Discoveries – No April Fool’s AMANDA! :)

Yes….by my standards and blogging it has been a LONG time!  🙂   Sorry!  April 1st just was hard for me this year, my Dad’s birthday was April 1st and literally, I was glad I had the day off before going back to school, it just crushed me this year.  Possibly a combination of having the puppies around me and always having puppies associate with growing up, be it St Bernard’s, yet the raccoons in diapers, deer nursed back to health, you name it, it had my Dad’s name stamped on it.  I never will get over the number of people I knew, and didn’t know, that my Dad had helped in his lifetime.  It still amazes me and makes in awe of the power of putting aside time to complain, and using that time not to be selfish, but selfless, to spend that time helping others, which he often did down to the seconds.  Amazing legacy he left each off us as his children 😉  So alot of that weighty information had been hanging on y shoulders, yet, I am still asked all the time, “Puppy pictures?”  So yes, this is an eye catcher…:)  at around 36 days old?  (I’ll have to go back and check my own blog!) – they are sturdy, gorgeous, and my number one discovery I am posting here since April 1 (No April Fools this time – nice try Amanda !)  – is the despite having more animals that I dreamed of, I can be amazingly thankful that they are quiet, loving, and allow a peaceful evening without even knowing they are here sometimes, and then sometimes letting me know they are here, they are amazingly thankful for the care and being taken in, and that is worth more than any amount of “Space” I might have gained without having them, I mean, look into these eyes!  🙂

2013-04-10 13.34.35And thanks to Andres, who runs Walking Dog, let me assure, you, having him come into your home and taking care of these darlings, and Kinah, was the BEST investment I ever made.  He was AMAZINGLY careful, meticulous, and awesome when it came to the details of taking care of not only Kinah, her new family, but also of Dewey, Hangover, Miles, and Widow – all amazingly complex yet he was able to do so without blinking.  DEFINITELY recommended, I mean, check this photo below!  How could you refuse?  I definitely recommend his company for the care you might need, and then some!  His two Afghans, both rescues, are a testament to his commitment and Kinah was happy to meet others!

2013-03-31 02.30.36

So my first discovery post – Afghans, awesome caretakers of animals deserving a home, and puppies, I think winning combination!





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