THE REAL SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY and “To see life; to see the world;..

…to eyewitness great events; to watch the faces of the poor and the gestures of the proud; to see strange things-machines, armies, multitudes, shadows in the jungle and on the moon; to see man’s work-his paintings, towers, and discoveries; to see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to; the women that men love and many children; to see and take pleasure in seeing; to see and be amazed; to see and be instructed…”

The above comes from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but more importantly, the exciting aspect is this can be the mantra of all our lives if we want it.  I left the movies today after seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, with a breath of fresh air and the knowledge that the road is open, for our next move.  That move could be anything.  Some people do not delight in that opportunity, as after the first few times Walter Mitty goes into his daydreams of adventure, and I found being slightly annoyed as they increased, I was right with him when he decided to break from the mold that had always been his day to day life.  I loved him for the courage to make that break.

So yes, I celebrate this film, not for being like the book by James Thurber, but taking the path not taken, and showing  all those, willing to see it, change and adventure is around every corner.  I also like that Ben Stiller directed and starred in this film.  I think he is definitely saying what life can be and should be if people choose that path in life.

I loved jumping into the truck and taking off to Cuernevaca today, just a whim, but it was refreshing to feel the wind, air, and openness of mexico as you leave the city embrace you as you travel down the road, on you own time, in your own space, and with your own thoughts.  Life is funny like that, it can change on the turn of a dime, and it is even better when you are able to ride that turn and have no idea what is next.

I loved this film, not for the reasons love films, but for the message that can reach out and speak to each of us, and there is a definite statement of what happens to those that can get to a point and not try to plan EVERYTHING, and also throwing caution to the wind at time and seeing what life has to offer you.

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