I’m at War with Myself…

Funny, I heard this phrase during previews for Saving Mr. Banks with Tom Hanks.  Then there was also Twelve Years a Slave – I would say the same phrase would apply  the war for several reason inside the characters of these films, and oddly enough, the last few films have been all – ALL based on try stories.  Dealing with Twelve Years a Slave, everyone was stuck in their chairs following the film, and my chest HURT from holding my breath the whole time.  Then there is the involvement of director, Steve McQueen.  Stunned was only one way of describing the events that unfolded about Solomon Northup and how how life was snatched away from him.  Amazing perspective in the events that occurred in the Unites States and their dealings of slavery and ashamed is only one of many emotions that appear when you look back at how history unfolded.

Saving Mr. Banks was also an eye opener.  What was the best thing?   Going in thinking this was about Mary Poppins and realizing the unfolded a story about families and the so much ore real story that lay behind the actual characters.  From everyone that included the driver to Mrs. Travers, well so you think it is until you realize that the name Helen Goff is a game changer in this movie.

Overall, most people walk into the movie theatre, it is a move and leave all reservations and ideas behind because it is a movie and the same when they walk out. I am not sure why, but I bring in more and take more following such movie. These two films we have seen certainly redefine the way we look at ourselves and others – powerful in their own right and then add what we have come to believe to know as history.  Worth the visit? Yes, and you will create a new vision of yourself and how you see things along the way.

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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