Get Ready for AMAZINGness!

Tomorrow is the Upward Bound gallery walk and showcase from the last 6 weeks of student work and let me tell you, WHOA. Here s the email I sent to each of them below, you will be amazed when you see what they have accomplished (I will have video and photos for you!)

Breaking out projects on the second week to conquer.

Dear Upward Bound students,

Just a quick note, I was able to get a quick peek into the gallery work created tonight, from all the individual classes projects, WHOA. it is amazing. If you did not finish today, and can, I would HIGHLY advise you, reach out email to your teacher, or get there early tomorrow and give a heads up – and try to be a part and be represented.

It is AMAZING. The projects made for each class and representing your work in each class are A M A ZIN G! I have people from NOT affiliated in Upward Bound hearing and asking about it, and it is going to be an AMAZING representation of how you transfer your creativity, to the classes, to you, yourself. I am so excited! Please remember to thank your teachers because trust me, they stayed way after today to best represent you tomorrow.

For work study, I am equally impressed. In FOUR weeks we did what most can;t do in 8 weeks, and we did not really have more then 4 weeks with other scheduling have-to’s and this stuck with me-

When I ran the Newsroom for the Model United Nations simulation in Mexico City, a the American school, we had FOUR DAYS to cover every country’s news, crisis, etc and create a DAILY newspaper, TWICE a day! – printed and electronic, to distribute to all embassy representatives, students, parents, etc.. It seemed like chaos when you walked into our student newsroom and we were scrambling all over the place., and yet, whoa the things we completed!

Today, if you came into the computer lab, you saw people yelling, asking, worrying, scrambling like MAD and yet, think about what we accomplished today. We literally worked on over 6 different projects in a short amount of time and got alot – I MEAN ALOT done. Wait until you see tomorrow what some of these students did with individual class projects, and the NUMBER of projects EACH student in work study finished in 4 weeks, some finished 4- 5 DIFFERENT projects in this time frame – and if there EVER was a simulation of real life and rising above the challenges, it was here-

I am so so proud of each of you. Amazing things you will see represented tomorrow and remember, it is still not too late to get your project done and be represented tomorrow, it will be worth it if you do – if I can help, let me know.

Tonight, I have TWO students already practicing their work study presentation on zoom so we can see where they need to tweak their presentation, I am amazed and VERY proud of what all of you have done, and STILL can do 🙂

Mr Brake

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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