Christmas in the world…

On Christmas Day, in light of so many sad things that occur:

I have realized the concept of gifts has changed for me as I have received a taste outside of the borders of the United States. Seeing children on the metro at 3:00 AM begging for a peso, people living on the corner covering up with cardboard in the park as I walk my dogs, and individuals in rags when I am struggling to put on my sweatshirt, I see the urge and need to be where the real life is, and not compete for box after package after want after device, to have as my own. I want a better life for those around me, and gifting now comes to me in the form of what can I do for others, what can;t be opened and received that competes with last year, but what can be given and last for years to come – that is what Christmas needs to become for others, for myself, and the idea of buying, buying, buying, and competing, and opening, and wrapping fades to the side. I am rich in friends and family that do not have to be near me to be appreciated, and only hope that others will realize the same when it comes down to how the world can be made better with us in it!


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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