Discoveries TAKE THREE! English Theatre this weekend, SRU students this week and more…

Sitting in the Upper School Library today April 16, 2013, in walks a VERY familiar face and I am trying to place where at ASF she works, then it HITS ME….Jodi Kastafanas DOES NOT teach at ASF – she is at SLIPPERY ROCK UNIVERSITY!  It took me awhile before I realized the SRU student teachers are HERE, having flown in YESTERDAY – whoa!  I almost fell off my chair, I was so excited – funny it stunned me and took me awhile….and then Mr Gordon I met and all of a sudden, all the SRU students were there – like crazy – I was like jumping out my skin so excited.  Sometimes you get this inner discovery that some of the places you came from, are some very good places and you would not be the person you are today had you not come from those places, – very exciting discovery that often is taken for granted.

I have to look back to yesterday, walking Kinah through the park on Alvaro Obregon, and seeing Louis Cotto-Vasallo, an awesome and talented writer I met through the American Legion Open Mic Night in Condesa.  We just sat (not knowing for long time we lived one block from each other) and his stories just pilled out.  AMAZING stories of his positions as Immigration Officer and so much more – and just fascinated.  I discovered some of the best nights and time spent is when you push what you THINK is important and spend the time with friends that make those things LESS important.  The time hearing others’s stories is PRICELESS.  😉  I am HONORED to have one of his photos in our magazine this year….Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 6.04.56 PM

An awesome third discovery was the attendance at the play “Woman in Mind” – Mr Webber’s experiment in community theatre with many of my colleagues in it!  I was in seconds surrounded by my colleagues’ children and we had a blast!  LOVED IT!  It is so exciting to see this develop and remember, tickets are still available this Friday, Saturday, Sunday!  Imagine the tension of relationships, the thrill of creative lives, and strength to fight back, and the disappointment of life as well, all wrapped together, carried by some committed actors, and the Off Broadway theatre feel, and you have one play worth attending!

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 6.09.01 PM

Three is enough, right?  For now?  Kinah needs walked, I need to finish my Mansfield Grad work, and I STILL can’t believe SRU is HERE!   YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH   🙂

Until the next post of discoveries, remember…”Don’t let your meat loaf!”  – (Someone wrote that in my yearbook).


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