“Pardon me, would you have any Gray Poupon?”

Mic night Cover

Okay, blast from the past, but the “Gray Poupon” of April 24th was the talent within the Upper School Library.  Lined with laptops previewing the art that would be within the ASF art magazine ““, attendees could view a virtual art gallery, as well as a library full of art from third grade on up.  The catering was excellent, the poetry, short stories, classical music, and look into what ASF has to offer on a level of artistry from 6th grade on up is amazing!  Thanks to the ahead thinking request of Ms Fong, we had a talented young lady there playing violin, which made the night perfect.

I could drop names, but I think in lieu of protecting the students’ identity, you will just have to see the magazine!  🙂  I think it is important you see the cover, at least the cover of the program for this first, and more to come mic night…

I am excited to think, this truly started back when Mr Hamilton and Jack Little, (check out his magazine!) who started by inviting us to a reading at the Mexican City American Legion in Condesa, and it became even MORE popular with the attendance of our students Camila and Ana.  I always wanted to open a bookstore/coffeeshop that appealed to the senses, yet, having the library serve as a meeting place of art and literature was well, it worked and felt perfect!

Mr Hamilton and Sakina were both a hit with French and English translations, (opposed to his poem, “Spanish Translation”), and he as MC was a hit of popular  personality, the speakers were an honor to be around (6th grade to 12th!) , and coming right off a busy and crazy week, the night being a success was more than anyone could ask for.  When we get our art magazine in our hands, we will be incredibly proud and excited to look back and see this journey we have been on blossom into an event that brings all into the fold!  Meeting Justin Smith in Condesa and hearing him read was a gift of the night! We hope that we can get ECC, Lower School, AND MS and US involved next time!  This was a magical night and one to not be forgotten!  We are looking forward to May to present and even more spectacular mic night and showcasing the ASF magazine that will represent all our hard earned work.

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