Unexpected, Hidden Truths

oHieronymus Bosch.  Not familiar with and well acquainted with this artist after It Comes at Night.  Not able to find the painting that appears in the film and bizarre loss of facts about this artist add to the, “what you think you know, but will find out” elements of this film.  When you are looking through the listing of films, it just seems as another one of the latest horror films that are on the cinema ticket.  Absolutely false.

What I expected from It Comes at Night versus what the film actually is will surprise you too completely.  I did not expect a film that would share pieces of films like The Stand, I am Legend, and The Book Of Eli, and yet, Trey Edwards Shults‘s new film stands on it so own which is completely unexpected.  It makes you realize that this was worth the trip to the cinema when you you see and feel this walking out.

What I find fascinating is the casting is truly right on (I wanted to say “dead on”, but that would the wrong choice of words).  Even though I do not recall these characters in other films, they role in this film sets the standard of what they CAN do in a film.

Add to this the roles that emotion plays effectively, as well as normal fears each one of us has, and you have a film that grips you into fascination, fear, and a “what happens next” so strongly, you are left reeling of what you were expecting at the beginning and what you experienced at the end.

Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, Christopher Abbott, David Pendleton, Carmen Ejogo, and especially Kelvin Harrison Jr., all contribute to just the right amount of emotion, suspense, and questioning that land them as major players in a successful film.  I am so glad I did not brush this off as “just another horror film ” when this psychological thriller is so much more in truth and fear.

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