Rubin Carter, Roda, freedom, and aspiring.

IMG_3648Rubin Carter – wow.  After listening to NPR and discovering the amazing story of Rubin Carter – his 20 years prison term that was unfairly unconvicted of – wow, I can barely say much about  story that speaks for itself and one everyone should know.  I realize that listening to stories and the accounts of lives of others, is important to put what we should be thankful in life, more in focus and keep us grounded to the simple things that make life priceless.

Alison Schwinn, former student, Naval student and overall, a treasure in representing what individuals that believe in the promise of a bright future can do, participates in the Boston Marathon today and I feel she is breaking some personal records as she honors that tradition even despite the tragedy to terrorism of the past.  Her willingness to push forward is admirable and I am pushing her forward each half hour I think of her place in the race!

Looking back over this visit from Charlotte, to D.C/Takoma Park, and then to DE and the Eastern shore, I received a much-needed renewal of spirit and energy.  Some specific names stand out in my mind, Chapel Branch, Nanticoke Conservancy, The Betts Family, Linn Duryea, Ms. Bayon, cousins Lois and Roger, Mom, Aunt June and Uncle John, Bethany Beach, Roda Studio, and so much more, containing it inside and bringing it with you, not so easy.  Yet, there are ways to let these moments go forward and make an impact into the future.

My goals for the future – buckle down and get more involved with the environment and world around us, and getting others involved with that same initiative.  Continue to monitor and be more in touch with those that have influenced us so much more.  Also, continue to be a voice for important causes that need out voice to promote change for the better in the world.  These are just some little aspects that ultimately help shape our loves and ourselves to begetter people.

In returning to Delaware, I have to say, eating at Chilis, visiting the bookstore, then also visiting Bethany Beach, taking in the feel of the sand, the saltwater, the amazing restaurant Liquid Assets, as well as just enjoying being in a beautiful sunset and area where fresh is everywhere – it made all the difference. Take all those experiences, and add the excitement of Charlotte, NC and the energy and experiences of all things Takoma Park and Washington D.C., this has been an AMAZING experience, and I love these areas that I am lucky enough to have a tie to!

Regarding technology, I love this study of the consequences of digital media and behavior.    LOVE!   What this says to me is to have a HUGE balance of activities that are outside of the digital world and involve the digital world, with a HEALTHY balance, that makes the two more meaningful.  it is easy to hide behind a desk, and even easier to hide behind a device, but it takes volumes of talent to bring talented individuals into the fold based on their strengths and that involve both non-technological and technological skills.  Kind of ties me to the news of the virus the bug called Heartbleed that went around.  Risks in technology are always around, but, to be a happy individual, at least for me, I need more than just technology, I need the marriage of the two to do things I could only dream of before.

Was it ironic that the town I was staying in provided a chance to drop mail off to someone from Seaford, DE, to a specific studio that was a block away from my cousins, and that friends knew people that close to me?  I like to think no, showing how connected culture, friends, and actions of reaching out are related once we pay attention and look around us.  I loved walking into Roda Studio with a piece of mail that friends in Seaford wanted to send to, and I walked in on an amazing bunch of talent involving drums and it seemed was a therapy of its own, just listening.

I love organizations that also represent the energy of doing something more than just being average – such as the Freedom to Read Foundation, Nanticoke Watershed Conservancy, and National Novel Writing Month – (I love) and there are tons more!

Powdered Alcohol – I think I can;t say anything about this and just gape at this article, lol.

There is so much more to reflect including the tragedy of the Malaysian airflight and the Korean accident  – more to come as I try to digest all the wonderful experiences within one small break!


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  1. Forristyna Walker says:

    Rubin Carter’s endurance is quite an example for everyone. Will try Liquid Assets soon; thanks for recommendation. Love Charlotte, NC.; beautiful city

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