On the Trail of XC Success. Woodbridge High, the Runner’s High XC Podcast Series 3 – Episode 1 of 2 with Coach Perciful.

While I am still editing episode 3 of Week 6 of a former podcast series with Classic Upward Bound, I simply couldn’t wait.

The privilege of being stung by the XC bee and falling into a rhythm with Coach Vince Morris and Coach Perciful changed my life. Changed my life like what happened when I moved to Mexico. The loss of Coach Morris causes my heart to ache to this day, as it does when you hear my stop the recording at the end of this podcast.

I remember to this day the call Coach Perciful put forth for someone to take over at the time Seaford XC. I never have been worthy enough to fill the shoes of Coach Morris, nor ever have lived up to what he provided and could provide for his athletes, the Chapel Branch trail is truly hallowed ground. Yet, this always gives me inspiration when I find myself in difficult situations. When I climbed what seemed liked impossible stairs every morning to school in Observatorio in Mexico City, (You have to see it to believe it, at least – I used to know the count, 300 stairs?) I always heard Vince whispering in my ear “You think this is tough? Not even…” He kept me going in so many difficult places in my life, and Perciful easily passed that torch. I carried these memories of Vince, Rob, and some pretty amazing experiences all that stemmed from a sport I thought I knew and truly found out I knew little.

There is not a more fun, committed, and heart-warming individual on this planet that can make you smile, laugh and change your outlook than Coach Perciful. Moving from an amazing podcast on XC with Coach Diaz, then Lauren and Eric Westog; now enjoy this first of 2 podcast episodes peeking into the sport of XC that many misinterpret or misunderstand. If you are so lucky to meet, let alone coach alongside Coach Perciful, he will plant seeds of greatness and positivity in your every stride. As a XC athlete, his words of wisdom are priceless, as a friend, lifesaving. Enjoy.

Episode 1 of 2 with Coach Perciful.


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