Slippery Rock in Mexico and all over the World…

Whew.  Take in Battle of the Bands from Delaware in Mexico, a happening environmental week 2 weeks ago, a active packed Open Mic Night, but what else could you possibly want in the month of April?  Well, good you asked…


That’s right, take all this in…Monday kicked off the Hunger Games Trivia using Google Docs to keep the next question ready to roll (Thanks Helen!) – Gabriela Garcia heading up awesome cadets and students reading all over campus all week! – Mrs Flynn’s class rocking the book reviews and cafeteria poetry, did we mention the mastermind Trivia that occurred on Thursday? Oh, do not forget the Caught reading pictures you will see next week – the teacher trivia during Advisory on Tuesday, all the events utilized technology in some way, it was GREAT!!  The great display of student projects in the front of the library?  More more more…:)  Moct had a great Twitter poem created, and we just need to work on getting everyone their own Twitter account…not to mention we need to work on the literary dress up for Friday – but whoa!  Was the library rolling and rocking through Book Week or WHAT?  🙂

So where does Slippery Rock fit in all of this?  — 22 students here from Slippery Rock are here in Mexico student teaching…I finally got a chance to meet the advisors – Dr. Jodi Katsafanas and Thomas Gordon that accompany them to Mexico each year.

I was able to stop for 30 minutes (lol) and tell them the story from my graduation in 1998 to present.  Is that possible?  LOL…It is obvious, ever since I graduated from Slippery Rock University, went to Mansfield for the National Writing Project Opportunity, participated in the Journalism Program in Kent State, and so may other additions to education, but starting at Slippery Rock…I was lucky to have a GREAT education, great experiences, and who knew we would meet up again 14 years later in Mexico?  🙂  It did come full circle but thanks to the many qualified educators, my future was set from day one.  It was exciting to see how much Slippery Rock had to do with my future…a debt I could never repay!

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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1 Response to Slippery Rock in Mexico and all over the World…

  1. Terri Bakken says:

    I had no idea you went to Slippery Rock, Harry! Very nice people come from there! My student teacher each year is awesome, and of course, Tom and now Jodi, are terrific people. Small world, eh?

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