The Hidden Jewels in Reading Slam Take 2.

Disappointed.  How many times have the well-laid, perfect plans on an organizations’ event turned sour.  Personally, I still harbor the disasters from a throughly well-planned event when I go to plan any event – any activity, and it motivates me to push on and avoid those same roadblocks.  So there is that.

When we planned a new event, Reading Slam 101 this year, a slight groan might have been heard through the pages of the Repentino. Literary Art publication with the fear of taking on too much.  Understood, taking on things is aokay, but we do it with the intention if it being successful.  So, the first Reading Slam, crickets could be heard and less people that fill a bathroom, in tight quarters, despite thorough planning.  Yet, resolve and hope was not diminished.  

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-1-45-15-amRound two – you could FEEL it – just something different, but a sense of nervousness about the outcome, what it would be, how this would play out different with out work to rebound, hope.

Rewarded.  Slow at first, and picking up speed – it was AMAZING.  Thank to all the participants, and I mean all including a very special guest speaker that was well, let’s explain.  Sam, our co editor in chief for Repentino. is slowly putting aside the “I’m not good that this” card and just pushing herself forward and guess what?  She is turning out to be pretty good at this – which is the key of persistence.

From alumni, to current educators, to students, students rushing in and still making this a priority, we saw a Reading Slam worth more than it’s weight in what was read, but through the energy and passion for wanting to push forward and let their contribution make a difference.  it lined up with the very inspiring words, laughter, and dedication to how writing does make a difference – thanks to poet Enrique Marquez Jaramillo.  Some of the best speakers and guests we have had, have been in secret and their words resonating beyond secrets for sure.  Translation here –  enrique-marquez-2.   Having the support of someone as amazing, believing in students like ASF does through Daniella Escalante Nassar – do you see what a difference it makes? Anyone can rebound form a zero to the opposite of the scale – this was existing proof, just in the form of an event.  Or a poet.  Or a student.  Or a teacher.  Or a future any of the above  🙂   

One of the defining moments was seeing Ms Ritter, even though she was tutoring STILL coming to read a dramatic piece and making this a priority.  Or Regina coming at very last minute, just as all was about to end, and willing to not only be confident to read a variety of pieces, from a Haiku to an excerpt of her current story in process, to inviting the audience how to check out more or her story- inviting them as guests.  Or original works but a not so recent graduate, turned educator in Mr. Jones, and experiencing the motivation in his words.  Or the ASF sponsor herself, allowing us to share her inner thoughts with everyone involved.  

This is powerful when you have individuals as the above willing to put so much on the line to push forward, Michaela, Jose, Diana, Sisel, Marc, individual that came to this Reading Slam not even expecting to participate, and yet, their contribution, (many think it is so small that are contributing) and in reality, it is their determination, will, and passion for something, and willingness to break through doubts other have, that lead others to gain confidence.  It is vital for individuals to support each other, clubs to support other clubs, current clubs to turn their eyes internationally to see how they can affect change in their own communities, as well as int he world around them.  This often involves risk-taking, and sometimes standing up for something you believe in.  Worth it?  Most definitely.  Something I wish my own country would have done during the election and even post election, I hope this will be the case to hold individuals MROE RESPONSIBLE for how they treat each other.  Yet, this can start in such an event as even a Reading Slam.  

Call it Poetry, call it a reading slam, the flexibility to change an event for the sake of hearing others’ views, words, and thoughts, is an art form in itself that Repentino. takes pride in, aligning with the title, and meaning, of without warning or suddenly.  Thanks to this powerful Reading Slam, many can leave and take away much more than that.  Stay tuned for some solid examples of the material read here, so you can see what to expect, and what you can bring to the next Reading Slam, in December, in the form of a short story, (less than 5 minutes).

I can’t describe how proud I am to have seen the strides and challenges we, as a group specifically, in Repentino., has grown alongside with, matured and seemingly is growing to be a voice for positive change and supporting others.  Five years ago obviously, the dream was to SURVIVE and somehow, some day much later, grow – to do just that, survive.  Thanks to the bold risks, creativity, and ability to see beyond the page, Repentino., as one example, has grown to serve as a beacon of openness and a path to create a more open look at everything around us.  In the process, we have learned that that is the goal and right of many organizations, and if Repentino. can help others achieve that, aren’t we that much better for it?

I felt our esteemed guest reader, Enrique Marquez Jaramillo, was able to represent all that Mexico stands to represent, conflict, emotions, working through so much based on our experience to them, and a boldness to tackle the word for our sake, and the sake of others.  What better gift could an individual provide?  I can think of few if any gifts that coulscreen-shot-2016-11-09-at-1-41-35-amd be as powerful.  Thank you to all that allowed this to be a defining moment.  We look forward to cohosting Master Yamazaki, calligrapher,
on Tuesday, with the Asian Club. To hear our previous Repentino. podcast with him, click on our link!  



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