Home in 2014

Of course the question of home is different for everyone.  Yet, some things remain the same.

Home is that place where creativity, energy, and a sense of security reigns, and often that can occur in some very mobile places.  Being almost 2 years since actually returning home, the flight from Mexico City to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to Reagan National  seemed like the first fight ever – being able to recognize the thousands of Christmas lights on houses below the hovering of a big city of lights on the horizon, and witnessing the via of the White House, the Washington monument as we finally arrived, home was definitely home.

Spending quality time with cousins, Aunts, Uncles, immediate family, priceless.  Of course the presents add a little something extra, but it is an unusually feeling to be home in one place, and also have your heart and mind in another that you consider home, and in this case Mexico.  Yet, I had no reservations at all, as so much of one place had become part of the other, funny how that works out.

While the unbelievable moments of the fresh bay water, the smell of pine at The Vince Morris’ Nature Trail at Chapel Branch, the growth of life seen in the Soroptomist Park, and the slow hum of a relaxed life go on in my home state of Delaware, there is a mutual repeat for the amazing diversity of culture found on every corner in Roma Norte, at ASF, as well as in the very Centro /Zocolo of Mexico City.

Then it hits you – home becomes even stronger, even more of a gravitational pull when you have friends and close confidants that have been created in various locations, and then, and only then, does the real connection across worlds, across regions begin to occur.  Yes, we all know the world is easily connected with the advent of the internet – yet, it seems none of that truly happens until that heart connection that makes a true home in alternative locations occurs.  As a New Year approaches, I think it is a great goal to make the locations you have visited or hail from in the past more of a home each day due to the connections you fortify, reconnect with, and refresh.  All while unplugged so you can enjoy at maximum level those very rooted locations that bring you back to life amid the often stressful back and forth pages life often helps you turn.


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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