D is for Delaware!

Yes, many have NO CLUE how amazing Delaware is, and often do the Del – a Where? – It amazes me how many do not know some awesome secrets about Delaware! So this site is devoted to restaurants, services, and more – that will blow your mind – and YES, aside from Wayne’s World, there is SOME AMAZING things in Delaware . ūüôā¬†


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Nature Centers in Delaware – Click Here!


Tri State Bird Rescue –¬†¬†¬† ¬†170 Possum Hollow Road, Newark, DE 19711
(302) 737-9543 . 

The Giant Yard Sale is an annual fundraiser that benefits our native wild patients here at Tri-State. Items are donated by the community throughout the summer to be sold at the Yard Sale in October. All sales help native wild birds in need receive professional medical treatment and care!


0826171800bBethany Beach  РOut of the Eastern Shores beaches, this beach falls into the category of relaxed, family, laid back, restorative.

Unlike the constant busyness of Rehoboth, partiness at Dewey, I prefer Bethany, at an early hour to simply enjoy the water and enjoy the boardwalk and beach experience while still capturing the laid back feeling Bethany has to offer.  0826171800a

Awesome restaurants, a great bookstore, and a nice laid out mix of residential and tourism.  For dogs, they are allowed on leash from September 30 to May 15,  and after September 15th tolls/meters are stopped needing to be fed.  However, the app you can get here Рis amazing saves trips back and forth!


0819171030a (2)James Farm Ecological Preserve РExcellent location for education workshops, awesome private beach 0819171030c . where you can take your dog on a leash, and right near Bethany Beach! The history of this ecological preserve can be found here. Some cool cl0819171033asses that occur here are everything from seining 

0819171045bto examining the bird and water fowl of the area to much more, check it out here.





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Delaware Events blog



October 7 – Tri State Bird Sale! –¬†¬†The Giant Yard Sale is an annual fundraiser that benefits our native wild patients here at Tri-State. Items are donated by the community throughout the summer to be sold at the Yard Sale in October.¬†All sales help native wild birds in need¬†receive¬†professional medical treatment and care!


October 6 – 7th – History Book FestivalCheck it out here!


October 1, 2017 Р  Coast Day РLewes РThis is an amazing event and super fun for all family!


Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 8.36.14 AMSeptember 7, 8, 9 University of Delaware Botanical Gardens Fall Plant Sale!





August 26 2017- August 26, 2018 .   Harrington Heritage Day  


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 5.15.15 AM


MIDDLETOWN PEACH FESTIVAL!         August 19, 2017 

216 N Broad Street, Middletown, Delaware 19709





AFRAM Festival coming!  August 12th! Р   http://www.easternshoreafram.org/

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.50.56 PM

To register and more info, click HERE



Comic Con!  Р August 19th coming!Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.50.02 PM.png

Here is another link to this event! (Click to the left)





Maryland Area

Salisbury Events Calendar – Click HERE

Sharptown Carnival – August 3rd to August 26th 2017


Virginia Area

46519611_10155806968191003_8878888528407166976_n.jpgFestive Fridays РABSOLUTELY.  This is worth booking a day,, two, or more and taking in the amazing holiday spirit of Cape Charles.

The cool finds, the amazing spirit of the holidays stripped down to just enjoying individuals, it is a GREAT tradition to make and keep each year.¬† About 2 1/2 hours from Mid Delaware, this a a rare find to say the least.¬† Unique, quaint, and full of spirit, you will find that in gifts that are the of the same quality.¬† 46516040_10155806968141003_6877811442125373440_n.jpgCheck out the details of that experience here – and don’t hesitate to spend the day and evening here.




FreeCycle.org  Р Great site to post, donate, sell, obtain items within communities all over the world.  Wilmington, Dover, Sussex County, and other areas for Delaware as well able to look al over the country.  Great opportunity to connect many together to look for things and to collaborate!


PARKS!- Coming soon!





