MX to ATL, to D.C, to DE :)

Looking back at the trip back to Delaware, without driving, was exciting to say the least.

Initially planning on staying in Mexico due to several issues, but then being resolved, I was excited to say the least to be heading back home in almost what had been a year and a half and it was the holiday season.

Finding a flight, round trip for under $750.00 through Kayak was reassuring, and I knew despite missing Kinah, Wriggley, and Amaya, as well as Hangover, Dewey, and Suzy, thanks to the amazing care and service of Andres with Walking Dog, I knew I would be on my way.

For the first time, I was able to spend a few days before the 21st, to totally organize and clean the apartment to make reentry back to Mexico easier.  Seeing an amazing concert on the 20th, I knew the holiday season was on.  Being lucky enough to see Larry Tharp’s guitar, choir, and bell concert,  changed paces to see an amazing, AMAZING concert at Casa Lamm with the Mexico City Chamber Music Group led by Sarah Villarreal – the most amazing thing – the music was so crisp and amazingly clear – it surely was surreal to see the passion of the performers but the music was almost impossible to believe was coming for the performers, it was one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen, heard, or felt.

This was amazing that this occurred just around the block from my house, quite difficult to believe.  The days leading up to my departure were relaxed, while my anticipation rose each hour.  On the day leaving to the airport from Mexico, I ran into a friend who sat with me with her dog at the park, and it was utterly amazing I would be leaving on such an incredibly warm, sunny day in Mexico.  It seemed surreal and I couldn’t believe I would be going to somewhere that invites cold and snow lol.

As I went into the taxi towards the airport, I still didn’t fail to recognize the very corners of my neighborhood that I had come to love.  From the delis to the walks around corners with my dogs, as well as various shops, I realized this truly was a place that I could never put into words how this neighborhood makes you feel and it truly was home.

Delta was in fact great.  I boarded, first bag checked for free, but since I carried a huge amount of items from Mexico, of course I paid an overweight fee, but was to anxious to get home to care  🙂

In arriving in Atlanta, and as I waited for my bags to transfer them to my plane from Atlanta to Washington D.C., I met a fellow teacher from Cuernevaca who teaches at the Swiss School that was headed to Ohio, and we laughed as we patiently waited to make our connections.  I also realized that the world is a lot smaller when you spend time to get tho help and know those around you!

As we boarded the plane to D.C., a young girl that sat to my left kept falling asleep, sometimes on my shoulder, sometimes falling forward, however, when we circled into D.C. at the Reagan import, it was amazing to see the individual houses from the air, with the specific lights, then before you realized it, the White House, Washington Monument, and wow, I was actually home!  That night, I met face to face with the airport Christmas tree, awesome holiday lights, and as I took the metro, the last one at that, and my cousin Roger met me, and I made it to Takoma Park, and stayed up for a few house talking and catching up and then just relaxing into a deep deep sleep.

In going to DE to pick up my Mom who did NOT know I was coming, and yes she was shocked  🙂  , and bringing my Mom back to Takoma Park the same day with my cousin Lois was great to do.  On the way back, hitting Cracker Barrel was DELICIOUS.  Between the pie, the biscuits and gravy, okay you get the idea.  We spent the next three days that included Christmas with my cousins from Tennessee, and together as a family was pretty phenomenal.  Some of my favorite gifts received were Steelers gear in the form of earbuds, cinch stacks, an umbrella, as well as a host of cool items for my dogs and cats!  I was able to pick up clothes and books that had been waiting, as well as a basket full of mail that helped me go back and check on via retirement financial records, past reminders and more.

Heading back to Delaware for a few days, I was excited to see familiar sites that had not been seen and made me feel like home. Over the course of several days, I was able to see former colleagues and coaches, freinds dear and clear to my heart from the past and the present, that had been with me as a teacher, amazing and talented athletes that were growing up in front of me, inspiring views of the beaches, Chapel Branch plans, as well as individual moments of taking in the success of my friends that struggled and are finding their way.  I think there could be nothing better.

Seeing Chapel Branch, seeing Soroptomist Park, and seeing Seaford, all I could see is potential and possibility, and hoped that many that lived in Seaford could also see this legacy too.  Being able to see Into the Woods was a highlight as well, and seeing what the Main Streets of Hight Street brought back memories of running with the XC team in training on those very hot, hot days, yet ones I would never trade for the world.

Seeing Sal’s, Applebee’s, Pizza Hut, and Davelli’s brought back memories as well of the places where we gathered as friends on countless times to just enjoy the highlights of events.  What I love is that I can come back to DE and enjoy the very places I never was able to enjoy before, telling me, no matter what profession we are in, we need to find ways to enjoy those moments as if seeing them from afar.  Seeing Bethany and visiting with so many people that we have invested those moments with, is truly priceless, and to continue to do only increases the value of our life now and in the future, as well as looking in our past.

As I find myself in Takoma Park, Maryland, I look forward to seeing some specific exhibits that appear in various museums and spending time to catch up with much to be ahead when 2015 rolls around.  However, looking back, the main reason Delaware is considered home is due to the special family and friends that make up that very family.  I know Delaware is one of the smallest states in the United States, however, there are treasures, similar to Mexico, that reveal themselves that you finding others should know about 🙂


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