Services in Mexico City

It makes sense to begin to outline and list services many might not be aware of so here we go:


Reparamos Mac

Amsterdam 55, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Macbook/Ipad /Iphone/Ipod Repair – Great place, fast, reasonable, my mini pad new screen, 1600.00 pesos, new screen for Macbook Air – 3600.00 pesos, MUCH cheaper than in the states!

iPod glass repair – In downtown on Uruguay and Eje Central there are some shop where you can change it the price is around 900-1100 OR Centro. Lázaro Cárdenas near Bellas Artes. 500-600 pesos. Pericoapa In downtown on Uruguay and Eje Central there are some shops where you can change it the price is around 900-1100.


Photo /Camera Sales/Repair

1) Photomechanical – Aguilas Calz de Las Aguilas 901, Colonia Ampliación las Aguilas, 01759 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Hours:    Closes soon: 7PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Sa .    Phone+52 55 5635 3896

2) Check in Calzada de las Águilas pasando el McDonalds
3) There is one in Av Toluca
I will try to get some details on the other options!

Choices presented themselves, go to Centro where everything can be repaired and found, or try to find a local business at the risk of a lost of money for repair the Sony Rebel camera I came to Mexico with. I did not want to look for a new camera, this was an extension of my arm pretty much.


Transferring anything to DVD

Transfers to DVD  (8, Super 8, y 16mm films as well as MANY other formats!)   Telephones: 5564-8562/5574-7656/     cell: 044555451-2618

DVD transfer services

Antique Cameras!   Victor Hernandez/Anticuario  Av. Alvaro Obrego, Col. Roma Norte, 0445537361386/0445525251613,


Ortho/dentist – Dentist –

1)Cynthia Castro-Navarez –

2) Dr. Jorge Terminal, #5294-6471, or 5294-9302. His office is Fuentes de Piramides, Tecamachalco.

3) On Nuevo Leon 270 near Bajio. Speaks great English, explains things very well, and is meticulous. Bernardo Hernandez Paniagua, 5272-5252. (Closed Fridays) Highly recommended.

4) Dr. Mitrani in Polanco 5203-2908. Some ASF staff have gone to him for years and like him a lot. He’s an ASF grad : )

EyeCare Possibilities:

Optica Americana  Av. Observatorio  No 424 Esq. Florencio Miranda  Col 16 de Septiembre   Delegation Miguel Hidalgo  CP. 01120  Mexico D.F.  Tel: 5276-5052 0r 01800-707-1414.

I have alway just walked in, exam the same day, picked out lenses, and within five days they are ready.  I liked my last frames, so it really cost me normally (without insurance) around 3700.00 pesos and with insurance, using my frame and just lenses, 1280.00 pesos, a GREAT, great deal.  Even in my broken English, lol, this place, Optica American, was always courteous and convenient being so close to school.  Important thing to remember is of each school year, do so before June 30th to get the current year’s insurance, otherwise, you will lose the current year coverage and be on the following year.


Dra. Araceli Rocha Morales  Guanajuato No. 94 1er Piso Col. Roma    5255747520 or 5255747755


Dra. María Irurita   Sur 132 No. 108, despacho 401
(back of ABC)     Phone 5516 1912

Also – Clinica Dermatologica Isela Mendez — in polanco in Plinio between Ejercito Nacional and Homero a block away from the French school. Highly recommended!

Orthopedics    Dr. Sergio Oliva     5531901726  or    5527501527

Otorrinolaringologia/OtolaryngologistDr. Roa at ABC hospital is awesome and everyone goes to him. Our insurance reimburses

Looking for a   beauty salon?

Along with other things, this place has very good and intense facials:
Life and Style  Coahuila 189 (entre manzanillo y medellin)   Colonial Roma

Hair Styling – Great service and fast at Frisor Salon 55848363   Hours:   Lunes a Sabado 9:00 AM – 9:00 AM  Insurgentes Sur 405 Col. Hipodromo Condesa

Home Related


across and out of Mexico?  Or In Mexico?  To another country!   There are so many choices, such as, moving just across the border of the U.S. and then picking up and driving to another location, or door to door.  There are several choices.

