Discoveries Take 2

Continuing with the Discoveries series, here we go!  Several to mention – but before I forget – 40 – FORTY days old, are the puppies…revelations…webbed feet – well not like a DUCK, but the puppies, have connected digits, on their paws like, yes that is right, like a LABRADOR so people were half right, yes a Retriever but a LABRADOR Retriever, lol…if you would see the SIZE of these puppies at freaking 40 days – I mean, seriously, it is liked they have been sponges soaked in water and keep soaking it IN!  LOL….see?

2013-04-04 13.10.44

Okay – so Discovery 2, 3, 4, and 5 all in one blog!  (A 4 for one special, how cool is that?)

One of the most caring and conscientious places for your dog – has been the company Lucky Dog, literally taking Canine care to the Scientific Level.  After visiting Cynthia Kaplan in Parque Mexico, and her team, as always, being amazingly generous and inquiring about Kinah and her puppies, providing me this for Kinah and the puppies –

2013-04-13 12.54.57

they LOVE IT.  I said it once, and I will say it again, ANY and every time I have given Kinah and now her puppies food from Lucky Dog, I have seen a completely dog appear – in the shine and quality of their coats, their appetites, as well as their energy.  This is by far a quality find if you care about providing the best possible for your canine, hands down based on several trial runs!  Thank you for the amazing kindness every time I have encountered Lucky Dog!  Lucky Dog Puppy

Speaking of dogs, (I sense a theme) – while we were in New York, of course Kinah received a little shopping time – an amazing boutique for dogs called Canine Styles established in 1959.  With some help, I chose some stylish feeding attire and an amazing sweater I had been looking for.  Funny, I had NO idea what size, yet, the one I chose initially would fit the owner, lol as she stated.  So I decided one size smaller and no kidding, PERFECT!  What do you think ?

Sportin red

This is an awesome visit as they had so much to pamper you pooch, including a stylish grooming area in the back.


So onto Discovery 3 – While in New York, and honestly unconsciously, I gravitated towards a place that made me feel at home just like it had a year before – Oren’s Daily Roast – let me tell you, this place KNOWS muffins, chair tea, coffee, EVERYTHING.  And service?  at 7:00 AM in the morning the staff never, ever fails to make you feel like a KING – last year and this year sealed the deal.  I could not walk past the store without going in, hands down undeniable. Their agreement to take a picture that early in the morning…


…this is the place you want to be at 7:00 in the morning if you have to be UP.  They ROCKED the state of coffee in New York.

Okay, so finally, let’s try to find a fourth discovery to stop at.  Definitely not in comparison to the above, by any degree, but, ever wonder (if you have cats) WHY your canine has this urge to get into the room where the cat litter is?  Me too, I thought I had some serious psychiatry time need for Kinah when in reality…

The cat litter dilemma and your canine…what the heck?

Okay, I can’t even really talk about that anymore, I am sorry I brought it up, but, um, it WAS a discovery…

I will close for tonight but you will definitely – DEFINITELY want to check out tomorrow’s series on discoveries 5, 6, and 7!  🙂


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