Why is this Named…in Mexico?

Alexander Pushkin Parque –

Alvaro Obregon – Who was Alvaro Obregon?  Wait no longer!   A monument to Alvaro Obregon can be found here in San Angel.

(From the Anitguo Colegio de San Ildefonso site) “The end of the armed conflict of the Revolution resulted in the launching of new projects. Alvaro Obregon (1880-1928), who in December 1920 1 had assumed power as president-elect, education was the civilizing and pacifying means would legitimize his government.

To head the newly created Ministry of Education, José Obregón appointed Vasconcelos (1881-1959), who held this position from October 10 1921 to January 28, 1924. As part of its program, Vasconcelos proposed educate masses through ideas and images reflected on the walls of public buildings.

A group of artists willing to join the project obregonista participated in the “decoration” of the walls of the National Preparatory School. Thus, in the walls of San Ildefonso is embodied the work of important artists that marked the course of the twentieth century in Mexico as Diego Rivera, Jean Charlot, Fernando Leal, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Ramon Alva, Fermin Revueltas and José Clemente Orozco.”

The strange story of the former general’s arm being on display and then finally cremated and joining the site of his burial place “… in a small northwestern desert town of Huatabampo, probably the only place in Mexico where statues of the general portray him with his right arm intact…” can be found here.


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