Rover.com¬†profile (www.caringdogsitters.com/sit/daniellel61/c) use my promo code LEVREDGE20 for $20 off your first booking a great way to take care of your pets without being placed in a kennel ūüôā





Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.14.26 PM1- Rudy’s Family Restaurant –¬†17064 S Dupont Hwy, Harrington, DE 19952

I lived in Seaford, DE for over 6 years and the location I remembered here did not exist.  When I met someone here for a business meeting, wow.  I was like, when did this become built here?  lol.  The plate of Scrapple, waffles with blueberries and strawberries, and orange juice was GREAT РDelicious, and FAST.  The waitress Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.14.32 PM was amazing as she had been here since the beginning of the new building, and my blog harrybrake.com premieres the story Sunday night (March 01, 2015).  Everything was perfect Рeverything was great, mores than anyone welcoming me back, the food here was truly enticing and delicious.  Despite the cold weather, this breakfast was worth any mileage, and I came from Mexico, not disappointed ONE BIT!


Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 9.16.18 PM.png

2 – Smiths Restaurant – Directions from my place –

2299 Sussex Highway  Seaford, DE . 19973

(302) 990-5711

This sounds like an awesome awesome deal and on my radar for next Monday – all you need is a teacher staff id!



3 Bethany Diner –¬†792 Garfield Pkwy, Bethany Beach, DE 19930 .


Bethany is a town of itself in the summer, with tourists, tourists, and more tourists. As I drove past a Bethany Diner that had a small parking lot, filled spaces, I thought, I probably know I am going to wait but have to try it.

Nothing fancy captures you as you are driving by, but when you walk in, the space expands to a small hall full of people. Lines as I expected, I was able to immediately get inside with taking a stool at the bar, and it worked out perfect. Seeing an 8.99 buffet that had anything, everything, you would want – French toast, eggs (made anyway you want) biscuits, sausage gravy (2 kinds), bacon, pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns and even though I am forgetting items) this was the best selection for a breakfast buffet that counts the freshness in as well.

The service is fast, quick, courteous, individuals from all over the world working the summer here, locals, and seeing the mix of tourists and local residents, local and visiting conversations, the diner is what you would want in a diner. In less than 30 minutes, full breakfast and only one trip to the buffet needed, and lines still growing, the Bethany Diner serves to please. The parking in the back, side and front can’ possibly hold the goodness you will experience with this great breakfast spot, so we might have to try brunch, lunch, dinner…


4- Alfredo’s Pizza Gallery – ¬†¬†22990 Sussex Hwy . ¬† Seaford, DE 19973 .

(302) 629-5358

Having the luck to remember to have had the students, of the owners of this establishment, I loved a feeling of “coming back.” ¬†I remember a family ownership with huge portions. ¬†Welcome to Alfredo’s good things do not change, and sure enough the noodles, pasta. cheese on garlic bread, sweet tea, everything, will cause you to try, but you will need to take portions home. ¬†Talking with the owners, you realize the firm, disciplined, community, responsible, owners that have kept their heart in Seaford. On top of that, amazing conversation, great food, a relaxing family-like atmosphere, this is always a guaranteed¬†pick for a good evening a great meal, and an excellent experience, even moreso knowing family of a long history in Seaford is responsible.


5 – Tony’s Pizza and Pasta –¬†¬†613 S. Main Street . ¬†¬†Bridgeville,¬†DE ¬† 19933

Tel: 302-337-9557 .      E-Mail: nella8582@yahoo.com

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.01.01 AM“You have an hour for lunch.” – and there we were. I was back in Delaware and had no idea where to go, hearing someone say “Tony’s” and “Bridgeville”, I headed into the town and realized I had no idea where this might be? The Main Street? Side streets? Heading into one side of Bridgeville, and out the other, there – on the left where I remembered a small plaza with something there almost 6 years ago, but now it was Tony’s.

I went in, looked quickly, knowing time was a-ticking, and ordered slices of pizza, iced tea, and fries. Within 20 minutes the largest slices of pizza you could wish for, refreshing sweet tea, and great, hot, thick fries all available. Packed ready to take out, a fellow colleague also came in and we decided to wait in and eat. Having a back area leading from the front, a strategically placed tv, Tony’s is welcoming, apologies received from the staff as they did not know we were staying in, (neither did we) and overall pleasant and satisfying. Worth the trek out for lunch? Absolutely in every way.