This ASF alumni can help and is the best priced out of three different moving companies – all were professional, informative, and high high quality while being affordable.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.25.08 AM.png


Vincent Etcheverry . Director General

 Logimpex de México S.A. de C.V.    Descartes 54 – Piso 3 – Int 301

Col. Nueva Anzures .   México D.F. 11590 .   Tel / fax : (00 52) (55) 5203 8152 / 54

e-mail :

FB : Logimpex de México

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.28.12 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 1.08.13 PM         Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 1.08.26 PM


Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.34.12 AM.png

All My Sons Storage and Across the Border Moving



I needed one of the security keychains that remote lock and unlock and honestly, I found one of the best places near Roma.  Cerrajerias Chapultepec by far was the best.  It cost me 900 pesos and the remote worked like a charm.  Contact info also is 57092956, 57090704, and 57099125 and was found on #37 Chapultepec.  This was done in a manner of 30 minutes and worked like a charm, as well as with an extra key – service was exact, reliable, and AMAZING!  (The fact that there were locksmiths 24 hours a day – also a HUGE relief).

Insurance Coverage…

Yes, there is a way to cover your vehicle, even if the plate has expired while in Mexico, and alot of insurance coverage questions answered (it looks like kind of a fake site, but it is not, it really is real!)

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.28.11 AM

Furniture and Curtain Restoration:

Yuriko Zayury – Cordoba 93 Esquna Tabasco – Roma Norte  Tel: 5525 2128, 55252208,  Loc. Movil- 66401563    Email :

Scrounging. That is what I was doing when I first moved here, looking through back hallways of warehouses and buildings, looking for any pieces of furniture possible, unaware of the peso versus the dollar and saving every pesos I could.  With finding existing furniture that was so-so in my apartment, and finding an awesome couch but definitely worn and not having seen the light of day, I was good, for the first year.  Living in the building about this tienda, I figured having them reupholster my furniture was better than hauling out the furniture, and then hauling up furniture to the fourth floor (no elevator!).

Having no furniture might have been part of the incentive, however, when I received back the couch, the sofa, the chairs, and four years later? – Immaculate condition and comfortable.  I have three dogs, three cats, if you can imagine what furniture COULD look like with that combination.  Yet, they look as new as the day I had them redone – even with the dogs taking muddy paws one day to the sofa, it cleaned perfectly except one little section, and this is four years later. I am going to have them take two pieces and they clean the whole piece of furniture as well.  Add to this curtains done to perfection, and you see there is a reason this tienda has operated in the family for 50 years.  So many fabrics, colors and reasons to choose this tienda, they can take anything and turn it into more comfortable, plushier, softer furniture. If you look at the cafe across the street, Delisa’s, you will see the tables and chairs they did for them, gorgeous!  It might seem alot of money to have a valuable piece done, but the investment you will see for later.  Reliable, resourceful, and durable, this is a GREAT source for furnishings and repair.


Ambienta Awesome supplier of home furnishing items – on the fancier side – but resemblant of Pier 1 and also available for rentals for events and parties!  Telephone: 5595-5601  and email is


Repair of Microwave Ovens:

Carlos Hernandez, cel. 04455-2819-0317. Very good and well -recommended from ASF tutor and former ASF teacher, Ms. Baker.


One of the best places for parts ( the plastic basket, the stem, plugs, etc.)  for those industrial-style coffeemakers, juicers, blenders, irons, etc is pdh Domesticos, S.A. de C.V. – the one I went to was in Centro and the listed address was ART 123 No. 51-A – Telephone is 5518-3294 and there is a location on Polanco as well at Newton No. 133 Local A  and THEIR # is 5545-6350  🙂


Servicio Plus – 24587271   y   54271670   y   5429 4939  y   5429 9065                                Cell : 0455 3866 6262   Jorge Rayon Bahena     (Technician was Antonio Rayon).      Email:     Center location is: CDA. TETLALPA No. 10-A1 Desp.202  C.P. 09600  Deleg. Iztapalapa Mexico. D.F.  (Aceptos checques solamente al Portador).

