Schelling out Mexican Art part TWO – Also, Art for H20!

Yes, as promised, Jason Schell is back on the art scene, with an amazing documentary of the project he has just completed.  I like that you are pulled in, also that he is from Pittsburgh, ALSO that he does not skimp on what Mexico is all about versus the stereotypes.  This is the real deal and I hope we have him in the magazine as a major part of the 2013-2014 Repentino.  it is VERY amazing to see the popularity of genuine expression take off.

Speaking of this theme – with a display at one time along Alvaro Obregon of black metal photo displays of very wealthy facilities advertising American Express, have to say – NOT impressed.  Is this or was this the typical depiction of Mexico?  No.  I was angered each time I saw the display as the true Mexico is made up of a huge working class and even more below that line.  I remember the party to dedicate thus display, the suits and tuxedos all showed up – and then – poof, a few more weeks later of photos and then nothing, empty.  What do the suits and tuxedos have to do with representing a now and empty photo publicity installation that now stands empty?  Couldn’t an opportunity to ask individuals that represent the lower and struggling classes be asked to have been contributors to a possible chance to show off their photo skills if given a chance?  Then…one day I noticed the installation was removed and moved literally, to Plaza Cabrera and former pictures of what Roma Norte used to look like in the 40’s and even before compared to now helped recycle these structures, and yes, MUCH better.  I also think the American Express was removed from the stands – I approve.

Big happenings – Repentino. staff begins to ready for the 2014 CSPA Spring Conference, and whoa they are helping create beads – paper beads that will help towards donations towards those that need water in Tanzania, ultimately reconnecting with Charity Water in New York.

Artists have gotten in on this project as well.  

“Celebrated artist Vik Muniz will create a one-of-a-kind art piece with your paper beads in spring 2014.

We’re excited to make two big announcements about the Students Rebuild Water Challenge!    We’re extending the Water Challenge deadline to May 16, 2014. As well, world-renowned visual artist, Vik Muniz, has joined the Challenge and agreed to create a special piece using the paper beads you send in! Although the Water Challenge deadline will now be May 16, Muniz will create and donate unique artwork using beads mailed in by March 31, 2014.”

Huge project, and huge effort that will be an amazing addition to the Q and A, as well as the conference when we attend CSPA Conference.  I am excited for the week of March 16th – March 22nd, starting with the day we leave, my birthday, and could not have a better way to start the week than with that great group of people.  🙂  Students are frantically getting ready their presentations, getting ready their questions, and preparing themselves for an ultimate experience, and I hope Repentino. launches even more into reader’s eyes.

The Mexican Shakespeare competition begins at ASF this coming Monday and we can all smell the start of Spring.  I am not ready to say goodbye to the seniors yet again this year.  And this is my first weekend where I do NOT have to get up at the crack of dawn – life is good.  Good people with positive ideas make the world better.  Very good.  🙂


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