6Mango’s – ¬†97 Garfield Pkwy . ¬† ¬†Bethany Beach, DE 19930 ¬† (302) 537-6621

I remember several experiences, all memorable, at Mano’s some with bidding goodbye to exchange students, others where a good high, scenic spot to look over Bethany would be great and this always helps satisfy the amazingness of Bethany itself. ¬†Novelty drinks in coconut, pirate, and other cups all made the beach atmosphere real, and the food has always been satisfying. ¬†Yes, some of the appetizers are a little pricey, but at the beach and compared to other beach prices for food, it is comparable based on the quality (coconut shrimp is awesome). ¬†We ordered crab cakes, (soft and substantial servings) tacos were ordered as well, all was appetizing and delicious, including the service – which was quick, prompt and welcoming 100%. ¬†The Key Lime Pie and cheese cake easily slides you into being satisfied. ¬†The view is the best, and this is great for a beach feel and with a newly decorated in the last 6 years, you get the beach feel as soon as you enter and feel the beach before and after your experiences at Bethany.


7 – Meding’s Seafood – ¬†3697 Bay Rd . ¬† ¬†Milford, DE 19963 . ¬†¬†(302) 335-3944

You can’t miss the propellor on the outside, the huge sign that says Oyster night Thursday with live music, and a deck you see that wraps around. Always wondered about this place and we stopped on a Saturday night after the beach. Amazing crabcakes, (HUGE), loved the crap soup which was thick, thick, thick. We chose outside and did not realize how chilly it was with traffic as it goes by, but the waitress did not hesitate for anything we needed, and despite having to go inside for what we needed, she did everytime. I like you can purchase fresh seafood, fish and assorted foods from the case, as well as the welcome when you enter.

Staff is great, a comment was made that the bathrooms needed updating this could be so. The Cherry Cobbler is HUGE, and servings overall are pretty large. However, the original, home style feel to the restaurant works and is a great place to find a great end to your day at the beach away from the beach crowds.


8- Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen  Р  4590 S Dupont Hwy .  Camden, DE 19901               (302) 698-3270

Be forewarned, GENEROUS portions exist so do not be afraid to share portions with another.  This advice goes in line with the chicken meals we ordered Рbe it the Chicken sandwich with Honey Dijon, the chicken cuts with Honey mustard, and even the HUGE apple Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream Рand this could feed two EASILY as it comes with three scoops of ice cream for each order.  Not having ever seen this restaurant, it has been awhile since portions have truly exceeded the plate, this is one.  The Mango and Peach tea is another bonus to a more than generous portioned-meal.

The inside is great, a little dark, yet the unusual ceiling fans and comfortable decor stands on its own for this establishment.  The service was fast. courteous, and available.  We figured what was ordered could have been one order and split between two people and not problem whatsoever.  We hit this on a Sunday right before the rush around 12:30 Рand sealed a lazy, relaxing Sunday into a return for sure.


9 – Hungry Howie’s – 1252 Norman Eskridge Hwy . ¬† Unit 2 . ¬†Seaford, DE 19973 . ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†(302) 629-9050

Having been a Seaford resident as a teacher, then moving to Mexico City, then moving back to Delaware, you tend to miss hometown things alot no matter how much you might love the move. ¬†As an educator, there is nothing like hometown support- and Craig Dimes from Hungry Howie’s did that 100% while was was an educator at Seaford, fundraising events, football games, Yearbook plannings he helped do it all. ¬†He was there with as much community reinforcement as you could want. ¬†This often sets one business out from another when it comes to pizza with so many competitors. ¬†

Add to this, returning six years later, and my first taste of his pizza again was as good as I hoped it to be.  Granted, part of that good taste was the willingness, past and present, to help with events as the opportunity presented itself, but the garlic crust hands down is a huge factor, with never too much sauce, never too much of this or that, it work together quite well.  There is much goodness tucked between the crust of the pizza and this establishment, and I often choose to go with hometown support and pride when it comes to any meal in the long term!


