Markets and Must See’s in Mexico!

Items to be aware of from Mexico


Día de Muertos    Day of the Dead!



Alebrijes – AWESOME GIFTS!

Mexico Shopping in General Link



A little take on Mexican markets from New York Times’ Mark Bittman

and an overview of Mexico Markets here!


The Weekends along Alvaro Obregon – 

As soon as Friday hits, if you look down Calle Merida


Esquina Merida and Alvaro Obregon


as well as Calle Cordoba in Roma Norte, you will see


Esquina Cordoba and Alvaro Obregon

remnants of what used to be the markets on the weekends that extended from one end of Alvaro Obregon –


Along Calle Alvaro Obregon

from Cuauhtemoc to Insurgentes.  Relaxed, laid back and not huge, just quaint, it is a sure signal that the weekend is here.




Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.20.58 PM



Mercado de Mascotas – ALL THINGS PETS!

Google Map

Metro Mixiuhca, a little bit away from the metro stop, (not far) – TONS of supplies for all animals and holy mother of FISH and Aquariums! When you find mercado peces, then you will see the pet supplies lines up like MAD!   The prices are CRAZY better than anywhere – that TRULY is the place where vets get their supplies, the place is AMAZING – AWESOME!  A great site on this also – 


El Chopo, the heavy metal market in Mexico!  Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 3.22.35 AM  on Alzate y Mosqueta near Buenavista subway station, it is on Saturdays.

Street vendors can be found anywhere in Mexico City,but these are more “formal” flea markets selling handcrafts, furniture and antiques.


*”Markets on Wheels”– the market on wheels is the traveling market in Mexico City, there are many

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.24.59 PM*Calle Pachuca and Veracruz, Condesa, on Tuesday in the afternoon, whoa.  Fresh eveything!  Check it out!


*Mercado 100 IMG_6638     Location: La Plaza del Lanzador, Orizaba esq. Antonio M. Anza, colonia Roma – Sundays 9.30 a 14.30.   Check dates/locations on their Facebook site.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 5.35.05 PM

Info can be found at, Telephone, 659 50032.


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.54.58 PM

In Condesa, on Tuesdays, we saw the BEST market on Pachuca and Veracruz in the afternoon fresh EVERTYHING!  Check it out!


*el Mercado de Medellin  on the corner of Medellin and Campeche. Very cool indeed! They close around 5:00-6:00, awesome place for fresh produce, meat, all fresh items food and non food items in a flea market style. If you need plants and/or pots with dirt, I was able to obtain a medium sized pot, plant, and another plant with dirt for 100 pesos. Dirt alone and a post (medium sized) can run about 50 pesos, so not bad! When you hit the market, look for the flowers being sold along Campeche side of the market, and then go behind the flower salesman, you will see the plants!


*Mercado Sobre Ruedas – More info on this this market HERE.

*Perhaps the freshest fruit, vegetables and prepared food items I have ever seen in Mexico, at any market.  Walk down Cordoba until you hit Chihuahua (Roma Norte, cross Alvaro Obregon).  Take Chihuahua east (left) into Colonia Doctores, crossing Cuauhtemoc street. The market starts one block into Doctores (Chihuahua will have changed into Dr. Erazo at this point.)


*La Lagunilla Market – Outside of the Centro area on Saturdays  See link! hereLa Lagunilla and Tepito near Centro Historico (Tepito is a curious place and you may easily get lost if you come down here). You can literally find anything and everything here but if you do want to come, dress down, where no jewelry and bring little money or secure it no matter what, it is not a safe place and probably best avoided if you do not speak spanish. It is a well known area for buying fake documents and black market goods.  Lots of furniture in and out of the buildings – one of the best places to get mattresses here and trundle beds?  AMAZING – A M A Z I N G prices!  – Rusticos Isaac – 57 72 21 43! Location #10.

Also, a GREAT place for incense, assorted items that make incense seem KING! is found around the street at Casa Ganesh at the following address: Republica De Peru 108-4 Con Vista Brasil No. 59) Centro DE La Ciiudad De Mexico Delegation: Cuauhtemoc Area 2 Mexico, DF  06010


Mercado Balderas


*El Tianguis del Chopo   It is on Alzate y Mosqueta near Buenavista subway station, it is on Saturdays!  (Thanks Jessica!)


*Oaxaca/Colima Streets right off Insurgentes, definitely check this area out on the weekend, Saturday and Sundays for long rows of vendors that lead you to right to Plaza Cibellis.  IMG_6704


*Tuxpan and Quintana Roo by one street (Open markets) as well.



* Bazar del Sábado in San Angel. Every Saturday, come here to see artists displaying and selling their work with tons and tons of art in the courtyard and amazing pieces of pottery and lots more inside the building.  PLAZA SAN JACINTO  San Angel


*Mercado San Juan  – Thank you Jason for showing me this!  If you want a speciality food mercado, wow, this is IT!  Amazing Tapas restaurant in between that has amazing cheeses, wines, and tapas. A GREAT find!


* Mercado de Artesanias in Coyoacan    


* Plaza del Angel in Zona Rosa – Londres and Sevilla have many many open market vendors, right beside EL Dragon area, the weekends seem to be packed with everything from knockoff sunglasses, watches, clothing, a ton of items!


*Mercado Jamiaca   This is THE place for flowers, but if you want ANYTHING, most likely you will find it here.  Amazing rows and countless rows of plants and flowers, we were able to get crazy Halloween costumes here, and just, anything from a wood handle for a broom to small wild animals that shouldn’t be sold on a market…This is a four to five hour day – easy!


* Sunday art market in the Monumento a la Madre


* Mercado de Antiguedades de Cuauhtemoc, near Centro Historico


*Beside the WTC down Insurgentes, you walk past the World trade Center, hang a right, HUGE HUGE market extending several blocks! Great fruit, great food, all fresh!


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  1. Nena Marshall says:

    Hey, you forgot to mention the Condesa Market on Tuesdays.

  2. Jessica says:

    You should try el tianguis del chopo! it is on Alzate y Mosqueta near buenavista subway station, it is on Saturdays

  3. Bryson M says:

    Thiis was a lovely blog post

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