Sharon Van Etten doesn’t seem to need to rush into covering anything unless she feels strongly about it, she has her own confidence and passion that is into the individual pieces she does,  and it is hard to believe that we will not hear more from her, as I think her popularity is filling a soulful void of someone so young and talented, many of which we have lost in the last year or so.  For some reason, Amy Winehouse without the drama comes to mind when I see Sharon Van Etten on stage.


6th CardTorreblanca – 1000 Fantasmas

This particular song has the feeling of being spirited, not predictable at all with sounds yet, still there the repeated aspects that are not grating, just kind of unusual.  There is a Dave Matthews -like air with but alot less emphasis in words, music, and moments within the piece, the universality and flexibility of sound, expression, and meaning that comes from Torreblanca, yet, with a sound similar to Duran Duran and Depeche Mode at time, there is much variation in what this group brings to the music scene.


7th cardJaviera Mena – La Joya

Cute comes to mind immediately, and totally pop-ish, but yet, if you hear Javiera, you can’t help but tapping to the beat.  Catchy, trendy, and easy to listen to, I am not sure who I would compare Javiera too, maybe Debbie Gibson or Tiffany when she first come out – but not quite to the level of Selena Gomez.  Not too over the top but just trendy enough to taken the accompanying music, Javiera Mena seems to be a say bet to listen to but not exploding out of the speakers with her own unique style, yet.  Though, someone not explosive enough to make you think, what trouble will she get into next is a bit refreshing!








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