10- Royal Farms –¬†11480 S Dupont Hwy,¬†Felton,¬†DE¬†19943 . ¬† (302) 284-4312

Yes this is advertised as having the BEST chicken, I have to say, that is a MIGHTY claim. I ordered a sandwich with chicken, had to test this out. I have to say, it was very very good, but some of the sandwich-made chicken seems to have a little more deep-fried content than chicken, I would be pressed to say the best, but certainly has a unique and delicious taste, so certainly a contender.

This was my first stop in my soon to be hometown when I arrived to Delaware, and I had never been to the house I now live in. Customers being asked of my address at 5:0 AM were amazingly polite, and this Royal Farms is HUGE, clean, and accommodating.

Every single time I have been here, I have been met with generosity, out-of-your-way-for-you service by all the employees, and it has always been convenient.

Hard to say more that you would want when you can get it here – a great place to load up on gas as well before heading south to the beaches.


11Felton Pizza Deli and market –¬†103 W Main St . ¬† Felton, DE 19943 . ¬†¬†(302) 284-4552

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 10.01.48 AMLiving in Felton, having returned from Mexico, and residing in PA, Seaford, DE, and even southern MD, this is definitely a quaint stop and lucky to have in Felton. I have stopped here in person and picked up, and had delivery, both speedy great. The pizza was delicious, not the BEST pizza I have had in the world, but I was never aiming for that, but the pizza is good in the morning and fresh ( a good test).

They have always been busy, they have always been quick to take your order, and friendly, and the quality I have received has been great the two times I have frequented here. The market in the title seems to be a bit of a misnomer, as there is more food to be ordered than to be sold like a convenience store, but I am super glad to have this so close to home, available, and enjoyable to frequent.


12The Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grille Р  391 N Dupont Hw.  Dover, DE 19901 .     (302) 264-9612

My first Steeler game out of home in the states. High anticipations for a day I would be seeing the Steelers and Browns Game. As luck would have it, the lady I sat beside was fro Butler, PA, and loved the steelers too. Perfect. Service – fast, quick, GREAT. Televisions all around with multiple games, and I got the feel of being surrounded by sports loving individuals and you could feel the excitement, hear the yells, and experience a mini version of the stadium experience. While I missed the tight Steeler game experience with friends in Mexico City, this was the next best thing.

I ordered Nacho and whoa. Packed to the gill, topped higher than you could imagine, and utterly full. The waitresses were friendly, and conversational, attentive, and it made for a great game day experience, and this is easily a great stop for game day outside of the house.


IMG_612413 – Amity¬† –¬†¬†13 W Market Street,¬† ¬†Greenwood, DE 19950¬† ¬†Phone-¬† 302-495-7291

There is NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER this is a gem

muffin blueberry

 of a location that brings life to everything.  The antiques and collectibles alongside Amity truly shine in a brighter light due to the amazing comfortable senses that come alive when you are in this authentically realizing coffeeshop.  You can watch the coffee beans being prepared, taste the GIGANTIC cookies, soak in the Chai tea that will awake every one of your senses, and Scones or muffins that melt into your tastebuds.   This is a MUST STOP and say alot about why Delaware and small-town Eastern Shore is a magical place.


14Arenas –¬†200 N E Front St .¬† ¬†Milford, DE 19963

I felt like a stranger to Delaware not knowing this existed and everyone I worked with knew it Рso we ventured out РFriday Рtrivia night Рsuper fun!  When you have a group of friends this is even more fun and  entertaining Рgreat service, the waitress was on tip of everything and overall a fun night Рsandwiches are largely proportioned, the deal fo a basket of shrimp for $3.00 was a great deal and delicious, tons of choices of anything you would want.  Getting a a team together for trivia was fun and this was the right place to do so.  Looking forward to what this would be like in the summer!


15- BlueCoast Seafood Grill and Bar¬†.¬†30115 VETERAN’S WAY¬† REHOBOTH BEACH,¬† DE¬† 19971 .¬†(302) 539-7111

My second really full sit down seafood dinner since arriving in Delaware – this was one of the palaces of dinner that tie to the east coast. When you walk in, you simply smell the very smells that make the east coast unique. From various foods, to even the saltiness of the water, it is all here. Open, refreshing, inviting, this was a breath of fresh air literally. The food, absolutely excellent and it will take you awhile to choose. The service was like a red carpet had been rolled out. Everything celebrate the opening of the area to Spring and your appetite will be right there with you 100%.


