Rufus Wainwright, library paths, fresh air, 3 pounds, and Hangover…

“What was your favorite part of vacation?” I know I do not get questions like that but I love them.  Why? It makes me think as a person as well, and not take the moments I tend to forget, memorable and remind me why it is the little things that make the big picture so clear.

In looking back on the visit to D.C. and DE, definitely, a few things do stick out…

Rufus Wainwright at NPR, walking in NOMA and exploring neighborhoods of D.C., minutes after finishing the tour of NPR in Washington D.C., and seeing the editing of this session happen was just one of many moments where I found myself so lucky to be part of the NPR single day tour – NPR – it might mean nothing to some but the stories and lives that have been represented through the years since I have started listening to NPR have meant everything to me and only brought this tour alive to me as saw the inner workings of studios, reporters, and more that made NPR, NPR – and I love that it is radio exclusive and only getting more popular every day.

The one thing I am a sucker for, topics that lead you to ore interesting paths and topics.   Some people like riddles, puns, working with numbers, et but I like topics that lead you other places.  Take Rufus Wainwright, there is more behind Rufus than just the amazing voice.  His parents are the famous Kate McGarrigle and Loudon Wainwright III, who I never was aware of yet represented some of the most amazing sounds in folk music.  It is fun for me to find the paths I do not know that branch off from other topics, hence, my love for being a librarian.  All of this of course leads to the show 30-music hour  and npr music.

Perhaps transferring to the second most interesting and favorite place and perhaps the contender for first always, visiting the beach.  IMG_3626I have a preference for Bethany Beach and Mango’s Restaurant and the air never, ever,  is a let down.  That crisp, saltwater air lets you dive into Thrasher fries, ice cream, Candy Kitchen, milkshakes, The Bethany Beach Book Store, and so much more along the boardwalk.  The sand between your feetIMG_3636, the sound of the tide coming in, it doesn’t matter WHAT type of year, it is still reassuring and comforting, and I think that is one of the all time favorites of visiting anywhere – eating a IMG_3618 good meal in Ocean City at Liquid Assets with IMG_3622 family and friends, seeing a wine tasting and information session, enjoying the taste of mussels, cornbread with Jalapeño and so many cheeses, wow that was a GREAT day.  There is something about the air, you take it in and you do it enough all day you are guaranteed a night’s sleep that is unlike any you normally have, and worth every minute of being near the water!

Also, visiting IMG_3569Chapel Branch always is a calm experience, like Yoga, it is amazing to take in the smell of pine, see the developments that add to the area and that continue to enhance nature as a whole  Even though I came across what I thought was an owl, yet  wing span looked like an eagle, which dropped it’s early early morning kill IMG_3521right in front of me from the trees as I came across him on the path!  LOL  (better than on me!)  I found that this was home in so many ways from all the training days, XC meets and just a place where so many of us worshipped, it is always an honor to visit IMG_3523Chapel and take care of the Vince Morris Trail. It makes the whole day better.



Funny, coming to D.C. I thought I’d have tons of room to bring back items like chai/ hot chocolate/Snapple tea packets for my Keurig machine, clothes, and other items and I barely had room for it all!  So much, than when I weighed my suitcase I was three, THREE pounds overweight and that very three pounds, before boarding United Airways, would have cost me 100 dollar!  Unlike US Airways, I did not have to pay a $45.00 fee for the first checked bag, but, I ended up losing a sweatshirt (one I found) after switching items in my suitcase to be able to board and avoid an extra 100.00 dollars for three pounds – however all made it, the D.C. Macy’s dress shirts I purchased, the beach wood lighthouse Mom gave me, my cousin’s custom-made Steeler blanket, Beach Salt Water Taffy, Keurig packets, the pairs of Dockers I bought, the stack of books for the library, the two pairs of Saucony shoes I purchased, and only leaving behind a small box of Keurig packets and my neon green running shoes until next time – more room coming back, um, no.

Remember the cat Helen Kang and Alejandro used to have when they were in Mexico, his name as Hangover?  Well, he was always the cat I never saw and wow, THAT changed.  I go somewhere, Hangover Photo on 4-26-14 at 4.36 AM #2 is there, attached literally to my elbow most times, as the dogs also change to be more receptive to walks, being in other parts of the apartment and not destroying everything, everyone settles into a relaxed and easy life in back in Mexico.


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