Gunning it…full throttle and then some…with some fondness.

Life is just wow, what can I say, it is hard to always put into a blog to define the highs and lows and yet, it is so amazing sometimes that words and emotions that want to burst out of you simply can’t get you close to the mark to describe it.

Father’s Day was tough, I never thought it would get harder as time passed but yes, it does.  I think of course of all the things I did not see as flaws that I cared to look over in my Dad, as most people see their father’s as being flawless despite them, yet, the amazing sacrifices he made for each for each one of his children and the people he took in as his children that he considered friends always always stuck with me; I can never shake the gifts I didn’t realize he passed on to me that I was not aware of initially.  Each year I include this in honor of my Dad, The Rings Around Us-1,   and even though I keep quiet during Father’s Day this year, it felt appropriate for me to honor my Dad anyway in my own way.

You always read about this kind of thing in small town grab America, and this (I wish I would have had my camera with me!) was worth retelling.  When I took Kinah, Wriggley, and Amaya to Parque Rio, I kept hearing this meow, like a loud one.  Of course my radar was like, “Oh no! – another cat to save?!” and I looked around yet the sound was still around me, but no cat?  This kept up for awhile and then, before long at the edge of a park I saw a ladder being brought out.  THAT MADE SENSE.  The cast was in a tree somewhere and literally, the meow was reaching to me in the middle of the park.  Before I knew it, and watching this all unfold, two Park /Police representatives came, donned hats, gloves, jackets, and climbed the ladder about 25 feet up to rescue a cat, grabbing her/him by the scruff of the neck, bringing her/him down, and returning her/him to the owner, and everyone clapped wildly.  I thought, wow, that is amazing, I had to go to Mexico to see something we read and hear about happening in small town U.S.A.  LOL, loved that rescue!

Speaking of rescue, I am touched by the need of Lexi, a beautiful mannered and brave dog that needs help with surgery, and hoping friends would be willing to donate $5.00 to help her surgery.  Usually a hoax I know, but not this time, and I thought by having floods of people only donate $5.00 it will show how amazingly supportive so many people are for such a brave soul and my friends, in such a brave dog as Lexi!  Her address is here:

and if you can help with this as a favor, it will mean everything in the means of supporting another!

The World Cup.  WOW.  I was surprised when I saw what a big deal was in Seaford, DE, when I was there.  Yet, years and years before, when I attended Edinboro University, I never really realized how big soccer camps where until I stayed at Edinboro over the summer one year.  Now I am hooked.  Thoroughly.  I watch the games and nearby locations,  I am in a bracket poll, and even have began collecting jerseys here and there.  I even had an album given to me and am collecting stamps, lol.   (My excuse is it helps me learn the players better). Yet, like what I realized about MUN, it is an amazing way to have conversations about cultures around the world, without even consciously thinking about it.  I like that.  I love learning about the ins and outs of soccer, and walk away with a much more diverse view of other countries, teams, and players.  It also lasts for a few weeks, and the camaraderie you see among so many people, in so many places?  Thereis nothing like to over the prior of those weeks, and you have to see it to really understand it,.  Mexico has provided that gift to me.Who have I picked?  I have picked Argentina and Brazil as the last two standing, but I’d be lying if I would say I am not rooting for the United States!  🙂

Writing.  You know, I spent most of my life studying, going to college, and dabbing in writing when I could, but never reserving the time to put effort into it like I thought I might want to.  Now that I have time, I love, LOVE writing, and love blogging, and am so grateful I found a place in my life to find out what I can do with writing to reach out to others, and use it for so many things.  I find myself wanting to attend a few Creative Writing Workshops this summer and Fall to enhance what I love to do through such amazing projects like NANO and NANOWrimo to name a few.  I realize, although my lifestyle is definitely not used to it, I love the time I used to find I had to be doing something all the time, and now instead turn to writing more and more.  It is like some sort of withdrawal, my body fighting the time I usually do not have to myself and yet, the more I read, the more I want to develop writing more as well.  I feel like I might be starting from ground zero when I could have been writing so much earlier, but, I am grateful for realizing that writing can reach so many people as well.

I feel like the title of the blog, Gunning it, is very appropriate because I have still to this date, realized how many things I held back from doing that I wish I never had and once realizing how much it means to me, I want to move forward full throttle and make the most of these moments to do so.  I think one realized how amazing things can be, how less stressful life can be when you learn to let go a bit and let others do the worrying for you that can never get beyond the stress, the gossip, the criticisms, the “creating a problem just so there is a problem” and let others just do that and let you, as an individual experience how amazing life can be, and how beneficial it can be to bounce back from al the negative that exists in the world.  I have had my share of moments where I wondered, “I am never ever gong to get out of the and see anything better…” and truly moments like that – just like working and learning to appreciate the value of something instead of having everything given to you – allows you to appreciate and taste the richness of life without thing it fro granted.  Much of that lies in how you are raised, but realizing the richness of something and working for it, earning it, and internalizing it for what it is on its own?  PRICELESS.

I am beginning to find ways to create the space inside I need to let the stress come in, but not to overtake me or control my emotions, and let it ill off me and keep on going with what matters the most, laying the stress aside for another and making life a moment after another to look back on and appreciate.  That is something to write about  🙂



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