Compounding Promises…I mean possibilities, (see, changes are possible)

It’s funny, life.  If “played” right, the unplanned become the most exciting aspects.  Yes, yes, examples in order with a statement like that in the morning, right?

Dreams.  Do you think dreams can make you money?  I mean, you know, the real elaborate dreams, that we often let go, never do anything with.  Can you imagine if we recorded everyone one, not analyzing them or looking at them in the way of, “What does that mean?” but a chance to say, use them in National Novel Writing Month in November each year and see what we come up with?  I bet each one of use, if we combined all our dreams together, and put them towards such an event, we would get a mad mix of something that would be off the chart.  Just a subtle inkling I had when I woke up with what was a dream I had going on and on, and this one, not a happy, go lucky, sappy one, a kind of dreading what happens next one.  Yet I forced myself to get into the computer as quickly as possible, amazing at how much you know a password in your computer, and no matter how much you type it in the morning, it refuses to open the computer as your dream fades away (there is a start for a NANO story) – and why did I wake up so bent on NANO this morning?  If I personally had to start analyzing my dream, my morning, it would be my things to do are haunting me and turning into a maybe story of dread/drama that needs to be solved by finishing them, so I better go onto my next topic to finish this blog I meant to do last night…:)

Taking the Turibus was enlightening(not amazing, but it was).  I have lived here in Mexico City three years, and never took the Turibus, not once, and when I did yesterday, I rode it TWICE.  yeah, twice.  I realized I caught an awful lot in Spanish, but not all, and I wanted to not miss a thing.  So on the Coyoacan Historical Square  IMG_0546part, I stopped, I bought earphones for 80 pesos (they better last for awhile), and inserted, and wow.  I had caught alot but also missed alot, it added tons to the experience.  It was also amazing how the city fit together in front of my like a puzzle, seeing how the various delagacions fit together, all the while, me trying to imagine in from a metro, metrobus, and walking. This helped alot and painted a different picture.  Also, realizing the malls, murals,

IMG_0489 and parks that were around me that I never realized, also a revelation.

There are these pet peeves I have been listing in my head lately, and not sure why.  But here they are – (I think they make for a good blog posting).

1- People that walk right towards you on a sidewalk, when you are walking three huge dogs, and refuse to move even when you are positioning yourself to miss them.  it is like they target you, directly despite the efforts you are making to avoid them.  (I want secretly to teach my dogs how to ATTACK!, and see how they move THEN!).  Not that this happens to me, just hypothetical of course  🙂

2- What is the deal with watching my dogs poop? (Darn, I just gave myself away there).  I mean, what is the special deal, is it because they have to go and they are living through my dog externally?  Is it that they never saw my dog poop before?  Do they like Poop?  I am going down a path I do not want to experience here, so I am will leave this one, but I mean, seriously, I might flash out a camera, a Polaroid since we do not see those much anymore, take a picture, and give it to them, since they are waiting it out while my dogs do their thing, and say, for you!

3- I get it.  People like dogs, they like my dogs, they ARE different.  Golden, tall, Afghan, but a mix of Retriever, long tail, yet retriever coat, it IS different.  Now imagine being stopped by these individuals, who realize this, in a say, 45 minute walk.  What what is SUPPOSED to be a 45 minute walk.  That almost 2 hour journey makes ME want to go the bathroom, right in front of someone, just to prove the point of the above points that drove me crazy.  Gross I know but um, let me let you take my dogs for a walk, and I want to analyze you afterwards, see what you think.

Okay I have more but I think I might put a damper on a perfectly good day, so, we’ll just stick with it being dog themes peeves and how is that?

