Films – real life and then not….:) One liners on the latest and how they make you feel!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (from Mexico!)

Films, there has been an onrush of some amazing nonfiction films and here are the ones I have experienced… in one line.  (hard for me as I am HARDLY brief!)

Diana  I am disheartened due to the way Diana is portrayed, and thin there is definite lack of accuracy, but, what should stand out, is her commitment to others, this stood out about her despite the film not showing that enough (in my opinion).

The Butler (Loved, touches your very soul and heart, and is Forrest Gum x 10)

Gravity (Okay, fiction!) But, it stunned me and sucked me in, I like that about films.

Mama (and this one too!)  – A long time since I have seen a scary flick, and this one made my jump a few times, so it qualifies as certifiably scary!

The Conjuring  The crazy thing is this is true, yes, scary, yes haunting, and true, ohmygosh watch out!

Captain Phillips  Loved this.  Interesting that there has not been a film on this before, but you are on the edge of your seat several times!

Hunger Games: Girl on Fire – LOVED, privileged to see the premiere, then went to see the firs day of release, loved better than the first and thought not possible!

Soon: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty  OHMYGOSH, based on the trailer, I can hardly wait!


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