16 –¬†Easyspeak Restaurant Distillery¬†––¬†586 Milford Harrington Hwy, Milford DE 19963

On a Friday night Рamong teachers commiserating that the end is coming, this was a great oasis of relaxation!  I love the open air of the establishment, the tin and meticulous care to to the decor, even when busy the service was great.  We tasted samples of American and Indian dishes, as well as traditional crab soup for the east coast, it was all good. Dessert, of course it as amazing with anything Nutella and the cake bomb was no exception. Lots of people, full and yet comfortable, and love that you can choose to be inside or outside.  Such an establishment can be found in Mexico, New York, or New Orleans EASILY, and a good selection РMilford is exceptionally lucky to have this establishment. A GREAT Friday night thanks to this experience.


17-  Marvelous Produce Farms .   22880 Sussex Hwy .   ( Seaford Lowes Parking Lot)
Seaford, DE 19973 . (443) 669-3815

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 7.18.41 AM

It is difficult to drive a stretch of highway in Delaware without seeing a produce market.  Similar to Starbucks in the big city.  While you see thousands of watermelons, tomatoes, ears of corn and more the true test is the taste, a little hard to do when you passing by market after market.  With delivery AND a loyalty card built in Рhow can you beat that?

Having purchased huge peaches and plums, my first thought it was appearance is always better than the taste.  Not in this case. I stuffed all the produce in the refrigerator in a bag, as I seem to be a magnet for fruit flies and produce left out on the counter.  Two weeks later, TWO WEEKS LATER, in an excursion to the beach, we grabbed the fruit and headed out.  It was as it was picked yesterday.  I needed multiple napkins for one peach and plum as the juice exploded with every bite.  Yes it was that good.

Add to this the generosity, cordiality, and hard work you sense coming off the Marvels’ when you visit their stand, having experienced the generosity and abundance of the Mums in the Fall season, and Mums that added to the decor of a school Homecoming, you see based on the amount of produce, the quality of the produce, and the service you receive, this is one of the best finds that make the state Delaware. ¬†Sounds like a boast that is larger than life and larger than reality, but try out Marvelous Produce once, you will remain in the same category.

18 РBethany Boat House    39817 Hickman Plaza Rd  Bethany38882865_10155595613411003_5473059319006101504_o Beach, DE 19930               (302) 616-2593

 You definitely walk in and at first think, another commercial beach-like establishment.  It was the middle of the weekday, hot as blazes out, but you first notice the view.  Surrounded by parcels of water, and gazebos, and just OPEN.  Everything is open and inviting Рperfect for the eastern shore selection of fish, seafood and more.

We were a group of 8, and within minutes, service was with us, accommodating, and following up the whole visit.  The food was exactly what I imagine when I think of an east coast menu, fresh, salty, as if you just walked in off the beach and wanted the freshest they had to offer.  

Even lingering afterwards, you sensed the level of comfortable everyone was feeling, and the whole aura of the establishment sets that tone.   GREAT way to get the feel of the east coast, the beaches, the ability to slow it down and take in what is around you, while satisfying your palette with the best the east coast has to offer.


39067451_10155597346141003_3527753315070771200_n.jpg19 РThe Big Chill Beach Club     27099 Coastal Hwy .   Bethany Beach, DE 19930               (302) 402-5300

When I first loved in Delaware, this part of the beach in Delaware State Seashore Park was my favorite, and while modest, the snack bar, showers, bathrooms etc were great and well accommodated for the beachgoers.¬†¬†I came back after six years out of the states and saw a massive addition to the top of this service stop and wondered, I love the umbrellas, the deck, what’s there?

Awesomeness.  After spending the AM and early afternoon on the beach, we wandered into The Big Chill and found a seat under a canopied spot.  The canopy spots created for eating are perfect for the beach, as well as the middle carousel, and loved the arrangements for food throughout the restaurant.  Service was with us within a minute, and that goes for following up and delivery of food. 

