Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  I get the question lot, does Mexico celebrate Easter!  Of course!  🙂  Predominantly Roman Catholic, you can imagine how important this is in Mexico.  What is called Semanta Santa, is our break, which starts Palm Sunday and lasts to Easter Sunday, so our Spring Break from school ranges about one week prior to everyone’s in the states.

Meaning, on March 24th was a half day for us at school, and we go back April 2nd to school.  A couple very good links explaining places to go, and what /how Easter is celebrated can be found below:

Pascua – (Easter) in Mexico

Mexican traditions with Easter

Reenactments and diets associated with Easter

More on Traditions and the “Burning of the Judases”

Wherever, and whatever your plans dictate, enjoy today!  I think I miss the marshmallow chicks, peanut and chocolate eggs, and the variety flavored jellybeans the most – let me take that back, I miss the jello eggs we used to eat and by brother Randy’s, (really Harry)  – that was a family tradition.



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