(I know the phone numbers here are different than on the magnet, but I would use these numbers as they have been the more successful! – it is a call center but works!)  and a cell is listed as:  0455 3866 6262.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 7.13.46 AMI had this company service my refrigerator in May 0f 2013, the freezer permanently frozen, along with a permanent frost the lines in the back – just seemed to be beyond thawing properly, and I know this refrigerator, when I moved in, had been around the block for awhile.  The cost of a late consulation initially, then a PERFECT visit and repair afterwards, 2300.00 pesos, but, almost four and a had years later, still ticking, they gave me a 3 month guarantee, (but ask them about the year guarantee, not sure if for new appliances and sale of them only and not repair?) ;they were prompt for the repair (four of them came to make sure all was fixed!) – and they were perfect in their service. They list being able to work on lavadoras, refrigeradores, secadoras, and appliances of Whirlpool, White-Westinghouse, Frigidaire, Maytag, Hotpoint, MABE, Sub-Zero, GE, LG, Samsung, Easy, and Kenmore, and heck to see if your are not listed.  I just referred my former colleague a few months ago in May of 2015, and they showed up and were perfect.  **Note, the first time  (consultation) they were supposed to come, they showed up HOURS late, and I called and told them about this, they were sympathetic, sorry, and genuinely apologetic.  So follow up on the time they state to be there – on their advertisement magnet, it states one year guarantee, so ask about that!

Keys! –  Cerrajeria

“Lock” – Merida No. 91 A  Colonia Roma    Tel: 5207 4409 or 5511 1989  I have this business come to my house as well as have gone to them for several duplicates! A great place to have extra copies of keys made – trustworthy and reliable.

El Farito Electrico Guanajuato 27-D Col. Roma   55840703   Cell : 553981 1422   Great place as well and a little cheaper than the above – but is a little smaller a business than above.


Framing! Vidrieria Alfa   Esquina Quintana Roo  and Anahuac No. 14 Locl A Y B  C.P. 06760  Roma Sur  5584-1166, 5264-4419  and email is

Perhaps one of the BEST framing services since I have moved here, (and there are many) is Vidrieria Alfa – he has framed a variety of challenging items for me and everytime PEREFCT, courteous and attention to detail.  Autographed items, priceless items, I love this place.


E-Ma Organicos Baskets and environmentally-friendly products for your plants.

Money Related

The ASF Retirement Plan!

I have and had tons of questions, but am chipping away at it to know more!  First, right now (July 2014) we have a company called AON Hewitt that manages out contributions.  Their site is here.  Also here is a document that are frequently asked questions about the plan

Frequently asked questions about Retirement Plan

The contact for question about amount contributing, beneficiaries, etc, can be first directed to Laura Garcia Igartua,  in HC at the email:

It is worth delving into this slowly from the very beginning to get acquainted with what you need to know and know what papers you need to get before it is too late for taxes each year, as well as contributions, etc.

Here is a document in Spanish that details the plan as well:

Withdrawl info on retirement

Also, here is the email about the Retirement Plan through the company:

SURA Possibilities – Here is the deal, someone that left their funds into the Mexican retirement fund – 4 years later 145000.00 pesos.  With SURA after 4 years, over 200, 000.00 – HUGE difference.  Contact for SURA? –     01 44 3310 8192

Exchanging/Transferring of Funds

As mentioned on the Lingo & Important Things to Know section, Intercam is a company and option that will save you much much money in transferring funds to the U.S.  Check out this representative, and mention Harry referred you so it will sound as if you are not just a stranger off the street, things should happen faster for you that way!  Ask for William Francis Ralph and his email is

Utility Related:

You can follow the DF water service on twitter at @sacmex they tweet notifications

Also: Don Oscar is a general handyman who did most of the work on my apt. I trust him to either do the work himself or recommend someone good. His # is 55 2774 5248 or 55 2164 2616

Electric – The electric is mainly THIS and DO NOT THROW YOUR RECEIPTS AWAY, EVER – seriously, get a file box, because after keeping them a year, then throwing one away, my electric was shut off, and then…guess what, I had no receipt to prove it, so get a file box and stash the, month by month. This can be paid at Sumesa while shopping (bring the bill!), the Bancomer Bank, or have the School pay it for you at the Caja. I advise, take care of it yourself at the Sumesa or bank, to eliminate a third party now handling your bill. I notice people leave lights on more here as they know it is cheaper than the U.S. – strange. I still act as if it is the most expensive thing going, and get by with a 124 -130 pesos electric bill a month.