Add to this an incoming storm was brewing and fast, our waiter made no qualms about giving us periodic updates and helping us quickly get out before the storm came in, providing carry out containers, giving us updates on the storm, and never with a hint of rushing us, letting us set the pace.  

The quality of the food added to the price, superb.  The cost of $5.00 to enter the park for  

38875456_10155597346321003_3229732449298677760_n.jpgthe day coupled with the cost of the ceviche, the fish, the seafood we received, the coldness and freshness of the drinks Рit was well worth it.  A location for concerts, even a photography contest happening, this is a hub that exudes the beach and allows you to relax and let the uptight disappear into the waves.  The view, the atmosphere, the service, heck yeah. I spied a former student as a waitress and she was hustling to all the tables, and the service does that, works for you, storm or no storm.

20 РKings Homemade Ice Cream    1 S Walnut St .   Former Santa House .  Milford, DE 19963 . 

Quaint, perfect, and ideal. ¬†That would be the Kings Homemade Ice Cream residing in the Santa House in Milford. ¬†The first time I truly walked with Amaya, Dane, Wriggley along the Mispillion Riverwalk, and the stop had to be made at this awesome stop for ice cream. Situated right across from the Riverfront theatre, this was a perfect addition to add to the revival of downtown Milton, and the awesome riverwalk you can take in there. ¬†Small, but a great place to meet people just out for a stroll, a talk in the evening, and enjoying the area and the evening. ¬†This is an extension of the famous King’s Ice Cream in Lewes, and this, once you try it, just adds to the small town, feel of a great evening. (The Mint chocolate chip is pretty spectacular). ¬†Check the review of the opening of this location here:¬†¬†


21 – T.S. Smith Farms –¬†¬†8887 Redden Rd, Bridgeville, DE 19933

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 5.31.39 PM.pngOne of the best best best things about coming back to Delaware?  This amazing market.  From the cinnamon spice donuts, to the scrumptious produce, to yes, it being Fall and trying out the Apple Cider Рeverything T.S. Smith Orchard says and does is  H O M E.  Supporters of providing trailers for the student at Homecoming, employing students, and being a presence in the community Рit seems to make the products you can buy here even better



22 El Gran Charr  6 College Park . Georgetown, DE . 19947 .  (302) 856- 6617

(Check out #4 on this list: https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/delaware/mexican-food-de/)

I walked in and I knew that was an amazing place. The smells take me back to the streets of Condesa and Roma Norte instantly.  The music, I remember hearing it everywhere Рand food is perfect and the service is even better.

I looked all over for sugar skulls and papel picado, and NO WHERE to be found and I walked in and VOILA! Papel Picado and the last 6 sugar skulls – and these needed accessories for the ofenda we are building at school – I felt like I hit the jackpot.

I was so eager to pick up my order I accidentally picked up another individual’s food and drank, and despite realizing I did this, the staff made up for my mistake and treated me as if I did nothing. ¬†

Generous, the taste you would be looking for from Mexico is here, and tons of items for sale on the other side of the restaurant.  The atole was nothing short of AMAZING and hit the spot perfectly and again I accidentally picked up Horchata and downed that not realizing until too late, I had picked up the wrong dinner Рhowever, both were AMAZING.

I ordered sopes to go and couldn’t help but to photograph them. ¬†I loved every single thing about this place and this brightened up the dullest of Saturday rainy weather days ever.


23Royal Nutrition https://www.yelp.com/biz/royal-nutrition-seaford

Sometimes not the most obvious finds are the best finds.  In seeing the Seaford town expand and morph in just the 6 + return add 4 that I have been here, once you look beyond just what comes and goes as far as business, but what has potential and what influences, this can change the mentality of a community as well.
I say this because for far too long, individuals of all walks of life have wished for more nutritional approaches to meals rather than necessarily the most popular food chains, and it seems businesses such as Royal Nutrition, alongside other individually owned and unique cafes that serve more nutritional friendly choices, a welcome and education is available to customers, a wealth of information that was nit available before.

