Oldies but goodies…

…JUST for the record – this is NOT about the people I work, laugh, and go out to amazing restaurants with!  🙂   Traspatio though, was the perfect place to celebrate the weekend – hands down!  Ever think about a pice of music, a cd etc that you heard areas ago, can’t remember the exact artist, but then, after weeks it HITS you, like a freight train!  You grab the cd – and memories of how you got it – how it came to be, the songs and what the stirred in you at that time come flooding back – that in itself, though sounding something little, is what can make a mediocre day be a GREAT one – so it was with John Hiatt’s album Walk On, from yes, 1995.

I was a clerk in a movie store called Reel Collections, (Used to be

Reel Collections
101 Clearview Cir
Butler, PA 16001-1576
Phone: (412) 285-4704 )

and the Branch/Division Manager was in on a visit to our store manager, and while himself was well, kind of shady he has this great piece of advice for John Hiatt.  Never had heard of him, and once I did, I was hooked.  Then, I thought I would be a huge Movie/coffee shop manager of a store in Butler, PA, and wow, look were we end up in our thoughts and plans.

The same can be true of life in general – it is SO easy to get trapped in a life that seems boring, mundane, and just repetitive.  It can lose its shimmer and shine/  Yet, the littlest things can change and remind you how good you have it compared to the past in most cases.  Friends, music, and just relaxing and enjoying sites around you that you never take in often do this and I think are essential in reviving your spirit, and add to your growth as a person.  All things easy to overlook and take for granted.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 9.42.25 AMMonday was a huge hit with the preliminaries for the Anglo-Mexican Shakespeare competition – major talent on stage and all students were – AWESOME!  Nancy and Lucia go on to round two and make me think of Alina who won 2 years ago .

Super major fun Friday with the First Annual Bearsville Pizza eating contest sponsored by our Repentino. magazine while we sold pizza. It was an experiment and one the staff relished as they did an amazing job and roused school spirit with a fun event, celebrating the Girls’ Asomex Soccer team and the boys JV football team first game.  I left laughing but having so much fun thanks to countless students that pitched in to help with the competition, pizza counting, and timing.  It is contagious to be around them and get them involved with staff with something so fun.  Mr. Abling, Moctezuma, Guillermo (the winner) and another student that unhesitatingly competed, and just overall, a fun and awesome way to start the weekend.

I thought that was it, but oh no, the IB Art Exhibit was AMAZING.  Let me rephrase that, the students that made the IB ART Exhibit along with Ms. Patterson made me proud to be part of such an amazing institution that raises students to such a level of achievement and talent – and I was in the middle of it.  How could I not be so grateful to be able to spend time with these students, truly I had been given a gift.  So not a bad way to start the weekend, and more exciting events to come – (ohmyGOSH – EIGHT days until New York for the CSPA Conference) – and again surrounded by an amazing troupe of students that will change the world to come!


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