Human Tetris anyone? – A GRADUATE! – and Reviewing a FUTURE…

Yeah.  That was the second time, out of three years, I have felt an earthquake that actually happened.  Watch this building video, wow.  The only difference was THIS TIME, I was asleep and it woke me up to look out my windows and see people below huddling around the building, alarms from cars going off, and sirens in the distance and actually about 20 minutes later, a helicopter above heading over the city.  I always stay put, as by the time I would get up, grab the dogs, and head to the bottom, it is always over – THANK GOODNESS.  Yet, that I was woken up and could feel my bed rolling beneath me a little, weird and well, just wow.

Thursday the alarm that sounded during school, and that was a real drill, registered a 6.8 earthquake and I felt nothing.  However, we were probably on one of the strongest pieces of property that the school seems to be pretty earthquake solid-proof in that area despite others across the street feeling it.  However, no such luck and barriers of concrete this time, as for about 1 minutes, I had a moving waterbed 🙂  Yet, calm about it is like everyone else, I trade that experience for others such as frost, biting cold, and other less desirable elements of the weather, as long as the impact stays to a minimum – 🙂

Seriously, and no kidding, I find myself graduating today from a MEd in Library and Information Technology from Mansfield, and I have to say, looking back on this path – it has been a wild ride, sad and the word triumphant seems appropriate.  I remember starting, believe it or not, on June 27th, 2005.  2005- I mean that was the start o me attending to leave PA for good & beginning my adventure in Delaware – that seems a world away.  From that time to now – I have seen the acquisition of new friends, creation of projects that have brought win touch with new world, tragedies such as the loss of to students that caused me many stops of continuing, criticisms of the way I do things, making me again stop and question my ability, but even more than that – encouragement from dear friends that became family, that allowed me to continue and complete an eleven – 11 – year journey!  40 credits later, and taking usually 2 classes a semester, sometimes a semester or two off – and returning back to the schedule, amid a full time job at every turn, and then add in all the elements that life has to throw you – truly the only way I finished was the inspiration and encouragement I saw from my family, friends, and students that became my family.

I have realized, on this day, May 10th, 2014 – why I am graduating I because of the combined effort of all those countless name of individuals, and I prefer their friendships and advice than the actual certificate, which makes graduation an amazing time for me today more than anything else!  I absolutely cannot say this was an easy study and degree, I read, studies, and created projects that ties into pop culture, technology, and library science that opened doors to me I never knew existed, and I stuck with it.  It was one of the hardest studies I have ever done, yet- thanks to the Mansfield faculty, I learned so much. Many from the outside looked in and saw an easy major, not learning applicable things to the outside world, criticisms of the program, yet I struggled day and night to implement the very elements of this program that allowed me to reach individuals personally, involve them, and plan ways for them to succeed, as well as myself.  I am glad I sweat and labored so hard over this major, as it defined me and what I expect of others, and brought us to a point of learning things about ourselves along the way, that is PRICELESS.

Speaking of proud, I have to say, the small group of Young Adult Literature readers that I have been meeting an organizing lately, Nina, Pamela, Sam wow.  They take the Young Adult lit books we received from Harlequin, (no, it is NOT just romance!)  and relay back their emotions, feelings, and reactions, and astound the authors, publishers, and audience about to read those pages they are able to leave behind.  They talent is amazing and it is so vital that that continue to be encouraged and allowed opportunities to have their talents represented, and I am so proud of them – please check out the location of all our reads and their very strong reviews – and many more surprises to come as they continue to grow and define their future, at this link. Many many good things to be proud of and create in a future where the sky is the limit!



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