Carnism, Canvas sketching, Ella Fitzgerald, India Chai Tea, a perfect morning…

Happy Mother’s Day!  YEAH!  This has been a day indeed, but what make it best…

Waking up to absolute silence, and wind slowly blowing in the window, the slight sound of a saxophone begins to soak into the morning from a corner of my neighborhood, as I slowly get up, make my way for a cup of India Chai tea, put some Ella Fitzgerald on, the sounds reverberating around the apartment with windows that look out on all corners of Mexico – there is no urgency, no rush, and no panic inside of what needs to be done next.

I make my way to Parque Rio with Kinah, Wriggley, and Amaya, they sense the amazingness of the morning air, and we settle down on the side of the fountain after turning them loose to jump over the walls of the fountain, back again, meeting new friends, and soaking in the playfulness the morning allows them.  I brought a canvas with me today, and sat down sketching in charcoal some scenes I have wanted to do so often, and today turns out to be  good day for such, as the sketch actually begins to resemble my surroundings.  After getting a good start, I wander back to my apartment, we climb the stairs and I am able to soak in the sun, some John Lee Hooker, George Jones, and for good measure throw Ella Fitzgerald back on – all in all, the Mexico I never dreamed of has become a reality.  This was an amazing day and yet, there is more to come…

An essay I wrote for my Mom for a contest…

Thick or thin

actually won – and she gets a free cleaning of her apartment – I mean – whoa – that will be an amazing thank you in addition to the written piece – I think I truly do better writing when I just rush in and jot it down in the moment…I am glad she won!  YEAH!

In addition to all that, several student authors have recognized, along with Harlequin Publishing,- reviews of three young talented young ladies from ASF I have worked with and encouraged to go ahead and write reviews and get them out there, hit the big time! Their talent emerges and it makes me feel good that they begin to realize their own talents and relish their accomplishments.  Definitely take their reviews in here, you will enjoy the ease of how they read.

A very wise friend gave me this when I was feeling low and felt as if I was being attacked from many sides and the issue about Seth Godin’s talk about generosity.

Her words and advice over the last few days made perfect sense and helped put things into perspective and walk right into the very things I found disappointing and make then strengths that could conquer wars.  It helped.  I realized how lucky I was to have those kind of allies in the form of students, friends, and family.

Speaking of good friends, I was able to see and speak to Helen Kang today and hear how she and Alex are doing in Korea, and his second photo exhibit seems to be a HUGE success!  Being a former Activities Director as ASF, they are missed around the halls of ASF.

In ending the evening with a calm reading of Melanie Joy’s Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows was an AMAZING, amazing study on how we are influenced by various industries, obviously from diet as her focus in this text, to the amazing ways whole societies are influenced by buying into the powerful element of dimly going with the norm.  WOW.  I included my review here,

Melanie Joy review

but this is an AMAZING book on so many levels, it is a MUST READ!  A good day?  No, a GREAT day and I think it is fitting it occurred on Mother’s Day!  How often does someone really get to soak in the music they have?  I take for granted  the things I have collected over the years, and hearing, really listening to the words and the power of the soulful spirit of Ella Fitzgerald, the rough, edgy, and powerful John Lee Hooker, and the in mournful George Jones this best (and worst) – soaked into my soul all the good things about a great Sunday – I hope yours was great too..



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