PlumbingScreen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.55.00 AM – This service travels from Roma Norte to Condesa and outlying areas and has a VERY VERY good reputation, very reliable, for helping repair the pressure, problems with water tanks, leaks, pumps, etc.

I also was given a number from my landlord as well, for a plumbing service, which is 5512334994.

Gas – Most common propane company seems to be Amicsa, of you have a service that fills the whole building for you. The other alternative is someone that comes in on Saturday’s and Sundays, yelling “gas”,  grab HIM. He will come and replace tanks for you, (roughly for me it was every 4-5 months, 200 pesos per tank). How long do they last? Honestly, when not using the gas, turn the valves down low.  Some people do not so this, yet, but my bills hovers around 99 pesos for gas for a month. Not bad when you do the conversion. It DOES go up (price) when I leave the valves on high the whole time, I just see it as a waste, and I notice a huge difference in my bill.  IMPORTANT – pay this ONLY at Banorte Bank, (at least mine, most you pay at the office of the gas or at a bank) but do right away! They waste no time in giving a disconnect warning and it is easy to let this slip away, and well, unless you like cold showers, this might be a better option, PAY IT ASAP!

Carpenter: Alejandro Tenorio (55) 1153 9819 or (55) 5300 08


1)  Delivery of groceries from Superama to your door!  Just register with email, address, etc, and you’re on your way. 2) Order from Restaurants – to order from restaurants online go to (Thanks Deb!) 3)Every Thursday – 11:30ish to 1:30ish the German Bread is brought to ASF right beside the Baptist Church! Renate Schnorpfeil     Cel: 04455 1344 3919


TRAVEL     TRAVEL          TRAVEL           TRAVEL    TRAVEL 

All over Mexico, Reasonable, Friendly, and Exciting…

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 8.23.51 AMAzteca Travel Tours Art could help you out with any travel need inside our outside Mexico. Spanish website

Azteca Explorers organizes economic day and weekend trips, in small groups, all trips with explanations in Spanish and English. English website on Meetup and Facebook page

ALSO! – they organize free events and walking tours in Mexico City!   Just Ask!!!


Around town:

ABC Shuttle Schedule!  Here!  ABC SHUTTLE(1)


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.36.35 AM

Uber Taxi – A little more expensive but INSTANT :  and all over – Here.

Taxis – There are Sitio stations all over Mexico City, (and in each colonia) the difference between a sitio and a regular cab is the presence of the words sitio and at a typical station, Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 9.00.10 AM taxis you can specially call and although a little higher priced, considered safer than the average off the street taxi you can hail.  A majority of the sitio taxis are white, although not all.  A majority of the off the street taxis are maroon – always always look for the driver’s papers on the window to help insure validity of the driver!       Tips regarding taxis 

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 9.02.27 AM

Combi = pesero = micro = small van/bus driven by a guy that costs a few pesos and drives you more or less up and down major roads. Cool article on this transportation here.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.53.49 AM

ECO Bici So cool! A GREAT way to get around the city, GREAT – you can use a passport, Fm3, but you will need a utility bill that shows the address for you. I am finding many new stops for Ecobici are appearing all over the city now! read what you need for ecobici below:


And Remeber, check out Tuola if you do Ecobici and get rewards!


Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.51.35 AM

TROLEBUS! Soon the metro card will cover the metro bus, metro, and trolebus! This is four pesos, (for the large line/cable trolley busses that are green) and thanks to coworker Bill Cox, it is an easy way to get to Home Depot! It does cut across Parque Mexico, Espana and to Dr Vertiz and more, so the stops, that have black rest stops, will have the routes on them as well. VERY convenient with their own lanes.


Metro Bus–  Usually North and south red bus routes in the city and extended out as well – machines at the front of each station allow you to purchase cards that store funds – check the link above for maps.  Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 8.48.22 AM Cards now are working with the Metro, and even Ecobici as well.  To learn more about routes check here.

