Cherry Blossoms anyone?

April 18th!  ECO FAIR day!  I have to go back and cover THIS!  🙂  We set up shop in the lower multipurpose gym – booths everywhere to celebrate Eco Week, and wow – we had in mind to do the same project we did at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C., taking recycled bottles and turning into wind socks…however….the bottles were taken to be recycled!  LOL…Good and bad, sooo..plan B!

Plan B – Soda bottle Cherry Blossoms! take the bottoms of soda (or pop!) bottles, use the protruding parts (great word) to dip into pink paint, and on a sketch of an already drawn tree, dip the bottle onto the paper for Cherry Blossoms.  Honestly, I had my doubts, it sounded like alot more work than you would get a product….but, ohmygosh!  A Hit!  We were swamped!  SWAMPED.  The US library cadets were AWESOME – they kept pushing through students like crazy, and it was nonstop….I mean NONSTOP….:)




The cadets were awesome, and we even had a few books from the library showing how interdisciplinary the arts, ecology, and the library/literacy can be!  Kudos to the US cadets and Mr Alaniz for creating this opportunity! (We exited just as the 5th graders learned they could combine dirt, soil, (yep!) with paint to get an interesting painting…:)

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