Contemplation and well, Delirios…

At what point do you slow down?  Is that possible?  Laughing, I have been asked that maybe a thousand times, well and asked myself that too.  However, it is so hard to fight the urge to slow down, when inside the energy and excitement to grab onto opportunities exists, it is just ingrained.

Yet, moments that you recall briefly are often worth noting, otherwise yo forget andI find it is so easy to forget the brief moments that are amazing unless you record them somewhere, hence this blog.  Last night, a Wednesday, I found myself walking back from buying the appeasing bone purchase for the puppies (not puppies anymore as they have just turned one year March 3rd!)  and found myself convinced I MUST eat at Delirios for the evening.  AMAZING choice.

I had found an article ages ago about eating alone and this was the jewel of the night.  Being greeted warmly in Spanish and English, I was allowed to take my time, ease into what I thought was a good choice, and the staff suggested alternatives for me, I placed my order for a side of salad, amazing bread with tomatoes and a spread, and a side of meat loaf.  Sure.  No biggie, I was impressed the bottle of Mineral Water that came to my table, and then the dish arrive.  This was no ordinary meatloaf, It took off on my tastebuds and for a few minutes, maybe a little more, I felt as if I was home eating homemade meatloaf.  Hence, the name of the section evoked to restaurant, “As a second home.”  When you feel this at ease and relaxed, you have found a winner.

Despite the horns honking, the Elvis impersonators, the occasional request for buying gums and the overall New York-alike atmosphere, it was PERFECT.  I mean PERFECT.  The dogs had been walked, my leg had stopped aching (long story) – and everything for me slowed even though it continued to every bypassed at regular speed mode.  Contemplating a dessert, I requested a black coffee, (which I never order) and an amazing and right there when you need him waiter helped transition the scene bit by bit perfectly.

Heading inside – I requested the carrot cake – and well a whole small plate with the white icing literally “took the cake” – it melted into my mouth alongside the coffee, which – just made the evening as a whole a tranquil postcard.  Moments that come around the corner and rock you into this realizing lull?  PRICELESS.  I am glad Delirio’s was the host 🙂




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