How to use the Metro Bus – Here!

In Espansol: Esta tarjeta tiene un costo de $16.00 que incluye el primer viaje, posteriormente la puedes recargar por el número de viajes o saldo que desees.  In English: This card has a cost of $16.00 which includes the first trip, then you can recharge by the number of trips or balance you want.


Travel for outside the City and trips: 1) Customized or already made excursions in or out of Mexico! Azteca Travel Tours-Art Aztec Tours number Phone & Fax: (52) (55) 5590-9480 y 5696-9407 Peter Winckers


2)Turibus Amazing way to see the Centro, Teotihuacan, Taxco, Puebla, Xochimilco, and more! Main and most regular routes are Circuito Sur and Circuito Centro, as well as the night tour! (check out the Luche Libre Turi as well!)

Cleaning Possibilities Rosa (sorry, can’t remember her last name) and her cell number is: 0445515693246.   She gets paid 350 pesos, and well worth it. She is completely trustworthy and always puts in the extra bit.  For 350 pesos she:  cleans apartment (very large apartment with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms), changes bed linen, does washing, hangs out washing/folds washing, irons clothes, cooks, eg, enchiladas, soups, ensalta de nopales, other delicious Mexican food.  Rosa does some shopping if I don’t have enough washing liquid, or she needs food to cook.  More info. on help around the apartment! (Thanks Deb Lawrence!)

Clara    excellent, 350 for entire apartment cleaning and cooking, you pay for the food, nothing she wont do!                     cell 55 1871 7172

M O V I N G!!
On the corner of Medellin market, many have taken the services there for moving an no problem at all!
Cesar 5525727652
“Recommended by friend. I now have used him three times to pick up various things. This week was a very fragile set of glass shelves. He wraps everything. They did not ding a single thing. He comes with his guys. I have had bad experiences with movers but this guy was great. He moved a friend of mine recently as well and they were happy with the price and service.”
“Please let everyone know that I found a very good mover if they are changing apartments this summer. His name is Emilio Ortiz. The number is 044-55-3983-3151.”
(Please read to the bottom.)
What happened is I contracted a moving company. They were good, friendly, and reasonable, EXCEPT for the driver, who complained a lot and asked for more money at the end for “refrescos,” even though I had already bought them a case of beer. Plus, he didn’t want to take one mattress because he had forgotten about it earlier. (We insisted.) He left his card, and one of the packers, Emilio, replaced it with his when the driver left because he could see we were unhappy at that point. (The loaders apparently contract with various moving companies.) He told us that many people complain about the driver (rightfully so). Everything else was wonderful. So, Emilio was giving us a better option. I totally trust Emilio’s judgment because he was accommodating to everything, never once complained, and seemed like a really good person, as was the other loader/unpacker.


Moving Info for Pets (to the states or abroad)

Bringing Dogs – 

Bringing CatsScreen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.46.37 AM

Poster Crossing the Border

International Travel with Pet

Pet Friendly Hotels

Great Service for traveling with pets and mapping your route!


Pet Taxi.png

Awesome website about one individual’s experience and advice for her dog in Mexico City!


Croquetero – A HUGE service that involves training, food, items, and more! They specialize in delivering food to your dogs with discounts applying.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.43.28 PMUsually a Festival held in one of the neighboring parks, but this is usually titled CroqueFest (6th annual was in 2015) – and when they have it GO!  They have free medical services, deals on food, nutrition, and SO MUCH MORE!  A number as well for this service and more info is here: Tel- 6386-8856 and on Facebook it is croquetero.


ADOPTION and awesome services like dog id’s, shots and more!     Provided by the Federal District, M.V.Z. Jesus Gustavo Martinez Garcia, person in charge of the Rabia Program in D.F., can help with vaccinations, adoptions and more. His contact info is Juventino Rosas No. 78  Col. Exhipodromo Peravilllo.  His email is  (Phone is 55978861 and cell is 5583-4205).


Animalia (Adopciones/Accessorios/Estetica/Veterinaria)  In Condesa/Mazatlan) – 5683.5722, Narvarte 5264.2958, Polanco 5683.6533, and Condesa Parque Mexico 5584.2175)

Always a kind place for adoption, as well as accessories for cats and dogs and far from puppy farm provided…


Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 7.48.19 PM

Dog Gifting!   DoGift –            Mariana Leon – Awesome Gifts and packages for friends that have pets as well as your own!


