The American Legion Open Mic!

It has been awhile since I have been able to attend, and yet, the Open Mic in Condesa, at The American Legion, is always a way to relax, unwind, let it loose, and just express!

Attached is the piece I wrote in classic 5 minute style that came fem a challenge to write amid the loudest part of the school day, brunch, and kudos to Pamela, a Repentino. staffer who was the first to see and react 🙂

Conflictedly Being

Conflictedly Being

 Unchartered, aimlessly wandering, spur of the moment

Wait! That is NOT the way to live your life –

What do you want to DO with your life anyway?

 This,       that,           or matter of fact

Planning my future


Planning my procrastination plan

 Here,                                                there,                                                            everywhere,


Point A,                                                 to Point B,                                      to Point C


Sitting, prepping, outlining, it worked sometimes and yet,

 Is not the truest me when there is

No planning, no forethought, and simply –


Letting myself come out in waves when

No one is looking, expecting, or anticipating

The very next word, phrase, idea,

Unknown even to me summarizes my very being,

WITHOUT KNOWING what is next.


Ironic – the best times I can take my day, decisions, duties

In a relaxed state is when I have exhausted myself

From planning, plotting, organizing myself into a

State of exhaustion to realize,


This yes THIS very state of carelessness,

This carefree spirit, this completely exhausted me,

too tired to look around the next corner of my life,

this being willing to just let it be,

this is the true conflicted


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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