Just Inside the D.F.

Inside the D.F. but not right in the heart of the Zocolo, so that means…for one – I might be at…

1) The Basilica of the Virgin Guadalupe!

Spanning the year of may 2013, as well as 2014, I was lucky enough to go to the Basilica with the Slippery Rock students and had to say, yes, going from the Pink line to the Green line to the Red line, it was a stretch, but leaving at 12:45ish and getting there around 1:30ish, and leaving from the area around 4:00ish was PERFECT and great both times with a GREAT bunch of Rockers from Slippery Rock!

Basilica Information!

The immediate thing you notice is the vendors that line the sheet leading up to the Basilica, then the new buildings that share the space in a HUGE centro area in front of the Basilica.  The sinking is not hard to see

…here you can see the leaning at work in 2013!

…here you can see the leaning at work in 2013!

and when you go into the central cathedral, it feels as if you are climbing forward – however the beauty and size of the area is not lost on you.  From seeing the various stages of the walk

Marked by Roman numerals, stages of Christ's walk is memorialized.

Marked by Roman numerals, stages of Christ’s walk is memorialized.

that Christ took on murals bordering the courtyard, to the breathtaking view as you climb the stairs to the highest point where you come across tiendas selling the Basilica-style goods, you begin to see the walk on the back side turn less into concrete and more into the flowering,
watering, and hoblesspoolly pool that many dip rosaries or items into as it is claimed to be the spot to bless items.  The story and background I gathered is quite interesting, and only adds to the beauty that you will see here.


Just slightly off center if you look closely…

Although I did forget my camera batteries on the second trip, and did capture am image of the Slippery Rock students on the first trip srugroup2013, tomorrow we head to Xochimilco and I will gather the SRU’ers together for the picture of them n 2014, with the last time Tom Gordon will be an official guide for this SRU group as he is retiring  😦  Well deserved, but already missed!  I needed a tan and can say I definitely received one today, as the sun was out in full force but so was the beauty to beheld!

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