Learning about, and the staff taking the time to educate customer, no matter how busy it might be, about the three step process before jumping into the shake – very informative and interesting. ¬†I will not share the details here so you can experience this as well. ¬†Open, bright, not cluttered, and mathcing the energy of the employees – Royal Nutrtition is a welcome site to a town continualyl morphing and adapting to indviduals from various regions. ¬†The variety can be overwhelming, but with a ricecake, and the two steps before the third step shake, I am stuffed. ¬†But now I realize I am full with the good side of nutrition behind me – ūüôā ¬†

Do not be confused about the location, it is best to driver around and park behind the plaza where this location is, as the curb and business to the left is very busy and hence, the no parking street signs.

The staff is great, patient, and willing to focus on you as a customer, despite the distractions of a very busy workflow, they focus on YOU.  I tried the door and thought it was close, and walked away and the staff ran to the door, despite having a line of customers, and welcomed me in informing me of the best place to park, and that they indeed were open and the door only was difficult to open.  It meant alot to see the courtesy of the staff, it was welcoming to see individuals from other businesses that also sell ice cream in the communtiy as customers, and this reiterates a mantra that helps communities grow.  You can be in the same business, and still support each other, as as a result, all businesses within a community will thrive if you agree to support one another.  

This business is one of many that is worth investing in, as you invest in a better nutrition for yourself at the same time!




Wells Furniture and Appliances Р8925 Stage Road . Delmar, MD 21875  (410) 896-2722   and  (410) 896-9120

Wow.   One of the best and maybe unseen, yet reliable and trustworthy places I went to- to find quality appliances was Wells Furniture and appliances.  Yes there are appliances at the various Goodwill and thrift stores but these appliances are also guaranteed for 60 days and delivered to your door, and George Blanchfield, shows you the part and servicing he puts into them to make them great.  He is a super friendly and open individual, and if this establishment is a success, it is because of him.  I was able to obtain a new washer and dryer from him for just under 300.00 and they work GREAT.  I would not have found it unless referred to there from the local manager of the Verizon around the corner.  EXCELLENT FIND.   GREAT DEAL.  PERSONAL INTERACTION, this was quality.



Mike’s Clearance Center36404 Sussex Highway Delmar, ¬†DE 19940 – 302-846-0310

When I first moved back to Delaware, obviously, the most important thing I wanted was a REAL BED. ¬†Mike’s is GREAT. ¬†Their prices are SUPER affordable, but the service is great. ¬†I mean GREAT. the guy s that work there are personable, come out in a heartbeat to help load up the beds, offer help of all kinds, and keep you coming back.

The prices, outstanding. ¬†Even for delivery. ¬†I checked in a location a few miles from my house, and delivery there, with a free frame was inviting, and yet, Mike’s was still cheaper, with the frame, with delivery, to come to my house for a brand new mattress. ¬†I was able to obtain a Queen and a full bed, both with boxsprings, and the original frame, and the cost was exceptional, and I love the beds. ¬†You have a wide range of selections for beds, and the base model I chose was a firm mattress, and great – with warranties for several years on the beds from the manufacturer. ¬†From couches, to tables to all furniture, there is a huge selection, and this is worth the drive for sure.


House Services

Fadely Company Roofing & Sheetmetal Owner – Tyler Fadely – 302 943-4240 ; email-fadelycorroofing@icloud.com

While I do not own the house РI did meet and was home during the one day, yes, ONE DAY, that the whole roof was replaced.  The stripping, cleaning, everything, from 10:00 AM Р6:00 PM in one day, and the crew scoured the yard and surrounding area and not one speck of them being here was evident.  The owner provided his card when he left in case I found anything behind, and they worked hard, all day.  The quality was amazing, the speed, efficiency, and they will provide an honest quote.  The quote given was better than estimated quotes received form other providers.  This was a quality service and quality care.



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Stops You Need to Make In Delaware

Mispillion RiverWalk –¬†I simply wanted a place to walk the dogs – good for them, good for me, and to relax.¬† Head to Milford where you can easily take your time on the paths of riverwalk, take in the cool stores, restaurants, ducks, and slow moving River and enjoy a nice evening.¬† Very relaxing location and you’ll love the area for sightseeing of a calm evening.¬† Laid out well, basketball court there, King’s Ice Cream, theatres, art stores, and more.