“Everything in this Life is Linked”

Swedish.  Spanish subtitles.  A mild interest in seeing what this Hannes Holm film, A Man Called Ove.  As a Swedish author, Fredrik Backman and his novel that led to the movie, I went in unsure.  Realizing I was not going to see any English, be it subtitles or on the screen, I left the theatre so thankful for the things that I have failed, and still fail, to realize so many times through a day in my life.  Rolf Lassgard is amazing as well as Bashar Pars, she takes the cake and then some to push the plot forward.  The story as well as characters simply reach inside and play the heart strings of your heart to a melody you never knew existed in the first place.  

Love, memories, bitterness, loneliness, isolation, surprises, families, lost loves, humor, irony, and MORE all are contained in this amazingly warm-hearted foreign film.  

 Another famous line“Either we die, or we choose to live” has so many connotations in relation to this film, and in life in general, you end up taking away several possibilities thanks to the deepness and intensity, lined with humor, of this film.  The trailer certainly does not give the depth of what you will feel coming away from this film, and the gratefulness you will come into contact with will stay with you way past leaving the theatre.  Priceless.


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