Cesar Chavez, Grand Budapest, Driving in the Park, and Breaking Down a 5 day Week…

Yes, it is true, a 5 day week, TOUGH.  Yet, much happens to help break up that 5 day week, and for that, I am grateful.  It’s funny, walking the dogs in Parque Rio last week in the early AM, I was well, I really thought I was daydreaming when I saw a car driving around Parque Rio,  um yeah, IN Parque Rio, like IN THE PARK.  The funny thing, the drive kepis trying each side to get out but um, the steep sidewalk and bushes bordering the park as a whole make that kind of impossible. So how the heck did the driver get in? It was too early in the morning to make those kind of earth-shattering conclusions, but the police that came and asked the driver to get out, and seeing this huge dent in the back of the bumper I am sure helped to figure out that being IN the park, IN a vehicle, was not the original plan of the person who laid out the park.  All the same an interesting way to start the AM for sure!

Seeing Diego Luna’s film Cesar Chavez last week was inspiring.  Even more so, how cool is it that ASF here on our campus, one of the the executive directors/producer of the film, Julian Levin, who came yesterday to entertain questions and a general Q & A FOLLOWING a showing of the film ON our campus!  SUPER Cool! What did you think? I would love to see your comments to the film but overall, I felt the uneasiness you might have felt throughout the film based on the tension, was a healthy tension, that made each of the individuals watching, no matter their background realize, we need to realize others in the world in which we live and work to make the world, as a whole, better.  This video, one of many lost interviews, is a testament to his strength and bravery of making a change in the world.  What is even scarier is seeing the pickets  live and the strength Chavez had to keep everyone together, in something he believed in.

I remember often the naive comments of former students, native to Delaware, thinking they had the whole idea of immigration figured out, without every happening to step OUT of Delaware.  Many individuals in my class had parents from Mexico that came and labored crazy hours in the fields picking watermelons, working in the enormous chicken lanes in Delaware, to provide a better way of live.  Even while I was in Delaware I had thought there was another side to the story of immigration than the some Delaware natives thought they knew.  I was right, when I cameo Mexico, I witnessed how hard many work, and wished that everyone that was a critic of immigration issues would first live in another country for one year to see what how immigration issue is internalized from outside the United States.  It intensified many things for me, and seeing Diego Luna’s film did the same for me.

In seeing Grand Budapest Hotel, wow.  I honestly have never seen one of  Wes Anderson’s films but the traits he leaves behind in each of his films (now I have to see them) such as Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums, it is interesting to see how Anderson ends films in a similar fashion, as well as the clipping action that seems to run in front of your eyes, yet paints quite a comical scene.  I thought of the child toys I had, called the View-Master, and that is what I thought I was seeing on a larger scale in the theatre with Wes Anderson’s film.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.31.07 AMSunday was a make up a adventure day and so we did.  I took Kinah, Wriggley, and Amaya through a planned five park trek all day, myself finishing some aspect of work I needed to do by the end of this trek.  Believe it or not, it worked.  We trekked through Parque Rio, then Parque Luis Cabrera, then onto Parque Mexico, then to the Glorieta and Amsterdam circle/fountain Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.21.34 AM(I love this mini park)

then to Parque Espana, and finally to the Maria Enriqueta Carillo/circle/minipark by Celaya,

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.23.46 AM

wow SIX!  We did SIX parks!  It was funny seeing the brood actually tired at the end of this walk, (that does not happen) but actually meeting so many new friends in park after park, it was nice to see they were OUT like a light when we came home and for hours, they were literally snoozing like babies, lol.  It was a beautiful sunny day, a perfect Mexican summer day, and full of friends and new friends made throughout the day.  You couldn’t ask for more.  🙂

May is speeding by, and with exciting and relaxing chances to enjoy Mexico, (including ignoring the largely AMERICAN celebration of Cinqo de Mayo, lol) a 5 day weeks speeds by with such opportunities around you!


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