Extradoginary – great speciality and stylish collars for your canine and cat that have some personality!  On Facebook – /Extradoginary      and on Pinterest – Extradoginary


Medical Care that was free!

Also, meeting Dr. Gerardo Pina at Dr. Vertiz and Dr. Eraso streets, # 75 – Colina Doctores was amazing!  They provided free sterilization for my Afghan Kinah, and they have hundreds of dogs that need adopted!  Their number is 553 474 3011 and they provide amazing services for those in need of animals and those that need help with animals, as well as costs!


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.48.15 AM More Awesome Dog Gifts at PetCetera!  EVERYTHING from traveling items, to beds, to toys, to TONS!  Great great selection!

Telephone: 52550585  and 52550588  as well as email at


Pets Gear Outdoor – Great supplier of all things outdoor rigging!   From raincoats  (made from (they are fitted and exceptional, I have three – they last forever!) – packs that can carry items for the long haul, and information on Expo’s for pets!  Great great place for alot of dog needs!  Email also is



Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 2.07.20 PM

Pet Photographic – Facebook – their twitter –  and email at

 PetSoul Photo –  Phone:   53351963

K9 Photography Tel: 044553115 8875


Walking Dog! Dog Walkers – Want someone to come and walk your dog and not have them leave your apartment, believe it or not, there are trustworthy services.  WALKING DOG Andres the owner is AWESOME, he signs a contract so you know your pet will be well taken care of,  AND they will bill monthly, with credit card, and let you know ahead of time it is going to be taken out of your account.  They are responsible, on time all the time (they have motorpeds that get them anywhere on time! and..they SPEAK ENGLISH AND SPANISH!  You hit the jackpot with this company!           PHONE: 4739.2211 I came back after one week and everything was AWESOME!   If you mention my name, you will get a discount, but he is everything quality!  Perfect choice!


DOG CARE —Awesome and responsible – Dangu and they go the full mile for your pets!   You do not have to worry, fret, or wait for the unexpected!  Pick up service available among many other things!   (0155) 8994 9158    and    5548115647    and   5543674334


Dog Walking and Obedience Training – Paseo y Educacion Canina – 0445511507883 and


From Medipet – Edgar Hernandez – (55) 4006 6497

There seems to be agents that offer insurance specific to pets, and in the D.F. the number for the agent with Medipet is (01 55) 5480-4000 and 01.800.718.8946 which involve consultations, vaccinations, accidents and their recovery from, and more!


Rodrigo Ruiz C. – Mini Pets Service


Dog/cat vets!  

One of THE BEST – I mean it – here… Dr. Pedro Pablo Soto          Chiapas St. (East/West street)  between  Monterrey St  and Tonala St.     Tel.  5584-5409  Office  and Cell – 044 55 34443963  Great grooming and care.

GREAT care dogs or cats, 24 hours! at Condesa Pet Center – (AWESOME GROOMING!)                                                     Condesa Pet Center     Ometusco # 97  Open 24 hours and always friendly and plenty of service.  GREAT grooming!       Address:   Entre Eje 3 Sur Baja California y Eje 4 Sur Benjamín Franklin     Col. Hipódromo Condesa, C.P. 06100  México, D.F.

ServiciosVeterinarios Darwin, S.A. de C.V.
Copernico 173 Col Anzures
11590 Miguel Hidalgo    Distrito Federal
Teléfono:     01 55 5545 1070

Hector at Pet Station

Dr. Hugo Aguirre, he is in San José insurgentes but does home visits

Eje 4 Sur Chilpancingo 133, Roma Sur, 06760 Ciudad de México, D.F.

Probably the best dog care in the form of food you can have – and get – and the healthiest for the short and long term :

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 9.14.06 AM

AWESOME Dog Food!  – – Lucky Dog. Another reference for a great vet – recommended by Lucky Dog : g) Maribel’s info is: cel-55 4025-6071 and email: Also, this place is amazing for the health of your dog: LUCKY DOG and Lucky Dog Facebook site

Good article about the above company.


