Into the Woods and Among the Masses

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Finally.  I heard the hype, I heard and anticipated the presentation of Into the Woods from our ASF drama club in the 2015 season to come and I was anxious due to that anticipation.

What is amazing is the fact that so many multiple characters, can come together to from multiple identities, multiple agendas, and multiple experiences to create one combined experience among characters that usually appear on multiple diverse screens.

Meryl Streep is not going to disappoint at all, and we still puzzle while Johnny Depp, playing his usual deceptive and cool character tole, is listed as the only as as The Wolf.”  James Corden was perfect as the baker, and added the perfect qualities as a leader, as a comedian, and as a dramatic role struggling to make it though a family curse.

Add the music and catchy lines, with the moral makeup of how various individual’s lives are full of conflict, despite a faith tale story or real life and there is plenty of room for blame.  Yet, the individual’s determination to look challenges right in the eye and deal with it – ends in a much more happier ending than what is dreamed of any of Disney’s depicted endings.  Sounds very unfairytale-like, right?  Not at all – the powerful roles, powerful underlying steps of fate that lead this musical to a expected Disney-ending, are very satisfying, and not sugar-coated in any superficial way.  The music will stick with you and what I found in seeing this in Salisbury, MD, was the chance to receive a sample song as a free download, and mine was “On the Steps of the Palace.”

It is amazing, not knowing anything about this musical – and finding out so much.  It is enlightening, captivating, and light-hearted.  Knowing something about Into the Woods before viewing, no matter, you just get a more advanced understanding of how Disney can take the leap from the fairly tales that have existed in all our lives and extend into real life.

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