We’re Looking in Space, and we don’t even know…

…the sea!  A perfect perfect quote by Hugo Salcedo (THIS HUGO is not the Olympian, lol, but famous for ingenuity at ASF!) today as we planned some dynamite things…he is a prophet of wisdom!  🙂

We sat down to a planning session on organizing PD n Thursday, and no kidding – brilliant stuff!  We are planning to create a catalogue of skills, knowledge, and know-how contained at ASF for equal and better knowledge and distribution of technology PD in our school.  Think about it, this way, instead of always looking outside our ASF walls, we can utilize the various types of PD inside our school.  Database style, there will always be a list of professionals that can cater to needs anyone might have within the school – in addition, think of the possibilities – being able to include doctors, lawyers, architects, artists, all of them to take part in the skills that can be brought to students!  I am excited about this possibility and admit Hugo for his foresight and energy…this is going to be exciting!

Last Friday was an example of technology in the making.  As some of you might have seen, Battle of the Bands continued with great success, PAVE students in Seaford were amazing.  Alot of things this year contributed to a smaller, but well organized Battle of the Bands.  Having job descriptions up helped all the leaders go over expectations ahead of time, from the back stage, to the ticket area, to concessions, it all went smooth thanks to much preplanning!

Additionally being able to use technology to “be there” without being there physically was AWESOME!  Skype was great and gave me instant access to the event, and allowed veto remain in touch with the students there during this event.  This also allowed me to conduct auditions for bands using various mediums to save the cost and time of using the auditorium!  🙂   Finally, wouldn’t it be cool to do a webcam and broadcast the concert live as well?

I was very proud of the students of the concert, and even though it was a very long night, I looked back thinking, what an opportunity we had!  It was so exciting!  The PAVE kids were me heroes, as well as the volunteers of the teaching staff that participated.

Winners were first place – Awake At Last

Second place – Justin McMullen

Third place – HighGlass Wave

It was amazing have such a talented individual like Dane Orhi from New York City, and wow, overall, it was actually kind of nicety have a small group there to catch the amazing things that did occur!  🙂

Technology is amazing, but wait until you see today’s later post on what the ASF students were able to do at Mic Night Tuesday, April 24th!  🙂  Stay tuned!


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  1. Thanhtam says:

    Highglass wave*…

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