For a relaxing massage, and perhaps the best masseuse in the area, Mark. He is awesome, informative, and really a great massage therapist I mean GREAT,  operating in various styles! Please contact me for more info! Thanks!  55 3654 3049

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 3.55.24 PM


PLEASE REMEMBER TO ASK FOR THESE THINGS when tax papers are done and finished!

a) Record of wages and salaries 2014, 15, 16, etc.. – Payroll Office 

b) Record of withholding tax policy of Medical Expenses for those who are dependents of local employees – Office of Human Capital

c) Record of tax deduction for Retirement Plan under Article 176, 2013 – IMPORTANT – even though you get alot of emails  when you stat to get emails from HC in late February and early March, look when you can go and request this Retirement Statement, and if you don;t do it when stated, you WILL NOT be able to get it OR claim this on your taxes, so this is worth looking for!  

Office of Human Capital In order to see how much money it is accumulated in your retirement plan account you will need to enter this web page: You will need a password and a user name. In order to know them please send an email to the following address asking for them:

Taxes needing done in Mexico?   Great question! Thanks to some of the accountants of HC, there are some choices.  April 30 is the last day to do so, so start planning! One person to do taxes is Elizabeth Vargas. I will provide just her email for security reasons, and if you need further info, let me know, she is AWESOME an has it does so fast!   She does BOTH U.S. and Mexico.

email:        (55) 5208 3168

Contact HC for further information of others on a list (they have).

Here is a second option: Alicia Diaz Arriaga LSC EAD AZTECA.     Tel. 57528799 ext. 1009        Cel. 55-2966 5401 I know HC does them as well, but you have to be in some sort of salary bracket, and if higher, then you need to get someone else.   FYI about taxes and living out of the U.S. – From the IRS site – 

Individuals outside the United States

 You are allowed an automatic 2-month extension, without filing Form 4868, (until June 15, 2013, if you use the calendar year) to file your 2012 return and pay any federal income tax due if:
  1. You are a U.S. citizen or resident, and
  2. On the due date of your return:
    1. You are living outside the United States and Puerto Rico, and your main place of business or post of duty is outside the United States and Puerto Rico, or
    2. You are in military or naval service on duty outside the United States and Puerto Rico.
    3. And for taxes in MEXICO – 1) Conditions about taxation 2) Investment in Mexico 3) Tax Return Due Dates Corporate tax returns are due March 31st  and Individual tax returns are due April 30th for the previous calendar year.

12 Responses to Services in Mexico City

  1. Ulysses says:

    You should be a part of a contest for one of the highest quality websites on the net.
    I am going to recommend this site!

  2. yukoandhiro says:

    This is so informative! I will be starting at ASF this August and this is just the kind of information I need to get ready for my love to Mexico City! Thank you!

  3. Liliana Domínguez says:

    Wonderful Harry!!! Even for Mexicans it is a great site…

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi Harry,

    It seems the camera shop on Coahuila is no longer there. Do you happen to have any info on where it might have moved to? Or did it have a name other than foto tienda bazar? Really need some camera maintenance and don’t wanna deal with el Centro! Thanks for your time! Amazing site!

    • Harry Brake says:

      Working on it, will get back to you this evening!

    • Harry Brake says:

      I have three people working on alternatives and will forward to you asap today!

    • Harry Brake says:

      Okay so here we go

      1) There is one in Avenida Toluca

      2) Photomechanical – Aguilas  
      82 Google reviews
      Photo shop in Mexico City, Mexico
      Address: Calz de Las Aguilas 901, Colonia Ampliación las Aguilas, 01759 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
      Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM
      Phone: +52 55 5635 3896

      3) There is one in Calzada de las Águilas pasando el McDonalds

      Thanks for letting me know about the one on Coahuila, I will check into that just in case it might have moved? Let me know if the above work?

    • Harry Brake says:

      ALSO – this man sells antique camera, (used to) and I bet he would have a lead on a reliable repair location? — Victor Hernandez/Anticuario  Av. Alvaro Obrego, Col. Roma Norte, 0445537361386/0445525251613,

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