Holding It Together…and MAY DAY!…

SO what did YOU do over the weekend break?  (Can I do it?  or the BRAKE?)

Okay, it was AMAZING! – 🙂

FRIDAY – meeting with my favorite people, the lit magazine staff, and getting forward progress! — then new furniture thanks to the help of Ms Boman, Moct, and Tracy Miller!  🙂    We made it through Friday traffic!

SATURDAY – wow – finishing my Master’s work, then gone to go slack lining at UNUM.  AWESOME.  I am on the yoga and mediation kick to get me back to the running circuit and get my body used to the training.  I loved slack lining!

SUNDAY -chilling with friends on a rooftop terrace apartment with a Texas style SLOW roast (lol) BBQ – YEAH!  –  I brought BACON!  LOL….

MAY DAY!  MONDAY – “breakfast for dinner” with friends and board games!  I LOVE BOARDGAMES!  LOVE THEM! – and almost love the time spent with such fun and relaxing friends…and breakfast for dinner is AWESOME!  A W E S O M E!  🙂 Stuffed to the hilt BOTH days!

TUESDAY – Brunch with friends, good food good times, and a great way to start the week going into a three day week!  🙂  Life is good.  Enough said right?  🙂


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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