Cinematic Cornucopia…

Thanks to the accessibility, as well as to my own personal intrigue, there are some pretty powerful films that have started to roll out since October and beyond, and I wanted to share some observations I have made on some mind-blowing ideas and concepts that I have seen come to the screen.

The Hobbit 3 The Battle of Five Armies #D and IMAX with (Two tracks from Billy Boyd!)

Just with the element of IMAX and 3d was enough to be excited about, add to that the conclusion what started as a small fascination of The Lord of the Rings, and there you have almost a great movie before you even walk through the doors and end your seat.  One of the exciting events that occurred as I arrived home since almost 2 Christmas’s ago,  I was able to take part in this thanks to my cousin in Washington D.C..   I have to say nothing for me has taken the place of The first Lord of the Rings film, as I witnessed the embedded themes of friendship and walking a mile in another’s shoes in that film.  Yet, I found that underlying theme replaced with the themes of love moreso. Of course the major battle that occurs here is epic and reminiscent of the battle that occurs in The Return of the King and the Arrival of Rohan.  What you notice in this film is the artistry as well, from the scenery that has followed Lord of the Rings  through the whole series, to the illustrations that are especially exhibited at the end, and a surprising song, The Last GoodBye, that we find ends this amazing film, sung by Pippin, who was played by Billy Boyd!

Did you know he could sing?  I am thinking the cast did not know either but wow, if you stay until the end and hear this song, this is worth the moment following the movie ALONE!   It’s nice to think Boyd also made this as a farewell to the voyage they all had made in making this incredible series and involvement in the films that have made this deep-seeded in each of us.  Again, I found myself squirming in my seat the close calls, the images that pulled me closer to the action, and I found jumping up through my throat and back down again trying to stay with the plot as it would jump out at you like a wild Ork.

I like the fact that there is so much science fiction and fantasy, mixed with the personal aspects of friendship and hoe that started as dreams and fulfills into the element of reality and hope.  There and back again…a fitting title for an amazing set of stories that might be farewell to the screen, but never in our minds.  Loved this film and a fitting conclusion to an amazing ride of adventures from the very beginning.

Interstellar – In seeing the massive number of previews via posters in Mexico City for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, I have to say, I was hyped up for this film WAY before it hit the movie theaters, and I was intrigued.  The fascination did not stop at the theatre door.  The intrigue of the this film truly did lie and explore what could lie in the unknown, what we think we have discovered and what possibly remains beyond.  The perfect soundtrack, the element of family that keeps resurfacing and a commitment to the human race, as well as the edge of fantasy that branched off from my recent read of The Martian, just enough to easily leave the theatre satisfied. Anne Hathaway (LOVE),  Mackenzie Foy, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, Topher Grace, Wes Bentley, John Lithgow, matt Damon, and especially Matthew McConaughey all pull together to have you travel to where they all go.  The great thing about McConaughey’s voice? – His gruffness manages to pull you through wherever he wants to push you to, easily, just due to the tone and the texture of his voice itself.  It works perfectly here, and the name of his daughter, Murphy – it just works for this film perfectly.  Seeing it twice, this reaches out to you as far as a fascination of what lies beyond, and the family we have here on earth.

The historical elements of the dustbowl in the midwest also work alongside the importance of farming versus an engineering world.  The scenes of school, past historical feats of the space program, one’s commitment for a better world alongside what makes family, all here.  I was not in the least bit disappointed when I experienced Interstellar after seeing the promotional buzz ahead of time.

The Judge – Robert Downey Jr.  That name invokes many types of images.  Yet, add the name of Robert Duvall and the element of intrigue rises.  Add the circle of intrigue, law, family, and the name Billy Bob Thornton, and yes – something magical arises from the setting of a small town in Indiana to return to his roots.  It is easy to feel the longing for recognizing one’s own roots and not forgetting where you come from, lost loves, former hangouts, friends that made life classic and priceless.  All of these elements surface and added with the flavors of comedy that these two principle actors can provide you do walk away with a taste of nostalgia of something important that has happened in each of our lives at one time, and owing this to our roots.  Taking the aspects of My Cousin Vinny and George Strait’s Pure Country, a wide variety on a mysterious turn of events where the judge is placed under scrutiny, as well as a humor level throughout, this is a feel good movie that allows the three of family to be woven from beginning to end.

Exodus Gods and Kings – In just talking about the Lord of the Rings, I have to say that nothing is taken away from the special effects seen in Ridley Scott’s Exodus.  The opening soundtrack song itself is chilling and serve its purpose ideally.   They make this a reality alongside the plot and characters. The power, mystique, as well as biblical references are not left behind in any step of this film.  The strength, ruling power, as well as rise to power through faith and determination are fueled through Christian Bale as well as the stubbornness of Joel Edgerton – they take you on this journey and historical adventure through the pages of Exodus effortlessly.  You know what is coming if you know the story through the scriptures, yet, you are not disappointed in the depiction at all.  Most know that Charlton Heston’s version of Moses through the making of The Ten Commandments, CLASSIC.  It is refreshing to see a modern version of this absolute classic, and nothing is stolen just revitalized and yes, this version does not lose its power.  Christian Bale does an amazing job of presenting the stubbornness mankind has always held, and the result that follows.


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