D is for Delaware!

Yes, many have NO CLUE how amazing Delaware is, and often do the Del – a Where? – It amazes me how many do not know some awesome secrets about Delaware! So this site is devoted to restaurants, services, and more – that will blow your mind – and YES, aside from Wayne’s World, there is SOME AMAZING things in Delaware . ūüôā¬†


Eastern Shore Events

5k’s in Delaware!

Why Delaware?

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Delaware Area

AFRAM Festival coming!  August 12th! Р   http://www.easternshoreafram.org/

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To register and more info, click HERE



Comic Con!  Р August 19th coming!Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.50.02 PM.png

Here is another link to this event! (Click to the left)





Maryland Area

Salisbury Events Calendar – Click HERE

Sharptown Carnival – August 3rd to August 26th 2017





SOCIAL COMMENTARY articles related to Delaware

Homelessness Р Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing

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FreeCycle.org  Р Great site to post, donate, sell, obtain items within communities all over the world.  Wilmington, Dover, Sussex County, and other areas for Delaware as well able to look al over the country.  Great opportunity to connect many together to look for things and to collaborate!



Wells Furniture and Appliances Р8925 Stage Road . Delmar, MD 21875  (410) 896-2722   and  (410) 896-9120

Wow.   One of the best and maybe unseen, yet reliable and trustworthy places I went to- to find quality appliances was Wells Furniture and appliances.  Yes there are appliances at the various Goodwill and thrift stores but these appliances are also guaranteed for 60 days and delivered to your door, and George Blanchfield, shows you the part and servicing he puts into them to make them great.  He is a super friendly and open individual, and if this establishment is a success, it is because of him.  I was able to obtain a new washer and dryer from him for just under 300.00 and they work GREAT.  I would not have found it unless referred to there from the local manager of the Verizon around the corner.  EXCELLENT FIND.   GREAT DEAL.  PERSONAL INTERACTION, this was quality.




Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.14.26 PM1- Rudy’s Family Restaurant –¬†17064 S Dupont Hwy, Harrington, DE 19952

I lived in Seaford, DE for over 6 years and the location I remembered here did not exist.  When I met someone here for a business meeting, wow.  I was like, when did this become built here?  lol.  The plate of Scrapple, waffles with blueberries and strawberries, and orange juice was GREAT РDelicious, and FAST.  The waitress Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.14.32 PM was amazing as she had been here since the beginning of the new building, and my blog harrybrake.com premieres the story Sunday night (March 01, 2015).  Everything was perfect Рeverything was great, mores than anyone welcoming me back, the food here was truly enticing and delicious.  Despite the cold weather, this breakfast was worth any mileage, and I came from Mexico, not disappointed ONE BIT!


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2 – Smiths Restaurant – Directions from my place –

2299 Sussex Highway  Seaford, DE . 19973

(302) 990-5711

This sounds like an awesome awesome deal and on my radar for next Monday – all you need is a teacher staff id!