Dog Days of….Mexico? HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! :)

Oh yes, my GOSH Hot – well without humidity but my skin is still hot into the evening – that kind of hot – VERY VERY Hot…okay, you get the idea…:)

While you are trying to say cool, remember, it is STAR WARS DAY!  🙂  

Let’s rewind to my first earthquake feel – oh yes – earthquake in MEXICO – Monday – 2:00 ish, sitting t the tble with friends during brunch…and I swear I am on a roller coaster ride., a minor one, but my feet are slightly swaying from side to side…seriously! 🙂  – I look out and see the streetlamp swaying from side to side…:)  for almost 2 minutes? – That was the queasiest feeling I ever felt and maybe because it is the first one I ever felt, wow – I was a little anxiety ridden – but it was (excuse my choice of words) kind of like, “Yeah!  Finally!  I felt one!” lol.   The rest of the week was just amazing how long a three day week takes – should be short, right?  Putting up pictures and celebrations of the last week’s Book week, contracted some kind of stomach illness and well, needless to say I am still suffering thought that one… but MUCH better than I was a day ago, lol.   I postponed the Dr Betts Vince Morris5k2012 as I wanted to be there,e and I can’t expect others to be there all the time, and run the show, a they have their own responsibilities going on, and I want this to be a GOOD 5k, so thinking of creating this again but near the beach maybe?  Vince loved the beach for his trainings over the summer, and that red umbrella was a staple of Dr. Betts at the Beach, so I think this might be a sign of good things…:)

I need to try and rebuild me strength back this week – my appetite is definitely now coming back the two pieces of broadest night – and warning – NEVER- EVER eat a torta – even if you think it is gong to be okay, and you are hungry, when coming down off an upset Mexican stomach – trust me on this one…:)

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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