Econ Fair, Art Fair and the Election Affair.

As the final “bells of election” are ringing, I have a chance for final thoughts on so much leading up to events that will never be the same again. It is no secret that I have wanted in a President more qualities than I did actually see. Respect for all races, religions beliefs, not an answer of a blockage or wall as a means to find cooperation; seeking a willingness to discuss, share, and differ yet still with respect. A President free of controversy, taking advantage of the government loopholes and what seems at times hiding behind government policy – and just a president that seems to embody a fresh, new start, a positive change in the direction of improving the world, and not fencing one in within borders.

Sigh. True, you can’t always get what you want, but there has been so many things amazing when we move past what is happening in such a crucial moment tonight.

This year’s Art Fair was the very first, where I did not find myself selling food all day, one where I was able to try on a different hat, one of promoting and informing those about the fact that Repentino. is a hub for change, promoting interests of women’s rights, men’s right, the freedom of expression, and a printed publication is just one example of this – as we hoped to show. I was so proud of the amazing job the staff did in interviewing individuals from all walks of life, about so many issues facing women, not only supporting the effort in our Sierra Leone collaboration, Ohio talks, but also being able to focus on how we can get out and meet people and introduce them to how we use expression in so many different ways! So much excitement and good that came out of the Art Fair, and that was exciting to see how important of a role everyone played in the process.  72 video interviews later, and we have some amazing footage with much potential!

Econ Fair. I was crazy CRAZY impressed with one particular group – the group that decided to bring in kittens to pet, and sure enough, they had a message to promote how others could be involved to save animals – wow. I would love to see the spin on Econ Fair take on say, ways to build in cool service projects, cool efforts to introduce programs that took the place of food maybe – or involved food somehow, and showing Econ Fair as a tool of getting individuals more involved with how they can better their own environments.

NANO, yes National Novel Writing Month is happening and is so exciting! Many working on their novel and so many diverse ideas – and giving yourself permission to create, be yourself, while discovering yourself! It is crazy exciting to give yourself the right to do something for you all month long.

I will have to devote a specific post to the amazing speakers we’d have the chance to interview, (I am behind on so many cool and coming up podcasts in the making right now, so the next few days leading up to vacation next week are full – of cool cool coverage of some great events and individuals.

As thousands are writing their novel for NANO, we are all anxiously awaiting the results of how the United States will write it’s novel this evening! Here’s to 2016 everyone and a wish for positive turn for the better – (Is the rain and thunder tonight in Mexico an omen?)

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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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