Martin Luther King’s Legacy is not Contained to One Day, One Speech or One Idea.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.13.38 PMThink about that.  Here in Mexico, Martin Luther King might seem far away, beyond what anyone here might think of being capable of.  That is where a mind set can change and should change.  Martin Luther King, can be seen in Cesar Chavez, Gandhi, and even in organizations that go on to help make the world a better place.  That was Dr. King’s legacy, and here is how each of you can make a difference as well for tomorrow’s Day of Change inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King.  One valuable resource for all is the Website, American Rhetoric.  From movie speeches, to presidential speeches, to all significant speeches, from political to social can be found here.  Of course, listening to Dr. King’s speech should also move you on the 19th and is always a tradition of mine to listen to. I also have found in this new age of so much hands-on and technology, to truly not feel desensitized by everything around is, it is important to find as many ways to take in values as possible.  Listening to Dr. King’s speech is one, seeing the MLK Memorial in D.C. is truly amazing and in another, and creating something of your own, that impacts the world is another.  Be it the PAVE organization we attempted years ago and that has outlying remnants today throughout his blog, to finding an organization, author, or chance to reach out online and make something occur for someone, each of us has that power.

In rereading June 2014’s School Library Journal, some amazing modern day pioneers are mentioned that have gone on to empower others.  Check these out below all renowned authors that have started these give back and pay it forward organizations:

David Eggers, from books like A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Zeitoun, movie of Where the Wild Things Are, founder of McSweeney’s periodical, carved his own piece of change and powerful influence to help others in the organization 826 Valencia, which seeks to assist in the advancement of literacy in underprivileged individuals and empowering them to have a future they only dreamed about.

Before You Were Hot – Love this title, yet, a very very important devotion to those that never were the beauty queens, never the most popular, yet still have always had something to offer.  You might find this material-like, yet, there is something to be said to know others had a period where there was awkwardness, and something amazing was waiting to emerge.

The Forgotten Dog Foundation – As we all know the plight of animals in Mexico let alone around the world, this rehabilitation mission drives at the moments to make a difference the GOD spelled backwards.

Foundation to Decrease the World Suck –  This so sounds like John Green, doesn’t it?  Yet the evidence that individuals needed to support other nonprofit organizations?  Definitely there and needed.

Harry Potter Alliance – Truly easy to be popular due to the name itself, yet, addressing social change needed in so many areas takes not he very magic Harry Potter possessed himself.

National Coalition Against Censorship – From literacy, to arts, to higher education the importance of protecting the freedoms we have against censorship, never more important as we have seen in Mexico in the past year and needed in light of recent arrests in Russia, let alone countries all over the world.

Nerdfighters – Again, SO John Green, yet so important to recognize the fact that bullying is ridiculous to tolerate with so many cool things to know and learn.  Bullies beware, your shallowness defines you and is BORING, less interesting than the information that can be found on John Green’s site.

The Pirate Tree – Devoted to social justice in children’s literature, from topics of gender conforming characters, to women in Gambia, to civil rights.  Powerful.  VERY powerful and rich of topics that children need to be exposed to, discuss, and contemplate.

ReaderGirlz –   Social Service and literacy has never been promoted better.  With being able to donate over 30, 000 YA books to underprivileged individuals, this is one successful social center of change.

These are just a handful of amazing author-generated non-profits.  It is great I was able to learn of these in pages – yet, in pages is not what impacts changes.  Jumping off the pages of books as each of these organizations has done has made the difference.  I love that we have been so successful as a staff for our magazine Repentino., but unless we started helping others along the way, it is just a center for arts that goes nowhere, and that is not what art is intended for.  Art needs to change lives, give others hope, and change the way people see their talents.  This tends to be what our current issue is about, realization the talents that might lie beneath a dark surface, that have never been realized until now.  On the 19th of January, it is so very important for you to ask, seek, and find the chance of how you can change and impact those around you for this new year, 2015.



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