Hidden Gems found in Urls

Occasionally, I will come across URLS that are amazing places for gifts, ideas, and utility for around the house, some are from friends, others simply I find an item somewhere outside, look at it and investigate and find it is something that represents a site I never knew existed – all of these are WAY worth checking out.


Bulbhead.com – Not only a site for ingenious and Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 12.44.26 AMcreative gifts,

but some aspects can be considered a IKEA of the outdoors and in, as well as for pets.  Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 12.44.39 AM

I love their blog as well which offers MANY cool and constructive ideas for the home and other activities – found this site when I moved into a new house and found a stargazer spotlight, and inquired about it, since this product came from this site at one time . 🙂