Loved the past few days in a chance to not only be invited for Thanksgiving, Christmas, but New Year’s to some amazingly funny, spontaneous and optimistic people.  You need that.  It helps you recharge.  Then there is the food.  Ohmygosh the food.  yes, say ohmygosh real fast and you will get the swing of it.  I will actually be gaining some poundage the next few days, yet, I have never gained weight in ,y life and well, my friends helped manage that.  It is not the same as family of course, I do miss the so much, yet, it is funny when friends, new and frequent, start to become your family, and it seems to me that happens much more in an international situation, as thins are different. In being different around you, you all cope differently with things, an then, well, it causes a different set of conversations to originate, and before you know it, you are brought closer with the creative ways of dealing with those!  For me, it was setting a personal record to see how many restaurants I could go to, name, record with pictures, create as part of an overall blog to leave behind for others, to change the persona of Mexico of what I thought it was before I came, and for others, to take adventures into the movies and see what is good, bad, and ugly, see parts of the city I live in and get to know it well, well, well, before taking on the large world outside what I have come to known as Mexico City, (sounds like Prince), be able to explore my creative side of writing and do something with it, take ideas that float around and turn them into something substantial…OH!

I DO have a 4th pet peeve, but to your relief, not dog related.  Conferences.  Here, (or hear) let me officially label it below:

4- Conference.  I LOVE conferences, LIVE for them.  Yet, I see myself living for them for different reasons than most.  I get it, a chance to get away, go to some place huge, exotic, unknown, feel like a guest in a hotel, all of that.  I LOVE that too.  Yet, when you come back, I have this panic, urgency to want to share as much as I can with everyone, somehow.  Yes, we all know we cannot present at every meeting and the luster of the magic of what we learned fades within days after coming back, hard to show others.  BUT yet it seems people that go, and then come back, and do not do ANYTHING with that, I mean, am I the only one that gets bugged by that?  I mean – it is like, going on the Pony Express to deliver the mail, and coming back with the mail, just because all you wanted to do was ride the Pony (I so made that up just now, but um, yeah, same thing).  I HATE the fact that visibleness of conferences that in the beginning, that are made to sound so elaborate of why you should go, end up with this Poof! – nothingness.  It brings the visions of seeing the people get together at these things, and dreading the meetings, workshops, and ideas, and pushing towards, “Where are we going tonight to PARTYYYYYY?!” and seeing them live for the party, and neglecting the very reason why they are there!  How about some PARTTTTTAY!!!!!!  after some major kickbutt accomplishments?  Could that occur sine you came all this way?  That is the geek in me coming out, yet, pet peeve as it is, there it lies.  So this is a broader statement worth passing on…

Life – is so much what you make of it – it could be the lame things that pet peeve you to death (OHYGOSH, PET peeve, and I did three about my PETS – HELLO!  How ironic is that, and yes, it is 7:21 AM and I JUST get that connection –

but life is like the PET Peeves that get in the way, about the promises of what you will experience when you go to a conference and decide to bring nothing back for the good of others or bring back info that many people might ignore, but MIGHT just make someone’s day in hearing, about the details that exist around us and we push aside and choose to take for granted.  I fall and have fell unto all the above somewhere, yet realizing this, helps me change.  Life is so amazingly and very few have time to want to admit it, but do want to take time to complain about it.  I fall into the same category, yet, LOVE that I have this ability to take those things, and have them motivate me to be a better person, push others to do the same, and want to make the change in myself. I life that, that things can compound each other in a positive way, if we just have that perspective.

I tend to complain and be angry and just be negative if others around me do it alot. It is like a human barometer for me.  Hence, often, I sometimes have to go on my own.  it is just my way, maybe a by-product of coming from a large family, yet sometimes being an only child at home alot, I swear it is true.  However, the exciting this is what we can do with those possibilities, and being able to start a spark in someone else and seeing them take that spark, turn it into a fire, and ultimately, someone makes a SMORE, which we ALL can share and love.  (I love SMORES, but the true reality is some people do not like to share).

Sorry for the hilarity it this post, but honest, there are some truths in there too.  By the way, I love the fact that I have this amazing gold cup in front of me,

IMG_0229from La Liga, but like even more the fact that one J.P. does a great job of running La Liga football fantasy.  I have never played until  last year, and the two years I have learned so much about it, so major Kudos to J.P., and Happy Belated Birthday Joe E., I took a monster nap last night….sorry!


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